China’s virus response has been ‘breathtaking’

By Pepe Escobar – posted with permission

Chinese President Xi Jinping is leading a scientific ‘People’s War’ against the coronavirus

Would Mao Zedong (pictured in background at Tiananmen Gate in Beijing) be happy with China’s attempt to win a ‘People’s War’ on the coronavirus? Photo: Nicolas Asfouri / AFP

President Xi Jinping formally told WHO head Tedros Ghebreyesus, at their meeting in Beijing earlier this week, that the coronavirus epidemic “is a devil and we cannot allow the devil to hide.”

Ghebreyesus for his part could not but praise Beijing for its extremely swift, coordinated response strategy – which includes fast identification of the genome sequence. Chinese scientists have already handed over to Russian counterparts the virus genome, with snap tests able to identify it in a human body within two hours. A Russia-China vaccine is under development.

The devil, of course, is always in the details. In a matter of a few days, at the peak of the most congested travel period of the year, China did manage to quarantine an urban environment of over 56 million people, including megalopolis Wuhan and three nearby cities. This is an absolute first in terms of public health, anytime in history.

Wuhan, with a GDP growth of 8.5% a year, is a significant business center for China. It lies at the strategic crossroads of the Yangtze and Han rivers and at a railway crossroads as well – between the north-south axis linking Guangzhou to Beijing and the east-west axis linking Shanghai to Chengdu.

As premier Li Keqiang was sent to Wuhan, President Xi visited the strategic southern province of Yunnan, where he extolled the immense government apparatus to boost control and sanitary prevention mechanisms to limit propagation of the virus.

Coronavirus catches China at an extremely sensitive juncture – after the (failed) Hybrid War tactics displayed in Hong Kong; an American pro-Taiwan offensive; the trade war far from solved by a mere “phase 1” deal while more sanctions are being plotted against Huawei; and even the assassination of Maj. Gen. Qasem Soleimani, which ultimately is about targeting the expansion of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) in Southwest Asia (Iran-Iraq-Syria).

The Big Picture spells out Total Information War and non-stop weaponization of the China “threat” – now even metastasized, with racist overtones, as a bio-threat. So how vulnerable is China?

A people’s war

For almost five years now a maximum-security biolab has been operating in Wuhan dedicated to the study of highly pathogenic micro-organisms – set up in partnership with France after the SARS epidemic. In 2017, Nature magazine was warning about the risks of dispersion of pathogenic agents out of this lab. Yet there’s no evidence this might have happened.

In crisis management terms, President Xi has lived up to the occasion – ensuring that China fights coronavirus with nearly total transparency (after all, the internet wall remains in place). Beijing has warned the whole government apparatus in no uncertain terms not to attempt any cover-ups. A real-time webpage, in English, here, is available to everyone. Whoever is not doing enough will face serious consequences. One can imagine what awaits the party chief in Hubei, Jiang Chaoliang.

A post that went viral all over the mainland this past Sunday states, “We in Wuhan have truly entered the stage of people’s war against the new viral pneumonia”; and many people, “mainly Communist Party members” have been confirmed as “volunteers and observers according to street units.”

Crucially, the government directed everyone to install a “Wuhan Neighbors” applet downloaded from WeChat. That determines “our home’s quarantine address through satellite positioning, and then lock on our affiliated community organization and volunteers. Thenceforth, our social activities and information announcements would be connected to the system.”

Theoretically, this means that “anyone who develops a fever will report their condition through the network as soon as possible. The system will immediately provide an online diagnosis, and locate and register your quarantine address. If you need to see a doctor, your community will arrange a car to send you to the hospital through volunteers. At the same time, the system will track your progress: hospitalization, treatment at home, discharge, death, etc.”

So here we have millions of Chinese citizens totally mobilized in what’s routinely described as a “people’s war” using “high technology to fight against illness.” Millions are also drawing their own conclusions when comparing it with the use of app software to fight against the police in Hong Kong.

The biogenetic puzzle

Apart from crisis management, the speed of the Chinese scientific response has been breathtaking – and obviously not fully appreciated in an environment of Total Information War. Compare the Chinese performance with the American CDC, arguably the top infectious disease research agency in the world, with an $11 billion annual budget and 11,000 employees.

During the Ebola epidemic in West Africa in 2014 – considered a maximum urgency, and facing a virus with a 90% fatality rate – the CDC took no less than two months from getting the first patient sample to identifying the complete genomic sequence. The Chinese did it in a few days.

During the swine flu in the US in 2009 – 55 million infected Americans, 11,000 killed – the CDC took over a month and a half to come up with identification kits.

The Chinese took only one week from the first patient sample to complete, vital identification and sequencing of coronavirus. Right away, they went for publication and deposit in the genomics library for immediate access by the whole planet. Based on this sequence, Chinese biotech companies produced validated essays within a week – also a first.

And we’re not even talking about the now notorious building of a brand new state of the art hospital in Wuhan in record time just to treat victims of coronavirus. No victims will pay for their treatment. Additionally, Healthy China 2030, the reform of the health/development system, will be boosted.

Coronavirus opens a true Pandora’s box on biogenetics. Serious questions remain about experiences in vivo in which the consent of “patients” will not be required – considering the collective psychosis initially developed by Western corporate media and even the WHO around coronavirus. Coronavirus could well become a pretext for genetic experiments via vaccines.

Meanwhile, it’s always enlightening to remember Great Helmsman Mao Zedong. For Mao, the top two political variables were “independence” and “development.” That implies full sovereignty. As Xi seems determined to prove a sovereign civilization-state is able to win a scientific “people’s war,” that does not exactly spell out “vulnerability.”

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      • Just something to think about. As China’s people have become wealthier they have adopted many Western habits. One of them is a huge increase in pet ownership, particularly dogs and cats. Nothing wrong with that. I love animals. BUT do not under any circumstances kiss your pet and allow them to lick your face and mouth. I don’t care what anyone says but I’m certain various pathogens between humans and animals are transferred this way. I’ve noticed that Western people have no qualms about kissing their pets, getting licked by them, sleeping in the same bed and they have probably built up some kind of resistance but as pet ownership is a relatively new phenomenon in China, the people there haven’t built up a natural immunity to these bugs etc. Perhaps this virus has originated from a simple reason such as this. Who knows? Even various Native American tribes have believed that dogs can pass on cancer and therefore should be kept outside. By all means keep and respect pets but remember there needs to be distinction between us and them. I repeat, don’t kiss them, don’t let them lick your face, wash your hands after touching them, don’t let them eat from plates you eat from, and preferably keep them outside with adequate shelter.

        • nCov is artificially created, not naturally evolved out of HIV and Corona. The HIV gene is “hidden” inside the nCov virus as a payload and gets activated when when certain conditions are met –> this is a binary virus a bio-weapon nothing to do with french kissing your pet.

        • Release the bio-weapon in a Chinese city where they eat bats, dogs –> you have plausible deniability, you can always blame China’s disgusting eating habits for the “outbreak” of the virus.

            • Ebola is a naturally evolved virus, nCov not. Many nCov patients develop SARDS (instead of a regular cold which you get with Corona), SARDS is an autoimmune disorder just like AIDS. That is also why everybody is advising HIV/AIDS medication to “treat” nCov infected patients.

                • ‘ it was carried out in the UK with elderly patients suffering from pneumonia or bronchitis (5). Therapeutic vitamin C (0.2g/day) caused a statistically significant decrease in a score of respiratory symptoms in the patients who were most severely ill when admitted to hospital, and a decrease bordering on statistical significance in all patients (5). Furthermore, there were 6 deaths during the trial, all due to respiratory infections: 5 of them in the placebo group but only 1 in the vitamin C group .

                  The possibility that therapeutic vitamin C supplementation may reduce the severity of respiratory infections seems to warrant further controlled trials, especially in the light of the SARS epidemic.’


                  Oxford Journal of antimicrobe treatment.

                  (0.2g is the active dose per person here)

                  The LD50 (50 percent death rate) for vitamin C is 11,900 mg/kg which makes it very safe.

                  I would add Sodium Ascorbate or Ascorbic acid directly to the water supply in a pandemic. You could stockpile it like grit for icy weather and add it directly to municipal pipes.

                  • what you are saying about vitamin C is consistent with what i read in Linus Pauling’s book – I think it was called How to Live Longer and Be happier.

                    He was a friend with my friend’s American uncle (who I was told invented Dry Cell). This uncle had a prostate cancer. His friend Linus designed a therapy (which included vitamin C I was told by his niece my friend). And he cured this guy

              • Ebola/Aids are bioweapons that were engineered to kill African people. When the Africans were dying from
                the “naturally evolved Ebola” like dogs, it was the Russians that came up with a vaccine and offered it to all of the African countries free of charge.

