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Zelensky has achieved unique results in the destruction of Ukraine

source: Text: Alyona Zadorozhnaya translation by A. for the Saker blog By the end of 2022, Vladimir Zelensky has achieved unique and in many ways tragic results. He managed to reduce the population of Ukraine to the level of a century ago, put the country in bondage to the West and deprive fellow citizens of the elementary benefits of civilization. What other “successes” could be added to Zelensky’s track

Russia withdraws from the Western project

translated by the Saker community translators source The world elite is not ready to compromise with Moscow by Alexander Khramchikhin The training of Australian submariners on the British nuclear submarine Anson is being carried out as part of the effort to put together a new Anglo-Saxon coalition on a world-wide scale. Photo from The most important political outcome of the outgoing year should become a radical change in Russia’s

Nuclear blackmail. Escalation scenarios. Konstantin Sivkov

NB: Konstantin Sivkov (Navy Captain 1st Rank, retired) holds a doctorate of military sciences and is the deputy president of the Russian Academy of Missile and Artillery Sciences. BitChute embedding powered by Transcript: “If the population growth is not hampered by any obstacles then this population doubles in every 25 years and consequently increases in each subsequent 25-year period in geometric progression”, from the book Thomas Malthus “An Essay

Extremely important Russian warning to the UN Security Council (MUST SEE)

BitChute embedding powered by Transcript: First I want to express my bewilderment. We do not quite understand which added value other than a time extension of today’s meeting, carries the inclusion in the list of the speakers representatives of Slovakia, Poland, Germany and Greece. We’re not having a debate today, we are conducting a briefing. These countries’ position we already know very well. It could be nicely summed up

Blackout in Ukraine. Subway stopped in Kharkiv. The reaction of Zelensky and the other crazies. “Determined” reactions from our side

translated by A. for the Saker blog source: Does a series of precision strikes on the critical infrastructure marks a new stage in the tactics of conducting Russian “Limited Military Operation” in Ukraine? The aftermath of one of the hits at critical infrastructure facilities in Kharkiv (CHP-5): URGENT APPEAL OF ZELENSKY TO THE NATION  😏 At first it was like this: Missile  launch from the Black Sea at

Ukromedia: Decommunization of the infrastructure has begun

translated by A. for the Saker blog source: Well, aggressive Ukrainian efforts to the tunes of the Western customers seem to have borne their first fruits – Russia’s extremely careful attitude to infrastructure on the territory of the Former Ukraine is now in the past and a wild field and new dark era are peeking around the corner. The Unian (Ukromedia) on line – I replaced the dubious local