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Lesson Learned: Russia Is Now Doing in Venezuela What It Failed to Do in Yugoslavia, Syria

by Marko Marjanović (author of the new Checkpoint Asia site) for The Saker blog Pushing for the US to start an air war against Syria in 2012 Hillary Clinton argued in her emails that Russia would not “stand in the way”, just as it had done “little more than complain” when the US and its satellites bombed Yugoslavia in 1999: The second step is to develop international support for a

Bamiyan, Babylon, Palmyra, Notre-Dame

by Pepe Escobar for The Saker Blog The Bamiyan Buddhas were destroyed by an intolerant sect pretending to follow Islam. Buddhism all across Asia grieved. The West hardly paid attention. The remaining ruins of Babylon, and the attached museum, were occupied, plundered and vandalized by a US Marine base during Shock and Awe in 2003. The West paid no attention. Vast tracts of Palmyra – a legendary Silk Road oasis

Resistance report: All sights set on Iran – IRGC branded ”terrorist” and Israel launches new attack on Syria

By Aram Mirzaei for the Saker blog On April 8, the Trump administration made yet another move against Iran in what has become an almost weekly thing these days. This time the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), a branch of the Iranian Armed Forces was labelled terrorist in what can only be seen as another gift to Israel from Trump and his colleagues. Overnight, about 11 million Iranians (one seventh

The Ukies come to Paris to meet with their bosses

by Le Saker Francophone for the Saker blog Macron, the French president, always eager to take the center stage to show his dynamism, has received the two outsiders of the presidential election of Ukraine, Zelenski and Poroshenko, on the same day with 3 hours interval. On april 12th Zelinski is convened at L’Elysée at 3 pm then Poroshenko at 6 pm. Le Monde, one of the few French newspaper to

You have the right to always remain silent!

by Pepe Escobar (cross-posted with the Asia Times) by special agreement with the author) The date – April 11, 2019 – will live in infamy in the annals of Western “values” and “freedom of expression.” The image is stark. A handcuffed journalist and publisher dragged out by force from the inside of an embassy, clutching a Gore Vidal book on the History of the US National Security State. The mechanism is

Yellow Vests get 1st game-changing win: A vote to stop denationalisation of airports

by Ramin Mazaheri for The Saker Blog You never read the word “denationalisation” in Western media anymore, only “privatisation”. That makes sense… “denationalisation” is so obviously negative; it’s lack of patriotism and concern for the public welfare isn’t being covered up. The New York Times seemed to stop using the word around the mid-1980s – which makes sense, because that’s when the propaganda of neoliberalism fully took hold. In 2019,

EU and China sign a Mandate of Trade Heaven

by Pepe Escobar (cross-posted with the Asia Times) by special agreement with the author) Sparks did fly in Brussels, but in the end the European Union and China managed to come up with an important joint statement at their summit this week, signed by Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and head of the European Council, Donald Tusk. In theory, there’s agreement on three quite sensitive fronts:

Why 2019 Ukraine Imports Terrorists and Exports Terror 1992-2019

by George Eliason, Special Correspondent for the Saker Blog in Novorussia The shame of post 2014 Ukraine is that the only equivalent situation that could exist is putting the Ukrainian SS death camp guards, their families, and officers’ in charge of Israel. Would giving death camp torturers and lever pullers free reign to do what they want to an entire people have been the thing to do during or after WWII? As you’ll soon

Europe’s last not-so-comic opera dictatorship

by Stephen Karganovic for The Saker Blog A hundred years ago, at the mention of Montenegro word association would most likely have linked it with Franz Lehar’s lighthearted operetta “The Merry Widow”. In the rather transparent libretto, an American millionairess arrives in a tiny, mountainous European statelet and begins flirting with the crown prince, suggestively named Danilo. Disrespectful allusions were strewn all over the otherwise delightful musical production, so much

Why was a Cultural Revolution needed in already-Red China? (3/8)

by Ramin Mazaheri for The Saker Blog Why was a Cultural Revolution needed in already-Red China? (3/8) In every modern revolution the winners owed their victory to the poor, and China in 1949 was no exception. Iranians call 1979 the “Revolution of the Barefooted” for this same universal reason. (The reason is universal because any major political change not led by the poor cannot possibly be a “revolution”, but is

Palestine Potpourri: Israeli Elections 2019

by Lynda Burstein Brayer for The Saker Blog In Israel today, April 9, 2019, out of a population of approximately 8,452,841 million people, 6.3 million people have the right to vote at one of the 10,000 voting stations prepared for their convenience. The voting is executed with paper votes with voting slips and envelopes already prepared in the private voting booths. After exiting the booth the envelope is slid into

Foreign backed terrorism in Iran: Part one -US/Israeli backed Salafists in Iran

By Aram Mirzaei for the Saker blog While terrorism is a phenomenon most of us have come in touch with during our lifetime, much of the coverage is shadowed by terrorism in the Middle East, especially in Syria and Iraq, where US backed terrorist groups have wreaked havoc in devastating the wars that have plagued these countries. Nonetheless, terrorism is widespread across the region, even in Iran. Due to Iran’s

The story of a martyr FOR, and not BY, China’s Cultural Revolution (2/8)

by Ramin Mazaheri for The Saker Blog Actually talk to rural people in China and you can certainly learn of martyrs FOR the Cultural Revolution; talk to disgraced party elites, abusive factory bosses, tyrannical schoolteachers, smug technocrats, pagan witch doctors or parasitic monks, and you get stories of those martyred BY the Cultural Revolution. Welcome back to the first day of journalism school! “One person’s ‘terrorist’ is another person’s ‘freedom-fighter’”.

Gilets Jaunes SITREP. ACT 19 and 20.

by the Francophone Saker for the Saker blog To try to hamper Acts 19 and 20, the government banned the demonstrators from entire neighbourhoods and perimeters. The Champs Elysées for Paris and the city centre for large cities. Any offender will receive a fine of 135 euros to be paid immediately or 190 euros to be paid later. For instance, a couple has been fined for simply wearing a sweater

Resistance report: Washington falls deeper into the abyss and what’s holding the Syrian Army’s Idlib offensive up?

By Aram Mirzaei for the Saker blog Last Monday, after much speculation Trump signed a declaration recognizing the occupied Golan Heights as Israeli territory. Trump recognizing the Golan Heights as Israeli land is a sign that Washington is falling ever deeper into the abyss.The ever so Israel friendly Trump administration is trying to give legitimacy to Israel’s occupation of Syrian territory. Who do they think they are kidding? Make no

Pentagon Obsession: China, China, China

by Pepe Escobar (cross-posted with Strategic Culture) by special agreement with the author) Chinese nuclear bombers. Chinese hypersonic missiles. Chinese carrier killer missiles. Chinese cyberattacks. Chinese anti-satellite weaponry. Chinese militarization of the South China Sea. Chinese Huawei spying. So many Chinese “malign intentions”. And we’re not even talking about Russia. Few people around the world are aware that the Pentagon for the moment is led by a mere “acting” Defense

Good-Bye Home Country

by Jimmie Moglia for The Saker Blog On Mar 19, 2019 an “Italian” school-bus driver, dumped several canisters of gasoline inside a school-bus full of students, and set it ablaze. It was a miracle that there were no victims. The inverted quotes around “Italian” require an explanation. In line with the Kalergi Plan for the Western World – more later – Italian and European mainstream newspapers resort to lexical acrobatics

Report: Yellow Vests Act 20 (media heavy – loads slowly!)

by Ollie Richardson for The Saker Blog Act 20 of the Yellow Vests took place on March 30th nationwide in France and happened against the background of last week’s brutal beating of a female protestor in Nice. My reports on Acts 18 and 19 can be read here and here respectively. Paris The demonstration in Paris was focused on housing expulsions, energy cuts, and expensive accommodation. It should be noted

‘Pulp Fiction’, the Mueller Report & empty Generation X politics

by Ramin Mazaheri for The Saker Blog Turns out the Mueller Report isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on. It is certainly a sad day for America. Get wasted on tabloid, sore-loser, unproven accusations and the hangover will be costly. But the damage to the credibility of the Democratic Party and the Mainstream Media? Incalculable. Generation X-ers are role models now, but the past two years sure wasn’t “leadership”. Millennials

How electoral fraud became the cornerstone of Ukraine’s 2019 presidential election

by Ollie Richardson for The Saker Blog Of course, it comes as no surprise that both state and independent media are currently interested in the 2019 Ukrainian presidential election, scheduled to take place on March 31st. But if we are to be honest, this interest isn’t so much caused by an eager anticipation vis-a-vis the result. After all, nothing will change much in Ukraine after the election, or rather –