Isn’t It Time To Leave The Past Behind?

This comment was chosen by moderator ZZ from the post “Poles Got Upset by Putin’s Words, Accusing Russia of Anti-Semitism”. The moderator felt it was a good comment for discussion. Comment by Whistling Shrimp Is there no end to this madness? Must the hatreds and recriminations continue on for indefinite numbers of generations? Essentially everyone who fought that war, who benefited from it in one way or another or who

The Omerta Code is broken – now we know their secrets

This comment was chosen by moderator TO from the post “The Trump campaign releases an *extremely* effective campaign ad!″. The moderator felt the comment was an excellent comment providing an alternative view of our current politics. Brutally honest, and with no hope that things will change via the “system way”. Comment by Dan What a great dog and pony show!!!! We haven’t seen one like this since…………I can’t remember. For

“We lied, we cheated, we stole….the glory of the American experiment”. MH17 is the result!

This comment was chosen by moderator HS from the post “The case of MH17 and the imitation of a Maidan in Georgia: the provocations of globalists″. The moderator felt the comment was an excellent summary of the MH17 shoot down. With the five year anniversary coming up, the comment helps to counter all the lies that are pushed in the MSM media. Comment by Terry   That pretty much tells

Take control of one’s life through the discipline of faith

This comment was chosen by moderator TR from the post “Moveable Feast Cafe 2019/04/27″. The moderator felt the comment speaks for itself. Comment by Dimitar ……….If I may add a few thoughts……….. “We need a global revolution in consciousness to avert the threat to life on earth…” Any true revolution in consciousness must begin within the individual him/herself, and is a process that occurs within the spiritual body, or Soul,

We are the meteor – they are the dinosaurs

This comment was chosen by moderator HS from the post “Appeal of Nicholas Maduro to the people of the USA”. The moderator felt the comment summed up the geopolitical world quite well. Comment by Anonymous The dinosaurs that are in control of our nation are old and do not understand any other way of life other than vicious imperialism. They do not understand compassion, empathy, understanding, respect, or love. The world has been

A New Age of Enlightenment

This comment was chosen by moderator HS from the post “Gutless Wonders”.  The moderator felt the comment was very insightful. Comment by Lieve Almost all of this article is spot on, thank you. One comment though: the conclusion that social media are creating and facilitating the brainwashing is erroneous. Quite the opposite is true, if one looks at what happened over the past century. With the discovery of psychology came finally the

The Ticking Time Bomb

This comment was chosen by moderator HS from the post “Is President Trump A Traitor Because He Wants Peace With Russia?” . The moderator felt the comment was quite interesting and had some unique insights into the Helsinki press conference. Comment by Nonlinear equation   Hello from Russia. I have a feeling whether people do not hear what Putin says, whether they do not understand what he says or his words

The Big Sulk – The US Is The Spoiled Brat At Every Party

This comment was chosen by moderator HS from the post “Ramin Mazaheri interviewed by Sputnik on US breaking JCPOA” . The moderator felt the comment is a take on the breaking of the Iran deal by the US that adds an interesting dimension. Comment by Cat Pillar   The US only looks like a crackpot in this affair because none of the parties involved will say what the actual problem is: Money.

Lessons From History

This comment was chosen by moderator HS from the post  “Syrian War Report – February 13, 2018: Israel Deploys New Anti-Missile Systems Near Syria”. The moderator felt the comment was exceptionally informative. Comment by Auslander Our world is slowly, actually in the last month not so slowly, approaching the active continuation of the war that started in 1914. While there have been interludes of relative ‘peace’, read the main antagonists

Godwin’s Law In Action

 This comment was chosen by The Saker from the post “Moveable Feast Cafe 2018/02/09 … Open Thread” Saker comment was “This is hilarious!!!” . Posted by Larchmonter445 From  MOA commenter: “Israeli Knesset calling for an emergency meeting to discuss a bill that would officially designate the Soviet era SAM S-125 AD system as “Anti-semitic”. Netanyahu compared the S-125 AD system that downed an Israel F-16 to Hitler and urged

A Bunch of Banana Republics

This comment was chosen by moderator TO from the post “South Front & The Saker video”. The moderator felt the comment spotlights an area not often covered – Latin America, and it points out the results of the same ZioAnglo modus operandi that is occurring in the Middle East, which unlike Latin America is front and center in all forms of media. Comment By Latinoamericano What we had in our country

The unintended consequences of Israeli indifference

This comment was chosen by moderator HM from the post “Syrian War Report – December 4, 2017: Israeli-Iranian Tensions Gain Momentum”. The moderator felt the comment was a thoughtful and a very good summation. Comment by B.F.   This provocation by Israel, bombing a sovereign country without declaration of war, has nothing to do with any possible Iranian “aggression” against Israel, but plenty with geopolitics. ISIS has almost been defeated

What’s in a name?

This comment was chosen by moderator HS from the post “Vladimir Putin’s speech at the Meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club”. The moderator felt the comment is very much like s.i. hayakawa ‘the word is not the thing’. Comment by Bro 93   This problem you bring up is called “nominalism” As though the name of a thing or process has more intrinsic reality than the thing itself. This

By Their Deeds You Shall Know Them

This comment was chosen by moderator HS from the post “Very dangerous escalation in Syria”. Mod-HS found this to be an exceptionally well reasoned and well written summary of Russian / US tactical/strategic maneuvers in the middle east. As a side note Larchmonter445 ‘Corner’ selection ( )was posted on Paul Craig Roberts blog today.  Your comments are getting wide exposure. Comment by GeorgeG   Beginning with a general consideration:

Two Rules of Warfare – 1) Never March on Moscow and 2) Never March on Moscow

This comment was chosen by moderator FK from the post “Could the fire at the Europe’s largest munitions depot be Ben Hodges’s fault?”. The mod felt this comment was an inspired jeremiad very much addressing the zeitgeist with some, rather justified, triumphalism. Comment by Larchmonter445   Nato Article 5 is a mutual suicide pact if enacted against Russia. How will that war be waged? Announce to the Russians that “Hey,

Not All That

This comment was chosen by moderator FK from the post “What happened and why”. This is an abridged version of a very long and detailed comment on military technical aspects of Israeli raids into Syria and historical comparisons. The unabridged version is here Comment by Anonymous Ok – so the issue of Israeli raids into Syria has a military technical dimension as well as political. I see a lot of

The Awakening Conscience

This comment was chosen by moderator HS from the post “The Empire should be placed on suicide watch”. It is all coming to an end for the 1% and their minions. Comment by nice try   If by “the gods”, you mean “the Rothschilds/Soros”… the US/NATO/EU MIC axis has become too difficult for the 0.001% to control. Destruction in the name of profit is all well and good, but the

Straighten Up and Fly Right

This comment was chosen by the moderators from the post “Is Donald Trump a Coward, or Just a Fool?”  The moderators feel this commenter is correct that the citizens of the USA need to wake up and get with the programme. Comment by Auslander   So, the die is cast. Trump is done for, Trump is a coward, Trump is a charlatan, Trump is a Russian agent, Trump is an

The Zombie US policy – will it ever die?

This comment was chosen by Mod HM from the post “The real significance of the ODNI report on “Russia’s election interfering”. The moderator feels this commenter is correct to question that this report can’t just be mere incompetence – there is more behind this than meets the eye. Comment by MD   …..I hadn’t considered the possibility that it might be “forced” in the way that you describe; this is