                An American company already had a patent for a cure, but they said it would take several months and would cost thousands of dollars. When the Russians made the announcement of giving the African countries the vaccine free of cost, Ebola dissapeared from the American press and the spread of the disease ended.

                During the outbreak Africans were also attacking American biological weapon labs, European, and American aid workers.
                African countries are densely populated with American biologial weapon labs. This is probably why Russia is so concerned about these labs increasing presence around her borders.

            • From what I’ve read, ebola was transmitted from bats. The first cases were in children who had handled a bat. Ebola has been around for a long while; it’s the demographics of the infected areas that permitted broad transmission. It used to be that an isolated village would get ebola, and it would burn out in the village. Greater movement of population is what made the epidemic.

          • @ dave

            … ” … releasing bio weapon in a chinese city where they eat bats … ” …

            Sure ,
            releasing bio weapon composed in a military lab and brought samples to china is very highely likely , knowing their habits to eat bats and other strange animals.
            It is just false flag , cover up for introduction of composed lab virus , military grade.
            World knows those chinese habits , and belive virus came from bats. Very possibly , but probably from bats from montana or utah , or some equped lab in arizona ,…

            But , aside from nowdays as powerful bio weapon made virus , there were examples of chinese introduced horrible desease back there in XII century…and later years.
            Black death , plague ,… Spread throughout earth , kiling half earth population.

            There were ” totem animals ” and eating their meat , specialy intestines was very strictly forbidden , and mostly people obeyed that rule… but some coulple wished to eat meat from totem animal , whose intestines were loaded with plague carrier.
            And that couple , as i recall , from some place in mongolia , delivered plague to china , and european merchants brought it back to europe , and death dance begun.

            So men curiosity and not obeying totem restrictions made horrible disaster.
            Even at those years if not scientifically known , but somehow people anyway sensed that eating totem meat was dangerous.
            So they activated totem meat restrictions , but as always there were those who disobeyed.
            Even today there are totem restrictions , as well as those hungry who do not follow restrictions.
            And eating meat of animals that contain viruses… death dance in circles…continues.

        • I have always had dogs – and they have been licking me and kissing me all the time and I have never been sick (apart from a cold once every decade or so).
          I have never had any parasites
          Same with cats (although in my experience they never try to kiss you).
          As a kid in Serbia we had 13 cats

          • Tomo I’d be very careful with cats: they carry a parasite that infects the mammalian brain: Toxoplasma Gondii. It used to be thought that this protozoan parasite was harmless in adult humans with normal immune function, however now we know better. BTW this parasite is deadly to human unborn babies, which why pregnant women are mandated by their doctor to stay away from cat litter (fecal matter). Babies that are infected by this cat borne brain parasite suffer mental retardation but usually death.

            Now in adult human males it has been proven that this parasite is implicated in decreased IQ, increased depression, passivity, decreased reflexes (that lead to higher mortality rates from car accidents, workplace accidents), attention deficit, etc. Etc.

            Don’t take my word for it, go search Google for the info and you can see for yourself.

        • I disagree with “pet ownership is a relatively new phenomenon in China, the people there haven’t built up a natural immunity to these bugs etc.” I lived there from 2002 to 2016 and saw the rise in pet love, especially for dogs. The government outlawed dog pet theft. But they had, for a very long time, close relations with their farm animals. Many of my students and colleagues spoke of the special relationships they had with their farm animals and I saw such living in villages there. However one day I was working in one of Qingdao’s outer cities and heard shouting in the unison of a crowd, so I went t check it out. There was a monkey handler. He had a monkey on a heavy chain and was cursing the monkey. The more he cursed the more the monkey ignored him. The monkey stood about 5′ 6″ high. The handler got more and more riled. He approached the monkey shouting obscenities at it in Chinese. He got to about 2 feet away and the monkey took a step forward and punched the in the mouth with a right hook, blood splattered every where and the crowd roared in delight and celebration of finally seeing such a monkey strike back. The handler went down. Some people unchained the monkey but it stayed by the handler unconscious on the pavement. Later in the day I saw the monkey and the handler walking side by side down a street, like two good friends!
          Check this out:

    • Buts isnt the USA playing with fire with this bio war business?
      Clearly the USA isnt the only nation with high capability in this field.

      developing bio-weapons isnt building nuclear weapons. it seems lots can be done with minimum
      infrastructure. that being the case what if actors do stuff and uleash everywhere..ON THE USA ITSELF?

      why would this Pandora be fully opened..not that they have not been doign it already. it appears all restraints and limits are now removed

        • So a virus which shows signs of splicing (HIV and bat corona virus) and appears to discriminate for Asian males, turns up in the middle of China in a strategic business & crossroads city where rivers and railroads meet….looks like someone released a bioweapon..??

          • I think this nCov is a binary virus (or Chimeric virus) — “Combining two pathogenic viruses increases the lethality of the new virus”.
            To maximize mobility, the weapon should minimize mortality at first. It will look deceptively innocuous for most of its life. But mortality will rise drastically at the end. The average virologist could be baffled by its behavior because it violates a well-known model.


              • It’s amazing how many people are clueless. NO this is totally wrong. The HIV sequence allows the virus to enter the host cell’s membrane more easily. It amplifies the ability of the virus to infect host cels. No you won’t get HIV as a result of being infected, but it’s possible that the tissue damage after surviving this virus would be a lot more extensive.

                • @Joe Privacy It amazes how (Removed insult.Please don’t insult fellow posters,MOD) about the rulers of your nation, your country just released a bio-weapon on China!
                  I said you will get AIDS like symptoms, it is a fact that many nCov patients (+- 20%) will develop ARDS which is a dangerous autoimmune disorder just like AIDS. It is a fact that many doctors including western doctors advise HIV/AIDS treatment. It is a fact that doctors do not understand what is happening, 1 moment the virus + symptoms in a body appear, then disappears then reappears. That is a binary bio weapon!

                  • Your posts are loaded with misinformation and misdirections that are not based on facts (Please leave the personal attacks out, mod). My previous post didn’t insult you, but merely stated my impression that you appear to be (insult removed, mod) strangely self-confident.

                    “…the rulers of your nation, your country just released a bio-weapon on China!” Which nation might that be exactly? This is a statement that’s not based on known facts. (personal attack removed, mod)

                    “I said you will get AIDS like symptoms” wrong again. You don’t get aids-like symptoms. AIDS/HIV drugs appear to be effective because they disrupt the protein mechanism that allows to the virus to breach cell walls. The virus doesn’t target only your immune system cells (like HIV), but targets EVERY cell it can get into in its attempt to replicate. Don’t post drivel when you don’t know what you’re talking about.

                    This whole article is misdirection and propaganda. The speed with which China quarantined the population of France in under 1 week, IS THE SMOKING GUN, which reveals that they knew EXACTLY what they released on the unsuspecting population. Hundreds of thousands of people get the flue every winter, but no country declares a national emergency and seals off whole cities because some people are showing flu symptoms. The scale and speed of the response to me is proof that the Chinese government is the culprit. The latest information from China points to the fact that the Chinese government knew as early as December that this “flu” can be passed from human to human, but chose to keep it a secret. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, chances are, IT’S A DUCK.

                    Now back to your regular scheduled programming about the “breathtaking People’s Army response to the virus threat…”.

                    • Come on now. for what logical reason would the chinese goverment release a deadly bio weapon on it’s own people?

                      Are the Chinese also responsible for the pork virus that wiped out 50% of their own pork supplies?

                      Anyone that can put 2 and 2 together sees what the pattern is showing: these viruses and bio weapons, the culprit is certainly NOT the Chinese goverment.

                      Us, UK, Israel, and India seem like the state actors moat likely to me

                • @Joe Privacy You are totally wrong. The HIV sequence gets activated when certain conditions are met, that is why some people just develop a cold as what you expect to get from a Corona infection, others develop an autoimmune disorder just like AIDS where the body’s immune system destroys it’s lungs and other organs. This is a binary bio-weapon with different effects (autoimmune disorder or just a cold). A weapon your country covertly released on China! USA does not want competition from China or Russia (remember the Wolfowitz doctrine?).

          • True! Should also add that the three cities of Wŭhàn (Wŭchàng, Hànkŏu and Hànchàng) is the central mustering area for the Chinese Central Continental Army and Missile commands.
            In my experience from passing through Wŭhàn and street-dining there in 1972, 1976, 1984, 2000 and 2007, that city’s cuicine is not in any way so marked by the eating of strange animals as for instance the Cantonese region.

        • My god. EXCELLENT FIND. Thank you for sharing.

