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The Second Coming, the End Times, the Antichrist, Orthodoxy, Islam and an Open Thread

Tomorrow Orthodox Christian celebrate two events: the Presentation of our Lord and Meatfare Sunday also known as the Sunday of of Second Coming. What is interesting about this day is that this is the day when during the Matins service, after the 6th Ode of the Canon, the Synxarion of the day is read. A “synaxarion” is a short text discussing and analyzing of the person or event commemorated during

Can you help “Carpenter”?

Some of you have emailed me to ask about “Carpenter” and how he (yes, he is a “he”) can be helped (he has not found any worth in many months, is is risking losing his home and he has no savings at all). I emailed him and here is what I can share with you: “Carpenter” is actually both a framing carpenter and a mason. He has done stonework and

The way out

This was just sent to me by “pq” – who send me the “submarine in the desert” I posted earlier today. Great stuff, no? (thanks pq!!!!) The Saker   [Note from webmaster: We are in the process of migrating the comments of the articles from blogspot to the new blog here. Due to technical reasons we’ll have to copy the remaining comments manually which will take some time to complete.

My reply to the deluge of letters from the “other West”

Oh boy, when I posted my recent exchange with “Carpenter” along with my thoughts about the “other West” and the danger of war I had no idea that I would trigger such a deluge of comments and private email. In less than 24 hours I got well over 100 emails, often long and heartfelt ones too. First, and this really saddens me a lot, believe me, but I have to

There is hope and there is “another West”

I have said that many times on this blog and I will say that today: there is “another West” which we, all those who oppose the Empire, should never forget. This is a West which you will never *ever* see in the corporate media and it is formed a innumerable individuals who don’t go into politics, don’t organize demonstrations and who simply live a life of spiritual freedom, away from

Apparently this clarification is needed

  “So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.” Jesus Christ – Revelation 3:16   The truth is that Voltaire never said “I don’t agree with what you are saying, but I will fight to the end for your right to say it”. This is just “democratic” lore. And yet “demodrones” like to invoke that before they shut your

Off-topic but apparently needed: Judaism and Christianity – back to basics

I have received a lot of outraged comments for my statement that Orthodox Judaism is at its core just a type of “anti-Christianity”.  My critiques informed me of the fact that since Judaism was older than Christianity, it could hardly have been an anti-Christianity.    Here are some samples of these comments: Well, the first cannot possibly be true as Judaism existed well over thousand years prior, and ever since was

Reply to a reader’s comment and some reflections on “spontaneous self-organization”

I just got a comment which I think warrants a reply as a separate post.  Here is this comment: Please resume publishing ukraine sitreps in your morning. The Anna News published in your evening is already old news and is not what made this site so valuable and timely. Since this is not the first time that I get that kind of comment I feel that I need to remind

Non-political interlude: reply to two posts (religions haters please skip this one!!)

Today is a beautiful day in Florida.  Yesterday we “survived” not one, but two tornadoes (they mostly hit a national wildlife refuge south of us, there never was any real danger, but this sounds better) and today we get one of those perfect Florida days: blue skies with a few white clouds, beautiful warm sunshine (26C/79F), a cool breeze from the northeast and which brings in the always refreshing smell

Beauty will save the world – Happy Victory Day!

In this Victory Day I want to congratulate you all for doing your part of the struggle against Empire today.   Even those of you who might think that they are doing nothing are doing something very important just by trying to find the truth and by bypassing the Empire’s propaganda machine.National-Socialism was an abomination.  Not only was it a racist, genocidal, imperialistic and hateful – it was infinitely arrogant and,

Reply to a really important question

Today one person, Nora, posted a question which I think is so important that it deserves its separate post.  Here is what she wrote:Nora said: Saker, I get where you’re coming from. I’m truly scared to ask this but you know I’ve got to: what recourse do we have here in the US? What can we do to stop what’s going on in our name and with our tax dollars,