A society of sexually frustrated Pinocchios

We live in a strange world.  Check out just the recent news: putative European “democrats” support Nazis and don’t seem to notice that the latter are using weapons of war, including chemical munitions, multiple-rocket launchers and ballistic missiles, against cities.  We live in a world were it is apparently quite normal for the IMF/ECB/etc. to continue to send money to a bankrupt country in the midst of the civil war

A short message of gratitude to ML from CH

Since I am sitting at home stuck in my chair I might as well take the time to thank one supporter from Switzerland whose initials are ML who has been sending me a donation each month.  He never wrote to me and I only know his name because it is one the wire transfer.  ML – if you are reading this, thanks a lot for your kind support! The Saker

Controversy is good if it makes you think!

Time has come to remind everybody of a few basic things about this blog: 1) I don’t “endorse” everything I post here 2) The only stuff I “endorse” is the articles I sign with my name 3) Controversy is good if it makes you think Two articles I posted recently got me into hot water with some of you: Andrew Kroybko’s article on Armenia and Belarus and Sakari Linden’a article on

Please tell me this is a joke?!

Absolutely amazing news today.  See for yourself: Poroshenko appoints Saakashvili as governor of Odessa Uncle Sam tries to get the Nobel Peace Prize for Poroshenko This is so crazy as to actually be comical. The good news is that if they have truly “gone fishing” then they are desperate. The bad news is that these lunatics can start a war. God help us all… Have a great-week end everybody! The

AngloZionists 1 : World 0 – final score?

This is too ridiculous, too obscene and too obviously grotesque, to be true.  But yet it is.  The AngloZionists got so mad at the US defeat (by Qatar) and victory by Russia in the competition to host the 2018 football/soccer World Cup and by the fact that FIFA agreed to have a vote on the Israeli membership, that they ordered a worldwide series of arrests of FIFA officials.  The British

There can be no “peace” with Ukronazi freaks

One of the many ways the Chechen Wahabis made money was to cut off the fingers of their prisoners and send the video to the relatives explaining that the rest of the fingers would go, and then entire limbs, if the relatives did not pay ransom money.  Sometimes they also filmed torture scenes just for fun. Now check out this guy: his name is Vitalii Korobkov.  He is a DNR

Wild, crazy Russian music

Yesterday my friend AK emailed me a few YouTube links to songs by a guy calling himself “Neuromonk Theophan” (Нейромонах Феофан).  I listened to it and, wow, this is truly some crazy music! Imagine a combination of old Russian medieval-style songs with what they call “drum and bass” and then add some balalaika and rural-style vocals to it.  Sounds crazy?  It is. Now, I will be honest, I personally am

Myths and facts about special forces – a recent illustration (UPDATED!)

One of the things which always drives me crazy is that ironclad belief that Americans have that they are “the best”, and so are their country, their army and, of course, their special forces.  None of that is true, of course, but it especially not true in the real world of special operations, where the actual record of the US special forces is, at best, very average and, at worst,

Viva Argentina!

I just saw this great photo of Putin with the President of Argentina, Kristina Fernandez de Kirchner: Nice couple, no? Seriously, I just wanted to share this photo with you because I have a soft spot in my heart for Argentina were I spent the happiest days of my childhood (I still speak Spanish with a funny mix of two accents: Russian, of course, and the accent of Buenos-Aires locally

Saker rant: A 5th column in the Russian media? Absolutely!

Is there a 5th column in the Russian media? Hell yeah! It is literally all over the place! Like during the latest Q&A with President Putin.  I don’t know if anybody else noticed this, but it really pissed me off.  Check out who got to ask a question from the studio: Khakamada Venediktov Kudrin Remchukov For those who don’t know these faces – they are some of the worst “demofreaks”

My first sandbox post :-)

So here is my ‘sanbox’!  The place were I will get to dream, babble, rant, vent, advertise and go completely off topic.  I might just post a picture, or a video.  Or share some music I love with you. So don’t take it seriously – it will just be my sandbox, a place to be silly and young. Also a place not to think about the real world and how