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“Soft Power” And Cultural Diplomacy In The 21st Century Balkans

The below text is a copy of the speech that Andrew Korybko presented at the “”Soft Power” And Cultural Diplomacy In The 21st Century” international scientific conference at the People’s Friendship University in Moscow on 11 November. First off, I’d like to warmly thank RUDN for hosting this event and the Institute of Strategic Research And Predictions for organizing it. My speech will be about how foreign actors are using

Potential Chinese Military Participation in Syria – Hype and Reality

by Mister Unknown I recently noticed a South Front Analysis which suggested that China will likely participate in the Russian-led regional coalition against ISIS, and by extension – against CIA-backed rebels, as well as Chinese separatist volunteers from Xinjiang. Such an intervention would be politically and emotionally satisfying to us and to this audience, and it would clearly be in China’s strategic interests to ensure the coalition’s success in Syria

A new war began on October 31…

by SouthFront The most up-to-date information indicates the October 31 tragedy was the result of a terrorist act on board the Airbus A321. If that supposition is confirmed, and considering the reaction by the Russian authorities, one might say that Qatar finally got what it wanted—a war. Incidentally, Qatar’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Khaled al-Atyya publicly threatened Russia with “World War Three”. We can’t speak for Russia, but as far

Islamic State Indirectly Admits Russian Airstrikes Far More Effective than ‘Coalition’ Airstrikes

by Oleg Maslov Islamic State representatives have taken many efforts to claim responsibility for placing a bomb on board a Russian Metrojet passenger airplane bound for Saint Petersburg from Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt. Kogylmavia (Metrojet) Flight 9268 broke apart in the air over Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula on Saturday, October 31, and the wreckage landed in an area roughly 20 square kilometers in size, leading to the death of all

The Fallacy Of Erdogan-Style Democracy (updated version)

by Ghassan Kadi Erdogan’s AKP party has scored a monumental victory; not so much in terms of the lead in parliament though. As a matter of fact, it is a fairly narrow victory, but one that was least expected. What is monumental about it is the course that Turkey has set itself upon. A victory for Erdogan perhaps, but for Turkey itself, the outcome of this election will probably take

The Moscow-Beijing Express on The Saker: Russian Black Hat-Chinese White Hat

Their styles are 180 degrees apart, but together, as towering giants on the world’s geopolitical stage, Putin and Xi are slowly winning all the chips from Western Empire, for a new, fairer and more peaceful world. (Image by David Parkins) Russian Black Hat-Chinese White Hat The Moscow-Beijing Express on The Saker By: Jeff J. Brown, author and analyst at 44 Days Radio Sinoland Video reading at: Audio podcast at:

The Fallacy Of Western-Style Democracy

by Ghassan Kadi Until China surpasses the USA as the world’s strongest economic power, if it hasn’t already, and until the different nations of the world make up their minds as to who is the mightiest of them all; America or Russia, the West continues to be seen leading the world in many different aspects; least of which is in its arrogance. Despite its failing family values, drug addiction problems,

The Predictable Erdogan

by Ghassan Kadi I should thank dear friend Andrew Korybko for giving me the inspiration to write this article. After he interviewed me a few days ago on his program Redline on Sputnik Radio, it became clear to me that Erdogan is perceived by many observers as a fairly mercurial character; which he is. However, if we dissect his ideology and history, we may get surprised and discover that he

Who is committed to fully investigate MH17 tragedy?

by Oriental Review Source: The long-awaited Final Report on MH17 crash released by the Dutch Safety Board’ International Commission last week has only left a cold scent in the headlines. The reason is hardly the booming Syrian epic. The Dutch report lacked the substance so vigorously expected by all concerned parties: direct indication to the perpetrator. The legally impeccable statement about Ukraine’s failure to comply with its obligation to

Scott’s Collection of Russian Humor (Hilarious – MUST READ!!)

A warning from Scott: Prior to writing for thesaker, I collected antiques and art. Since I started writing, I gave up my family, my job, my business, sleeping, showering, and other bad habits. Hell, I even stopped shaving my beard. Being a compulsive collector, now I only collect Russian jokes and anecdotes. First, they are free. Second, they are more effective than booze and drugs combined. You have been warned.