          So, ‘someone has blended the corovirus with strands of HIV to make a supervirus that SPECIFICALLY targets Asian men. This is the devils work, and I’m not talking about the biblical sense. The vile people that manufactured have no right to live on planet earth; nor do the sponsors of those that made it.

          Anyone remember when the U.$. DOD was advertising for Russian White Males to ‘sell their blood serum’ for a few thousand dollars… It was a U.$. DOD advertisement on the internet for a few days. You HAD to be Russian and currently living in Russia, and the blood serum had to be ‘collected at a recognised U.$. medical facility’ with proof of nationalisation and heredity provided prior to payment. I read the ad via a website: 401 Seeker..? or Follow the Money: 401 (I think that’s what it was). Sadly that website was hacked and taken down, and so is the reference to the ad which has now been memory-holed.

  1. The selection of local governors in China mainly depends on the economy. Insufficient attention is paid to medical treatment and insufficient talents, which leads to insufficient control in the initial outbreak.
    But once it gets the attention of bureaucrats, the efficiency of China’s country is amazing.

  2. Impressive response. I have also read that the Chinese have found a treatmemt which can break down the protein structure of this microorganism. Pretty quick work considering that it is a surprise outbreak, and the difficulties due to the volume of people and holiday travel.

  3. I just got back from China.

    Pepe is right. The response is breathtaking.

    I saw boxes of breath masks delivered – at just one location – which must have contained tens of thousands of respiration masks. The boxes were piled five feet high, maybe ten feet deep and 150 feet long. That was just one location.

    You cannot get into an airport without being scanned for fever. And, now, temperature scanning is spreading even into the entrances for private residential buildings. People with fever are immediately transferred for care and observation. In private businesses everyone wears masks and every attempt is made to sanitize everything.

    When people get home from being outside, they wash their hands in rubbing alcohol in order to kill viruses that they may have picked up.

    The response is breathtaking.

      • Thanks for asking.

        Yes, I am fine. I do have more to share since I am still in phone contact with China.

        As you know, there are a number of cities surrounding Wuhan that are subject to special restrictions. Although, it is not reported in the Western media, cities outside of that initial group of cities are now imposing controls.

        For instance, in Kunming (a city in southwest China which is almost the size of New York) the subway (or at least a major part of it) has been shut down. People are not allowed to enter stores selling groceries unless they have faces masks to prevent transmission of disease. Anyone who has been to Wuhan is subject to monitoring for the incubation period of the disease. Such people, however, are allowed to live in their homes but monitored to see if they develop the disease. Residential buildings, wherein people have been found to be infected, are quarantined. Some of these buildings are huge, you are talking about quarantining buildings which are 30 stories high.

        The bad news is that supply centers are running out of face masks and disinfectants. Rubbing alcohol cannot be found. This has me worried, I have people over there that I care about. I am buying stuff from Amazon and shipping over to China.

        • Reports of unsterilized surgical gowns are being spread throughout the U.S.

          Necessary surgery’s are being postponed due to the possibility of infection. There is no solution other than time, but another lesson is learned about the farming of jobs overseas and the ability to control not only design, but work the environment of sensitive materials.

          I know we passed the point of no return on many issues concerning the ability of the gvt to act on behalf of its citizens, but at some point a negligence of obligations charge should be brought up by qualified individuals in fields of interest or this negligence is going to spread like Australian wild fire.

          • Alabama,

            There is a lot of deliberate disinformation being spread about China. My own observations from being there is that the efforts they are making are superb. I honestly doubt that the US can match the response that the Chinese have delivered.

            • I can not disagree Mike, I am upset though with our industry’s, about how literally everything is being made in china, we as industries cant/dont make anything beyond the hardware for military purposes, another thing that I’ll do my level best to hold the politician accountable for, no matter how long it takes.

        • Hi Mike from Jersey, you wrote that when (Chinese) people get home from being outside, they wash their hands in rubbing alcohol and that you are buying stuff and shipping it to China. I’d like to point out that you don’t always need rubbing alcohol to clean your hands. Washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water is good enough for removing the new coronavirus. See for example:

          This is a Hong Kong government website, so its English isn’t perfect.

          Best of luck to you and your loved ones in China.

  4. The Chinese have performed medically, socially, and governmentally with a superb professionalism, internally and globally. They are setting a standard that WHO recognized is the best ever.

    Of course, Sinophobia is rampant. The Cultural Divide is half that emotion. Eating wild and unusual animals which may be the source of this outbreak is a divide too far for millions of non-Chinese.

    What matters now is how all the other nations prepare for outbreaks and how the developed countries assist the poor nations.

    The long term impact will turn positive. Lessons learned will be very valuable. And China’s people will come out of this better educated and demanding social controls over food sources and street vending services of foods, wild or not.

    Throughout civilizations disasters, disease and wars teach hard lessons. This is one more in a long line of such events.

    In a few months, this too will pass.

    Just keep this in mind. 80,000 Americans die from the flu each year. 15,000,000 catch the flu each year.
    No one panics. The rest of the world doesn’t demonize the US for this horrible health event.

    Get your flu shot. You can’t blame the Chinese if you get sick from influenza.

    • Nobody should want a problem to get out of hand, if this had occurred here in the states we probably would have a health crisis never seen here before. I mean can you imagine sitting there waiting for the stick thermometer to tell you to proceed? The methods and technology used at the tip of a hat have impressed even I, and I am not easily impressed. Tip of the hat to China should they contain this virus in a timely manner, if not, well another tip for trying so hard.

    • I may have had the Flu as recently as 4 years ago this month (was pretty bad, but I didn’t see a doctor, just rode it out best I could). Not sure if it was Influenza or not, but it did attack my lungs and sinuses pretty good. When I was a child I had asthma and would be hospitalized ever 2-2.5 years with pneumonia. I’m a little unsettled about this new outbreak, considering past experiences with respiratory illnesses. That said, I haven’t had a Flu vaccination in at least 15 years. Got real sick once during that time. Do some people just have the immune system to deal with a potential initial contamination better than others (particularly if they don’t get the vaccine?) I’m not anti- or pro- vaccine. Perhaps I should get more educated about them. Maybe it is just random chance that I only got infected once in over 15 years.

    • Not many people die because of the flu.

      “Drilling down into flu deceptions and mind-boggling lies

      Not every mainstream medical professional is trying to lie about the flu.

      Most of these people, as a result of their indoctrination, simply assume conventional wisdom is true.

      But as you move toward the top of the ladder—for example, public health agencies like the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC)—there are definitely some first-class liars on board.

      The information I’m about to spring on you—and I’ve posted this before—is in the category of: HOW CAN THAT BE TRUE? IF THAT WERE TRUE, THEN EVERYTHING I’VE BEEN TOLD AND EVERYTHING I’VE BELIEVED IS INCREDIBLY FALSE.

      And that’s a problem for many people. They would rather hold on to a falsehood than shift allegiance to the truth, when the truth makes them view authority figures in a whole new light.

      So…buckle up. Here we go.

      The first issue is: how many people in the US die every year from the flu?

      The CDC used to issue the same figure every year; 36,000. Then they modified that rote estimate, when it was finally challenged. They equivocated: “Flu seasons are unpredictable and can be severe. Over a period of 30 years, between 1976 and 2006, estimates of flu-associated deaths in the United States range from a low of about 3,000 to a high of about 49,000 people.”

      In December of 2005, the British Medical Journal (online) published a shocking report by Peter Doshi, which created tremors through the halls of the CDC.

      Here is a quote from Doshi’s report, “Are US flu death figures more PR than science?” (BMJ 2005; 331:1412):

      “[According to CDC statistics], ‘influenza and pneumonia’ took 62,034 lives in 2001—61,777 of which were attributable to pneumonia and 257 to flu, and in only 18 cases was the flu virus positively identified.”


      You see, the CDC created one overall category that combines both flu and pneumonia deaths. Why do they do this? Because they disingenuously assume that the pneumonia deaths are complications stemming from the flu.

      This is an absurd assumption. Pneumonia has a number of causes.

      But even worse, in all the flu and pneumonia deaths, only 18 revealed the presence of an influenza virus.

      Therefore, the CDC could not say, with assurance, that more than 18 people died of influenza in 2001. Not 36,000 deaths. 18 deaths.

      Doshi continued his assessment of published CDC flu-death statistics: “Between 1979 and 2001, [CDC] data show an average of 1348 [flu] deaths per year (range 257 to 3006).” These figures refer to flu separated out from pneumonia.

      This death toll is obviously far lower than the parroted 36,000 figure………………….However, when you add the sensible condition that lab tests have to actually find the flu virus in patients, the numbers of flu deaths would plummet even further……………………….
      It will completely ignore its mandate to care about human health, and it will get away with it—as long as people are willing to accept falsehoods instead of the truth, as long as people would rather cling to what authority figures tell them.”

