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Capitalism Requires World War

by Cathal Haughian 250,000 capitalists read the Financial Times, and it has been our undertaking, since 2010, to chronicle our understanding of capitalism via our book The Philosophy of Capitalism. We were curious as to the underlying nature of the system which endows us, the owners of capital, with so many favours. The Saker has asked me to explain our somewhat crude statement ‘Capitalism Requires World War’. The present showdown

Russian victory at the UN: a two-part analysis by Alexander Mercouris

by Alexander Mercouris for Russia Insider sources: Russia obtain a further UN Security Council Resolution conforming with the “cessation of hostilities” agreement Russia negotiated with the US – this time with American support A week ago, amidst Turkish shelling of Kurdish positions in Syria and talk of a Turkish invasion, the Russians proposed a Resolution to the UN Security Council reaffirming Syria’s sovereignty. The Resolution was blocked by

Erdogan, Genocide, and ISIS – The Sultan is Doomed

By Michael Collins Turkish President Recep Teyyip Erdogan’s attempts to demonize the Syrian Kurd’s YPG army and threaten and bully the United States are having the net effect of creating a powerful movement for his removal based on a rationale that will encourage the public in the United States and Europe to forget the real culprits in the tragic attack on Syria and focus on charges of genocide leveled against

Is There A Crack in the Dam Holding Back the Truth on Syria?

by JiminNH One cannot help but noticing two rather interesting articles published in mainstream media that just may indicate that the dam holding back the truth about the western-backed invasion of Syria by head-chopping, organ eating, sex slave trading jihadi “rebels” has sprung a few major leaks. STEVEN KINZER in the BOSTON GLOBE First came the article by Steven Kinzer, a longtime journalist with the New York Times and now

Lebanon’s 14th of March marches into oblivion

by Ghassan Kadi On the 14 of February 2005, Lebanese ex-PM Rafiq Hariri was killed in a massive car bomb in downtown Beirut. His son Saad Hariri was quick to accuse Syria of the murder, rallied around him massive support, both political and demographic and successfully managed to get the Syrian troops out of Lebanon. And thus the 14th of March Coalition was created; an unlikely alliance that was based

Turkey is screwed. And it’s all US fault (corrected text)

by Arras Amid rising tensions between Turkey and Russia over the situation in Syria, one important fact got lost. It’s not Russia that caused the current Turkish problems. It was the USA. The most fundamental problem modern Turkey is facing is the Kurdish question. It’s a chronic problem, which threatens the integrity of Turkey and the Turkish elite perceives it as the largest security treat the country is facing. Turkish

Did Russia Just Threaten Turkey With Nuclear Weapons?

[Note by the Saker: I do not believe that Russia has made such a threat and I will post my reasons for this in the next 24 hours.  However, I might be wrong and Mercouris and Perry right, I therefore feel like I should post this analysis] Reports say a source close to Putin claims Russia warned Erdogan of readiness to use tactical nuclear weapons to defend Russian strike force

Déjà vu

by Kakaouskia Greetings to the Saker community and readers. Let us imagine that we are tasked with producing a sequel to the 1990s masterpiece “First Gulf war”, this time to be filmed in Syria. We will definitely need a villain; lucky for us we have two: Vladimir Putin and Bashar Al Assad. Throw in a criminal organisation – let’s call them ISIS – for good measure and the cast is

Russian Diplomat Drops a Bombshell: US Expected ISIS to Seize Damascus by October

In an article in a British newspaper Russia’s ambassador to the UK reveals the Russians were told by the Western powers that after the US proclaimed a no-fly zone ISIS would capture Damascus by Alexander Mercouris for Russia Insider: Alexander Yakovenko, Russia’s ambassador to Britain, dropped something of a bombshell on Monday, though one that has gone completely unnoticed. In a piece in the print edition of the London

Turkey and Saudi Arabia: to fight or to flight?

by Ghassan Kadi No one knows how the “War On Syria” is going to end, let alone what turns it will take in a year from now, a month, and even a week. There are many variables, new developments, twists and turns, and they happen quickly, and sometimes unexpectedly. And because we do not really what is going on behind the scenes in the corridors of Washington, Ankara and Riyadh,

