Saker’s Technology Sitrep Threatens NATO’s Precious Bodily Fluids!

This comment was selected by Mod KL from the post “World SITREP January 8th, 2016 by Baaz”. The delusions of NATO members and a bit of  humour for the weekend. Yeeha! Comment by Marco   Hey Saker, I just stumbled upon an article in an Austrian magazine called Contra where they reference your article on the German language Saker site. Get this: they explain that a Russian technology called SITREP

Swords to Plowshares

This comment was selected by Mod KL  from the  post “Does Erdogan really intend to eliminate all Kurds from Turkey?”   The moderator believes that even if there is some anger, or maybe even some signs of despair in the comment, it fundamentally shows a fighting spirit which is refreshing and encouraging in these difficult times; when many people just give up, stay passive, silent and wait. Why are they

Playing With Religious Fire

This comment was selected by Mod TR  from the  post “The truth about Islamic Fundamentalism”. The moderator believes there have been so many debates going on about Islam/Daesh on the Saker site over the last week, bringing forth many passionate views from all sides of the argument.  This comment – an excerpt from an interview with religious scholar Hamza Yusuf  in the Cairo Review – gives a very interesting perspective

The Ottoman Empire Strikes Back

This comment was selected by Mod KL  from the  post “Foreign Policy Diary – Turkey Seeks to Become New Ottoman Empire”. The moderator believes it gives an additional brief overview of Turkey’s real ambitions. It reveals more pieces of the puzzle, regarding Turkey’s true  intentions by projecting its power well beyond its borders – yet again. Comment by Calchas     Link to original map Two more pieces of the

Same Dance – Different Shoes

 This comment was selected by Mod HS from the Commenter Corner post “Competition To Control Energy Supplies”. The moderator believes it gives a brief overview of how the same behaviours to destroy Russia come back again and again in different formats. The “West” will not stop. Comment by Peter J.Antonsen ” P.S. Balkans will be stable and secure only when a Balkan Federation or some kind of economic/political/military pact between

Competition To Control Energy Supplies

This comment was selected by Mod HS from the Saker post “Week 11 of the Russian intervention in Syria”. The moderator believes it gives a good overview of the true geopolitical issues.   Comment by Vuki The competition who will control energy supplies to Southern Europe is 20 years old. BP was unable to muster finances and they were outmaneuvered by Gazprom with the proposal of the South Stream line