      Jon Rappoport

      You can find this article and more at

      • Jaques, thank you for posting this. The powers that be are really whipping the fear campaign way, way up on this one!
        Ever get the sneaking suspicion that the war of endless lies is against us? ? ? I do, and often.

    • Larchmonter, sinophobia is not rampant nor appropriate description of countries and ordinary peoples legitimate concerns and fears about this communicable disease from China.

      Countries that are banning flights from China are doing the right thing, just like Russia closing down its borders crossing with China in the Russian far East. It’s common sense. Even the Chinese are banning or restricting travels to and from affected cities within China.

      It is dangerous to allow political correctness to endanger efforts to contain a communicable disease. I’m glad that most nations have trashed the notion that restricting entry into your country based on healthy safety concerns during an epidemic is somehow bigoted or racially phobic.

      And yes, the world has right to demand from China why these epidemics keep originating from there. This is something even ordinary chinese should demand and demand that their government stamp out whatever outdated or backward cultural practices that exposed everyone to the risk of more of these events. That includes a stricter protocol on their bio labs like the one in Wuhan, also animal husbandry practices in China that lead to regular swine or poultry originated Flu.

      It could be that China is innocent of half of these assumptions and that sloppy practices from China’s enemies (dirty western industrial scale agro practices and factory farms) are also responsible, but we/they will only get a handle on identifying this once China clean up their own house and eliminate obvious risks like consuming wild known virus laden animals and live animal slaughter markets.

      • What was that old military saying about the third incidence of a negative event being acceptable evidence of enemy action?

        The Chinese might like to ask the OCPW to come take a look at the evidence, but given the way that bunch of whores have trashed their own credibility in Syria I certainly would not bother.

        Whay was it that some 80 microbiologists all died back in the early 2000’s? Was some organisation cleaning up a little information spillage perhaps?

        • Regarding an event deleterious to you and your interests, if it happens just once, accept it’s due to “happenstance” A second time and it’s “co-incidence”. Third time – it’s enemy action!!

  5. i believe that the coronavirus is a global panic rather than serious epidemic . the deaths per infected persons run at about 2% ,of which effect mainly people who are over seventy ( and i am not too far away from this demographic ) and have respiratory issues . This does not seem to be a very virulent virus . these virus’s will come and will go they are not a threat to humanity , quite the opposite i believe . But this panic for me just shows the affect of the western spiritual deficit and maybe eastern as well .when you turn away from a belief in a creator and put your faith in man , fear will inevitably follow .

      • No, I dont think it does.
        China HAS to show it can act and contain to counter the perception manipulation of her internationally that Oceania is using this for – to destroy China’s economy. By replacing that image with confidence in her generated by this immensely impressive containment, China is best able to riposte the enemy attack on perceptions of China as a nation dangerous and untrustworthy, to one we can trust and do business with.

        It’s that, in the environment of the American sanctions, the violence US backed in Hong Kong, the “demonstrations” there against mainland China, the American fury at the Chinese presence in the South China Sea [sic], and the increasing Sinophobia out of America, added to known events before of America using infection and disease to attack a people, plus the recent murder of Iran’s General Soleimani, which leads ineluctably to the conclusion that it was America which constructed this CoV + HIV element and let it loose in China in a location very favourable to its goal.

        So far, I believe on balance China is winning.

  6. The virus appears to preferentially infect individuals with a certain gene expressed in the lungs – typically Asian males. Just as the regime change op in Hong Kong is being wound up, a virus appears in China, preferentially attacking Chinese individuals in a relatively low fatality form. The Zionist MSM then ramps up the fear. What are the odds that such a virus would appear first in China at such a time?

    I suspect this is a deliberate release of a relatively tame pathogen (compared to smallpox say) that the instigators have a reasonably high confidence it won’t affect them. Covert bioloigical warfare courtesy of the US Defense Threat Reduction Agency and its outsourced bioweapon research labs.

  7. Follow the money or in this case follow the patent.

    Coronavirus is a globalist bioweapon.

    The Coronavirus patent (from the UK) was approved in 17 months by SERCO (UK) that runs the U.S. Patent Office.

    U.S. Pat. No. 10,130,701. (Nov. 20, 2018). CORONAVIRUS. Assignee: THE PIRBRIGHT INSTITUTE (Woking, Pirbright, Great Britain), funded by Wellcome Trust, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, EU. U.S. Patent Office.

    • Pirbright Institute, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, was granted a patent for the corona virus in 2018.

      On October 18th of 2019 the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation along with John Hopkins and the world economic forum hosted Event 201, a high-level pandemic simulation in New York City based on the corona virus. They concluded that it could kill 65 million people and decided the solution was to have a vaccine.

      (More precisely, Event 201 simulated an outbreak of a “zoonotic “coronavirus”. “Zoonatic” would be the spread of disease through animals (vertebrates). )

      The same week that the corona virus makes headlines Netflix releases the docu-series Pandemic How To Prevent An Outbreak, wherein the solution is vaccines and the trusted hero is Bill Gates.

      Meanwhile the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation fund Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc to develop a corona virus vaccine.

  8. I don’t know, because the US is a destructive force and not trusted doesn’t mean that it is omnipotent and behind every problem with the world. Would think that bio-engineering a virus to kill off the Chinese is a bit of a stretch of the imagination, if nothing else, if the Chinese were aware of it there would be repercussions in kind. And not being idiots they would figure it out.

    Also dumbfounds me that so many alt sites are suspicious of the US and its Corporatocracy, distrust the MIC, distrust the banking system, distrust GM foods, distrust politicians. And yet when it comes to Big Pharma, well obviously the whole medical industry is clean, its in no way about making money at the expense of the patients. Recent MSM reports here have even revealed many people are subjected to expensive cancer therapies despite even having cancer. And vaccines, despite all the deaths and maiming, and toxic ingredients are totally necessary. And we know because the TV news told us so. Do some research, there is a place for certain vaccines but most are just about the dollar.

  9. Thanks for the link to Nature Pepe.
    The PRC’s response to the outbreak is indeed remarkable and laudable. No doubt about that.

    From the Nature article it seems:
    The Wuhan Institute of Virology is a relatively new BSL-4 lab built with French assistance post-SARS outbreak and completed in 2014. France also provided training. China plans to build more such labs. Like all of these labs, Wuhan’s a dual-use facility. For perspective, Taiwan has two such labs. Japan’s first BSL-4 lab was built in the 1980’s but it wasn’t until 2015 that they began to handle BSL-4 pathogens.

    I don’t want to sound partisan or conspiratorial but it is also a remarkable coincidence that the nCoV (n=novel) outbreak occurred in a town with a laboratory studying…CoV! Has nobody thought that a breach in containment might have occurred? An accident, pure and simple, and nothing to do with bats. I’m sure many have but I’ve not found reports talking about it.

    Nature quotes a US scientist’s reservations — legitimate, I think — about safety: “But worries surround the Chinese lab, too. The SARS virus has escaped from high-level containment facilities in Beijing multiple times, notes Richard Ebright, a molecular biologist at Rutgers University in Piscataway, New Jersey.” To be fair to Ebright, he’s also against proliferation of these labs in the US and Europe.

    At any rate it’s still early days to say anything definitive about nCoV. I don’t trust reports (out of India, mainly) saying that it was a weaponised bug or that somebody released the bug to scr*w China (various sources). I put my trust in honest scientists, and ultimately God, to save mankind from yet another catastrophe — whether it’s another own goal by mankind or not, accidentally caused or otherwise.

      • Thanks Mod.

        Dave, have you really understood the contents of the articles you linked to? Have you even read them in full???

        If you had the courtesy to at least read the biorxiv article in full before posting it here you would know the study has a sample size of 8 out of which exactly ONE is an Asian (55 yr old male). Deserves further investigation for sure but as is, pretty thin evidence for a bioweapon aimed at Asians don’tcha thunk?

        You said, I think this nCov is a binary virus (or Chimeric virus) — “Combining two pathogenic viruses increases the lethality of the new virus”.

        Broward is a software expert writing on bioweapons and chimera viruses in general. And you made your inforned conclusion based on this one article? Have you even read the title of Broward’s article that you very kindly provided to us?

        It’s Binary Virus Conjectures. I’m L2 as far as the English language is concerned but shall I tell you what “conjecture” means? Nah, I have better things to do.

        Have a good day.

        • “Dave, have you really understood the contents of the articles you linked to? Have you even read them in full???”

