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CrossTalk: Ukraine, End of Beginning (+ commentary)

Commentary:First, I have to admit that I could not bring myself to watch this show to the end.  Listening to Mary Dejevsky spew her arrogant certitudes about the Ukraine gave me a stomach ache and I had to stop.  What I do want to draw your attention to, however, is the idea which seems to have been somehow accepted by by Mary Dejevsky and Ray McGovern: that the EU and

Background information on the situation in the Ukraine

Dear friends, I am publishing the following map and videos “for your information”, as background information about the current situation. This map is current as of yesterday.  It is in Russian, but it is also rather self-explanatory. Please click here for a very high resolution version of this map I have to tell you honestly that I do not have the time or stomach the following videos which were sent

A musical requiem (of sorts) for those who died in Slaviansk

Warning: the language of war is not a delicate one, nor is the language used in this song.  To those who might be shocked by the kind of “non-normative lexicon” used here by Grebenshchikov, and who clearly have never been anywhere near a Russian military unit, I will say that this is nothing compared to what you could have heard form the defenders of Slaviansk.  As for the message of

A lesson in hope from Roger

I don’t know about you, but I sure don’t feel very festive today.  I just was outdoors with my son and we heard the distance sounds of fireworks going off.  From time to time, a rocket shot up into the night sky.  And even though this will sound trite, I have to tell you that my thoughts went to the night sky over Slaviansk, Kramatorsk and Nikolaevka who, in some

Kindergarten? Nuthouse? Zoo? You pick!

Remember the assault on the Russian Embassy in Kiev?  Well here is some footage of the Ukie Foreign Minister – the counterpart of Sergei Lavrov – who, when he came to express his support for this violation of the Vienna Convention, is heard agreeing with a demonstrator and saying “Putin khuilo”.  The word “khuilo” can be translated as “dick” or “fucker” or “dickhead” (no need to believe me, the Guardian

Appeal for help: can somebody translate this into English?

Dear friends,Is there somebody here who could translate this video into English?  Especially, the segment between 1:20 and 11:41.  But, of course, translating the full video would be better.If somebody could volunteer his/her time and effort to translate this video, I would recommend posting a note here in the comments section so that others do not duplicate the effort.  Maybe some of you could get in touch with each other

“For Inna” – a video which should be circulated worldwide

On 2 June 2014 an air strike of the Ukrainian Air force on city of Lugansk resulted in 8 deaths and 28 wounded.  Inna Vladimirovna Kukurudza (Кукурудза Инна Владимировна), an employee credit union was one the number of the innocent civilian victims murdered that day. She died in the ambulance after the horrific injuries that we see at the end of this video.  This video was made as a tribute to

Ukie An-30 spy-plane apparently shot down by NDF

From RT on YouTube: Witnesees report the An-30 was hit over Slavyansk at 17:04 local time. It continued over the horizon. Unconfirmed reports state the pilots ejected and the plane crashed somewhere between Nikolaevka and Krasny Liman, near Golubie Ozera (Blue Lakes) region. It’s also reported that the plane was hit by anti-air missile, presumably launched by anti-Kiev militia: