The Ukraine

How the Ukrainian crisis will eventually bring down the AngloZionist Empire

There are many theories out there about what exactly caused the collapse of the Soviet Union.  Some say that it is Ronald Reagan with his Star Wars program.  Others say that this is the war in Afghanistan or the Polish union Solidarnosc.  Other popular theories include the failure of the Soviet economy, the drop in oil prices, the inability to produce consumer goods, the yearning of many Soviets for western-style

Follow up to my post about the roots and nature of Ukrainian nationalism

Dear friends, As, I promised, I am now going to reply to some of your comments concerning my recent post about the roots and nature of Ukrainian nationalism.  First, I thought of replying to your comments one by one, and then I changed my mind.  I think that there are some general and recurrent topics which I need to address because they are mentioned several times.  That would save space

The gates of Hell are opening for the Ukraine

written specially for the Asia Times   Just as I have predicted in my last piece about the developments in the Ukraine, European politicians and Ukrainian opposition parties have gone into overdrive to attempt yet another color-coded revolution in Kiev.  The normally demure and low-key Eurobureaucrats have suddenly found it themselves to castigate Russia with irate statements about “unacceptable Russian interference” while their own diplomats actually went on stage to encourage

Ukraine’s “civilizational choice” – a Pyrrhic victory for Russia?

The latest decision by the Yanukovich government to delay any decision about the possible signing of an association agreement with the European Union has been greeted by a mix of shock and outrage by the Western corporate press. Unanimously, it was decreed that this apparent reversal by Yanukovich himself was the result of Russian blackmail, ruthless power politics and even not-so-veiled threats. Finally, the media presented this latest development as