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Will Stepan Bandera III Allow Kiev to Destroy the Bandera Legacy?

by GH Eliason In a bizarre twist of fate, this article maybe the only warning Stepan Bandera III receives that he really needs to get a running head-start. Part of the Ukrainian Diaspora is trying to cast the crowning achievement of his grandfather “the real Stepan Bandera” to the ash-heap of history. This move is geared to crush the hope for freedom of generations of Bandera supporters. In an effort

The Russian-Chinese-Indian Strategic Convergence In Myanmar: PART II

by Andrew Kroybko (Please read Part I before this article) Existing Unilateral Initiatives In their quest to stabilize Myanmar according to their long-term strategic visions, each of the three examined actors has unilaterally taken significant (and in most cases, counter-productive) strides in trying to achieve this. Here are the most impactful actions and their results: India: By far the most important thing that India has done in trying to stabilize

The Stock Shock And Economic Bipolarity

by Andrew Korybko “ Black Monday’s ” stock shock sent waves through the global economy, with all of Asia and most of the West experiencing some degree of market decline. The drop raised fears that the world is on the verge of yet another global recession, this time caused by China’s “ new normal ” phase of moderate growth and currency correction . The transition of the world’s largest economy

The Russian-Chinese-Indian Strategic Convergence In Myanmar – PART I

by Andrew Korybko The Southeast Asian state of Myanmar is beleaguered by creeping threats that risk returning the country to the dark days of full-scale civil war. Neighboring powers India and China have no interest in seeing this scenario, as such an event would spoil the role that they expect a stable Myanmar to fill vis-à-vis their strategic vision for the country. In what makes for tragic irony, however, their

Minsk -2: A Rotting Corpse

by Christopher Black for the New Eastern Outlook The Minsk-2 ceasefire agreement is dead but no one wants to bury the rotting corpse. Since it was signed in February of this year the Donbas governments and Russia have bent over backward to comply with the terms of that agreement hoping against hope that the Kiev junta would do the same. They hoped in vain. Poroshenko and his fascist allies instead

A Network of Power: Gas Pipelines of the European Continent (Infographics)

by SouthFront: Natural gas has limited and expensive transport options. As a result, natural gas pipelines are constantly used as tool of the political pressure and bargaining. One of the most notable battlefields is the European continent, where Russia has exerted its influence through an intricate network of pipelines. Find the text with an additional information about the pipelines below the graphics. (for high resolution image go here: 1. NORD STREAM

Is Ukraine On The Cusp Of A Real Uprising?

by Andrew Korybko It’s been discussed since the civil war first began last spring, but Ukraine might finally be on the verge of a legitimate people’s uprising against the government. The Color Revolutions in 2004 and 2014 were organized from abroad (despite the misleading mass media representation that they were popular movements) and aimed to achieve concrete geopolitical objectives on behalf of the West, thereby discrediting them as real grassroots

US Military Afraid It Can’t Fight Russia

by Shellback for Russia Insider Do you suppose people at the Pentagon read RI? I don’t mean read it in the sense that they have to know the Sewage Emitted by the Vast Army of Putin Trolls so they can Counter it with the Clear Water of NATO Bromides. I mean read it in the sense that they think they might learn something from the VAofPT ? We at RI have

Saakashvili’s Silk Road Delusion

by Mister Unknown Recently Saakashvili made a rather  comical statement  on  Ukrainian TV , which reinforced my perception of him as someone “with a tendency for miscalculation”, to put it euphemistically. “Our plans now include the New Silk Road. Now logistics take 30 days if transported via Russia, but it will take up to nine days via Illichivsk [port]. Everything is available there. And large flows need to be attracted. And

From Palestine to Yemen: honour and shame of the Arab world

By Sayed Hasan Translated from French by Jenny Bright for Tlaxcala While Saudi Arabia is trying its best to supplant Israel in terms of crime, terror and barbarism, pushing a whole country to the edge of the abyss to general indifference, the poorest of the Arab countries gives the world a lesson in courage, dignity and lucidity, following the example of the Palestinian people. See also: War without mercy in

