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Putin prefers a bad peace

By Israel Shamir   In February, it is a long way to the spring, lamented Joseph Brodsky, the poet. Indeed, snow still falls heavily in Moscow and Kiev as well as in the rolling steppes that form Russian-Ukrainian borderlands, but there it is tinted with red. Soldiers are loth to fight in the winter, when life is difficult anyway in these latitudes, but fighting already flared up in war-torn Donbass,

War in the Ukraine

by Alexander Mercouris   Russia Insider has published my latest piece on the course of the Ukrainian war. It is a more refined and thought through version of the piece I previously wrote on this Page. The Ukrainian Army Is Bleeding to Death   1. My key point is that it is not minor tactical movements that are determining the course of this war. It is the level of casualties

From Napoleon to Adolf Hitler to Conchita Wurst

The EU met again and, with the Greek vote, they prolonged more sanctions on Russia. In the meantime, the EU-backed junta is continuing to kill scores of civilians in Novorussia every day. And while for “Charlie”, we saw millions in the streets, nobody seems to care. Worse, the EU is backing the Nazis murderers (I won’t even mention the USA). This is tragic in more then one way. Of course,

Open letter of the members of the French Resistance to President Hollande

The voice of France, the UN and Russia, an open letter to Monsieur le Président de la République Monsieur le Président de la République Fascisme is reemerging everywhere in Europe, singularly in countries which have been freed from the USSR where powerful and dark forces are using NéoNazism as an ideological vector for their national emancipation and their territorial sovereignty .In these circles and beyond them, the Ukrainian crisis, which

Joint press conference of DPR PM Zakharchenko and LPR PM Plotnitsky [eng subs]

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Ukraine SITREP + open thread

The Saker: Feeling better, but on the road all day today. Will resume full-time blogging tomorrow.   Debaltsevo cauldron – still *not* closed: According to Cassad, the cauldron is still not closed and I trust him. This being said, the Novorussians are holding the only highway out of the cauldron under their fire and they selectively allow some units to leave (medical, support & staff, for propaganda purposes) while destroying

EU sanctions meeting

by Alexander Mercouris   As Eric Kraus has pointed out there is complete confusion in the media today about how to spin the latest EU sanctions decision. Did Syriza fold as per Reuters and Bloomberg. Or did the meeting expose growing splits within the EU as per the Financial Times and the London Times. The best answer is that nothing definite was decided at the latest EU Council meeting but

Novorussia SITREP: Debaltsevo cauldron *not* closed yet

Here is, according to Colonel Cassad (by far the best source of info right now) the map of the situation this evening (local time):   The junta forces are definitely in a bad operational situation. They are surrounded all all sides except the north, but the highway leading north which the junta needs resupply its forces in and around Debaltsevo and which it could use to withdraw these forces is

Request for help from a friend of our community

Dear friends, I got this email from Kotaro Kazzura, the friend who does a lot of the English subtitled videos I post here: Hi, I’d like to ask for your help, the thing is that there’s such site as which is rather useful for delivering the truth for people, usually I post my translations there as well, but recently they downgraded my channel (so I can only upload videos

Message form the Saker + Open Thread

Dear friends,   a) The Saker needs to spend time with his veterinarian My health issues have caught up with me yesterday and I still feel terrible. I hope to feel better on Monday but in the meantime I have a favor to ask. Please: Don’t email me (unless this is a major emergency) Don’t post questions here Don’t expect more than reposts from other sources I will reply to

And Hell was following them…

source: И ад следовал за ними (Translated by Eugene)   I don’t know who exactly (Turchinov? Poroshenko?) commanded the Ukrainian army to disrupt the truce. But I am sure that this decision was taken in Washington. It is not an accident that this suicidal provocation was preceded by the visit of G. Soros to Kiev. This elderly “philanthropist” who, together with the US Department of State, sponsored all post-soviet fascist

The limits of what can be expected from the SYRIZA government

by Wayne Hall   Syriza: Voting to join a realm of shared, sustainable prosperity The above analysis of the politics of SYRIZA and its government does not say anything that is untrue, but it leaves out of account a number of points that are relevant in estimating the political potential of the new Greek government. For a start, SYRIZA does not touch on any taboo “conspiracy theory” issues, such as

” When the word comes ‘it’s time’ “

By Aleksandr Zakharchenko [ Note from editor: This article was MISTAKENLY attributed to Alexander Zakharchenko. See here for details: Ouch – we screwed up… ] Translated from Russian by J.Hawk for FortRuss   If one is to speak without geopolitical complexities and nuances, the situation is extremely simple. This is a battle for the continent, for the international system, for one’s own taiga. They are desperately attacking us and are

Givi and the Geneva Conventions

There has been a lot of criticisms of the battalion “Somali” and Givi for the way they treated the junta’s prisoners, including the Colonel who, apparently, was the commander of the junta’s 93rd Brigade. Let me begin by agreeing with those who say that the treatment of these prisoners did violate the Geneva conventions, no doubt about it in my mind.   The law (or how it maybe would be

Syriza: Voting to join a realm of shared, sustainable prosperity

by Mario   Recap: In 1971 Bretton Woods failed. The United States implemented a new strategy: Disregard its twin deficits and act as a gargantuan vacuum cleaner that sucked in the trade surpluses of Germany, Japan and later China, attracting into Wall Street between $3 to $5 billion net on each working day. Forcing productivity and zero real wage rises created a further daily 5$ billion domestically for corporations. All

Ukraine SITREP January 27th: Zionists, Nazis and a bit of history

The Zionists: Oh this is too good!!! My two “favorite” Russia-hating Ueber-Zionists join forces in the New York Times to call for the salvation of the Nazi Junta in Kiev by a massive injection of capital. Priceless. Here is what they wrote: (full text) Save the New Ukraine A NEW Ukraine was born a year ago in the pro-European protests that helped to drive President Viktor F. Yanukovych from power.

Ukraine SITREP 26th January

I have been trying to wait as long as possible to get some facts confirmed, but at this point in time I am confident enough to say that there are numerous and convergent signs that things are going extremely badly for the Kiev junta. Just look at the following recent headlines: ​Kiev urgently summons NATO-Ukraine meeting in Brussels Junta officers get the right to shoot their man in case of

Europe’s addiction to Russian gas: How long before withdrawal symptoms set in?

by Leonid Krutakov for Odnako (translated by: Robin)   In mid-January, EU Energy Commissioner Maroš Šefčovič held talks with Gazprom CEO Alexey Miller and Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak in Moscow. After the talks, Mr. Šefčovič expressed surprise at three circumstances. First, Gazprom has no intention of building the South Stream pipeline. Second, in the future natural gas will be delivered to Europe via Turkey. And, third, Russia is not

Important blog news: we are getting stronger, much stronger

Dear friends, I have some important issues to bring to your attention:   1) Domain names: We are trying to fix the domain name problems and also making some major changes in our IT architecture. As of right now, please note that the following Saker Blogs are still functioning normally: French Saker: German Saker: Oceania Saker: Latin American Saker: the following Saker Blogs are down due

Glorification of terrorism: a teenager prosecuted in France because of a cartoon on Facebook

by numerama, 17/1/2015 Translated by Jenny Bright for Tlaxcala   A 16 year-old teenager in France was indicted for glorifying terrorism after he published a cartoon representing a character with the Charlie Hebdo journal, hit by bullets, with an accompanying ironic comment. The current situation is, to say the least, paradoxical. Last weekend, following the terrible attacks that took place right in the middle of Paris, large rallies were held