July 15th Iraq SITREP by Mindfriedo: Burn Shia, burn!

Quote of the Day, Lebanese Sunni Scholar Sheikh Maaher Hammoud: If you want Arabs to fight Israel, tell them Israel converted to Shiaism Quote of the Day Two, Patrick Cockburn: In some areas, being Shia is akin to being a Jew in Nazi Germany Thought of the Day: Enemy of Enemy is my Friend? 15th July: Tribal Fighters in Dhuluia have fought and forced out Daash Fighters from the entire

July 14th Iraq SITREP by Mindfriedo: Power Corrupts

Quote of the Day, US Senator John McCain: the restraint of the Israelis, in my view, is admirable Thought of the Day: What if this man had won the election along with Sarah Palin? 14th July: Unconfirmed: Sistani has sent a verbal message to Maliki to find a replacement for his post within a week. The Marja has said that failure to do so will force him to take a

Iraq SITREP 13th July: The time of the Kurds, and Terroristan

Quote of the Day (Khamenei on the US demanding the closure of the underground nuclear facility at Fordow): it is laughable that the US demanded Iran to shut down its Fordow nuclear facility because it happens to be inaccessible and cannot be targeted in an air strike Thought for the day: To bury or not to bury…everything 13th July: The Iraqi Parliament session is adjourned to Tuesday. Problems arose on

July 12th Iraq SITREP by Mindfriedo

Iraq SITREP 12th July: Tony Blair and the orphans of Iraq Quote of the (an earlier) day: General Martin E. Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, on hearing of Ayatollah Sistani’s call for defensive Jihad, “the call that the Ayatollah Sistani put out for volunteers is being answered and it complicates the situation, frankly, a bit.” Thought for the day: What did it complicate? The falling of Baghdad?

July 11th Ukraine combat SITREP by Juan

The retreat from Slavyansk and surrounding area was successful. Losses occurred but they were minimal. ‘Minimal’ is a terrible term. Sounds fine unless you happen to be one of the ‘minimal’. The world’s eyes and minds were focused on The Cauldron (Slavyansk and Kramatorsk) and the Novorossiya/Russia borders for over two months. During that time many things happened in other areas of Novorossiya, away from prying eyes. The donations of

July 11th Iraq SITREP: Tug of War

I would like to thank the Saker for allowing these Iraq SITREPs. As I’ve stated before they are a compilation or summary of Iraqi news. If anybody finds anything missing or amiss please point it out and it will be added/corrected in the next days SITREP. 10th July: Kurdish officials declare that they will boycott parliament after Maliki accused them of harbouring terrorists. Massoud Barzani referred to Maliki as having

July 11th Ukraine SITREP: important developments for the Resistance

Besides the apparently devastating attack on a Ukie armored column, there are several important development which have recently taken place which I feel must be reported here: Alexander Khodakovskii 1) With Strelkov’s return to Donetsk, order and unity of command in the Resistance forces have apparently been restored and the disagreements between Strelkov and Alexander Khodakovskii (ex-commander of the Donetsk “Alpha” unit) settled.2) In a joint press conference, Igor Strelkov

July 10th Iraq SITREP by Mindfriedo

Funny Quote of The Day: From the BBC “Israel under renewed Hamas Attack.” Funny Quote of the Day Two: Iranian representative to Iraqi Kurdistan “The Kurds should not RUSH to declare independence.” It’s Elementary Deduction: In a famous Sherlock Holmes short story, Silver Blaze, Holmes got the key to the murder in this dialog: Scotland Yard detective: Is there any other point to which you would wish to draw my

July 9th Iraq SITREP by Mindfriedo

NB: Please note that I am not mentioning/addressing the Israeli Palestinian conflict in these SITREPs. I expect very little to change there in terms of (im)Balance of Power, unless Hezballah decides to step in (unlikely for now). The suffering of the people there, is endless. Correction: In yesterday’s SITREP I referred to Tom Malinowski as the US Ambassador to Bahrain. He is not, he is the US Assistant Secretary of

July 8th Iraq SITREP by Mindfriedo

Iraq SITREP 8th July: Battle for Tikrit A VERY INTERESTING LINK: YOUTUBE LINK: It shows Daash/ISIS being a proxy of US interests. It’s Rolex wearing Caliph America’s man. A subversion similar to the government backed Islamists during the Algerian Civil War. 7th July: Three mortar shells land near the Northern Saudi town of Arar. It is unclear who fired the rounds near the Iraqi Saudi border 7th July:

