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If this isn’t fascism and a junta then what is it?

by Nikolai Starikov translated by “KA” source: The coup in Ukraine, which the West shamefully calls “the transfer of power” and the victorious “opposition” calls “the revolution of dignity” took place over a year ago. Not so much time has passed since then but that time has been filled to the brim with torrents of horrific information. The territory of Ukraine has not known so much blood, violence, suffering

From Cyber To Psycho: How NATO Info Wars Kill In Ukraine

by Andrew Korybko It’s common knowledge and public record that the West has intensified its anti-Russian information operations over the past year, but up until now, no direct link could be proven between its cyber warriors abroad and its assassins in Ukraine. That all changed due to the latest revelation by RT, which showed that the Mirotvorets online hit list was unsurprisingly registered by a Ukrainian agent of NATO’s Cooperative

Saudi Arabia Does a Gaza in Yemen

by Soraya-Sepehrpour-Ulrich ‘Shared Values’: The Washington – Wahhabi Alliance Shortly after 911, Washington declared ‘war on terror’ – a war with a death toll of over 2 million innocent lives (not counting America’s drone hunts), the maimed, the refugees, as well as the environmental effects of America’s war on terror. Washington declared al-Qaeda as its number one enemy, a trend continued by Obama who declared ‘war on al-Qaeda’. Yet Washington

What does Putin want? A major analysis by Rostislav Ishchenko (must read!)

Foreword by the Saker: The analysis below is, by far, the best I have seen since the beginning of the conflict in the Ukraine.  I have regularly posted analyses by Ishchenko on this blog before, because I considered him as one of the best analysts in Russia.  This time, however, Ishchenko has truly produced a masterpiece: a comprehensive analysis of the geostrategic position of Russia and a clear and, I

A place in between

Note: following Desecrated Shrines, this is the second eyewitness report about daily life in Novorussia sent to my by the Saker Community representative in Novorussia, Dagmar Henn, Team Leader German Saker Blog who has found the time to write this text while reorganizing the German blog. The Saker A place in between by Dagmar Henn It´s a cold, but sunny morning when we start for Oktiaborskii, another one of the

People and Chess Figures

by Rostislav Ichshenko translated by Evgenia Source: Chess is an ancient game that reproduces military actions with enviable accuracy. The development of the computer technology allowed for the creation of colorful strategic computer games, in the best of which the victory is arrived at by balancing multiple parameters (including the economy, natural resources, etc). Nevertheless, none came close to replicating the real strategic situation at the level achievable in

Does Serbia have a future?

by Sergei Pravosudov translated by Evgenia source: Thanks to the development of a Russian-Serbian energy co-operation. I began to frequent Serbia. At first I was fascinated by this country, as the people are friendly to Russians, but it soon became clear to me that the Serbian elite behave differently. I was told that almost all the representatives of the Serbian political elite have certain relations with the intelligence agencies:

The Ukrainian oligarchs have lived a year without a state, but what future awaits them?

by Ivan Lizan translated by Aleksey source: Since the victory of the “revolution of dignity” a year has passed which allows us to draw an interim debit / credit of oligarchic activities in Ukraine and understand, who out of the most active participants in the Maidan coup has been the winner, who has been the loser, and what the future holds for the Ukrainian oligarchs. It was smooth on

Letter from Russia (from the Saker’s mailbox)

Dear friends, I just got a moving letter from Russia which, after asking the author’s permission, I want to share with you “as is”, exactly as I got it myself. Kind regards, The Saker ——- It is a song about Great Patriotic War and memories of it. I am a grown up man in his 30ies (a Russian, so sorry for my English grammar) and I can’t, simply can’t watch

Desacrated shrines

Note: this is the first article sent to my by the Saker Community representative in Novorussia, Dagmar Henn, from the German Saker Blog.  Dagmar has had a tough trip, with very little opportunity to write and only sporadic and slow Internet connections (this is, after all, a war zone).  I hope that this will be a first of a series of eyewitness reports by Dagmar about the reality of life

The political economy of civil war: How the Ukraine became as impoverished as Tajikistan in only one year

