Support Russia, take back Taiwan (

As far as the current Sino-US relationship is concerned, I would single out four crucial aspects.

Firstly, if China and the United States can ease their hostile relationship, it will make a huge difference to overall world peace.

But now American politicians, who have lost their minds, have taken a course towards a new Cold War towards China

So we can have no illusions, we must prepare to fight.

Secondly, most of the world is not willing to choose sides.

Since the Sino-US trade war initiated by Trump, virtually all countries have expressed a very clear general trend, they are not willing to choose between China and the United States.

Thirdly, American politicians are schizophrenics.

From Biden to Blinken, to Catherine Tai and Janet Yellen, almost all high-ranking officials suffer from “schizophrenia.”

There really are no mature politicians in the United States, no politicians who are consistent in word and deed. High-ranking American officials and leading think-tanks have given the country no good ideas, have corrupted the orderly world and the rules created after World War II.

Fourthly, China should be prepared not only for short-term confrontation, but also for long-term strategic preparation to counter the US plans to suppress China.

If the US and the West impose destructive sanctions against China, similar to those against Russia, we must take back Taiwan, we must take over TSMC, the company that was originally owned by China. TSMC is forcing the transfer of its technology to the US to build six factories there, we must not let that happen.

We must support Russia openly, reasonably and to the best of our ability. We can also do more in terms of trade so that China and Russia can connect through the Belt and Road and the Eurasian Union proposed by Putin.

– Chen Wenlin (陈文玲), chief economist at the China Center for International Economic Exchanges

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