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The USA wants from Russia the impossible

by Petr Akopov translation: Eugenia source: The visit of John Kerry looks like an attempt to tune down the conflict with Russia. The US is ready to admit the failure of the policy of “isolating Russia” and is looking for ways to back down. Without relinquishing the goal of containment of Russia, it wants to make it less obvious, as it was before, counting in return on Moscow cooperation

Special Report: Vietnam between the US, Russia and China

Foreword by the Saker:  I don’t know who “Conical Hat” really is.  All I know is that he is a Vietnamese reader of the blog.  And judging by his article, he is somebody with superb knowledge and understanding of Vietnam’s history and international relations.  We emailed each other a couple of times and, one day, I suggested that he write up something about the geostrategic position of Vietnam.  What Conical

Exceptionalists vs Integrationalists: The Eurasian-Wide Struggle

by Andrew Korybko All the chaos that’s been unleashed in Eurasia can be attributed to the existential battle between the Exceptionalists and the Integrationalists, represented respectively by the unipolar and multipolar worlds. A lot has lately been written about the emerging triangle of defensive and incorporative interests between Russia, China, and Iran, yet not much has been published about the offensive alliance between American Exceptionalism, Zionism, and Wahhabism, the three

Obama’s Duplicitous V-Day Remarks

by Stephen Lendman Obama and Vladimir Putin are geopolitical polar opposites. Russia’s leader supports peace, stability and mutual cooperation among all countries. He believes nation-state sovereignty is inviolable. He embraces UN Charter and other fundamental rule of law principles. He opposes interfering in the internal affairs of other nations. He believes no country may attack another except in self-defense – and only if Security Council members authorize it as core

It has started or Wise up Macedonians!

by N. Babich translated by SP (thanks brother!) Source: Demonstrations in Skoplje are linked to uncovered evidence that connects Victoria Nuland and her team with the leaders of the protest. On Monday a group of 50 armed men blocked the Islamic Community building in Skoplje. The attack was a consequence of the conflict between the former Skopje mufti Ibrahim Shabani and Reis of the Islamic Community Suleiman Regep. The conflict

Otto Skorzeny: “Why didn’t we take Moscow?“

by Oles Buzina translated by KA source: Otto Skorzeny „Why didn’t we take Moscow?“ German memoirs explain what caused the defeat of the Wehrmacht in the war. Every Spring in the run up to Victory Day, television starts to show feature films devoted to the Great Patriotic War. Honestly: most of them are simply exploiting the grand subject-matter. They need to sell something “interesting” to the belching inhabitant sitting

Novaya Gazeta report on MH17 shootdown: The actual proof

by Tatzhit Mihailovich By now, even Reuters broke the story about yet another MH17 shootdown theory. Why bother with the details? In a word, because the Novaya Gazeta report is the ONLY completely consistent version from an unbiased source that we got so far. Now, that shouldn’t be taken to mean that this thing is the indisputable truth. Novaya Gazeta is generally Pro-Western, yes, and publishes multiple stories about Russian

The Haunt Of History In Eurasia

by Andrew Korybko Eurasia is on pace to become integrated like never before, with China’s Belt & Road and Russia’s Eurasian Union providing the structural basis for this historical connection between continents. The US understands the threat that this poses to its global hegemony (see Brzezinski’s The Grand Chessboard), ergo the rolling out of its latest postmodern weapon, the militarization of historical memory. Eurasia is full of a patchwork of

Why NATO Is Terrified of Russia

Someone get NATO a tissue! by Pepe Escobar source: The twin-pronged attack – oil price war/raid on the ruble – aimed at destroying the Russian economy and place it into a form of Western natural resource vassalage has failed. Natural resources were also essentially the reason for reducing Iran to a Western vassalage. That never had anything to do with Tehran developing a nuclear weapon, which was banned by both

A war is at our doorsteps. As usual, we need another year.

by Rostislav Ishchenko translated by Eugenia Alexander the Blessed needed an extra year to finish the war with Turkey, train already drafted recruits, and deploy at the Western border against Napoleon not 200 thousand, but half a million-strong army, which would not have bothered to retreat into the heart of the Empire. Iosif Vissarionovich Stalin needed another year to complete the technical upgrade of the army, formation of motorized units,

