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The Saker blog is now frozen

Dear friends As I have previously announced, we are now “freezing” the blog.  We are also making archives of the blog available for free download in various formats (see below).  The Creative Commons CC-BY-SA 4.0 International license ( under which this archive is released allows you to: Share — copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format Adapt — remix, transform, and build upon the material for any

Fundraiser – September 2020

It is the time again that we have to replenish our coffers in order to stay online and effective. First, this is what The Saker Blog offers: The Saker blog delivers ORIGINAL material with a regular original analysis by The Saker every two weeks, and shorter pieces with commentary as developments require. In addition, a group of guest writers on various topics keep us informed regularly. We’ve managed to stay

The Saker Blog needs your help!

Dear friends, As I have explained recently, the Saker Community, the Saker blog and my family have been negatively affected by the SARS-COV-2/COVID19 pandemic.  Even though most of us are still in good health, our environment has changed in many ways (we had to totally shut down our small business for 2 months at least, probably many more!).  Furthermore, the future looks bleak, especially economically.  So let me clarify something

Saker message: a thank you, a “state of the blog” report and a “perfect storm” warning

Dear friends, First, my most heartfelt gratitude to all of you Today, I want to begin by thanking you all for your donations (be they in the form of money, expressions of support, or prayers.  I am immensely grateful for your financial help which came in many forms, from PayPal to checks, and even with Amazon cards.  I wish I could thank you all personally, you sure deserve it, but

Announcing the publishing of “The Essential Saker III”

Dear friends, It is an immense joy for me to announce the publication of my third book, “The Essential Saker III: Chronicling The Tragedy, Farce And Collapse of the Empire in the Era of Mr MAGA”. The book is now available in three formats here: Paperback book for $29.50 (request a complimentary PDF with purchase of the paperback book) PDF for $8.00 Epub for $12.00 Furthermore, now that The Essential

Only Dust left in the Bottom of the Ammo Box – Fundraiser – Update

Update at the end of the article.  Dear Readers, Commentators, and Supporters You came to The Saker blog in search of coherent information in a non-coherent world, and you stayed. That is a profound act of trust and makes you the real driver of The Saker Blog in more ways than one. Thank you! Now we come to you, humbly, to again ask for your financial help for this Spring

Sticky open thread on Venezuela

The expectation is that tomorrow’s action in Venezuela will either spark a civil war, or a type of maidan, or a complete war to attempt to take-over and topple the Venezuelan elected government to institute Guaidó, or, in the best case, will fizzle into nothing and life will go on. This morning Maria Zakarova in her briefing warned that provocation is planned for tomorrow, the 23rd. There are 2 actions

Spring fundraiser – an emergency on so many levels!

Dear friends, Today I am launching my Spring fundraiser because the current situation is an emergency on many levels. First and foremost, there is a very real risk of war.  Let me rephrase that, I think that we can say that we have a certitude that another war is imminent. The only question is where (Iran? Syria? the Ukraine? the DPRK?) and whether it will escalate to a direct nuclear