Saker Rants

A scream of total disappointment (Saker rant)

Dear friends, I have to honestly say that I am totally discouraged by many of the reactions I got to the column by Catire about Venezuela yesterday.  As I have written it in my introduction, I knew that this would get some people really angry at me, but I have to admit that I did not expect such a nasty and primitive reaction.  I won’t even got into the insulting

Saker rant: heads should roll in the LNR!

Well, turns out that the LNR and DNR do not consider Crimea has part of the Ukraine after all.  My friend Alexander Mercouris explains it all on Russia Insider.  Alexander, in his kindness, calls it all a “misrepresentation”.   Well,  I won’t be as kind and I will call it yet another c*********k for which, again, heads should roll.  Figuratively of course. But still.  How in the world did these

Multi-level russophobia

Russophobia is an interesting thing to observe.  First, let’s look at the high end of the spectrum.  In an article of the Atlantic Council entitled “Russia Plans Spring Offensive in Ukraine, Warns Ex-NATO Chief Wesley Clark” General Wesley Clark, the “moderate Democrat who tried to start WWIII” declares that the Russians are preparing a Spring offensive somewhere between “Orthodox Easter, on April 12, and “most probably” before VE Day on

Listening to Lavrov in Munich

I have to say that I personally don’t recall anything quite like what happened today in Munich. For one thing, I detected a tone in Lavrov’s words which I had not felt so strongly before. Of course, Lavrov was calm, composed and polite. But this time I also felt an immense sense of disgust on his part for the audience he was addressing and for what these so-called ‘leaders’ had

Saker rant: Russians are just pathetic at public information

The deal between Russia and Turkey signed yesterday is truly a game changer for the EU and it is at least as painful as the Russian retaliatory sanctions against the EU agricultural export. Having achieved such a victory, you would imagine that the Russians would be eager to not only explain it, but also make some good PR from it.Think again.I just went to the English version of the Russian

Russia’s western frontier has become a desert

Warning: the following is not an analysis, it is a “cri du coeur” ! Looking at the photo of the three stooges oh so proud of having “prevailed” over that evil Russia I have very mixed feelings.  On one that, I have a sense of immense disgust.  No, not for the the Eurobureaucrats or for Poroshenko – they are true to character.  No, my disgust is directed at that sorry

One more attempt at clarifying my position on Russian options

The pitfalls and risks of expressing feelings in a blog My recent rant “Please tell me my worst fears will not come true” was clearly very poorly written and my subsequent attempt to clarify what I meant did little to improve the mess I apparently had created. To be honest, I never went to “blogger school” and I am painfully learning this trade by trial and error including a lot

My rant tonight – okay, I will try to clarify further

Okay, predictably some has misunderstood my rant as a change in heart.  Others wonder what has changed over the past 24 hours.  So let me clarify:1) No change of heart?  No – Putin did the right thing by waiting as long as was possible.  I just don’t believe that waiting is possible any more.  Why not?2) What has changed?  Not just words, but actions by Poroshenko.  I, along with many

Saker rant: Please tell me my worst fears will not come true!

Several Serbian commentators have expressed their concern, if not outright worry, about what is happening right now in Novorossia. I have to admit that I now share that concern. While I am not Serbian myself, some of the longtime readers of that blog know that I have had the opportunity to follow the entire war in Bosnia and Croatia literally minute by minute while working for the UN far away

Ukrainian news: two phone call leaks which say it all (plus a long Saker rant)

Two phone conversations have recently been intercepted by “parties unknown” (thank you Spetssviaz & 6th GRU!) which are truly revealing of the true nature of the folks put in power by the CIA.The first one is a conversation between Igor Kolomoisky, mega-oligarch, Mafia don, dual Ukrainian-Israeli citizen and “junta governor” of the city of Dnepropetrovsk in southeastern Ukraine and Oleg Tsarev, ex-candidate in the Presidential election (ex Party of Regions,

Creeping Fascism or maybe it’s just me… (Saker rant)

Alexander Solzhenitsyn used to say that a single teaspoon of sea water can give you the taste of the ocean.  This morning, I had a taste of a teaspoon of what I would call creeping Fascism, and I would like to share this experience with you.My wife has a business which requires her to go and see people at their homes.  I drive her to the needed address and wait

“They” are insulting our intelligence (again) and “we” deserve it!

It just happens that a group of lawyers make a report on human rights in Syria.  It just happens that they had previously done the same in the former Yugoslavia.  It just happens that their report is based on one single and anonymous source.  It just happens that this anonymous source claims to have been employed by the Syrian regime to, you guessed it, make photos of dead bodies.  It