Not All That

This comment was chosen by moderator FK from the post “What happened and why”. This is an abridged version of a very long and detailed comment on military technical aspects of Israeli raids into Syria and historical comparisons. The unabridged version is here Comment by Anonymous Ok – so the issue of Israeli raids into Syria has a military technical dimension as well as political. I see a lot of

The Awakening Conscience

This comment was chosen by moderator HS from the post “The Empire should be placed on suicide watch”. It is all coming to an end for the 1% and their minions. Comment by nice try   If by “the gods”, you mean “the Rothschilds/Soros”… the US/NATO/EU MIC axis has become too difficult for the 0.001% to control. Destruction in the name of profit is all well and good, but the

Straighten Up and Fly Right

This comment was chosen by the moderators from the post “Is Donald Trump a Coward, or Just a Fool?”  The moderators feel this commenter is correct that the citizens of the USA need to wake up and get with the programme. Comment by Auslander   So, the die is cast. Trump is done for, Trump is a coward, Trump is a charlatan, Trump is a Russian agent, Trump is an

The Zombie US policy – will it ever die?

This comment was chosen by Mod HM from the post “The real significance of the ODNI report on “Russia’s election interfering”. The moderator feels this commenter is correct to question that this report can’t just be mere incompetence – there is more behind this than meets the eye. Comment by MD   …..I hadn’t considered the possibility that it might be “forced” in the way that you describe; this is

His own man – or someone’s puppet?

This comment was chosen by Mod KL from the post “Is Donald Trump really only a showman who will prepare the USA for war?”. The moderator feels this comment is an interesting take on different aspects of the present geopolitical situation. Is the commenter right? The moderator doesn’t know, but the comment gives inspration to search for answers to that question. One needs to look behind what’s going on –

Until Forever, Commander!/¡Hasta siempre, Comandante!

This comment was chosen by Mod FK from the post “Lenin comes to the White House”. The moderator felt  this comment is very topical and magisterial in its structure and examples on a hot button issue: How to read and what to do about Cuba post Fidel. Uncle Bob 1 You must either be connected to the “exiles” that either supported the dictator Batista,or who loved the US so much

Fruit Of The Poisonous Tree

This comment was chosen by Mod KL from the post  “Fear and Loathing Inside The Deep State”. The moderator feels it is a very well written comment that in order to save this planet we need leave the “moral” ideals of Islam, Judaism and Christianity behind, and embrace the idea that we are all in the same boat and we need to be pragmatic, not religious, about it. Comment by

A Call For Unity

This comment was chosen by Mod FK from the post  “Battle for the ages: Protectionist Trumponomics vs. Neoliberalism”. The moderator feels the commenters take on moving from ‘left’ to right as the situation demands is very interesting and brief. As in ‘brevity is the soul of…….’. Comment by Earthrise   “There has been an awakening, have you felt it?” TFA I can’t believe how much my worldview has shifted over

Trolls 101 —- How To Identify Trolls And Forum Spies

The following comment was selected by mod-kl from this post. Mod-kl found this dissertation on the various troll techniques to be quite well written and very education. We think other members of the saker community would also enjoy it. by Anonymous How To Identify Trolls And Forum Spies (Cryptome) Cointelpro Techniques for dilution, misdirection and control of a internet forum. There are several techniques for the control and manipulation of

USA…and Russia from a 12 year old’s perspective circa 1959

The following comment was selected by mod-fk from this post. His recommendation stated: “I found it disarmingly simple and heartfelt! In 1959, my generation was about eight on average. We already understood things well beyond our years without being able to express or change them. This post by Teranam13 has the common touch. I think we can all understand the cry from the heart which it puts so well. Perhaps

The Empire and the Battle for the Human Soul

The moderators have noticed a dramatic increase in the spiritual posting in the cafe and the mods thought that this one was quite good and very representative. It was taken from our current Cafe of Oct 14 2016. comment by Aivazovsky The current conflicts in Syria and the Ukraine are the most recent and most visible components of a deeper struggle for the future of the human soul – a process

MH17 Report Taken Apart by Saker Reader

This comment was chosen by Mod KL from the post  “Moveable Feast Cafe 2016/09/30”. Mod KL found the comment to be a good summation regarding Ukraine and flight MH 17, it was of a reasonable length, and contained detailed information. Comment by Terry “All that can be said is that the question of who shot down MH17 remains unresolved, primarily due to blatant interference in the investigation by the NATO powers.”That

The Debate … Winning by Losing

The presidential debate has generated a lot of comments here on The moderators have read many different views. The moderators all found this comment by  TooLegit2Quit well worth reading, it one of the many responses to Saker’s Debate rant. It is being published in Commenters Corner for wider readership. Comment by TooLegit2Quit I have somewhat of a different take. While I generally agree with both Saker and Pepe, that Trump

Moves and Counter Moves

This comment was chosen by Mod-FK from the post “Why the recent developments in Syria show that the Obama Administration is in a state of confused agony” Mod-FK had this to say about the comment ” A very good summary of a complex and still fluid situation. The complexity of the warring departments of the USA is not easy to comb out. As Tolstoy said: “All happy families are alike.

Leary Howl

This comment was chosen by Mod DG from the post  “Moveable Feast Cafe 2016/09/16”. Dennis Leary, one of our contributing poets in the ‘Cafe’ wrote this short comment reflecting his emotional reaction to the events of the day. Mod-DG found it enchanting, heartfelt and worthy of wider publication. Comment by Dennis Leary I’m feeling the love again this morning with the rising of the sun after a full moon night.

Syrian Roulette

This comment was chosen by Mod TR from the post  “Erdogan Calls Putin as Russia Seethes at Turkey’s Syrian Incursion”. The moderator believes this comment gives another perspective on the complex war in Syria. There are so many different players each with their own interests and agendas – nothing is clear cut in the constantly changing playbook that is the Syrian war. Comment by Larchmonter445   “Better Understanding”? from Mercouris

Back in the USSR…..

This comment was chosen by Mod HS from the post  “Moveable Feast Cafe 2016/08/12 … Open Thread”. The moderator believes this comment is well written and has a good understanding of the underlaying forces at work in current confrontation with Russia, China and Iran. The moderator personally has come to the belief that the pirates of the new world (17th century) did not disappear but moved to Washington D.C. and

Tip of the melting iceberg

This comment was chosen by Mod HS from the post  “The “XXVIth NATO Party Conference” in Warsaw (a commentary)”. The moderator believes this comment is very interesting as it highlights that there is a window of opportunity – will it be taken? Comment by Larchmonter445   On Collapses: The USSR collapsed after 50 years of containment, fierce competition, drunken leadership, an ideology that was like embalming fluid to a living

Andrew Korybko analysis of Turkish coup attempt

Andrew Korybko left a link to his latest Turkish analysis in our comments section. I have copied the article in full here. I communicated with Saker and it was decided that the article should be published under commenter’s corner for greater reader exposure. Original link  saker-webmaster   by Andrew Korybko The aftermath of the failed US-directed and Gulen-inspired coup attempt is already making itself clear, with Prime Minister Yildirim stating

Worshipping False Idols

This comment was chosen by Mod HS from the post  “Brexit: how the British people have forfeited the confidence of their government (a quick commentary)”. The moderator believes this comment is quite thought provoking. Comment by freedom007 Education? this is not about kids´ education but about all-pervading false ideology that rules all of us today. Like a magic ring. “One ring to rule them all… (and) to forever bind them”