          Can’t speak for Dave, I read the full text of this one ( ). Here are some excerpts:

          “To further understand the special population of ACE2-expressing AT2, we performed gene ontology enrichment analysis to study which biological processes are involved with this cell population by comparing them with the AT2 cells not expressing ACE2. Surprisingly, we found that multiple viral process-related GO are significantly over-presented, including “positive regulation of viral process” (P value=0.001), “viral life cycle” (P value=0.005), “virion assembly” (P value=0.03) and “positive regulation of viral genome replication” (P value=0.04). These highly expressed viral process-related genes in ACE2-expressing AT2 include: SLC1A5, CXADR, CAV2, NUP98, CTBP2, GSN,HSPA1B,STOM, RAB1B, HACD3, ITGB6, IST1,NUCKS1,TRIM27, APOE, SMARCB1,UBP1,CHMP1A,NUP160,HSPA8,DAG1,STAU1,ICAM1,CHMP5,D EK, VPS37B, EGFR, CCNK, PPIA, IFITM3, PPIB, TMPRSS2, UBC, LAMP1 and CHMP3. Therefore, it seems that the 2019-nCov has cleverly evolved to hijack this population of AT2 cells for its reproduction and transmission.

          We further compared the characteristics of the donors and their ACE2 expressing patterns. No association was detected between the ACE2-expressing cell number and the age or smoking status of donors. Of note, the 2 male donors have a higher ACE2-expressing cell ratio than all other 6 female donors (1.66% vs. 0.41% of all cells, P value=0.07, Mann Whitney Test). In addition, the distribution of ACE2 is also more widespread in male donors than females: at least 5 different types of cells in male lung express this receptor, while only 2~4 types of cells in female lung express the receptor. This result is highly consistent with the epidemic investigation showing that most of the confirmed 2019-nCov infected patients were men (30 vs. 11, by Jan 2, 2020).

          We also noticed that the only Asian donor (male) has a much higher ACE2-expressing cell ratio than white and African American donors (2.50% vs. 0.47% of all cells). This might explain the observation that the new Coronavirus pandemic and previous SARS-Cov pandemic are concentrated in the Asian area.

          Altogether, in the current study, we report the RNA expression profile of ACE2 in the human lung at single-cell resolution. Our analysis suggested that the expression of ACE2 is concentrated in a special population of AT2 which expresses many other genes favoring the viral process. This conclusion is different from the previous report which observed abundant ACE2 not only in AT2, but also in endothelial cells8. In fact, to our knowledge, endothelial cells sometimes can be non-specifically stained in immunohistochemical analysis. The abundant expression of ACE2 in a population of AT2 explained the severe alveolar damage after infection. The demonstration of the distinct number and distribution of ACE2-expressing cell population in different cohorts can potentially identify the susceptible population. The shortcoming of the study is the small donor sample number, and that the current technique can only analyze the RNA level but not the protein level of single cells. Furthermore, it remains unknown whether there is any other co-receptor responsible for the 2019-nCov infection, which might also help to explain the observed difference of transmission ability between SARS-Cov and 2019-nCov. Future work on the ACE2 receptor profiling could lead to novel anti-infective strategies such as ACE2 protein blockade or ACE2-expressing cell ablation.”

          The research is still in an early stage, but far enough along that the researchers are convinced Asian males are the most susceptible to the disease and quite clearly point this out.

        • @Stand Easy I think you love your country so much after your country released a bio-weapon on China.

          A binary bio-weapon is 4 real it is not a hypothesis. Even your beloved US military acknowledges it:

          Another article:

          Regarding Asian males having the highest number of ACE receptors: Read this whole twitter thread with links to gov sites, this explains East Asian males have gene sequences that positively influences the amount of ACE2-expressing cells:

    • “Nature quotes a US scientist’s reservations — legitimate, I think — about safety”

      And what Pepe wrote about that:

      “In 2017, Nature magazine was warning about the risks of dispersion of pathogenic agents out of this lab. Yet there’s no evidence this might have happened.”

      Let’s see the evidence, stand easy.

      • VT,

        Yes, let’s wait and see the evidence. Things are very fluid this early in the game.

        First it was a single-source, a seafood market; now it appears that that is unlikely.

        Another paper published by the Chinese, titled Discovery of a novel coronavirus associated with the recent pneumonia outbreak in humans and its potential bat origin led to people saying it was bats, to wit: “Furthermore, it was found that nCoV-2019 is 96% identical at the whole genome level to a bat coronavirus.”


        I’m keeping an open mind and was merely pointing out another possible source of the outbreak, and that is the lab in Wuhan. If you were trying to get up to speed with the nCoV problem wouldn’t you look at the lab too? I can understand Pepe’s glossing over the possibility of a containment breach happening as what you quoted — he was looking at the response to the outbreak, not the cause/s.

        It could very well be that later I will be found wrong about the lab (in fact, I’ll be disappointed if I’m not). It doesn’t matter. What matters to me is, despite my biases (loathing for the Empire, sympathy for PRC), I didn’t jump to conclusions as Dave did.


        • Dave posted links for all of us to draw our own conclusions. Yes the sample size is small and more data is required, however Dave’s preliminary findings are totally correct.

          If you, or anyone else, have other data that refutes these findings then post them!

        • @Stand Easy If it was a containment breach the scientist(s) at the Wuhan lab would probably have gotten ill too and authorities would not have reacted too late to the outbreak because human 2 human nCov transmission started in December long before the Wuhan Sea Food Market. Also Chinese doctors are surprised at what the virus is doing and are having difficulties diagnosing it; some develop AIDS like symptoms others have just a cold, the virus+symptoms appear, disappear and reappears. This is a binary weapon and if the Chinese accidentally released the virus the doctors would have been told what to do but they were surprised about the behavior and characteristics of the virus. Also authorities probably would not have suddenly banned the sale of wild life animals if they knew the outbreak was because of a breach at the Wuhan lab.

          No, this is a bio-weapon released on China, it is all part of the Wolfowitz doctrine and the Project of the New American Century that promotes the use of microbes and “advanced forms of biological warfare that can ‘target’ specific genotypes.

          The disgusting eating habits (eating bats and dogs) in China and the Wuhan lab provides a plausible deniability for the release of a bio-weapon by the United States on China.

    • Bats, Gene Editing and Bioweapons: Recent DARPA Experiments Raise Concerns Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

      Research conducted by the Pentagon, and DARPA specifically, has continually raised concerns, not just in the field of bioweapons and biotechnology, but also in the fields of nanotechnology, robotics and several others. DARPA, for instance, has been developing a series of unsettling research projects that ranges from microchips that can create and delete memories from the human brain to voting machine software that is rife with problems.

      Now, as fear regarding the current coronavirus outbreak begins to peak, companies with direct ties to DARPA have been tasked with developing its vaccine, the long-term human and environmental impacts of which are unknown and will remain unknown by the time the vaccine is expected to go to market in a few weeks time.

      Furthermore, DARPA and the Pentagon’s past history with bioweapons and their more recent experiments on genetic alteration and extinction technologies as well as bats and coronaviruses in proximity to China have been largely left out of the narrative, despite the information being publicly available. Also left out of the media narrative have been the direct ties of both the USAMRIID and DARPA-partnered Duke University to the city of Wuhan, including its Institute of Medical Virology.

      Though much about the origins of the coronavirus outbreak remains unknown, the U.S. military’s ties to the aforementioned research studies and research institutions are worth detailing as such research — while justified in the name of “national security” — has the frightening potential to result in unintended, yet world-altering consequences. The lack of transparency about this research, such as DARPA’s decision to classify its controversial genetic extinction research and the technology’s use as a weapon of war, compounds these concerns. While it is important to avoid reckless speculation as much as possible, it is the opinion of this author that the information in this report is in the public interest and that readers should use this information to reach their own conclusions about the topics discussed herein.

  10. More brilliance from the Chinese bio-scientists:

    They developed a test for the virus that works in 8-15 minutes. Now trying to increase mass production and distribution.

    This will help triage the masses of people who flu, colds, fevers or still are carriers with no symptoms.

    Anyone who listens to US whining over IP theft, let the world know the truth. The Chinese discovered the genetic structure of the virus in half the time the US has done similar work. Now they have a test for it, developed in 10 days.

    • What do you make of this revelation?

      The Chinese took only one week from the first patient sample to complete, vital identification and sequencing of coronavirus. Right away, they went for publication and deposit in the genomics library for immediate access by the whole planet.

      Based on this sequence, Chinese biotech companies produced validated essays within a week – also a first.

      See my previous posts where the Chicom (Removed language,MOD) military posted the gene sequence at the genome website. Not only one virus, two. In 2018.

      h/t to Victory Garden for finding there were two Chicom military gene sequences posted on 05 JAN 2018.



