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Wanted: NGO Whistleblowers

By Andrew Korybko Intelligence-affiliated NGOs have become a major security risk to the sovereignty of multipolar states, and they can directly be blamed for assembling Color Revolutionary social infrastructure and managing its regime change logistics. After the first (post-Soviet) and second (‘Arab Spring’) waves of Color Revolutions, targeted states have finally wised up to the West’s game and are now actively seeking ways to innovatively defend themselves from this destabilizing

Russia through Western & Chinese eyes: a Study in Contrasts

  By: Jeff J. Brown Cross linked with 44 Days . Welcome to the new Moscow-Beijing Express, on The Saker, which will be reporting periodically on Russian-Chinese news and perspectives. If you have not already done so, it is highly recommended to read the following interview between The Saker and Jeff J. Brown. It’s a great primer on Sino-Russian relations, past, present and future. It is always interesting to

American citizen tortured by Ukrainian government

by Tatzhit Mikhailovich (original here: As previously reported on LiveLeak  and RT (and completely ignored in Western mass media – hello “free and unbiased reporting”) there have been two protests against the regime in Kiev in the past few days: a large protest march and a smaller “Maidan 3.0” protest camp. On Sunday night, the protest camp has been dispersed by unknown masked assailants, apparently with the blessing from

Karelia: The unknown hotspot of the new Cold War

by Sakari Linden Russia has tightened its grip from its North Western region of Republic of Karelia in 2015. After being a remote area of negligible strategic importance, Karelia’s growth in importance has been noticed by geopolitical observers in both Russia and the West. Final conclusions drawn about the means to be conducted in the region determine Karelia’s status as either opportunity or threat for Russian Federation. Even more importantly, it

Battle Of The Summits: Schloss Elmau vs. Ufa

by Andrew Korybko The mainstream media is fawning over the G7 leaders and their latest summit, relishing in the fact that Russia was expectedly excluded. They’ve decided to overplay the ‘cool’ factor of the event by emphasizing how all the leaders are casually ‘ hanging out ’, making it seem as though Putin missed a friendly campfire with his pals and not one of the most pro-Western meetings of the

What really happened in Mar’inka: Truce not over yet, but getting eroded just like before

by Tatzhit Mihailovich original here: Yesterday, the Minsk-2 truce nearly collapsed amid heavy weapons fire and tank attacks in a suburb of Donetsk.==== Summary for our preschool readers: The fighting in Mar’inka wasn’t a general offensive by either side, but rather a series of small attacks/counter-attacks amid heavy artillery fire. In the end, both sides are pretty much where they started, losses seem comparable. Donetsk was randomly shelled by

ISIL, Kiev’s Nazis, And The Rage Against History

by Andrew Korybko The US’ regional proxies in the Mideast and Ukraine are on a rampage against history, doing whatever they can to bury their associated countries’ past so that they can more easily build their version of a ‘utopian’ future. This trend of ‘historical warfare’ is endemic of the militarization of historical memory that the US is rolling out all throughout Eurasia. With ISIL grabbing global headlines over its

Ukraine Labor Protests

Foreword by the Saker: I am absolutely delighted to submit to you today an article by Michael Hudson whom I consider to be the best and most visionary economic out there, bar none.  Michael has kindly agree to allow me to post this article and, even better, he also agreed for a Q&A interview with me.  To say that I am honored would be an understatement. The Saker Ukraine Labor

Voices from the Middle Kingdom

by Kakaouskia Greetings to the Saker community and readers. I am a rather frequent traveller to China, having family there. My journeys so far have took me to the provinces of Shanghai, Beijing, Sichuan, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Fujian, Macau and Jiangsu. This article is a collection of loosely organized personal observations about the country and its people and of comments from people I have met during my various stays in China.

Fraternal Union or Russian State?

by Rostislav Ishchenko, President of the Center for System Analysis and Forecasting, for “Aktualniye Commentariye” original article here: translation by “KA” Not all politicians and experts recognise that a state of war exists between Russia and the United States. Despite Washington’s clearly stated strategy regarding regime change in Russia and the thwarting of any opportunities for Moscow to carry out any kind of independent policy. Many people, who have

Are Armenia And Belarus Wandering Westward?

