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China has surpassed the threshold and can protect its territorial integrity

by Prof. Engr. Zamir Ahmed Awan for The Saker Blog China has crossed that threshold, where anyone can destabilize, or harm China. It is clearly expressed by the Chinese President; “Anyone attempting to split China in any part of the country will end in crushed body and shattered bones” Chinese President Xi Jinping was quoted as saying during his meeting with Nepali Prime Minister Khadga Prasad Sharma Oli, during his

Caliph closure: ‘He died like a dog’

By Pepe Escobar : Posted with permission Trump’s victory-lap movie version buries the embarrassing story of deploying tanks to ‘protect’ Syrian oilfields “He died like a dog.” President Trump could not have scripted a better one-liner as he got ready for his Obama bin Laden close-up in front of the whole world. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, fake caliph, ISIS/Daesh leader, the most wanted man on the planet, was “brought to justice”

How QE has radically changed the nature of the West’s financial system.

by Ramin Mazaheri for The Saker Blog Because they are so ensconsed in their little bubble and because they profit so much from maintaining the status quo, Western mainstream media pundits don’t – or perhaps can’t – admit how Quantitative Easing policies have so quickly and so radically changed the financial system of the West and their satellites. I imagine that most everyone reading this is already aware of what

Bernie Sanders Warns Democrats He Might Run as an Independent?

by Eric Zuesse for the Saker Blog On October 23rd, an extraordinary article was published online at Newsweek, but merely as “Opinion,” and this not coming from Senator Sanders’s Democratic primary campaign for the U.S. Presidency, but only from a supporter: “‘BERNIE OR BUST’ IS A WARNING—IGNORE IT, AND TRUMP WINS | OPINION”. It would be a historic article if the Sanders campaign endorses it. And, on October 27th, they

SITREP Chile: Police Violence in the streets

Note from the Saker: A Chilean friend send me the video below with the following explanation: A commission has been established to analyze the Emergency State declared by the President of Chile, Mr. Sebastian Piñera. The commission has asked a constitutional lawyer, Mr. Jaime Bassa to issue an statement. Summarized, he states the following 1.- what is happening at the moment is that an exception to the exceptional state is

Tulsi Gabbard’s ‘Hail-Mary Pass’ Against Hillary Clinton Failed

by Eric Zuesse for The Saker blog For a few days, active Democrats were stunned by — and America’s political news-media were focusing heavily upon — this string of tweets from Democratic Presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard: Tulsi Gabbard✔@TulsiGabbard Great! Thank you @HillaryClinton. You, the queen of warmongers, embodiment of corruption, and personification of the rot that has sickened the Democratic Party for so long, have finally come out from

Burn, Neoliberalism, Burn

By Pepe Escobar – posted with permission and x-posted with Strategic Culture Foundation Neoliberalism is – literally – burning. And from Ecuador to Chile, South America, once again, is showing the way. Against the vicious, one-size-fits-all IMF austerity prescription, which deploys weapons of mass economic destruction to smash national sovereignty and foster social inequality, South America finally seems poised to reclaim the power to forge its own history. Three presidential

Vladimir Putin, Syria’s pacifier-in-chief

By Pepe Escobar – posted with permission Russia-Turkey deal establishes ‘safe zone’ along Turkish border and there will be joint Russia-Turkey military patrols The negotiations in Sochi were long – over six hours – tense and tough. Two leaders in a room with their interpreters and several senior Turkish ministers close by if advice was needed. The stakes were immense: a road map to pacify northeast Syria, finally. The press

That we live under a dictatorship is now unquestionable: The Assange Case

by Eric Zuesse for The Saker Blog What else can we call it when a publisher does what the New York Times did when it published the Pentagon Papers and was ruled by the Supreme Court in 1971 (New York Times Co. v. United States) to have been protected by the First Amendment, but the publisher this time has been kept for years in various types of imprisonment without trial,

Who lost Russia? Part 2

by William H. Warrick III for The Saker Blog The Chief Globalist Demon, AKA “Mr. Global”, tells a Lesser Globalist Demon he better get his act together. The taboo of talking about these Globalist Demons must end. In Part 1 of this article my purpose was to explain all the Deep State/MSM/Punditocracy Hysteria about Russia. In Part 2 I break down the who and what these Globalist Demons are and