July 7th Iraq SITREP by Mindfriedo

Iraq SITREP 7th July: Gloves are coming off!!! A VERY IMPORTANT LINK: It shows Daash/ISIS being a proxy of US interests. It’s Rolex wearing Caliph America’s man. A subversion similar to the government backed Islamists during the Algerian Civil War. I will be posting this again in tomorrow’s SITREP for those that may miss it today. 6th July: Iranian Brigadier General Massoud Jazeyri refers to America as the intelligence

July 6th Iraq SITREP by Mindfriedo

5th July: Rumour spreads that Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi is killed in airstrikes near the Syrian border and has been taken to Syria for medical treatment. Daash disputes this and releases a video of Baghdadi addressing Friday worshippers in Mosul. The government in Baghdad calls the video a fake. 5th July: Two civilians are killed and six injured when two car bombs go off in Basra, Southern Iraq. The number

July 5th IRAQ SITREP by Mindfriedo

4th July: Iraqi and US security personnel are warning of rebel sleeper cells within Baghdad numbering 1500 in Western Baghdad and 1000 on the outskirts that are waiting for “zero hour.” Their plan would be to attack and hold sections within the city in anticipation of a rebel push from without. Sunni residents of Baghdad are complaining of atrocities being committed by Shia militias such as the Asahb Ahl al

4th July Iraq SITREP by Mindfriedo

“defendants will be safe in our hands; for as Imam Ali said, ‘If you have the ability to oppress people, then you should remember the power of god over you.’” —Kurdish judge Ra’ouf Rashid Abdul-Raham who sentenced Saddam to death. 4th July: The Iraqi army has taken over the village of Awja, birth place of Saddam Hussain. The village lies 8 kilometres south of Tikrit. Fighting has left 50 rebels

3rd July IRAQ SITREP by Mindfriedo

2nd July: Iraqi Parliament got delayed when Najiba Najib, a Kurdish lawmaker, asked that dfederal funds withheld from Kurdistan be released. This was asked when the speaker was being decided. This angered Kadhim Al Sayadi of the state of the law coalition who responded by threatening to crush the Kurds in their bid for independence. Sunni MPs left when mention of the DI of Daash was made. Most of the

June 2nd IRAQ SITREP by Mindfriedo

Iraq SITREP July 2nd MINI CIVIL WARS How strange! How strange! By Allah my heart sinks to see the unity of these people on their wrong…and your scattering away from your right. Woe and grief befall you. You have become the target at which arrows are shot” —Ali ibn Abi Talib (as) to the people of Iraq Today’s SITREP has been divided for clarity; a lot can happen in 24

Ukraine SITREP July 2nd, 12:33 UTC/Zulu: A first evaluation of the latest Ukie offensive on Novorussia.

Yesterday I wrote “hope for the best, prepare for the worst, and settle for anything in the middle”.  Today, and while it is way too early to make any kind of definitive judgments, I feel that I can say with some confidence that the worst has not happened and that, in fact, there are signs that the Ukrainian offensive has, so far, yielded no useful results.I have not heard from

1st JULY IRAQ SITREP by Mindfriedo

1st July: Iraqi MPs are sworn in but fail to reach consensus or after interval quorum needed. The 225 MPs present were supposed to start by selecting a speaker for the house; the speaker has to be a Sunni as per the constitution. The house has been adjourned to Tuesday next week. Kurdish MPs and those of the Union of National Forces withdrew their members resulting in the minimum quorum

Ceasefire over – a short SITREP from Juan

From the website of the US Gauleiter in Kiev, Petro Poroshenko: “We will attack and liberate our land“. And attack they sure did. Below is the report which Juan has just sent me. The Saker ——The situation deteriorated. Kramatorsk is being flattened by intense bombardment. The ukes are using everything they have including gas and multiple Grad and Hurricane salvos. 04:00 Heavy armor moving on Kramatorsk. A full regiment including

30th June IRAQ SITREP by Mindriedo

29th June: On the first of Ramadan, Daash has declared itself and the territory it holds an Islamic State. It has changed its name to Daulat Islamia or Islamic government/state or its acronym DI. The new caliph and “successor” of Muhammad (sawa) and the “commander of the faithful (Amerul Momineen)” of Daulat Islamia is Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. DI has asked all fighters within its borders to pay allegiance to their