NOTE: Just a few corrected stats:

There are seven independent Saker blogs in total (original, Russian, French, German, Latin American, Oceania, Italian) in five languages (English, French, Russian, Italian, Spanish).  It is hard to estimate how many people actually work on these blogs in total, but I would say that roughly 100 active members sounds right to me.  I am also trying to get some reliable figures the number of pages read by unique visitors each day and this is much harder than one would think, but here are some very tentative figures (just for this blog) for  yesterday:


This is a very rough and inaccurate figure.  The real number of unique visitors that day was probably way below the “total requests” and somewhat higher than the “unique visitors” shown here.  The tool used here is GoAccess which has many limitations.  On blogger my very best was 70’000+ one day, in the middle of the combats in the Ukraine and the worst around 20’000+ but we cannot compare the way Blogger, GoAccess and, say, Piwik define and measure unique visitors. So there is this “comparing apples and oranges” problem happening now.  For whatever it’s worth, judging by the comments, emails, etc. I would say that the new blog is as active now (in relative peace time) as it was when events were “hot” last year.  I discussed this issue with some members of the IT team and we will try to identify some useful and less ambiguous solution.

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