Nepal’s Constitutional Crisis: The First Stage Of A Chinese-Indian Cold War?

by Andrew Korybko The relatively obscure and media neglected topic of Nepal’s growing constitutional crisis has the very real possibility of transforming into a larger proxy confrontation between China and India. Neither state stands to gain by falling into this strategic trap, but as their mutual neighbor’s destabilization only intensifies, and each Asian giant finds themselves increasingly supporting opposing sides, it might just take another small spark of violence to

The Battles Of And For Idlib:

by Ghassan Kadi If there was ever indeed a civil uprising in Syria, it would have had to be, by-and-large, in Idlib. Idlib is an impoverished region of Syria. It is located in the north-west, inland from the coastal Syrian Army stronghold of Lattakia, and south of Aleppo; Syria’s second largest city and economic hub. Being predominantly Sunni and poor, the combination made it a lucrative recruitment spot for the

Towards a Third Intifada: Why Israel has no Future in the Middle East

By Salah Lamrani (Sayed Hasan) On September 9, 2015, Sayed Ali Khamenei, Iran’s Supreme Leader, repeated the Islamic Republic’s commitment, in word and deed, to liberate Palestine and put an end to the so-called State of Israel, the last colony on Earth, just as vicious as it is anachronical. He stated that in spite of the nuclear deal, the USA or “Great Satan and enemy of the peoples”, worse than

Exclusive One Belt One Road (OBOR) Briefing From Andrew Korybko’s China Trip

Regular contributor to The Saker, Andrew Korybko, attended the second-annual Yangtze River International Forum Summit 2015 last month that brought together China’s political, economic, and social elite (to see the full program, click here). The day-long event saw the participants discuss the One Belt One Road project, which is the world’s largest-ever connective endeavor. Having received the hard-to-get permission of the Chinese government to operate at this closed-door event as

Rewriting History or Making History?

by Kakaouskia Greetings to the Saker community and readers. This year marked the 70th anniversary since the end of World War Two. And it has proved that the world has changed dramatically. The parades in Moscow and Beijing and the subsequent snubbing by the “West” prove that in today’s politics everything is fair; even the dishonour of the memory of the millions of people that died so that Europe can

There is an exhaustive explanation for the disgrace of the American allies in Syria

by Evgenii Krutikov Translated by Carpatho-Russian source: The scandal around the “Thirtieth Division”, prepared by American instructors for war with Assad, but who immediately surrendered to the Islamic “al-Nusra Front” right after crossing the Turkish border, is resounding around the entire world now. There will be many such scandals. They are predetermined by the very methodology of the American instruction of “allies” in Syria, a well as in Georgia

Putin – the incredible Abou Ali

by Ghassan Kadi As the news of the Russian military action in Syria intensifies and takes more rather affirmative steps, the rest of the world cannot help but to look with a mixed bag of emotions all the way from awe to gratitude, anxiety, disappointment, frustration or fear and many others in between. Diverse as they may be in their outlooks, all observers are united in their gasps of disbelief.

The “follies” of Russia’s pivot to China

by Mister Unknown Recently, there has been no shortage of  highly pessimistic   commentaries   published  &  republished , pointing out the supposed ” follies ” of Russia’s eastern pivot, by highlighting this year’s  decline  in Sino-Russian trade, China’s stock market volatility, and its  supposed  economic “weakness”. The conclusion implied by these articles is clear: “Russia’s economic pivot to China is failing, because increased economic cooperation has not mitigated Russia’s recent economic woes,

The Mideast As Explained By Ideology: Past, Present, And Future – PART III

Andrew Korybko (Please read Part I and Part II prior to this article) The third and last section of the article explores various scenario forecasts that build upon the ideological foundations explored in the previous two sections. In total, there are 6 predicted scenarios – the Union Of Kings, Islamic Republicanism Jumps The Pond, Egypt Resurrected, The Republican Arc, Turkish Tumult, and Retrogressive Rot – some of which can occur

The World Disorder

by Ghassan Kadi The recent speech of President Putin at the UNGA has shown the rest of the world the extent of Western lies and inefficiency. Moreover, the Russian military initiative in Syria that almost immediately followed the speech has left all enemies of Syria in a bind, confused, and not knowing what to do. In one moment, Foreign Secretary Kerry says that he wants to cooperate with Russia all