Syria: Dignity, tenacity, and commitment against Western hegemony

By Paul Schmutz Schaller for The Saker Blog In a complex situation like the actual one in north and northeast Syria, one has to clarify what is the principal contradiction. As far as I know, this concept is due to Mao Zedong (see “On Contradiction” (1937)). So, what is this principal contradiction? In my eyes, we have on the one hand the forces which defend the Western hegemony. They dream

The Lebanese Fall – Hezbollah’s Latest Challenge

by Ghassan Kadi for The Saker Blog Hezbollah is facing a new challenge, and this time it is not a military one, but rather political. Perhaps few countries need peaceful “popular revolutions” more than Lebanon does. In my simplistic way of thinking, Lebanon should actually be on the top of the list; followed by the USA. Corruption in Lebanon is endemic. Its politicians are in reality the heirs of dynasties

Western central bankers: they’re God, they trust – a 10-part series on the QE economy

by Ramin Mazaheri for The Saker Blog It’s not that the West’s central bankers are infallible – the similarity is that they cannot be held accountable. After all – who can call God to account for His decisions? Like God, when things succeed it is They (central bankers) who deserve all the credit – when things fail it’s because we failed to properly follow Their policies. And like God, they

Clarifying the Islamic Republic’s stance on Moscow-Tehran relations

By Aram Mirzaei for The Saker Blog This article is partially written in response to The Saker’s analysis on the IRGC’s arrest of Russian journalist Iulia Iuzik. In his analysis, the Saker theorizes that the Ruasian journalist’s arrest could be due to one of two possible reasons: – The Israeli visa stamp on her passport really infuriated somebody at the IRGC and that person acted impulsively – This is the

Bolivia at Crossroads – Choosing Between Continued Success or Handover to US Hegemony

by Peter Koenig for The Saker Blog “I don’t want to be the best President in the history of Bolivia, I want to be the President of the best Bolivia in history.” So proclaimed Evo Morales in a pre-election rally a few days before general elections, today, 20 October 2019. At the same time, Evo declared that ever since the Tribunal Constitucional Plurinacional (TCP – Plurinational Constitutional Tribunal) in November

The Road to Damascus: How the Syria War was Won

by Pepe Escobar : posted with permission and crossposted with Consortium News What is happening in Syria, following yet another Russia-brokered deal, is a massive geopolitical game-changer. I’ve tried to summarize it in a single paragraph this way: “It’s a quadruple win. The U.S. performs a face saving withdrawal, which Trump can sell as avoiding a conflict with NATO ally Turkey. Turkey has the guarantee – by the Russians – that

Self justifying America is preparing for another groundhog day presidential election

by Denis Conroy for The Saker Blog No doubt about it; there are no answers, only responses, and the Tuesday, November 3, 2020 elections will probably deliver yet another fake litmus test for shysters who find ever more ways of using taxpayer’s money and labour as a source of capital. Intensive solvency concerns about the performance of large US-based and European Financial Institutions have not gone away and continue to

Ecuador – The fight Against Moreno and the IMF is far from Over

by Peter Koenig for The Saker Blog Ecuador, the fight against IMF austerity measures is far from over. Just a few hours after my article was published on Sunday, 13 October, Ecuador  – and the IMF’s Killing Spree –, President Lenin Moreno declared the infamous Decree 883 as canceled, i.e. the astronomical price increases for fuel were reversed, the (police) state of emergency and curfew were called off. He

The West’s Long War Against Serbia; The Paradoxes of Yugoslav History

The Archibald Reiss Institute: Serbian patriot and war hero Mihailovic takes center stage again Introduction by “Serbia Unchained”: Political and military analyst The Saker recently stirred considerable controversy with a deep and personal reflection on the World War II role and historical significance of the leader of the Serbian and Yugoslav anri-Nazi resistance movement, General Draza Mihailovic. Besides Mihailovic there was also, of course, a rival group ostensibly opposing Axis

Kurds face stark options after US pullback

By Pepe Escobar : Posted with Permission Forget an independent Kurdistan: They may have to do a deal with Damascus on sharing their area with Sunni Arab refugees In the annals of bombastic Trump tweets, this one is simply astonishing: here we have a President of the United States, on the record, unmasking the whole $8-trillion intervention in the Middle East as an endless war based on a “false premise.” No wonder