A few kind words of advice to American drivers (Saker rant)

Dear American drivers, My heart goes out to you.  You have a huge country, millions miles of road, no public transportation system to speak of, you drive since the age of 16 and yet, nobody has ever bothered to teach you even the basics of driving.  This is very unfair to you and it turns your otherwise mostly decent roads into a total nightmare.  So let me help you out

I love Florida :-)

and, yes, I love alligators too :-) Note: Seriously, while alligators can be as big and as powerful as the largest Nile or Saltwater crocs, they are not aggressive at all and they are predictable.  The truth is that the locals (the real locals) don’t fear them and that in 99% of the cases, when a human is attacked by an alligator it is because of gross human error or

Amazing stuff on Russian state TV

Boris Johnson gives the Russians a case of hysterical laughing When I first heard that the ex-Mayor of London Boris Johnson had won an anti-Erdogan insult competition I was not too interested.  But when I saw that this was reported on the hyper-official “Weekly News with Dmitri Kilesev” I was quite amazed.  But when Kiselev then visually showed the original English language limerik I was amazed.  Kiselev was careful to

Sting – I Was Brought to My Senses

Alone with my thoughts this evening I walked on the banks of Tyne I wondered how I could win you Or if I could make you mine Or if I could make you mine The wind it was so insistent With tales of a stormy south But when I spied two birds in a sycamore tree There came a dryness in my mouth Came a dryness in my mouth For

Russia gets a much deserved slap in the face (Saker rant)

“Did they expect us to treat them with any respect?” Roger Waters, The Fletcher Memorial Home I never had anything good to say about the Eurovision.  I could tell you all the reasons why I hate the crap people nowadays think of as “pop music”.  But since Paul Joseph Watson did a special video expressing pretty much the same feelings as I have, I will give him the floor: So

Ukropatriot vs Coca-Cola

Note: to be really really honest, I think that this is a fake.  But a very funny one.  The true story is that Coke in Russia did not include the Crimea on its initial map, and then decided to add it, which, of course, might have made some Urkopatriots angry.  But still, I cannot imagine Coke making a map of the Ukraine for the Ukraine without Crimea, so I think