      Here is the NIH page showing Identical Protein Matches of the envelope protein from Wuhan 2019-nCoV:

      Notice there are two entries not from the recent Wuhan seafood market outbreak:

      Both sequences were provided on 05-JAN-2018 by:

      Institute of Military Medicine Nanjing Command,
      NO. 293 East Zhongshan Road, Nanjing, JangSu 210002, China

      • What’s with the “Chicom” references. Why not go for the other US talking point “Red China” that isn’t any different. The correct references are “Chinese military” or “Chinese government”.

        • My apologies. I had posted it while multi-tasking, getting my taxes filed. I forgot to qualify it as a comment retrieved from 0Hedge earlier in the day that stood out to me. I notice many people are Sinophobes, curious why that may be? Was it always like that? Allegedly began as a kind of Libertarian site focused on the markets. Was some great articles and commentary I recall from the early 2010’s. Had dropped off a good amount, reflected in the opening statement (strong opinion obviously detected) as the Neocons and others began infiltrating it.

          Something doesn’t seem right either way and all governments can not be trusted all the time, we all know. Sure hoping China triumphs over this outbreak either way. I’m worried for them. Have some Chinese and Russian friends on IG. (don’t use Facebook, been a couple years now.)

          We really don’t know the full scope of this. If it is a bioweapon, can they trace it back to the lab which produced it? Canada? And what should be China’s response. Some were saying this is China’s 9/11. Do you believe so?

          • Thanks.Yes,I think they are jealous and scared at the same time.They see China as the new economic superpower.And are afraid China will treat them like they treated China.I don’t see that.China’s history doesn’t show them that way. They prefer agreements and working together much more than using force.I have no idea about whether its a weapon or just a tragic disease outbreak.Even if it is proved to be a weapon I don’t know what China would do.The idea of something like that is truly horrendous .But one thing at least they should do is expose the truth to the world.Don’t just hide the truth for fear of making things worse.If someone is using bio warfare against you it can’t really get worse,in my opinion.

        • Indeed, the CCP represents about 16% of the population; the remaining 1.3 billion are free-marketeers. The number of middle-class Chinese exceeds the entire American population; paying for housing, University, and a 60% deductible for medical. No socialism as far as I can see. Cheers from Yunnan.

    • As much as I’m loathe to admit it, but the British developed a vaccine in far less time than China. It seems, Larch, you are so over enthusiastic about China’s progress that you forget that this huge cluster eff happened on China’s soil thanks to some screw up on their part: whether that is their primitive and backward practice of wild animal slaughter markets or a leak from the Wuhan bioweapons lab or any combination thereof. No matter what, it keeps happening in China and then spreads to the rest of the world.

      Most Flu viruses originate there too. Cheerleading China while they continue to be the source of so many of these infections is embarrassing.

      • Good to hear a countering viewpoint. Healthy for discussion, I believe. It is concerning to me anyone championing one government too enthusiastically, too confident, optimistic? (and not offering the opposing or negative opinion or analysis.) No offense to either party, wherever one stands. I have my flaws. There is great commentary here at the Saker. A privilege to participate and have as a source for my geo-political news. I have to admit, I must feel optimistic for the future myself (one of my flaws, heh). Even as I am as much a cynic as the next person (most likely more so!) Only thing which may save us is love, community, honor (such as is part of many cultures in the Eastern world), good will.

        (Am I in the Traveling Cafe?) Dang, just hope China pulls through with this outbreak, but sadly, as you depict, they have the environs potential (as the US all the same, SF for instance) for another outbreak just the same. This was going to happen eventually, what with over-population, yeah? And good that our rulers have this all thought out, everything is under control!

  11. Margarita Simonyan (yandex translate):

    I asked our guys to find out if there are non-ethnic Chinese among those who have the coronavirus.
    Find out.
    All the cases are either Chinese, or ‘it was not possible to find out, because medical secrecy’.

    In France, in Italy, there are ethnic Chinese everywhere. In Germany, names and ethnicity have not been made public. In the US, medical secrecy.

    I’m beginning to understand the Chinese panic.

      • I believe there are some whites that had been infected like for example a man in Germany who attended a business conference with a lady from China, this German man had just mild symptoms. Also a Dutch couple who were on a bus in Finland packed with Chinese people, they too were quarantined, don’t know if they were Asian Dutch or (probably) white Dutch or if their symptoms are mild or serious.

        • The only case reported in Spain, under supervision, is located in La Gomera ( Canary Islands ), a German citizen who had contact with the previous German case located in Germany.

          I guess they are both German, not Chinese, although I have not data.

  12. What people need to see is Larry Romanov’s article at Global Research about this virus which causes an upper respiratory infection, better known as the flu. Out of 55,000,000 Swine flu cases in the US 11,000 died, .0002% of infected persons. Those who died were those with weakened Immune systems, the elderly, those with multiple medical diagnoses, undiagnosed HIV infections, Leukemia or Lymphoma, post-radiation therapy patients, etc. Seasonal flu cases in the US have similar numbers.

    Then there was “Bird Flu” that Wolfowitz told people to take Tamiflu for. He had 200,000 shares of stock in the company that made it but it didn’t work for Bird Flu. It was a scam. Birds fly around and live in trees and don’t have any contact with people so how can you get the flu from a bird? I told patients it was just the flu and Tamiflu doesn’t work so just take OTC meds and wait for it to go away. Here is more information about the Empire’s Bio-Warfare crimes of 2001.

    These mysterious people who collected people’s DNA revealed in Larry Romanov’s article did the same thing in the Caucasus about 2 years ago so I expect that next year there will be a Corona virus Flu outbreak in the Caucasus next year or the year after. This is just the Flu and if you are are healthy and catch it it will go away in a week or so. Take OTC meds rest, drink lots of fluids, Vitamin C extra B-vitamins and eat Chicken Soup.
    interview with Barry Kissin is a deep dive into this US Government False Flag Attack to get the invasions of the “7 Countries in 5 years”.

    There is more in this interview with Francis Boyle:

    This is a book about the Crime:

    The 2001 Anthrax Deception: The Case for a Domestic Conspiracy

    Here is an interview of the author:

    • “What people need to see is Larry Romanov’s article at Global Research about this virus which causes an upper respiratory infection, better known as the flu.”

      NO, it is not. This is an ongoing misunderstanding due to sloppy use of words.
      An Upper Respiratory Tract Infections [known in the trade as an “Urti”] is any illness which infects the throat and bronchus and the upper lobes.
      It is used to refer to the Common Cold, caused by a number of viruses, Corona being among them;
      “The common cold, also known simply as a cold, is a viral infectious disease of the upper respiratory tract that primarily affects the nose.[7] The throat, sinuses, and larynx may also be affected.[5] Signs and symptoms may appear less than two days after exposure to the virus.[5] These may include coughing, sore throat, runny nose, sneezing, headache, and fever.[2][3] People usually recover in seven to ten days,[2] but some symptoms may last up to three weeks.[6] Occasionally those with other health problems may develop pneumonia.[2]

      Well over 200 virus strains are implicated in causing the common cold, with rhinoviruses being the most common”
      However, Influenza is a much more lethal disease, caused by Influenza viruses. It is so common these days to hear people say “Oh, I was off sick last week and in bed for a couple of days with flu”.
      No-body who was so mildly ill has had “flu”. Influenza can make healthy young people very ill. It is not located only in the URT only but is systemic, causing severe body pain. It generally takes a healthy person about 4 – 6 weeks to recover from, and has been associated with causing depression.

      Influenza spreads around the world in yearly outbreaks, resulting in about three to five million cases of severe illness and about 290,000 to 650,000 deaths.

      The problem with this confusion is that, as the figures show, Influenza is much more fatal than URTI’s and colds, yet by confusing them, much fear is generated that is unsubstantiated.
      The Corona Virus may be dangerous to the already compromised, but is unlikely to be as bad as the Influenza which kills so many EVERY YEAR and no fuss is made.
      Common sense and balance are required. Plus accurate and careful use of words and terms.

      • Never heard of people suddenly dropping on the streets because they have just a cold as is happening in Wuhan. Yes, the regular corona is a cold-virus, but it has been engineered to cause an autoimmune disorder and i never heard of people dying from the common cold and i also never heard ever before factories being closed because of a cold or a influenza for that matter.

        • No evidence exists to say it “has been engineered to cause an autoimmune disorder”. ALL infections stimulate the immune system; the CoV 2019 has been shown by two or three laboratories to carry ONLY the HIV information which codes for the production of a coat glycoprotein shown to be able to attach itself to the AC Enzyme, part of the RAS system which controls Blood Pressure.
          What you “Heard” and have taken from ONE video which has been totally uninvestigated or substantiated, would not qualify for inclusion in any science journal I’ve ever read, I’m afraid.