From Lawrence Of Arabia To The Maverick Of Eurasia

by Ghassan Kadi THE United States of America and the Soviet Union had equal footing in the Levant’s main crisis; namely the Arab-Israeli conflict in the 1950’s, 1960’s and the first half of the 70’s. Many, especially in the Arab camp, argue otherwise, and regard that American support for Israel had always been much stronger than any support the USSR had ever offered any Arab state, and to a large

US Congress and President Obama Officially Recognize Donbas’ Freedom!

by GH Eliason It’s true! President Barack Obama beat Russia’s President Putin to the punch by recognizing the right of Donbas to ascend to the fraternity of nations first. He has reaffirmed this every year he has been in office. The Captive Nations Week Resolution passed by both the Senate and House of Representatives in 1959 and reissued as a Presidential Proclamation every year for the last 56 years (also

The Shuttle Diplomacy To Save Syria

by Andrew Korybko As all observers have realized, the situation in Syria has noticeably gone from bad to worse. ISIL is advancing , the US and Turkey are preparing for a “ comprehensive battle ” there (ostensibly against the terrorists, but most reckon that it’s really against the Syrian Arab Army ), and Erdogan’s War on the Kurds is proving to be a smokescreen for the creation of an Kurdish-free

About The Ukrainophilia Of Russian Nazis Or The Defeat Of The Liberal Point Of View Of The Conflict

by Oxandabaratz Two weeks ago, Saturday 25th of July, in Kiev, Ukrainian capital, there has been a demonstration at the Russian embassy. This demonstration has not been like others, when masses of banderites were threatening to assault the embassy, but a quite pathetic one: with 50 attendants, more or less. But what was special of this demonstration was the leitmotiv for it: it was a demonstration to ask for the

Blame and Forget, Truth be Damned

by JiminNH It has become a common occurrence for the western ruling elites, and their propaganda ministries of the mainstream media euphemistically called the “free press”, to immediately blame Russia for a litany of perceived misconduct, whether there are grounds for such allegations or not. Often such baseless allegations are conflated with other events in the western narrative to give the allegations an aura of credibility and convince the western

For Russia, The Path To Laos Runs Through Vietnam

by Andrew Kroybko Southeast Asia is one of the economic powerhouses of the world, and its prized position in the global economy is only expected to grow in the coming future. This is why all the Great Powers are racing to (re)develop and reinforce their ties with the region, Russia being foremost among them. Ever since the onset of the New Cold War, Russia has been compelled to rapidly reorient

France’s CRIF-run regime has unleashed a vicious persecutions campaign against dissidents

Note: for those who are not familiar with the real political situation in France, please read the following background material: ——- Thou shalt not be a victim. Thou shalt not be a perpetrator. And above all, Thou shalt not be a bystander. Yehuda Bauer Since many months already the political situation in France has been largely overlooked by events in Greece or the Ukraine and

Bretton Woods Conference: July 1-22, 1944, then, Ufa SCO-BRICS Summit, July 6-10, 2015, now.

The Moscow-Beijing Express, on The Saker By Jeff J. Brown, 44 Days Radio Sinoland Crosslinked with 44 Days and SoundCloud Our grandchildren’s history books will reference these two international meetings, Bretton Woods and Ufa, as post-World War II geopolitical milestones, and transformative benchmarks in the world order. This of course, unless Western/Israeli colonialism does not push humanity to the brink, with a last desperate attempt to save its

What is “Ukrainian nation”, and what are its future options?

By Tatzhit source: There are a lot of arguments for the fact that Ukrainian nation does not exist, all Ukrainians are Russians brainwashed to hate their nation, Ukrainian history is fake, etc. Mostly, these arguments are put forth by people who do not understand the difference between “nation” and “ethnicity”. The idea of a “nation” really originated in the age of gunpowder, when mass armies and industrialization brought the