Immigrant Crisis: Facts, Myth or Plot?

by Brainstorm The designed, created and carefully articulated immigrant flow to Europe, generating one of the biggest crises in after the Cold War as the byproduct of US waged wars in the Middle East, is rolling out according to the already written screenplay. As the pretext for rising extreme right sectors within the EU boundaries, revival of nationalism, racism and fascism, dramatic changes to European societies bring to the reality

Paul Craig Roberts and Michael Hudson: Privatization Is the Atlanticist Strategy to Attack Russia

NOTE: Readers are asking to know who, in addition to the Western-financed NGOs, are the Fifth Columnists inside Russia. Michael Hudson and I left the description general as Atlanticist Integrationists and neoliberal economists. The Saker provides some specific names. Among the Fifth Columnists are the Russian Prime Minister, head of the Central Bank, and the two top economics ministers. They are springing a privatization trap on Putin that could undo

Coming to a head in Syria

by Ghassan Kadi What started as a “War On Syria”, allowed to grow and fester unabated, fueled and sponsored by eighty three nations spearheaded by Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Israel and NATO and all pro-NATO nations, is undoubtedly coming to a head. Geneva III seems dead in the water, just like Geneva I and II were. This time however, Syria and its allies are calling the shots, and they are

Turkey’s Gates To Europe

by Ghassan Kadi The story of refugees flocking into Europe, and the avalanche of repercussions that followed, remains to be a conundrum that many involved individuals, including some seasoned analysts, are at pains to unravel. Any denial that those refugees had brought with them very bad elements is a denial of a truth that is so loud and clear. And when some highly competent authors wrote about this and were

Nuland-Surkov Meeting: US Tries to Re-Write Minsk II: Russia Says No

Foreign Minister Lavrov’s press conference shows that Russian government at all levels rejects US attempts to re-write terms of Minsk II Agreement for Ukrainian conflict settlement by Alexander Mercouris for Russia Insider Dr. Gilbert Doctorow has recently provided a masterly discussion of Lavrov’s recent January press conference. Lavrov’s press conference touched on one of the strangest and most mysterious diplomatic meetings to have happened so far this year. This was

Polarized Poland: The Identity Crisis Goes International

by Andrew Korybko for the Russian Institute of Strategic Studies The nationwide protests that have rocked Poland over the past couple of months have been completely misrepresented in the international media, even among outlets that are editorially sympathetic to one side or the other. The outside understanding is that this is a stereotypical struggle between the government and the opposition, represented in this case by the right and left wings,

After the Prophet

Foreword by the Saker: It is a real pleasure for me to submit to you a most interesting article about the history of Islam in general, and about a form of Sunni Islam in Saudi Arabia which is rarely discussed or even mentioned.  Being a Christian myself, a take no position on any of the view presented in this article other than welcoming an informed discussion.  What I am absolutely

Djukanovic to be Jailed after Montenegro Joins NATO

By Ion Todescu for the Dracula Blog Montenegro, the small Balkan state, is once again in the center of public attention now. In fact, the same man has been ruling that country since 1991 as the Prime Minister, the President and the Prime Minister again. He’s often called the last dictator in Europe; corruptionist and mafioso are his other names. Let me introduce to you Milo Djukanovic, the Prime Minister

The Litvinenko Inquiry: London’s Absurd Show Trial

by Alexander Mercouris for Russia Insider: Despite twisting the evidence and throwing legal procedure out of the window it failed to show the Russian authorities killed Litvinenko.  It could only say “probably” – an absurd verdict the evidence contradicts. What follows is a long and very detailed 11,000 word expert legal analysis of the Litvinenko inquiry by Russia Insider‘s International Affairs Editor, who was a practicing lawyer for 12

60 Minutes Defames Russian Effort in Syria

by Patrice Greanville for the Greanville Post Taking no chances, CBS also manages to denigrate the brave Syrian Arab Army, just about one of the most heroic forces fighting ISIL and other brutal terrorists in the Middle East. The Treachery of The Western Media Patrice Greanville There’s a mystery at the heart of American journalism. How can normally mediocre ignoramuses—I refer to the rank and file of US media, especially television