Lavrov blunders in Geneva and accepts an ambiguous and possibly dangerous deal

So Kerry and Lavrov did end up hammering out a deal on Syria.  I won’t go into the specifics here,  but I want to focus on what is the single most important issue at stake: the risk of US aggression against Syria.  And here, the picture is murky at best.First the BBC had a headline saying “US to drop military threat“.  But then in another article posted just a few

Russia is continuing to increase the sized of its naval task force of the Syrian coast

That is interesting.  The US appears to have accepted Putin’s “Russian Gambit”, Kerry and Lavrov are reported to be immersed in complex technical discussions, the risks of war seem to be averted, and yet the Russian Navy is continuing to strengthen its task force off the Syrian coast.  According to Russian sources the following ships are being sent to reinforce the task force: Large amphibious assault ship Nikolai Filchenkov Guard

The ultimate humiliation for the Serbian nation

A week ago, one commentator – Fernando – asked me whether I considered the Serbs a defeated people to which I answered that, at least for the time being, yes, I saw them as totally defeated, though I was sure of their eventual re-emergence.  And now, I see this absolutely incredible headline from the BBC: Ex-IMF head Strauss-Kahn to advise Serbian government For a while, this left me speechless.  Yes,

Two more excellent analyses from the Asia Times Online

Two more excellent analyses from the Asia Times Online: one from Pepe Escobar about China (“China stitches up the (SCO) Silk Rd“) and one from M K Bhadrakumar about Russia (“Putin eyes Obama’s Iran file“).  Frankly this tag-team of Escobar & Bhadrakumar is so good that I recommend that everybody check out what they write on a daily basis.  They area light-years ahead of the competition.Cheers,The Saker

One last mention of an incredibly boring topic (or how to deal with obnoxious single-issue insecure narcissistic minorities)

I have finally found the time to sit down and reply to a question asked by Carrie under my recent post about Obama’s choices.  Carrie asked: Could we have another less ‘sexist’, less ‘macho’ term than “sissy”, do you think? For the female readers that contribute to your page view stats, the term smacks of ‘boys with toys (sigh)’. For me, term detracts from the mostly excellent content.  As soon

Russia warns its citizens about the risks of US-ordered kidnappings

Take a look at this warning on the website of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: This is what this text says: PRESS RELEASE Warning for Russian citizens traveling abroad 02/09/2013 In recent years, the number of cases of detention of Russian citizens in various parts of the world at the request of U.S. law enforcement agencies for the purpose of extradition and prosecution in the United States have become

Russia should take ‘serious measures’ if US decides to strike Syria – Duma

RT reports: The head of the Duma Foreign Affairs Committee says Russia should reconsider its cooperation with coalition forces in Afghanistan and provide Iran with defensive weapons if US authorities go ahead with their plan of military interference in Syria. “The US administration is ready, albeit with numerous stipulations, to study the Russian proposal of transferring the Syrian chemical weapons potential under international control. If these diplomatic efforts yield results,

Two quick pointers – Asia times and Obama’s “sissy on steroids” option

First, yet another great piece by By M K Bhadrakumar in which he outlines the sequence of Kerry gaffes this week in an article entitled “Kerry becomes first war casualty“.  I highly recommend it – great read! Makes me wonder: what is “wrong” with the Asia Times?!  How can a corporate newspaper publish such top notch authors like M K Bhadrakumar and Pepe Escobar?!  Well, whatever the reason, may they

Personal note: the Vineyard reaches a very nice landmark – half a million page views :-)

Dear friends,Guess what I just found out – today the “Vineyard” as reached half a million page views!  See for yourself: This is maybe not quite on par with google.com, youtube.com or cnn.com, but for the very modest blog of one lone guy its pretty good, no?  And keep in mind that I make no money at all of this blog, that I have a job and a family to

A few thoughts on the current events

We are living through some amazing days, a historical moment really, and so much has happened in the last 10 days or so that it is probably too early to give it a full assessment.  As provisional “in the heat of the moment” assessments go, Pepe Escobar, of course, did the best job so far and I highly recommend his recent article “Russian chess move stalls US actions as Al-Qaeda

Obama accepts the Russian gambit

According to the BBC, Obama has decided that the Russian proposal was “a possible Syria resolution”.  Of course, Obama will wrap this is all sorts of caveats, expressions of distrust, threats and warnings, but the bottom line is this: it appears that the momentum for an attack is now fully lost.If you ask me, Putin and/or Lavrov deserve a Nobel Peace Prize for averting this attack (even if another one

Should Assad give up his chemical weapons to avoid a US attack? (Not quiet another Bosnia redux!) (UPDATED!!!!)

The BBC is reporting this:Syria crisis: Russia urges Assad to give up chemical weapons Russia has asked Syria to put its chemical weapons stockpile under “international control” in a bid to avoid US military strikes, and then have them destroyed.  Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said the offer was made during talks with his Syrian counterpart, and he hoped for a quick response from Damascus. (…)  When asked at a news

Putin G20 Press Conference, Peskov interview on RT and the “Jews Petition Congress”

One more thing: the Ziocrazies are at it *again*!  They are now collecting signatures on Change.org for the “Jews Petition Congress” to convince Congress to attack Syria by using, what else, the “Holocaust” argument.  Your can read the text of their petition here.  All that’s missing is a “Syria’s blood on us and on our children!” slogan to make the picture complete.  And then they wonder about Anti-Semitism…The Saker

Very short bullet style news update

Dear friends,Thanks for all your replies to my latest post.  I will join the discussion later today.  Right now, just a few short “bullet style” news updates The Russian Duma delegation has abandoned its plans to travel to the US to speak with US Congressmen after House Speaker John Boehner refused to meet with them. Russian military sources indicate that the main threat to Damascus will come from cruise missiles

A tentative survey of possible US attack options, Resistance responses and US counter-responses

At this point in time when an overt US military attack on Syria appear certain, it could be interesting to look at the choice of options President Obama has, how the Resistance could respond, and how then the US Empire would react to that.  But before looking into this, I would like to begin with a few basic but important reminders:Reminder one: The Supreme crime of international lawIn international law

Russian and Chinese warships sent to eastern Mediterranean

Russian sources have confirmed that the Russian heavy missile cruiser Moskva has been sent to the eastern Mediterranean. China, for its part, is sending its amphibious dock landing warship, the 19,000 metric ton Jinggangshan, a 689-foot-long warship can carry 1,000 soldiers, helicopters, armored fighting vehicles, boats and landing craft. Moskva Jinggangshan Officially, the mission of the Jinggangshan is to “observe” the activities of the Russian and US navies.  According to

Obama wanted the “Sissy Option” but he might get the “Kosovo Option” instead

I have been following today proceedings in Congress with absolute dismay.  Sure, this was predictable, but still, to see these clowns trying to “out tough” each other is just sickening.  Already, Obama’s proposed Resolution opened the door for much more than just a “Sissy Option” strike (under 3 days, 50-100 missiles).  But now it appears that the Ziocrazies in Congress want to authorize military operations up to 90 days!  That’s