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Liberals attack Ramzan Kadyrov, Putin and sovereignty of Russia, by Scott

  “As a patriot of Russia, and as a foot soldier of Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, I will never play  along with the murderers and traitors of my country. There is scarcely a single rational and self-respecting man who will conduct dialogue with those who see it as immoral to love their Motherland and to serve her devotedly.” R. Kadyrov You have never heard about this profession. Untold number of

Nuland meets Surkov to warn about imminent NATO attack by Scott

Since Maidan in Kiev two years ago, American life has become a reality show from the Discovery channel. Every day Americans are discovering something new. For example, this January they discovered that the US stock market is full of hot air, and that the world has turned nervous and angry. Also they have discovered that they have bolshoy (big) problem getting around the Persian Gulf. Which has been, if you

Scott’s rant January 10th, 2016

In today’s Scott’s rant: • the US & EU Power Structure • How ‘Obscure’ US Bureaucrats Foment Wars • How the myth of American “exceptionalism” is perpetuated • Is allocation of Developed vs Developing permanent? • What the fate of Russian teenagers of the “Young Guards” at the hands of Germans in 1943 has to do with the Islamisation of Europe in 2016? • The West had a perfect plan,

Russian Humor January 3rd, 2016 by Scott

To those Saker commentators who detected “anger” in my sitreps, I can only say that you, Ladies and Gents, sound like my psychiatrist: “Scott, what are we going to do with your anger?” One day, I will tell you the story of how we met. Since he comes from one of those countries “civilized” and “liberated” by the West, I explained it to him in no uncertain terms, and he

Russian Humor for December 27th, by Scott

Russia 1. Russia stands, has been standing, and will be standing; for all others, survival is optional. 2. Russia’s Ministry of Defense Humor: SYRIA: Pentagon stated that last month the US was destroying only profitable terrorist facilities. Were earlier destroyed only unprofitable ones? The West 1. Americans including the Ambassador Stevens bring death and devastation on others and think, like the Ambassador Stevens, that they are immortal. 2. If you

Scott’s Collection of Russian Humor (Hilarious – MUST READ!!)

A warning from Scott: Prior to writing for thesaker, I collected antiques and art. Since I started writing, I gave up my family, my job, my business, sleeping, showering, and other bad habits. Hell, I even stopped shaving my beard. Being a compulsive collector, now I only collect Russian jokes and anecdotes. First, they are free. Second, they are more effective than booze and drugs combined. You have been warned.