Christian Vignette #8 – contrasting attitudes towards Christology

The study of Who and What Christ was/is is called “Christology“.  This is one of the most complex and controversial topics in Christian theology and it is most definitely not my intention today to provide an exhaustive and authoritative answer as such an answer would be either too ambiguous (if short) and too complex (if exhaustive). However, what I do want to tackle today is how illustrate dramatically different the

Christian Vignette #7 – some useful sources

Dear friends If you make a quick search for “Orthodox Church” or something similar, you will find hundred of thousands of website, article and books out there.  This presents the reader with two problems: How to separate the fake (90%+) from the real thing (under 10%)? How to find the time and energy to plow through such a wealth of information? The bad new is this: original Christianity, which today

Christian Vignette #6 – Comparing approaches to “fine and obscure theological points”

A few years ago I wrote an article entitled “Russia and Islam, part eight: working together, a basic “how-to”” in which I wrote the following about how (some) Christians and (some) Muslims could/should try to work together: The fundamentally misguided yet typical approach: Having had many opportunities to exchange views with Muslim from different countries and having also heard Christian and Muslim religious figures engaged in various debates, dialogs and

Christian Vignette #5 – Christ in the Old and New Testament

Today, all I propose to do is to share with you two articles fused into one which show that, as Augustine of Hippo wrote, the New Testament lies hidden in the Old and the Old Testament is unveiled in the New. You can either download the PDF from here: Or read it below.  The source for both of these documents (which I merged into one) is this excellent website:

Christian Vignette #4 – theologians in early Christianity (part 2)

In our last vignette, I tried to outline what a “theologian” means in the original Christian understanding of the word, a person whose spiritual condition make it possible for him/her to “experience the reality/radiance of God but without seeing His face/radiance” (very bad choice of words, but for our purposes, I hope that it will do).  I also mentioned this metaphor used by Christ: The light of the body is

Christian Vignette #3 – theologians in early Christianity (part 1)

In my last vignette, I tried to explain “why I mostly avoid modern theologians like the plague“.  But what I did not explain is what a “theologian” was in original Christianity.  But first, for contrast and, I admit, for a little fun, let’s see what Wikipedia has to say about this.  This is so “perfect” that I will quote it in length the top paragraph: (emphasis added) Theology is the

Christian Vignette #2 – about Fathers and papayas

In my previous vignette, I tried to explain why I mostly avoid modern theologians like the plague.  I also mentioned the “Fathers” in many of my posts and comments.  So, today, I will make a small introduction to one such “Father” and even recommend what I see as a *perfect* introductory booklet to this entire topic. First things first – in spite of the (often misunderstood) words from Christ “And

Christian Vignette #1 – who/what are modern “theologians”?

What is a theologian? There are a lot of definitions out there, mostly like “person thinking about God” or “someone who studies the nature of God, religion, and religious beliefs” and the like.  This is a profoundly NON-Christian view of theology, and I will come back to it later (in a future vignette) Imagine you are one of those modern wannabe “theologians” and you think about God and religion a

Vignette # zero is posted!! Please check it out, and test it out too :-)

Dear friends, Software engineers begin counting from zero, not from one, and that is nice since it give that first number a pre-beginning feeling.  Please consider what is below as a first, test,  “Beta” Vignette Zero. A first small trial. Andrei for the Saker blog First, a caveat which in the future I will post under every Christian Vignette.  It is important, very, so please read it carefully.  I, Andrei