This comment, in response to the post ‘The Daesh Chronicles:…”, was selected by mod-hs. He felt that it provided an alternative view of the current world situation, a view that sees everything going quite well for the US and NATO, with all goals being met. Quite cynical and thought provoking.

by FromSerbia

The author writes: “It was as if they did not learn from Afghanistan…Iraq…Libya” My question is – learn what? All 3 cases are a resuonding success for the empire. Look at the facts:
Afghanistan – total chaos rules in the heart of Central Asia. Heroin production is better than ever. ISIS is spreading fast and radical Wahhabis are poised to threaten CSTO members, and Russia and China, eventually.
Iraq – total chaos and lawlessness rules large parts of Iraq. The central gov is weak and cant do much about the lawlessness. The Kurds can declare independence and get away with it because there is no one to stop them. Through the destruction of Iraq they facilitated the creation of ISIS since the core of the organization is made up of ex Iraqi officers and soldiers. I presume that the plan was also to have ISIS infiltrate Iran and Caucuses once they were done in Syria/Iraq.
And lastly, Libya. Besides plain robbery of the Ghadaffi family in particular, and the Libyan and African people in general, the goal was once again chaos. Instability in Libya means instability in all surrounding regions. Egypt will never finish off Muslim Brotherhood so long as there is a jihad highway coming in from Libya. Tunis is threatened, and so is another gov that the empire would love to bring down – Algeria. Mali has been taken under control of the empire due to Libya’s instability. All of east, west, and central Africa is threatened by ISIS. So Libya, perhaps, is the biggest success of the empire.
Lastly, let’s take a quick look at why this was panned. Refugees, and terrorist infiltrators, are not some blowback – it is a planned campaign. The first part of the plan was to surround America’s “allies” (read, colonies) by chaos from the south (all of Levant and south coast of Middle Earth Sea – yes, thats how we call it in Serbia – ruled by ISIS & collaborators such as Muslim Brotherhood and assorted local Wahhabi lunatics); the second part of the plan is the threat represented by the big bad bear from the east and north (Arctic).
Is the plan working? It is, and magnificently. True, the empire cant get their natural gas pipeline to Europe, just yet. They certainly won’t stop trying. In the meantime, NATO presence in Europe, and around Russia and China in general, is being drastically strengthened. For now, it’s just another American battalion here and there, but the long term buildup is obvious. The NATO forces serve 2 purposes in Europe:
1st (and foremost) to occupy Europe and keep it in America’s grip tightly. 2nd purpose is to threaten Russia. Has the empire succeeded with respect to both purposes? Spectacularly. Destroying all those countries was a resounding success for the empire.
Whats a few thousand American/ NATO soldiers/ cannon fodder lives in the end? To the empire it means nothing.
Whats a trillion dollars spent, more or less? How hard is it for them to just add a few more digits into electronic accounts, or print more dollars? Who’s going to stop them?
And now, let’s talk about the refugees, and terrorist infiltrators. Is somebody actually trying to argue that the planners of Arab Spring (but really, Arab fall) didnt anticipate the mass migration? That it wasn’t planned, and supported by colonial EU governments? Don’t be fooled by Mogherinis crocodile tears. She is probably dancing on the graves of the victims right now.
The goal behind the refuge crisis is, once again, chaos. Surprised? Don’t be. The Saker said that he expects popular revolutions across the EU, starting with the rebellious and free spirited people of France. He expects them to say “enough is enough” to their respective colonial governments. So do I. And so does the empire. Hence the terrorist infiltrators. All of EU will burn before they are free of imperial oppression. When people do rise, first will come attempts to co-opt them, and hijack popular revolutions. Syriza anyone? If that doesn’t work, the empire will do what it does best – create chaos. There will be war in Europe.
The war in Europe can take on many forms: right vs. left; Christian vs. Muslim; terrorist vs. police/army. It doesn’t matter. The point is, Europe will burn.

The empire will never allow any colonies to become free. EU, Japan, Korea, and Wahhabi kingdoms will all burn before they are free. The logic is very simple, yet exceptionally effective. When the rich and powerful who are used to neoliberalism face the prospect of their entire country burning before their eyes, where will they go? Russia, China, or USA?
The rich will move to USA, bringing their wealth and thus allow the empire to continue to prosper, for a while longer. The USA will continue to play the role of bastion of economic/political/security stability while the world burns. Thats how they are going to remain powerful for now and the foreseeable future.

The empire does not look ahead for 1,2 or 5 years, nor does it aimlessly wander from one crises to another depending on the presidential administration. Their plans are set for decades, even centuries ahead, and all apparatchiks work towards the realization of the plans that are far bigger than them.

There are no mistakes or coincidences in the policies of the empire. Iraq and Libya (and all victims of the empire) were not mistakes; it was policy. The policy will continue. It seems that the witch Hillary Clinton is to become the public face of the empire. A criminal (according to American law) & a lunatic like her coming to “power” signals that the empire’s policy if chaos and destruction of nations is about to go into overdrive.

I hope that Donald Trump represents the other side of empires policy, the need to retreat and regroup in the face of recent defeats. Although I sincerely doubt that anything will change regardless of who is the president, or, better put, the public face of the empire.

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