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Pakistan will face consequences of its actions in Afghanistan, warns ex-Iran president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Story highlights Speaking to WION’s Executive Editor Palki Sharma, Ahmadinejad stressed that the handing over of power to Taliban is part of a ‘satanic plot’ by the western powers led by the US. India, Iran, Pakistan, Russia, China and regional countries will face the consequences of the re-emergence of Taliban, he said on WION’s Afghanistan Dialogues programme. He urged Pakistan to join efforts by Iran and India to resolve the

Finance Capitalism versus Industrial Capitalism: The Rentier Resurgence and Takeover

Publication by Michael Hudson : Sage Journals Abstract Marx and many of his less radical contemporary reformers saw the historical role of industrial capitalism as being to clear away the legacy of feudalism—the landlords, bankers, and monopolists extracting economic rent without producing real value. However, that reform movement failed. Today, the finance, insurance, and real estate (FIRE) sector has regained control of government, creating neo-rentier economies. The aim of this

Iran will definitely continue to support Palestine: President Raisi

——- Iranian President Ebrahim Raeisi says the Islamic Republic will continue to support Palestine as the main issue of the Muslim world. “We have never had and will never have any doubt about this policy. In our view, Palestine has been and will be the first issue of the Muslim world,” Raeisi said in a Friday meeting with head of the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas Ismail Haniyeh, who took part

The Forever Imminent Collapse of the Iranian “Regime”

From Seyed Mohammad Marandi at As Iran is literally depicted as illegitimate and derogatorily labeled a “regime,” these “experts” can inform their audiences without irony of the rising “menace” of Iran and the growing threat it poses to regional stability. Under US occupation Afghanistan has become the beating heart of global opium cultivation and distribution, but for Iran haters, just a whiff of unrest anywhere in the country is

Beyond the Dollar Creditocracy: A Geopolitical Economy

Radhika Desai, Michael Hudson at the Valdai Club. Understanding of the dollar’s world role is dominated by the ideas of ‘dollar hegemony’ and ‘US hegemony’. In this paper, based on our extensive past work, we reveal how these ideas are ideologies, not theories. In their place, we reveal an understanding one that is theoretically sound and accords with the historical record, a geopolitical economy of the international monetary system of

ICTY Srebrenica Autopsy reports

  ICTY Srebrenica Autopsy reports For twenty-five years autopsy reports have been the only tangible evidence in existence of what passes as the “Srebrenica narrative”. Between 1996 and 2001 those reports were prepared by the forensic experts of the Office of the Prosecutor of the Hague Tribunal. Technically, the task of those experts was to conduct exhumations of mass graves considered to be related to the mid-July 1995 execution of

Top Rabbi: America is Collapsing, Israel must Step Up as new World Superpower One of Israel’s most respected rabbis, Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu, has released a statement on the status of America as a waning world superpower and a message of hope for Israel to fill the void. Rabbi Eliyahu is the Chief Rabbi of Safed and a member of the Chief Rabbinate Council The big crisis that is currently happening in America Regarding the outcome of the US elections, Rabbi Eliyahu explains

President Bashar al-Assad wins Syrian presidential elections in a landslide!

You probably did not hear about it, at least in Zone A, but Syrian President Bashar Hafez al-Assad has just won the Syrian Presidential election with over 95% of the vote and a participation of 78% (you can read about it on the webpage of the Syrian information agency SANA here: This is a HUGE defeat for both the USA and, even more so, Israel. See some photographs of

China, Iran sign 25-year comprehensive strategic partnership deal

Crossposted from PressTV Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and his Iranian counterpart Mohammad Javad Zarif have signed a 25-year comprehensive strategic partnership agreement, marking a milestone in bilateral relations between the two countries.    The two diplomats put their signatures on the document in Tehran Saturday in a ceremony carried live on national television. Wang and Zarif also marked “half a century of friendly dilomatic relations” by opening an exhibition of documents on the