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Various items during the current interlude (OPEN THREAD)

So Russia is still waiting for the written reply from the USA to her demands.  The US promised it for next week.  As for the gazillion opinion, predictions, threats and other guesses, they consider this all has irrelevant hot air and have declared that Russia will only act on the basis of what the US written reply will say. Fair enough. Still, there are a few secondary developments which are

The Saker interviews Ljubiša Malenica from Sarajevo

Note by the Saker: a few months ago I was contacted by Ljubiša who let me know that a number of very interesting documents have been made available to the public.  They are now all available on the bottom right of the homepage under the heading of “The Truth About The War On The Serbian People” and include links to all the documents we discussed with Ljubiša.  Considering the importance

The West’s ruling “elites” truly *are* stupid!

First check this out: I would just add that to think that the Russian winter can prevent the Russian military from fighting is simply breathtakingly stupid.  However, since The Telegraph can post such nonsense, this goes to show that the general public in the West has also been stupidified beyond rescue and can be fed any bullcrap without batting an eye. While the leaders of the (already dead) Empire are

The War Party wins – Russia is now free to act unilaterally

First, a quick update on Kazakhstan: the CSTO will begin its withdrawal tomorrow and that operation will be completed by the 19th of January (dunno if anybody will inform Blinken about how quickly the Russians leave). This operation was truly a triumph for Russia and her allies. It is said that hope dies last, and today it appears that whatever hope we might have had has died.  A week long

What, if anything, happened in Geneva?

There are no official results from the meeting in Geneva yet.  The US has promised to give the Russians an official answer in writing within a week.  The Russians have declared that they have explained the Russian position to their US counterparts in minute details leaving no ambiguity.  According to Russian sources, the US position was a “diehard/stubborn” one. Clearly, the War Party in the USA is, at least so

Who “lost” Kazakhstan and to whom?

Dear friends, Christ is born!  Glorify Him! The magnitude of the crisis in Kazakhstan has surprised many, including myself.  Some compared what happened to the Euromaidan in Kiev, but that is a very bad comparison, if only because the Euromaidan happened on one square of one city whereas the violent insurrection (because that it was it was!) in Kazakhstan began in the western regions but quickly spread to the entire

CSTO sends peacekeepers to Kazakhastan

A lot has happened overnight.  The most remarkable development is that the CSTO is sending troops to Kazakhastan.  That is fast, very VERY fast.  And that proves that the Russians knew and were prepared.  I agree with Bernardt at MoA who wrote that “The U.S. Directed Rebellion in Kazakhstan May Well Strengthen Russia“. I leave you with a machine translation from an article originally posted here: Andrei Kazakhstan and

Color revolution in Kazakhastan (open thread)

Dear friends Today I am driving all day, but since there is a very serious color revolution that seems to be taking place in Kazakhstan,  I am therefore creating an open thread.  Please feel free to share any decent information and commentaries below.  According to Russian sources, the usual US-controlled disinformation resources (including Ukie ones!) are out in full force to support the insurrection.  The levels of violence are very

I wish everybody a very happy Nativity!

Dear friends, I wish to all of you who celebrate the Holy Nativity according to the Flesh of our Lord, God and Saviour Jesus Christ on January 7th a joy-filled and peaceful feast day! My family and I will be leaving our home for 3 days to join our parish on the West Coast of Florida for the celebration of the Nativity.  I will be taking a small laptop with

Revisiting the basics about the current balance of military power

Who is the strongest? Who is the best? Who holds the aces The East Or the West? This is the crap our children are learning! Roger Waters (1987) I noticed that my remarks about the silly PR stunt with a US CVN in the Med elicited some reactions in the comments section.  And it is true, that both sides, Russia and the “collective West”, are declaring themselves as militarily stronger,

The united West is preparing a zoo (open thread)

It appears that the united West is preparing what I would call a “negotiations zoo” which would include not only Russian-US talks, but also NATO and even the OSCE.  True, the US-Russia summit would take place 2 days before, at least that is the idea, but I still get the impression that the US has decided to use the Europeans like a kind of a political fig leaf behind which

Clouds on the horizon (OPEN THREAD)

The US did not provide Russia with any answer on Friday.  By itself, this is not very surprising, the levels of infighting in the US ruling elites have made it impossible to agree on a reply on such short notice, especially during the various end of year celebrations in the West. As for the Russians, they are fine with that, since their own deadline was mid-January.  So as of right

So far – no reply, but lots of denials (OPEN THREAD)

At the time of writing, 8PM in Moscow, the Russians have received no reply from the US.  So it appears that the US side, which had declared that an answer would be forthcoming for Friday, has changed their mind. Yesterday Putin had a 4 hour long presser, which further incensed the War Party and its propaganda machine (aka “the West’s free and democratic media”). Judging by the many statements coming

Meet the folks who make the Russians laugh and wonder

Today, on a lighter note, I want to share with you two official US statements which gave the Russians a monumental case of uncontrollable laughter.  First, US Trade Representative Tai which actually declared that the Russian import substitution program violates the WTO norms and hurts the US workers (see here and here).  Yup, you read that right.  The US imposes (totally illegal) sanctions on Russia and when Russia begins to

What could happen next if the USA rejects the Russian ultimatum?

There is a lot of discussions going on about what Russia might do if the West ignores the Russian ultimatum.  All I propose to do here is just share a few thoughts with you.  This is not an thorough analysis, but only some musings of mine about what I hear. First, Putin is both very predictable and, at the same time, very unpredictable.  The predictable thing about Putin is that

Quick update on the Russian ultimatum

A few quick facts. The Chinese Foreign Ministry has officially given its support to Russia: “China believes that in the current environment, Russian proposals are in line with the basic norms of international relations, help to increase mutual trust between countries, reduce the risk of conflicts, and uphold global and regional strategic stability“ The Russian diesel-electric submarine Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskii has just fired a 3M14 Kalibr from a submerged position in the

Russia’s ultimatum to the West (IMPORTANT UPDATE)

To understand what just happened, we need to look at two things: how Russia chose to communicate her demands and then the contents of the demands themselves.  However, before I do that, I want to recommend two other points of view, both of which are, in my opinion, very helpful: Andrei Martyanov’s Bernhard’s I recommend you read them before we continue.  This being said, let’s look in more

Moderation issues: we have added a “red flag” warning

Dear friends, Thanks to the work of our webmaster Herb, we have now activated a new feature.  We call it a “red flag” warning.  Here is how this will work: If I see a comment which should not have been allowed (in my opinion) by the moderators (that is pretty rare) or if I see a comment which *technically* does not violate any rules, but which is either typical of