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Saker message: I have to evacuate, signing off for a while

Dear friends, Hurricane Irma looks very, very powerful and the resulting hysteria in Florida is outright toxic (there are fistfights at gas stations). A friend offered to host us in Virgina and we have decided to accept that invitation.  So we are going to hit the road at 0500 tomorrow.  I will try my best to remain in contact and maybe even post a little something once I get to

Saker announcement: very uncertain week ahead

Dear friends, The glorious US corporate media did it again.  Even though Hurricane Irma is still a week away from any possible landfall in the USA, the media leeches did what they always did: the created a panic.  As a result, things are slowly but surely going crazy in Florida.  The problem with my much beloved Florida Peninsula is just that, a peninsula with basically only 3 evacuation highways to

Saker request for comment, suggestions + a poll and “ESSENTIAL SAKER” on free download!

Dear friends, Lots of thing on my mind today which I need to share with you.  But first, for starters, the good news: I have made my book “The Essential Saker: from the trenches of the emerging multipolar world” now available for unlimited free download!  Not only that, but I am releasing it under the Creative Common License BY-NC-ND which means that you are allowed (encouraged even!) to copy and

Hold the mayo – pass the grass!

Dear friends, Just a quick note to first thank you again for the tsunami of suggestions I received from so many of you.  Second, I also wanted to let you know that, having carefully considered the Mayo Clinic option, I have decided against it.  Instead, I have developed a treatment plan of sorts which combines elements from the different approaches you have suggested.  I am already doing better and I

Saturday Live Stream Announcement: Interview With The Saker, Discussion Of US-Russian Relations. Start: 20:00 CEST

SouthFront announcement: SATURDAY LIVE STREAM START: 20:00 CEST TOPIC: Interview with The Saker (please, visit his blog, on the US-Russia relations and other issues of the international agenda. The Saker is the friend and one of the key partners of SouthFront. He’s a well-known military and geo-political analyst and a regular contributor to The Unz Review ( Dear friends, you can ask questions about the live stream topics and other issues related to SF

Jacksonville, Mayo Clinic, natural/traditional meds, etc. (collective reply)

Dear friends, WOW!  I did not expect such a deluge of email and, frankly, such a tsunami of advice.  So, first and foremost, THANK YOU to all of you for your kindness and concern!! In fact, I got so many emails and comments that I cannot reply to all of them one by one (even though I DID read every one of them very carefully).  So I have decided on

Saker appeal to the community – a place to stay in/near Jacksonville, Florida

Dear friends, I am having some chronic pain issues which will require me to spend 5-8 days in Jacksonville, FL, in order to run a number of diagnostic tests and hopefully get a treatment at the local Mayo Clinic.  I will be honest and immediately admit that my trust level in modern medicine is pretty close to zero, but these guys are supposed to be better than the rest and

5’000 miles later, I am finally back home :-)

Dear friends, When I decided to drive back instead of flying back, I really had no idea what I was getting myself into.  Naively, I had planned on a huge 2’500 miles long trip.  What actually happened is that I grossly underestimated the actual size of this huge country and how much “sightseeing” would add to the trip.  Instead of 2’500 miles I actually ended up driving 5’000 miles, that’s

Saker appeal: please send ammo to resume the battle!

Dear friends, The time has come for the summer fundraiser.  I don’t particularly like it, but the truth is that it is vital.  To use my favorite metaphor – I need you to send me the “ammunition” needed to continue the battle, I simply can’t do it on my own. I will say that so far we have done amazingly well.  As I have already mentioned elsewhere, the main blog

Scott finally releases his “Anthology Of Russian Humor: From Maidan To Trump: Humor And Laughter In The Time Of Global War”

Dear friends, Scott has just finally release his “Anthology Of Russian Humor: From Maidan To Trump: Humor And Laughter In The Time Of Global War” and you all really want to get a copy of it. Amazon paperback: Amazon Kindle ebook: Here is my mini-review cum intro to this great book: Those who think that Russian nuclear weapons are the most powerful weapon in the Russian arsenal are

Great news: The “Saker app” is now available for download!

Dear friends, It is a huge joy for me to announce that the “Saker app” is now available in the Google store for download.  Click on this link to download it for free: This application for Android smartphones (no iOS version planned, sorry) was designed by a volunteer friend and Saker community member who not only made it available for free (as in no costs, gratis), but who also

Important announcement – please read (especially if you have emailed me!)

Dear friends, I am facing somewhat of a perfect storm right now.  Not only did Orthodox Great Lent just end with the Annunciation yesterday and the Entry of our Lord tomorrow, but Passion Week begins on Monday and next Sunday is Holy Paskha.  Translated in plain English this means “lots of very long church services”.  To make things words, Trump has just gone off the deep end in Syria, and

Saker’s open letter to the Saker community

Dear friends, Today is the day I was planning to reply to your *amazing* reaction to my appeal, but the likely terrorist attack in Saint Petersburg made me decide to begin with a short reminder which I feel is important.  I will keep it short and to the point, and then turn to my main topic.  One request: please don’t comment here about this attack, but do that in the

Saker community members and readers – I need your help!

Dear friends, I was hoping to be able to put off this post, in fact I did begin and then sent it to trash it several times.  But now things are getting critical.  I need your help or something will have to change, and not for the better.  Let me explain: You must have noticed that even though the blog is full of features, everything loads really well and really

History of the Orthodox People website launched!

Dear friends, It is a real joy for me to announce to you the official launch of the History of the Orthodox People (HOP) website and project.  You can now find it here: Please keep in mind that at this point in time the HOP website is a placeholder, a kind of leaf-less “tree” with each “branch” dedicated to the history of one, specific, Orthodox people but with all

WordPress trainers needed!

Dear friends, I am looking for a few people who are comfortable using WordPress and who could donate some of their time to train others on how to use (not set up!) WordPress: creating a new post, uploading or copying a text file, adding media, formatting the post, add keywords, chose a category and add a featured image.  Straightforward stuff but something I don’t have the time to do myself.

Saker message – I need an administrative assistant!

Dear friends, In the midst of all the recent drama I have been forced to put-off today’s call for help. I need an administrative assistant. I would need somebody who is skilled with word processors and who can format a long text into an online book format.  I have two books I want to put online for the History of the Orthodox Peoples (HOP) project.  Right now they are one