Song about the clairvoyant Cassandra

Some events today inspired me to post this ;-) Translated lyrics: Besieged by Greeks, so many months Troy couldn’t be taken, And it remained for long an undefeated town; But had the Trojans listened to Cassandra’s statement, Then, maybe, Troy wouldn’t have collapsed and fallen down. Without stopping cried Cassandra, mad and raucous, “I clearly see that soon in ruins will Troy quake!” Despite the fact that people loathe those

Another day on the road (and maybe a podcast?)

Dear friends, Today will be another day on the road for me as I need to drive across the Ocala National Forest to bring my daughter back to college.  We have a few heated exchanges going on in the comments section and I have 15 emails that need answering.  I apologize to all and ask you to wait until Monday. Cheers and hugs, The Saker PS: I might try to

A beautiful Hindu chant from the 8th century

Dear friends, I wanted to share this with you for a long time already, but I just did not have the time or opportunity to do so until now.  Today, I can finally share with you one of my favorite texts and chants.  My problem now is that I don’t know how to introduce it without writing a very long text, so I will try to be very concise, but

Sometimes pictures say it all (Serbia and Syria)

SERBIA: The murals shown here are from the Serbian city of Novi Sad and they have been made in remembrance of Lt. Colonel Oleg Anatolyevich Peshkov, the Russian airman shot down by the Turks over Syria.  Writing on the flags are words of а song “С чего начинается Родина” (Where does the Motherland begin – a Russian song describing what love of country is) in Russian and Serbian. The mural

“When the man comes around”: uplifting video about the Resistance to Empire in Syria

Well, normally I don’t like anything suggesting that war is triumphant and glorious – it is never – but in this case, considering all the misery and lies the Syrian people have had to endure, and considering the totally off-the-scale heroism of the Russian aircrews in Syria, I will make an exception and post this small musical homage to those fighting the Empire in Syria.  Besides, I really do like

Let’s stop the stupid flag waving! (Saker rant)

Both here and in the comments section at the Unz Review, I am noticing a steady stream of hostile comments directed at those who, like Rambo and myself, who are urging caution and realism about the entire Russian operation in Syria.  A week ago I felt compelled to post a rant entitled “answer to a disappointed reader” but apparently, this was not enough.  So today I want to share with

Poland’s stance towards Russia: pathetic, contemptible and plain stupid

Alexander Rutskoi (Major-General of Aviation, former President and Vice-President of Russia, Hero of Russia): You know, there is that saying that if a rape is inevitable, then you should relax and enjoy it.  Well, this is the kind of “enjoyment” which all of Europe is getting nowadays.  I have quoted Nietzsche in the past who said “only the strong can be respected, the weak can only be pitied, and even

“Nobody but us” (Russian propaganda video)

Times have changed.  Now the Russian military is using slick Hollywood-like tricks to promote itself.  This video is a good example of this rather new skillset which was basically absent during the Soviet era (when only a few movies were made to promote the Russian Airborne Forces). And just for the record: a few of you might see the posting of such videos as a “glorification of war or violence”.