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Yanukovich backs down. Again.

Sure enough.  Yanukovich has backed down.  Again. RT reports: Ukraine’s president, opposition agree to a truce. Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich and opposition leaders agreed to a truce following a meeting which focused on how to end the crisis in Ukraine peacefully, the president’s press office confirmed. “Following the meeting, the parties announced: 1. Truce 2. The start of negotiations to end the bloodshed, to stabilize the situation in the country,

Armed insurrection in Kiev. The Empire blames Yanukovich

A full scale armed insurrection seems to be taking place in the center of Kiev.  RT reports 7 dead policemen, 11 dead civilians.  135 cops have been hospitalized, 35 are in critical condition.  A total of 221 people have sought medical attention, 114 of them were hospitalized.  The offices of the Regions Party of Yanukovich have been torched.  The opposition leaders are demanding a constitutional change and Yanukovich’s departure.  Communist

Russian military to have special command for Arctic operations

RT reports:Russia is creating a new command for the armed forces to defend Russia’s strategic interests in the Arctic region, based on the present Northern Fleet Navy division and include various existing Arctic-based military units as well as new formations.The HQ will be named the Northern Fleet – Joint Strategic Command, and its main task will be to defend Russia’s national interest in the Arctic, the Itar-Tass news agency reported

In the meantime, on the “Ukrainian front”

According to the BBC Western leaders are having a great time in Munich: they are re-igniting the Cold War under the pretext of – what else? – “supporting democracy” in the Ukraine: European Council President Herman Van Rompuy said the “future of Ukraine belongs with the EU” while US Secretary of State John Kerry said the US backed Ukraine’s “fight for democracy“.(…) Mr Van Rompuy’s opening speech referred to the

Images of the coup attempt in Kiev

This from the BBC: Ukrainian opposition leaders have issued an ultimatum to President Viktor Yanukovych, after talks failed to resolve the political stalemate. Vitali Klitschko said he would lead pro-EU protesters “on the attack” in the capital, Kiev, if the government refused to call snap elections. Prime Minister Mykola Azarov said compromises “might be possible”, but the opposition should avoid ultimatums. Notice the difference in tone? Opposition: ultimatum, attackRegime: compromise,

The center of Kiev is in flames

This is a picture taken off a live stream from the Grushevski street in the center of Kiev at 10:45EST today: The riot police has only been given the right to use water cannons, teargas and flash-bang grenades.  In the meantime, the cops are burned alive by Molotov cocktails and the US is introducing sanctions against “Ukrainian officials responsible for the violence in the center of Kiev”.The Saker

Under US pressure UN “disinvites” Iran from Geneva II talks – what will Russia and Syria do now?

OMG – it happened: Under US pressure UN “disinvites” Iran from Geneva II talks.  Now that is a direct challenge to Russia which logically should cancel its participation to the conference.  Syria, I believe should do the same.Screw them.  This is a farce and neither Syria nor Russia should agree to participate in a farce organized by the side which lost the war.  I hope that Assad and Putin will

Iran is officially invited to participate at Geneva 2, but everything else remains unclear (UPDATED 2x!)

It took a lot of zigs and zags, but eventually common sense seemed to have prevailed and the UN has officially announced that Iran will be invited as a full participant to the Geneva 2 conference.  The Obama Administration should probably commended for being rational and not gone down the insane road of trying to negotiate something in Syria without inviting Iran.  Most of the credit in this case goes

Very interesting hypothesis about the events in Syria – request for comments

JohnM has just posted an interesting commentary about the current events in Syria which, I think, deserves to be fully quoted.  Here is what he wrote: What I’m thinking is that as part of an Assad/Russia deal with the “non-Islamic rebels” (label is arbitrary and largely inaccurate) is this current battle between generally (this is a VERY fluid and fuzzy dividing line) the foreign fighters versus the local fighters. This