Blue in Green by Bill Evans (ft. Miles Davis and John Coltrane)

One of my favorite jazz compositions ever, Blue in Green, by my favorite jazz composer, Bill Evans (Miles Davis played it on the album “Kind of Blue”, but he did not compose Blue in Green, Evans did).  I consider Evans to be the greatest pianist of the 20th century (along with Alexander Scriabin).  I am studying this piece right now, and I just felt like sharing it with you :-)

Refugee, by One Earth (ft. The Saker)

Dear friends, You might recall that a few months ago I posted an absolutely beautiful video entitled “NATO Blues” by One Earth, a California based group of musicians.  Soon after this post I got a nice email from a member of One Earth who, having read somewhere that I played guitar, asked me to join them in their next project entitled “Refugee”.  I immediately accepted simply because I loved the

The ICRC should get another Nobel prize, this time for hypocrisy!

For context, see here: Personal note: While there are many sincere and 100% idealistic ICRC delegates, especially the young ones (so-called “first mission” delegates), most of the folks sitting in Geneva are russophobic scum who care about only 2 things: their careers and money from their donors.  Over 80% of the ICRC budget is paid for by governments.  I was unable to find a list state by state (if