  13. Larry Romanoff’s article below raises some very interesting points–particularly the bit about America (particularly Harvard University) covertly collecting Chinese DNA samples in violation of Chinese laws:

    “This appears to be precisely the case with this new virus, in that most of the infected persons (sofar) are Chinese. News reports speak of infections appearing in Thailand or the US, but those (at least to date of writing) were all Chinese who had been to Wuhan. There have been no cases so far of infected Caucasians.

    As with SARS, this new virus appears to be tightly-focused to Chinese. At this stage it is too early to draw specific conclusions.

    We might in other circumstances pass this off as an unfortunate coincidence but for some major circumstantial events that serve to alter our focus. One of these is the history of American universities and NGOs having come into China in recent years to conduct biological experiments that were so illegal as to leave the Chinese authorities enraged. This was particularly true when it became known that Harvard University had surreptitiously proceeded with experiments in China that had been forbidden by the authorities years earlier, where they collected many hundreds of thousands of Chinese DNA samples and then left the country. (8) (9) (10) (11) (12)

    The Chinese were furious to learn that Americans were collecting Chinese DNA. The government intervened and prohibited the further export of any of the data. The conclusion at the time was that the ‘research’ had been commissioned by the US military with the DNA samples destined for race-specific bio-weapons research.

    In a thesis on Biological Weapons, Leonard Horowitz and Zygmunt Dembek stated that one clear sign of a genetically-engineered bio-warfare agent was a disease caused by an uncommon (unusual, rare, or unique) agent, with lack of an epidemiological explanation. I.e. no clear idea of source. They also mentioned an “unusual manifestation and/or geographic distribution”, of which race-specificity would be one. (13)”

    China’s New Coronavirus: An Examination of the Facts

    This issue of America’s illegal collection of DNA in China is evocative of the American military’s attempts to collect “Russian RNA and synovial (connective) tissue sample” for what purpose, one can only surmise…..

    Collecting Russian DNA? Confronting the Threat of Ethnic-Specific Bioweapons

    On the collection of Russian DNA by the US

    • Lets not get crazy, John Greene, while the US builds biological weapon laboratories surrounding Russia and China. Just stay calm, the US would never do such a thing, they are humanitarians, it is the native Americans own fault they were not immune to European diseases, or the biological war against North Korea in the 1950s, it is the fault of Korean immune system.

      • Yeah – the Americans just wanted to spread democracy and human rights among the Sioux and the Cherokees. With the Iroquois and the Apaches it was a bit different – there was proof that they had weapons of mass destruction.

  14. China will successfully managed the coronavirus issue one way or the other. We can see this Chinese demonstration of organisation as the ultimate world power demonstration of what China is able to do.
    By this Summer the coronavirus stuff will be out of the radars. Believe me

    • Indeed, the Chinese organization is impressive. The medical authorities are expecting the peak of the epidemic by April and May, although they may come with a vaccine earlier than that. I do hope so. If it is proven that this nCov is a biological warfare, the whole world must condemn it in a most strong way. It should NEVER happen again.

  15. While there are actual death and infected individuals, and that it appears it very could well be a bio-engineered weapon, and that it even has certain genetic markers to target certain group of race and sex, by no means it is a epidemic and crisis (yet). The frenzy and hysteria (and some legitimate concern) currently is based on projections and statistics.

    Anyhow, if true, then the western population are safe while the Chinese gov, led by Xi and Lee are fighting the ‘people’s war’, at least in the media, but not necessary fighting the actual advertised-as-uncontrollable virus/disease. The flu season is on now in china and Chinese ppl with flu are common around this time. Without the newly labelled nCov, ppl still die from flu year in and year out. Don’t get me wrong, we should still address these health issue seriously, but we must acknowledge that we will never know (probably) the story they spun out about the level 4 bio labs and who’s who connection in this, is even remotely true.

    What it appears, of the hidden agenda here is, as some has mentioned,
    1) to target the china economy (or cause china to be the source of The Next Reset)
    2) to mass collect DNA
    3) to experiment on mass quarantine and police the social order with drones/tech
    4) to vaxx a whole lot of ppl (specific to male asian) – inject a genetic marker in their body
    5) to raise profile of the chinese leadership
    6) to transfer large sum of money from one country/entity to another country/entity
    7) to interrupt the BRI progress by scaring the big business to move their factory out of china and stall the new projects indefinitely
    8) to expose the china Thousand Talent Plan as a spy network

    and more… I am not saying which one is true or false but simply they are some angles we may not have discuss here. Again, the death of ppl are real but we have no idea if they did died from nCov, or just regular flu but their health is already very week or they already have other lungs related problems. Wuhan is a industry/factory area, what’s the pollution level like there?

    So, let’s keep our minds open and let’s consider out of their box of given narratives and ‘facts’.
    All governments are regimes.

    I would think if the western players really want to kill, mass genocide the eastern male asian, this stun is weak, by their normal standards. Plus there is too much media ‘reporting’ on this and all kinds of doctors and professional speaking out, that makes it feels like a circus.

    Again, ppl do die from a flu, but we cannot be certain if it is truly nCov, direct cause or even related, as they highly advertised. And we certainly have very little understanding of how our genetics works and if it can formulate a anti-body without getting externally VAXX. Or how fast the lungs tissue can be self-regenerated whole even if its damaged if other types of medical practice is used, ie TCM, sound therapy, light therapy, salt therapy.

    I am not here to diminish the fast and strong respond from the CCP governments. They acted in the best interest of their ppl and stop the disease spreading abroad as best as they could. While we speculate or worried about the ‘news’ and projections, let’s use this incident to focus on what we can do on our individual level.
    Best to boost up your individual health practise and change some of those unprofitable habits quickly. What is to say, suddenly, they won’t change the narrative to expend to, oooppppssss…. virus mutated and first white person got nCov in XXX country? Or maybe they will follow up by introducing heavy handed anti-smoking/vapes/substance campaign?

    Be sovereign in all areas of your life – health, money, relationship/community.
    Your body, mind, soul is subject to your care and your power to protect them.
    That’s what we can do at our individual level.

    We started 2020 with a high profile assassination to trigger war, now a bio engineered virus crisis. What’s the surprise for March?
    May all be well with you and your family.

    • Karmic Wrath is waiting to strike those who bioengineered this virus and assassinated Major Gen. Qassem Soleimani. Karma is a bitch, remember? No mercy. Eye for eye. Tooth for tooth. Limb for limb. Everything will be accounted for.

      • so you ruled out china bioengineer that and released that in the public? why?

        I’ll give you another wild theory. maybe wuhan is not that pro-beijing and a military revolt was about to happen – how else best to seal off the whole area by ‘health scare’? totally legitimate and believable.
        Again, there are no shortage of wild theory out there. In the west, you are only presented with some narratives and then some western pro and doc run hyper with that to score youtube votes or something. There is always more. You already know the chinese gov, not matter how transparent they show, does not reveal everything.
        There is no reason, most of the time, both Xi and Lee, needs to show up for the same event. And Lee is on the ground, in Wuhan, so visible, as if the virus, is a hoax. Again, just an observation something here dont quite add-up.

        In case it is real and spreading, I suggest we take care of our health and our family, which we can do, at our level.

        • “I’ll give you another wild theory. maybe wuhan is not that pro-beijing and a military revolt was about to happen – how else best to seal off the whole area by ‘health scare’? totally legitimate and believable.”

          No, it isn’t believable.

          Firstly the China-bashers would have seized on any evidence that that was happening – sattelite photos of military movements etc.

          Secondly, the economic costs of the continuing shutdown are just too high compared to simpler methods of dealing with such a rebellion. Sledgehammers and nuts.

          • clickkid, you didnt read my post crrectly – the believable part, the part that the gov sell to the public, is the engineered health scare – which you obviously believed, while they tame the military revolt in a lock down everything condition. But we are off topic here – lets go back to nCov and its prevention.

      • Everyone is free to come to their opinion and views and post it here. This is Saker’s site and as long as the mod allow, we all have a free hands to express our findings and theory. Pls do so.
        I am merely urging all of us to think a bit deeper and investigate a bit more. And utmost important, I am urging us all, to take extra care with our health and wealth, knowing 2020 has already started as a trouble year. Maybe someone can share their secret health habits or personal programs to fight the virus? I personally try to keep my systems maintain towards the alkaline level but pls consult your doc as its not suitable to everyone. Peace.

    • “So, let’s keep our minds open and … be sovereign in all areas of your life – health, money, relationship/community. Your body, mind, soul is subject to your care and your power to protect them.”

