Are there any video enhancement specialists in our community?

Dear friends, A friend of mine has had one of his geese attacked by what appears to be a Florida Panther.  We have grainy footage of the attack taken by a cheapo “night vision capable” camera.  However, both my friend, my wife (a veterinarian) and I are pretty sure that we are dealing with a Florida panther and not a bobcat.  The animal is larger than a bobcat, the body

Trump – Clinton debate: réaction à chaud (Saker rant)

Since I might be asked about that, I might as well share my opinion about the debate tonight.  Frankly?  I was absolutely horrified.  I had expected Trump to completely slaughter Hillary, but what happened tonight was the exact opposite.  My son put it best “it looked like a kindergartner trying to argue with a college professor“. Hillary knew all the tricks, she was superbly prepared and she truly is a world-class

Not If but When …

Not If but When … When you have lost your head, and those about you Are casualties of violence brought by you When you betray a trust, so others doubt you And lie to those who need the truth in view When you wait to ambush the defenceless, And make allegiance with dictators’ coups And fail to understand why others hate you Whilst hating them, for what they seem to

Alexandr Skliar – “When war is on your doorstep” (aka “millions”)

Dear friends, This is a song from Skliar’s latest album “Iastreb” (Ястреб, Hawk).  Skliar’s group is called “VA BANK” (ВА-БАНКЪ, or “go bank” or “banco” – when you play for all the money you have).  Check out the music, check out the lyrics (my own translation below) and tell me – do the Neocons realize the magnitude of the storm brewing in the East?  Do they realize that not all