The Chinese make fun of Trump and Pompeo

Chinese netizens joked about Trump and Pompeo. Someone made this video that they lip-synced to a well-known Chinese patriotic song “I Love You, China”. The mouth actions are so perfect, even the expression is so fit.😁 — Hu Xijin 胡锡进 (@HuXijin_GT) September 6, 2020

Another interesting example of the kind of comments moderators remove

This comment was intercepted by the moderators (it violates several rules), but I decided to share it with you just so you get a feel of what is going on.  Enjoy! The Saker ——- Now, even the RUSSIANS are scared! Haha! Saker, your last decade of fooling your readers that there were BRICS, or color revolutions or that a KGB agent turned dictator were gonna save whitey and his corrupt

Just an example of the kind of things moderators (and I) have to deal with

Dear friends, I just got home from an important day trip when I found this comment which, unsurprisingly, was intercepted by the moderators: For a (short) while I considered actually replying to our friend Joshua, but then I realized the futility of doing so.  Joshua, who apparently has 269 comment approved never bothered to read the section “about the Saker” or the section I entitled “why I live in the

Joy and beauty in a time of sorrow: light from Argentina

Dear friends As you know I love Argentina which I really consider my second motherland (the only truly happy years of my youth were spent there).  And today, by chance, while looking for something else, I came across three absolutely beautiful videos on YouTube which I now want to share with you.  Three *completely* different musical styles, yet each one superb, and lyrical in a way so specific of the

Sangue Latino by Ney Matogrosso

In these depressing and tragic times, I think that we should often turn to one of the biggest source of joy available to all of us, music.  And today, I want to share with you a beautiful song written and interpreted by one of my absolutely favorite Brazilian composers and singers: Ney Matogrosso.  The song is called “Latin Blood” and under the video, I provided a tentative translation of the

Putin visits SARS-CoV-2 patients in biggest COVID19 center in Russia

Today President Putin visited the patients which are currently hospitalized in the biggest COVID19 center in Russia. After putting on a full biowarfare suit he, along with his Press Attaché, he entered to “hot zone” and saw for himself in what condition the patients were were kept and asked them directly if they had any complaints (they did not). And not once did he, or his aides, engage in mantric

A tribute to the Iranian nation (YAS – Hoviate Man)

ENGLISH TRANSLATION: (source) Listen. I want to tell you my intent They want to erase my identity The history of the land of the Aryans Is screaming until we come to it So now is the time for you to hear Iran is my land the The country which after 7000 years Is still standing And the hearts of Iranians — still like the sea Hear this, my fellow Iranian,

Tulsi Gabbard and her husband sing a quite beautiful Christmas song

I hope that this will bring some joy to those of you who celebrate Christmas today! Kind regards The Saker PS: please don’t make this one about politics, okay? I am just happy to see a normal healthy couple simply singing together (pretty well, actually), that’s all. And while I don’t think that Gabbard has a chance in 2020 (“they” will never let her), at least there is one US

Levon Ichkhanian: a truly amazing composer and guitarist I love

Dear friends, Music, arguable the most sublime form of art, is going through some truly horrible times.  Not only did MTV pretty much kill real pop/rock music, but the new forms of pretend music (rap, techno, “screaming” metal and all the rest of the “auditory prolefeed” you hear on the radio) seem to suggest that real music is dead.  And if we only look at commercial, high money, “music” it

What I like to listen to when I miss my beloved Brazil (UPDATED)

Last month I published a short post I entitled “What I like to listen to when I miss my beloved Argentina?” featuring a beautiful Argentinian zamba interpreted by Pedro Aznar and Abel Pintos.  Today I want to make something very similar and share with you the kind of music I listen to when I miss my (also beloved) Brazil: the song “Jack Soul Brazileiro” in two version: one by Lenine,