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From “Non-agreement capable” to “have you gone crazy”

I was watching a major Russian talkshow, 60 minutes. They began by reporting that Tillerson had called Trump a “moron”. Then they translated an excerpt from this article in the Washington Post: Rex is a big dog. Rex is the top dog. Rex has a good job. Rex can fly! Rex has a jet. Fly, Rex, fly. Rex flies to other lands. Rex sits. Rex shakes. Rex speaks. When Rex

US propaganda on Russian TV

Quite a while ago I wrote an article entitled “Counter-Propaganda, Russian style” in which I tried to show that far from censoring the russophobic propaganda of the AngloZionist Empire, the Russians try hard to give it as much visibility in Russia as possible.  The reason for that it very simple: by showing the Empire’s propaganda the Russian media provides incontrovertible evidence of the hatred the Empire has for Russia and

Trump’s UN speech “most atrocious” by a US pres. – Wilkerson

Note by the Saker: In my commentary to Trump’s speech yesterday I wrote in a sidebar “There are plenty of highly-educated officers in the US armed forces who understand history and who know that money brings corruption, not victory. But they are mostly kept at ranks no higher than Colonel and you will often find them in military teaching institutions and academies“.  Today, I am posting the example of one

International Law? The Americans Don’t Give A Damn

by Christopher Black for the New Eastern Outlook The United States of America has sunk to a new low in diplomacy and civilized relations between nation states with its demand that Russia close its consular missions in San Francisco, Washington and New York, quickly followed by its order that the consular staff leave the premises while the FBI conducted a search of the premises and staffers personal apartments. To order

Death of the 2nd Amendment on the Internet

Note by the Saker: if you don’t care about the Second Amendment, consider this: if they can go after the Second, there is nothing stopping them going after the First next.  Besides, did you ever wonder why the Founding Fathers put the 2nd Amendment right after the 1st?  Yes, why does the 2nd one come 2nd?  Think carefully!

Anti-goyim headline by the Huffington Post

See here for the details about Sam Levine’s article, photo and headline: I won’t even bother commenting myself.  QED is all I will say. The Saker and a few assorted reactions: