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Saker message: THANK YOU!!!

Dear friends of the Saker Community!  Christ is Risen! I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the donation you have sent me and also for the many heartfelt and very kind emails and even (paper) letters you have sent me! Frankly, every time I post an appeal for support, I not only feel self-conscious, I also can’t help but think “they don’t really know

Saker announcement: changes in the planned Saker Telegram signup plans

Dear friends, The good news is that a lot of you have asked to join.  The bad news is that I am a dodo-brain and that I did complicate things unnecessarily.  So here is what Fedor and I have decided: First, all those who want to subscribe need to send an email to Fedor with your Telegram name/handle; that means that you need to sign up to Telegram first and

Saker announcement: you can now talk to me on my Telegram channel

Dear friends, I have good news:  It is now possible for you to talk directly with me on my Telegram channel! As I have already explained in the past, my have canceled my mailing list and replaced it with a Telegram channel.  I have spoken to my friend (Fedor) who so kindly created the channel and we decided to add a interaction capability to the channel.  However, and especially in

Announcement: COVID19 Cafe project cancelled

Dear friends, I have the painful obligation to let you know that “my eyes were bigger than my stomach” and that I am shelving the COVID19 Cafe project.  Simply put, I don’t have the energy, and we don’t have the manpower.  Furthermore, this might have been an ill-conceived idea to begin with, as this blog is really not a medical one. Anyway, first I want to apologize to all those

Please support SouthFront (our community owes them a lot!)

Dear friends, Yes, I now.  First I put up an appeal asking for your help, and now I am ALSO asking you to help SouthFront.  There are a couple of good reasons for that. First, SouthFront is a totally separate entity from the Saker Blog or the Saker Community, yet we all benefit from SouthFront’s superb analyses and videos on an almost weekly basis.  If they tank, so does our

Personal message from the Saker about emails (please read!)

Dear friends, I was hoping to be able to cope with all the work I have (fulltime day job plus at least 6 hours per day on blog-related issues) but I am slowly “sinking” while the inbox is growing a lot faster than the outbox is shrinking.  This is important because a lot of you are emailing me for all sorts of reasons, and I am grateful for these emails

Last update on Hurricane Dorian

Dear friends It’s over, Dorian never made landfall (at least not in Florida) and we are now out of danger. We are pretty exhausted though, so while I will be back at my keyboard on Friday, don’t expect a flurry of long analytical articles :-) Also, please take it easy with the emails, I will have tons to catch up to anyway, so please keep it to a minimum for

Quick update on Hurricane Dorian – today things definitely look better!

Dear friends Very quick update: big news, Dorian (finally!) turned to the north and, even better, he weakened down to a (still very powerful) CAT2 hurricane.  See for yourself: The only down side is that the wind field has expanded, which they always do when a hurricane weakens. All in all, we are safely hidden inside a sturdy building and we are cautiously optimistic. Hugs and cheers, The Saker

The blog goes on “standby” mode due to Hurricane Dorian!

Dear friends, It looks like Hurricane Dorian might become an infamous “Labor Day Hurricane” which will most likely devastate a large part of the state: right now Dorian in scheduled to make landfall just east of Lake Okeechobee and then turn north towards Orlando-Gainesville.  See for yourself: Keep in mind that these tracks just show the statistical center of the “cone of uncertainty” and don’t pay too much attention to

Appeal for help by Ollie Richardson and the Saker (IMPORTANT!)

Dear friends, As you may be aware, during the first half of this year I have been reporting on the “Yellow Vests” movement in France whilst being in the center of it. Since February 2019 (after I watched in horror on a live feed as a Yellow Vest’s hand was blown off by a grenade the week prior) I have travelled into central Paris every Saturday and observed for myself the

Announcing the publishing of “The Essential Saker III”

Dear friends, It is an immense joy for me to announce the publication of my third book, “The Essential Saker III: Chronicling The Tragedy, Farce And Collapse of the Empire in the Era of Mr MAGA”. The book is now available in three formats here: Paperback book for $29.50 (request a complimentary PDF with purchase of the paperback book) PDF for $8.00 Epub for $12.00 Furthermore, now that The Essential

The Vineyard BookShelf … “bookshelf_survey” Search tool now available

by Herb Swanson (webmaster) Vineyard BookShelf Project In February, I proposed to Saker the creation of a ‘Vineyard Bookshelf’. Many great books are noted and linked in the comments. However these references/links are buried as new posts and issues appear. It is anticipated the ‘Vineyard Bookshelf’ will provide greater visibility of books suggested by our readers. Only bookshelf_survey part is being released today. It consists of two parts: 1.  A

Good news for the blog: our community is growing more talented people are joining us!

Dear friends, I have the pleasure to announce that even more talented people are joining our community, and in one of the most important aspects of our work: translations. Until now, we had one group of three translators translating Russia media into English: these are the original “Saker Community Translators”.  Now Ollie Richardson and Angelina Siard (who ran the excellent website “Stalker Zone”) will be joining our community of Russian->English

Our friends at SouthFront need our help again!

Dear friends, SouthFront is struggling again, and we cannot let them disappear, so I ask you to please pitch in and try to help them.  Not only does SouthFront produce unique and very high quality videos, they have been loyal friends to our community and I can attest that I have a very friendly and effective working relationship with them. At a time when much of the Russia-oriented blogosphere has

Slow down. Life is crossing the road (updated by the Saker)

Update from our community on this day:   The global Vineyard community focuses on our friend. A prayer or meditation for The Saker.   For a short period, we will be in slow mode on The Saker blog. The Saker is going into hospital for a battery of diagnostics tests and one can never estimate how long these will take and the toll that these will take on a human being.

Beware of clickbaiting, sensationalism, baseless rumors, etc…

Dear friends, A little less than a year ago I posted an small warning I entitled “Why hit pieces should be ignored by our Community” and, in the same spirit, I have decided to post another warning about a related phenomenon (if only because we usually see the same parties doing both things): clickbaiting. I decided to write this because I am regularly getting emails sounding something like this: “have

Books & News From Saker.Community

Currently there is an Amazon initiative to deplatform writers that have a message that the empire does not like. (See Ron Unz on this issue) At Saker.Community we anticipated this, and when two of our favorite authors found that Amazon would not handle their books without watering down the message or jumping through hoops, we set about to position ourselves as a indy publisher and a portal for distributing our