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Saker message: thanks and a few important updates (new book!)

Dear friends, First, my sincere thanks to all those who have sent their contribution to my work.  This winter fundraiser is now over and even though it had a difficult start, I want to thank those who replied to my appeal and made it a success: your help is absolutely crucial and it will make a huge difference for me and my work on this blog. Second, big news: my

Winter fundraiser and important announcements (UPDATED 2x)

(SEE UPDATE BELOW) Dear friends, Executive summary: Help me work for you ‘Tis the season to be giving..” right? So here I am again asking you to help me continue my work for you.  Most of you know that, but for newcomers let me just stress the following: my blog is 100% ad-free, no obnoxious pop-ups, no paywalls, no special member-only content, not even copyrights!  Check at the bottom of

“Shortener” volunteer sought for a Saker video report with South Front (SOLVED)

Dear friends, My friends at South Front want to make a high quality video on the basis of this article of mine: However, the current total length of this article is too long for a script of that video.   I simply don’t have the material time to do the script so what I need is a “shortener”, i.e. a person who would be willing to sit down and “squeeze”

About the importance of moderation (a “thank you!!” to the mods)

There was an interesting comment posted recently on the Unz Review under one of my recent articles.  It said the following: Kiza’s comment mirrors something I did indeed observe: every time I post something at the Unz Review the exact same group of commentators immediately rush to post an X number of negative comments and the real conversation begins only further below. Unlike Kiza, I am not sure that this

Message to the Saker Community about Great October Socialist Revolution

Dear friends, I have been getting a lot of requests to express my views about the event which was officially known as the “Great October Socialist Revolution”.  All over the Internet, various authors are pitching in, offering their views and insight about this event which changed the world 100 years ago.  After pondering this issue I have decided to refrain from joining into this discussion and I will limit myself

An Important Message from the Editor of The Duran

The Duran has been in existence for well over a year… In that time, called these major events right, where most were dead wrong: The Brexit vote Donald Trump’s victory Russian victory in the Syrian war Recovery of the Russian economy despite the oil price crash and the sanctions All things the MSM and other publications said would NEVER happen, and we did it with a fraction of the resources. Imagine what we

Changes to the Saker blog layout and organization

Dear friends, This morning you might have noticed that there are a few changes on the blog’s layout.  Let me explain what we have done so far. First, to make it easier for visitors to get to what I personally wrote, we have re-designed the former “Analyses” section into “Saker Analyses”.  From now on, everything I write will be posted in this section which will only include my own analyses. 

Dear Saker Community – Request for a very special Volunteer

  Let me first explain what we are doing:  On the community support side of the Saker house, our artist is creating a series of posters or infographics or quick information sheets.  The first one that we are doing is based on the Saker’s Letter to My American Friends, distilling the hard data that The Saker outlined here.   Other infographics may deal with for example geography, or size of

Community comments advice help needed: moderators and videoconferencing

Dear friends, Once again I am turning to you for advice, comments and help.  So far, absolutely every time I ask for your help you have solved my problem, so I hope that this will work again. First, we need more moderators. Herb, our webmaster, IT-guru and chief moderators is trying hard to get as close to 24/7 “coverage” as possible and thanks to the dedication of our moderators, your

APPEAL: The History of the Orthodox People (HOP) Project needs your help!

The History of Orthodox People website has been active and growing for the last several months. Its mission is to enlighten not just the Western, primarily English-speaking world, but men and women of goodwill of all backgrounds and everywhere with the theological thought and spiritual heritage of Christian Orthodoxy. West-centric surveys of history and religion all too frequently neglect to mention Orthodoxy, the Christian Church whose teaching and practice go

Any out there with a decent computer? (especially a laptop!) UPDATE: SOLVED!

Dear friends, Since you have been so helpful to me, I decided to mention another issue I would need help with.  Computer hardware. For the past 4 years I have been using a small Linux box called a Penguin Wee 4th Gen GNU / Linux Desktop with some decent CPUs (4x 3-4130T CPU @ 2.90GHz) but a very weak integrated graphics controller and an equally bad sound card. I do

My thoughts and proposals for the moderation issue

Dear friends, First, a big thank you for all the comments and suggestions you have posted on this blog and sent to me by email.  This was such a huge volume of comments that I had to ask my assistant, Amarynth, to organize them into groups.  Then I read them all, alongside some emails I got and suggestions from members of my team. All in all, this has convinced me

A heartfelt ‘thank you!’ & Fall fund-raiser canceled!

Dear friends, Your response to my recent report of difficulties has been overwhelming and I am immensely touched by it.  Not only did you pull me out from my immediate difficulties, but I now feel reasonably sure to be able to make ends meet until the end of the year.  As a result, I am canceling the “regular” Fall quarterly fund-raiser which, believe me, makes me even happier than you! 

Not a fund-raiser, not even an appeal, just a report

Dear friends, I am going to make this one real short.  First, I am only addressing this to those of you who are, shall we say, financially comfortable.  Second, this is in no way a fund-raiser.  We agreed that these would only happen quarterly and we are nowhere near the middle of Fall.  Third, I will simply state the following: things are rapidly getting very dangerous in the Ukraine and

Comments section reform – request for comments

Dear friends, As promised, I am now sharing with you the reasons which prompted my decision to initiated a reform the comments section and the solutions I am thinking of.  Most importantly, I ask for your input as this should be a community-wide discussion. But first, sorry, I need to vent.  There are a few things which I have mentioned in the past, but I feel that I need to

The war on trolls, imbeciles and other pests is on! :-)

Wow, Eric Zuesses’ article really elicited a fury the like of which I have never seen, at least so far.  Right now there are seventy-fire (75!) intercepted comments sitting in my “trash bin” to review and either clear or terminate. And, just to add even more misery to an overworked Saker (and exhausted moderators!), I am about to post another article tomorrow which will, no doubt, infuriate the “other side”

Saker news update: all is well, I hope to be home in a couple of days (but please still don’t email me!)

Dear friends, God is merciful indeed!  Not only did Hurricane Irma not take the worst possible track (not even close), but she also lost a lot of power right at the ideal moment and then she took a very bad track (for her).  In my part of Florida the impact from an already weakened hurricane was, frankly, minimal.  My sons just returned home and found it unscathed and even our