Pope Francis Is The World’s Most Influential Agent Of Ukrainian Nationalism

Foreword by the Saker: Today it is my very real pleasure to present to you an outstanding analysis of the role of the Latin Church in modern Ukraine.  In the past, I have written about the role of the Vatican in the creation of the Ukraine and the development of Ukrainian nationalism (see here and here), but what Andrew Korybko does here is look at the modern role of the

Banning Bikers: The Double Standards Of NGOs

by Andrew Korybko Germany and Poland’s rejection of visa issuance for the Night Wolves patriotic bikers is politically motivated and speaks loudly about the West’s double standards towards NGOs. The group wanted to partake in a commemorative pilgrimage across Eastern Europe en route to Berlin in order to commemorate the 70th anniversary of Victory Day, and they were entirely transparent about their routes and itinerary. In the context of the

Nuclear Special Forces Only BRICS countries will survive

Foreword by the Saker: Today I am posting an article with great reluctance but with a sense that what this article conveys must be made public in the West.  I will tell you immediately that I am sickened by the idea that Russia might simply completely destroy the entire USA, be it by “regular” nuclear strikes, by blowing up the Yellowstone caldera or triggering a tsunami.  In my years as

If this isn’t fascism and a junta then what is it?

by Nikolai Starikov translated by “KA” source: The coup in Ukraine, which the West shamefully calls “the transfer of power” and the victorious “opposition” calls “the revolution of dignity” took place over a year ago. Not so much time has passed since then but that time has been filled to the brim with torrents of horrific information. The territory of Ukraine has not known so much blood, violence, suffering

From Cyber To Psycho: How NATO Info Wars Kill In Ukraine

by Andrew Korybko It’s common knowledge and public record that the West has intensified its anti-Russian information operations over the past year, but up until now, no direct link could be proven between its cyber warriors abroad and its assassins in Ukraine. That all changed due to the latest revelation by RT, which showed that the Mirotvorets online hit list was unsurprisingly registered by a Ukrainian agent of NATO’s Cooperative

Saudi Arabia Does a Gaza in Yemen

by Soraya-Sepehrpour-Ulrich ‘Shared Values’: The Washington – Wahhabi Alliance Shortly after 911, Washington declared ‘war on terror’ – a war with a death toll of over 2 million innocent lives (not counting America’s drone hunts), the maimed, the refugees, as well as the environmental effects of America’s war on terror. Washington declared al-Qaeda as its number one enemy, a trend continued by Obama who declared ‘war on al-Qaeda’. Yet Washington

What does Putin want? A major analysis by Rostislav Ishchenko (must read!)

Foreword by the Saker: The analysis below is, by far, the best I have seen since the beginning of the conflict in the Ukraine.  I have regularly posted analyses by Ishchenko on this blog before, because I considered him as one of the best analysts in Russia.  This time, however, Ishchenko has truly produced a masterpiece: a comprehensive analysis of the geostrategic position of Russia and a clear and, I

A place in between

Note: following Desecrated Shrines, this is the second eyewitness report about daily life in Novorussia sent to my by the Saker Community representative in Novorussia, Dagmar Henn, Team Leader German Saker Blog who has found the time to write this text while reorganizing the German blog. The Saker A place in between by Dagmar Henn It´s a cold, but sunny morning when we start for Oktiaborskii, another one of the

People and Chess Figures

by Rostislav Ichshenko translated by Evgenia Source: Chess is an ancient game that reproduces military actions with enviable accuracy. The development of the computer technology allowed for the creation of colorful strategic computer games, in the best of which the victory is arrived at by balancing multiple parameters (including the economy, natural resources, etc). Nevertheless, none came close to replicating the real strategic situation at the level achievable in

Does Serbia have a future?

by Sergei Pravosudov translated by Evgenia source: Thanks to the development of a Russian-Serbian energy co-operation. I began to frequent Serbia. At first I was fascinated by this country, as the people are friendly to Russians, but it soon became clear to me that the Serbian elite behave differently. I was told that almost all the representatives of the Serbian political elite have certain relations with the intelligence agencies: