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France 24 channel interviews Ukraine’s Olena Zerkal who invokes Hitler and Himmler, by Scott

On Saturday March 5th, 2016 France 24 aired an interview with Olena Zerkal for their show Talking Europe. France 24, a Hollande’s regime propaganda channel, names the Ukrainian deputy Foreign Minister Olena Zerkal as a co-author of the Ukraine – EU Association Agreement. I noticed a few curious details that I want to share with you. Keep in mind that Olena Zerkal speaks with a horrible accent and completely ignores

Russian town Grozny

Grozny was founded in 1818 by General Ermolov. [source] [source] 5000 Russian soldiers build the fortress in 4 months. Michael Lermontov and Lev Tolstoy were stationed as military officers in this town. Modern Grozny is a capital of Chechnya, a Russian Caucasus region. Life of Chechen Republic in 2015 Grozny Aerial View Road trip to Grozny The Argun History, Architecture and Nature Museum Reserve. Archeological monuments from Stone age to

1000 years of Russian town Suzdal

Best of Suzdal Aerial Drone flights Fairytale town Suzdal XII century Church Pokrova-on-Nerli Aerial View The Church of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin on the Nerli River Stars over Suzdal. For this film were used 5000 pictures of starry skies and 300 kilometers of travel. Sunday morning bike trip from Moscow to towns Ivanovo, Suzdal and Vladimir A guy in the video makes sarcastic remarks about what he sees,

Russia’s Sabetta is the most Arctic port in the world

Sabetta is a new sea port and the XXI century Northern gates of Russia. Located on Yamal peninsula. Population 12,000 Town Sabetta January 2015 Flight to Sabetta international airport March 2015 2015 expedition to Yamal Salmanovsky oil and gas field near Sabetta Russia’s Northern Roads, when permafrost melts Almost a promo video for made in Russia monster trucks

Tyumen is the happiest city in Russia

Tyumen is the largest city and the administrative center of Tyumen Oblast, Russia, located on the Tura River 2,500 kilometers east of Moscow. Tyumen was the first Russian settlement in Siberia. Tyumen, 2012 documentary about the city It’s in Russian. Scenery and amazing architecture, modern and traditional Russian architecture of 18-19 centuries. The history museum of Siberia, with perfectly preserved skeletons of mammoth and other prehistoric animals. Also, a Tyumen

Magadan is a port on the Russia’s Sea of Okhotsk

A huge event took place in 2015. The Sea of Okhotsk became an inner sea of Russia. This put the end to the all those horror stories about battles of Russian border patrols and coastal guards with pirates and international sea poachers. Magadan is a port town and the administrative center of Magadan Oblast, Russia, located on the Sea of Okhotsk in Nagayevo Bay in the Taui Bay and serving

Sermon In memoriam of Boris Nemtsov, by Scott

All accross our mother Russia, and far beyond its borders, powerful heartfelt prayers are being read around the clock asking God for the defeat of Russia’s enemies. Prayers so powerful, they lift up and spiritually transform the natural world. Just look at those squealing in anguish, rage, fear, and hate in response to this transformation, and being unable to bear the presence of God. Dostoevsky called them “demons,” and Mikhail

Russia’s 10 most beautiful, largest and most comfortable cities in 2015

10 largest cities in the biggest country in the world 10 Most beautiful cities in Russia 10. Krasnoyarsk 9. Rostov-on-Don 8. Sochi 7. Novosibirsk 6. Kaliningrad 5. Nizhny Novgorod 4. Yekaterinburg 3. Kazan 2. Moscow 1. Saint Petersburg Russia’s top 10 Best Places to live, work and study (with some humor) 10. Orenburg. Founded in 18 century as a fortress, the town turned into the center of trade routes from

Russian fairytale town Yoshkar-Ola

Yoshkar-Ola is the capital city of the Mari El Republic, Russia. Population: 248,782. First mentioned in November 1st, 1584. Archeological dating of the first known settlements at about 12000 years B.C. Situated halfway between Moscow and Kazan. Yoshkar-Ola by car Yoshkar-Ola at night  

Russian Far East Vladivostok, State University and Oceanarium in Vladivostok Aerial Views

Vladivostok Aerial View National Geographic listed Vladivostok among the 10 most beautiful oceanfront cities in the world. The city lies on the edge of the Pacific Ocean and is sometimes called “Russia’s San Francisco” for its steep slopes, pointed mountains and indented coastline. Construction of Oceanarium Vladivostok world 2015 (Океанариум Владивосток) Arial View Stunning WVSU in winter Aerial View Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service, or VSUES, is a

Israel threatens Russia’s Food Security via Secret Free Trade Agreement, by Scott

In Russia we say: if you want to destroy something, become its leader. In a very alarming turn of events, Skolkovo establishes joint-working group with Israel in the field of agriculture [source] [source] [source] I have already written about a peculiar Scolkovo “professor” from Israel, Moty Cristial. In preparation for a power grab in Russia during the elections of 2016 and 2017, Israel is moving an alarming amount of secret

Beautiful Winter Moscow Aerial Reel

February 2016, all Moscow sightseeings cowered in snow and ice: Kremlin, Red square, Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, St. Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow city, Old city center, Gorky park, Novodevichiy monastery and much more. All flights performed in extreme cold weather -10C to -20C. Enjoy ;)

A curious case of Moty Cristal, Chabad, and Israeli militants in Odessa, by Scott [Updated]

On Sunday, February 14th, an English RT’s Senior Political correspondent Anissa Naouai interviewed Moty Cristal, a self proclaimed specialist on terrorism, an attorney, founder of Israel-based Nest Consulting LTD. On his twitter account Mr. Cristal names his fields of expertise as “Negotiator. Trains & consults worldwide on complex negotiations and crisis management. Political activist & designer of operational networks.” Threats (S3E16) Published time: 14 Feb, 2016 07:38 Interview starts at

Russian Humor February 13th, 2016 by Scott

1. The best way to discover the origin of rumors is to start them yourself. 2. The money god is failing. No atheists in the trenches. 3. — Dad, what’s the cap on your head? — Is the keffiyeh, my daughter. It protects us in the wilderness from the unbearable heat. — Dad, what’s that stuff on top? — Is jellaba. It protects us in the desert from the scorching

Did the US Treasury, IRS just threaten Vatican Bank before Pope Francis meeting with Patriarch Kirill? by Scott

Today, I want to tell you a huge secret. The deepest and the biggest Russian secret of all. The secret so profound that it will shake your entire being. Wait for it… The Head of the Russian Orthodox Church His Holiness Patriarch Kirill meets with Pope of Rome Frances on February 12th, 2016 in Havana, Cuba to discuss something about the plight of Christians. We don’t know what they will

Anti-Putin opposition leader Kasyanov caught in Strasbourg with his pants down and blames Kadyrov (Updated)

I am convinced now that Kadyrov is a political and PR genius. To trap the liberals in their own webs, he has posted on his Instagram account a video taken by a hidden camera of Kasyanov, an apparatchik from so called “PARNAS” party, in Strasbourg meeting with the official representatives from NATO countries to receive money to conduct anti-government operations in Russia. As you can see it’s just an art,