By Andrew Kroybko The New Cold War, despite only ‘ officially ’ being a little over a year old, has already seen its fair share of dynamic developments, some of which had been totally unexpected. These include the Ukrainian Civil War, the sanctions war , the death of South Stream and birth of Turkish (and perhaps Balkan ) Stream, the US’ flipping of Cuba , and failed American threats against

The Godmother of the Saker Community was in Moscow for Vday!

Dear friends, Claude Roddier, the “Godmother” of the entire Saker Community has just returned from a trip to Russia were she participated in the Vday events in Moscow alongside a delegation representing the French Resistance to the Nazi occupation of France during WWII.  Initially, Claude had planned to travel to Odessa and because of the risks associated with such a trip, we kept all these plans a secret.  Then, after

9 May, 2015: The Day Russia Showed The World How To Kill Color Revolutions

by Andrew Korybko The 70th anniversary of Victory Day in Moscow was monumental for a few primary reasons (Shoigu’s solemn reverence, Russian-Chinese friendship ), not least among them the fact that it symbolized the utter death of any Color Revolutionary hopes the West may have still been harboring from the early 2000s. The patriotic resistance on display didn’t subside when the record-setting parade ended, but instead was uplifted to epic

One Miserably Failed State

Author Rostislav Ishchenko Translated by Eugenia source: The Ukrainian elites, which receive upon the division of the Soviet inheritance everything necessary for the successful state building, by their own actions brought the country to the brink of a collapse. Ideal starting conditions Politics and history are not pre-determined. The “project Ukraine” living its last days was not doomed from the start. Suddenly emerged new country had the world’s 10th

Rise of a multi-polar Asia – a view from India

by Sandhya Jain Continuing tensions over Ukraine notwithstanding, including a US-led boycott of the Victory Day Parade commemorating the 70th anniversary of Germany’s surrender in World War II, Russia under President Vladimir Putin has retrieved much of its eminence as a great power and even managed a handsome recovery of its sanction-hit rouble. By tweaking its West-centric gaze towards Siberia and the Arctic (which Putin likely visited during a mysterious

The USA wants from Russia the impossible

by Petr Akopov translation: Eugenia source: The visit of John Kerry looks like an attempt to tune down the conflict with Russia. The US is ready to admit the failure of the policy of “isolating Russia” and is looking for ways to back down. Without relinquishing the goal of containment of Russia, it wants to make it less obvious, as it was before, counting in return on Moscow cooperation

Special Report: Vietnam between the US, Russia and China

Foreword by the Saker:  I don’t know who “Conical Hat” really is.  All I know is that he is a Vietnamese reader of the blog.  And judging by his article, he is somebody with superb knowledge and understanding of Vietnam’s history and international relations.  We emailed each other a couple of times and, one day, I suggested that he write up something about the geostrategic position of Vietnam.  What Conical

Exceptionalists vs Integrationalists: The Eurasian-Wide Struggle

by Andrew Korybko All the chaos that’s been unleashed in Eurasia can be attributed to the existential battle between the Exceptionalists and the Integrationalists, represented respectively by the unipolar and multipolar worlds. A lot has lately been written about the emerging triangle of defensive and incorporative interests between Russia, China, and Iran, yet not much has been published about the offensive alliance between American Exceptionalism, Zionism, and Wahhabism, the three

Obama’s Duplicitous V-Day Remarks

by Stephen Lendman Obama and Vladimir Putin are geopolitical polar opposites. Russia’s leader supports peace, stability and mutual cooperation among all countries. He believes nation-state sovereignty is inviolable. He embraces UN Charter and other fundamental rule of law principles. He opposes interfering in the internal affairs of other nations. He believes no country may attack another except in self-defense – and only if Security Council members authorize it as core

It has started or Wise up Macedonians!

by N. Babich translated by SP (thanks brother!) Source: Demonstrations in Skoplje are linked to uncovered evidence that connects Victoria Nuland and her team with the leaders of the protest. On Monday a group of 50 armed men blocked the Islamic Community building in Skoplje. The attack was a consequence of the conflict between the former Skopje mufti Ibrahim Shabani and Reis of the Islamic Community Suleiman Regep. The conflict