By Ivan Lisan Source: Translated from the Russian by Robin Tajikistan has long been considered the poorest of the former Soviet republics. For example, in 2013 its GDP per capita based on purchasing power parity was $2,536, whereas for the Ukraine it was $8,652. It would seem that to compare impoverished Tajikistan, which went through the crucible of civil war, with the until recently prosperous Ukraine was in bad

It’s Not About the Nukes – Reflections on Lausanne

by Andrew Kahn Voice of America Blog: Twitter: @akahnnyc It feels practically like déjà vu. Once more President Obama has reached an agreement with one of the proclaimed threats to the United States – first it was Cuba, now Iran. So it is that following on the heels of a shaky rapprochement with Cuba, we see that the United States has reached a tentative agreement – in conjunction with

To Russia with love

Foreword: I am continuing my series of articles about the “real Russia” (see: Россия не Европа (Russia is not Europe) – an example through Music,  Letter from ‘deep’ Russia and Россия не Европа (Russia is not Europe) – Second Musical Illustration) I am now posting a trip journal written by Kolya Malloff in which he beautifully shares his feelings about returning to his motherland.  There is a lot of “real

An islamic response to charlie (9/11) hebdo

by Sheikh Imran Hosein May peace and blessings be upon Prophet Muhammad – despite the filth that a corrupt and decadent civilization of Gog and Magog has been consistently throwing at him all through its barbaric and blood-stained history. He is indeed a true Prophet of the God of Abraham, and Islamic eschatology allows us to anticipate that it will not be long before the historical process delivers

Letter from ‘deep’ Russia

Dear friends, I recently spoke to a contact of mine in Russia and since he was living in a rather typical Russian town away from the huge Moscow megapolis or even one of the major Russian cities, I asked him to share with us his simple daily experience of Russia.  He kindly agreed and here is his letter below.  I hope that these impression of a 25 year old man

Arms to the sadists: US Congress urges Pres. Obama to provide Ukraine with more torture techniques

by Oriental Review source: On Monday March 23, the US House of Representatives adopted H. Res. 162 urging president Obama “to provide Ukraine with military assistance” in dire attempt to reignite conflict in the East of Ukraine, mainly frozen as a result of February 2015 Minsk agreements between Kiev and the outbreak Donetsk and Lugansk provinces with French, German and Russian mediation. The general presumptions of the resolution are

US House Votes 348-48 To Arm Ukraine, Russia Warns Lethal Aid Will “Explode The Whole Situation”

by Tyler Durden for Zero Hedge Yesterday, in a vote that largely slid under the radar, the House of Representatives passed a resolution urging Obama to send lethal aid to Ukraine, providing offensive, not just “defensive” weapons to the Ukraine army – the same insolvent, hyperinflating Ukraine which, with a Caa3/CC credit rating, last week started preparations to issue sovereign debt with a US guarantee, in essence making it a part of

Skull & Bones

Dear friends, I got a very interesting email recently, so I asked it’s author – “Persia” – for the permission to publish it and submit it to you.  Here it is. The Saker SKULL AND BONES by “Persia” I would like to give a couple of thoughts about the secret society called Skull and Bones at Yale University.  Reading the wonderful interview of Saker’s with Paul Craig Roberts and hearing

We live in a state of military alert

Source: Rostislav Ishchenko Translated from the Russian by Robin For the second year in a row, almost uninterrupted military exercises are taking place in Russia. The number of troops involved is comparable to or even greater than the number of participants in the largest exercise held by the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact military alliance – even though the Soviet armed forces totaled 3.5 million in 1991 and

Kolomoisky finishing Ukraine up

Source: By Valentin Katanosov Translated by Claudio About 15 years ago, “natural selection”-based oligarchic capitalism started being developed in Ukraine: oligarchs devoured small and medium businesses, as well as state-owned assets. As resources of primitive accumulation were going to be exhausted, oligarchs began to devour each other by means of administrative pressure, raider attacks, corrupt courts, trumped-up charges and, if necessary, murder. This process was quite similar to a