      What a nice sermon and reminder that “as above so below” and the other way round. Yes, the God given commodities and capabilities of unloved-by-the-murderers nations and countries as well as unloved-by-that-same-filth groups and individuals are hookup_points for applying certain things and certain methods.

      What a pity God did not provide us also with info (how things are) and instructions (what to to if… and before all: what to do before anything begins, in order to prevent it – which animals seem to be born with), so that “our power to protect” us and our interests matters little if the enemy knows how to break and take everything before you understood what happened. China as a nation learned some of those things through 3000 years, and ”Red” China learned in 70+ years who and how the enemy is, and that all his nice talk is just lullabies to make their future victims sleep so they can be robbed while being helpless. What about our “power to protect us” under these circumstances – and what could be done to change this?


  16. It is overwhelmingly likely that this is a bio weapon.

    But don’t focus on the death rate too much – at least in the early stages. Two reasons:

    1. The longer somebody can remain alive – especially while asymtomatic – the more people they can infect.

    2. The longer somebody can remain alive – and ill – the more resources they consume – economic damage.

    A bioweapon doesn’t aim necessarily at killing lots of people early, but rather maximising economic, social – and psychological costs.

    I found this – possibly relevant:


    “WUHAN, Oct. 15 (Xinhua) — A group of 17 athletes from the U.S. Armed Forces has arrived at the airport in the central Chinese city of Wuhan for the up-coming 2019 Military World Games here on Monday midnight.

    About 300 athletes from the United States are expected to arrive in the next 2 days.

    So, a couple of weeks before this outbreak very likely started, up to 300 members of the US armed Forces were in Wuhan.

  17. Not qualified on the details of the virus.

    From the social sciences perspective however there clearly is some kind of a strategic psyops at work. The China bashing is being encouraged all over the social sphere and it is unhinged racist venom that one almost cannot believe. 0Hedge picked up Pepe’s article and Pepe, The Saker and the Chinese are being skewered with uneducated garbage. And this is what I find all over the social sphere. Much msm media have now dropped coverage on Brexit and on impeachment to below coverage on the virus.

    A few chat sites that I checked have people even in US flyover country trying to buy masks and gloves and these are almost unobtainable now. Hopeless to try and buy these things in Australia and it looks like the worldwide supply has just tanked for now.

    So, given all that, I would not be surprised if this virus is a bioweapon and surreptitiously released at a time when a population is most vulnerable and when no-one is paying attention because everyone is busy with spring festivals and new year celebrations.

    The western internet social sphere is actually reveling while they expose their own deep level of schooled hatred and xenophobic language. Everywhere I looked, it seems to be encouraged by blog owners and commenting type sites. A few sites more ‘spiritual’ in nature are running commentary and informationals, but the underlying fear is almost palpable. People in general are reporting infections and the rate of infections and deaths, but they forget to report that there are people that survive. This number is nowhere to be found and if it is found (in the Chinese media), it is immediately called a lie.

    So, I don’t know anything about that engineered virus, but I can recognize a social psyops playing out. Most of the Chinese media that I checked is calling this out ..
    Racism shows ugly side as China fights coronavirus

    Just for my own inquisitiveness I think I’ll construct a few scenarios as to why, why now and what is the objective. This outbreak is too close to the Chinese pig population decimated just recently and too close to a trade agreement phase I signed which the Chinese called only a temporary cease fire agreement.

    Somebody may have eaten a bat, but I smell a rat.

    • with due respect – we still dont know who bioengineer the virus thus who leaked the virus
      and such events are never that black and white.
      It seems alot of international players are trying to profit from it.
      Certainly the chinese ppl are the victim here.
      But can we say that the CCP china gov is also the victim? (Open question)

    • sorry amarynth my post may not come out as clearly as intended
      Yes I am agreeing with you the china bashing is gone crazy – both from outside of china and inside of china

      We shold wait abit more 2 wk and see if the virus does escalate
      but meanwhile let’s take extra care of our health condition

    • Agree with your diagnosis on the social media/blogs, only to add that who are making a great effort are pro-Trump supporters from their own blogs and through infesting all the other blogs/social media like this one.

      I am finding it as well too coincidental along with the fact that Pompeo came this week with the statment that “the main danger to the US is the Chinese Communist Party”…It seems to me too fitting with the conspiracy theory of the evil Chinese scientist from the Biolab-4 security level Wuhan inventing and releasing this “devil” virus ( as Xi Jinping has lableled it to the heead of WHO ), which is the meme being spread by the Trump crowd throught the internet…

      Way too much concidences……

      After the unveiling of the evil “deal of the century”, with all its scorn on the Palestinians and all the Arab community, be prepared for the worst, this people has clearly no limits…

  18. Regarding whether this is an ethnospecific virus. In 2 weeks or so we should have an emprical idea.

    Thousands of westerners (almost all Caucasians) are now being evacuated from Wuhan and quarantined, generally for 14 days. These people were practically all residents of Wuhan for the past 3 months. Other things being equal, we wouuld expect their infection rate to be similar to those being reported from the city.

    So, if say 5000 Caucasians are evacuated and the infection rate for the City turns out to be say 0.5%, then we would expect approximately 25 of the evacuated Caucasians to be infected, although not necessarily ill, as I expect them to be on average younger.

    We watch and wait.

  19. Russian Aerospace Forces aircraft to be used in evacuation of Russians from China
    The Forces will be involved by order of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin

    MOSCOW, February 1. /TASS/. Aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces will be involved in the evacuation of Russian citizens from China, Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Saturday.
    “By order of the President of Russia, Supreme Commander-in-Chief Vladimir Putin, the Russian Aerospace Forces will be involved in the evacuation of Russian citizens from the areas of China most affected by the coronavirus, which will begin operating flights today,” Peskov told reporters.

    • DNA was also collect in Russia by the US, as we know. Thus, it is possible that, if the nCov has been designed to affect specifically Chinese men, it may have been designed to ALSO affect Russian men…

      • Spores and bacteria dont quite discriminate like that. If a particular gender or race was most affected by a loose spore or bacteria, it was because that is where the spore was derived from and took root. Its going to affect anyone who has health problems to begin with and like minded folks hang out with like minded folks so this is probably a better description of the causes than simply targeting a race,and/or gender.

        • No Alabama

          Firstly viruses are NOT bacteria and do not have spores of any kind. Nor do most bacteria.

          Viruses are in fact fairly small strips of DNA or RNA and indeed there is evidence that some get inserted into animal and plant DNA and become just normal.

          So much as the idea filled me with horror and initially i thought never, I now realise it IS possible to develop race/gender specific viruses. It is essentially an offshoot of gene therapy etc and genetic engineering. It is of course harder with bacteria, but not impossible.

          However dangerous if released by any country – it will knock off friends as well as enemies – eg affect china and you also affect Singapore and Taiwan and probably Japan and the Koreas. Also Malaysia, Vietnam and even Polynesia.

          • Well lets see about this now, it appears to me that the critter starts its journey in the sinus’s, (or perhaps the lungs depending on), human bacteria harbor themselves in humans in the sinus’s from birth. So some type of air born virus critter finds it way to this area(s) and breeds off the surrounding materials, and then appears to spread through out the body consuming and breeding along the way. If enough material is found to breed, the parasite consumes the host fully, if not, the parasite’s day comes to an end. This is how I see this critter evolving its self.

            • Alabama

              No, no no. Viruses are NOT parasites as you describe.

              Bacteria yes- that is more or less true – but they can lodge in lungs, brain skin, mouth etc and more or less feed off stuff left around. They can enter cells sometimes and be true parasites and they sort of breed. Bacteria are in fact a very primitive form of animal (OK plants too) but essentially they have DNA and RNA same as all strictly living matter. They have a cell membrane. Most can live for quite a while outside animal or plant bodies, especially if their is water around. They can reproduce outside cells living on muck.

              Now viruses are much, much simpler. Just strips of genetic material (DNA or RNA). They often work by hijacking the protein producing factories of the cells. They can ONLY reproduce while inside a cell so they have to be inside lung tissue or skin etc to be able to cause disease. it is their simplicity which allows them sometimes to be inserted directly into DNA of the host and to become part of it. Mostly of course they just hijack the cell’s protein and DNA producing “factories”to replicate themselves.

              My point is that because they are small and simple they can change quite a lot and quickly. Also their gene sequence is easy to discover and manipulate so it is very, very possible for someone to tweak a virus to be genetically specific. Ghastly i know but possible these days. The first such stuff started even 45 years ago when I was at uni when they used plant viruses phages to insert genes etc, but these days they are way, way, way more sophisticated.

  20. A question (rhetorical):

    If you wanted to deploy a bio weapon against the Chinese population, what would be the best time of year to do that if you wanted to ensure its maximum distribution around the country?

    Assumption – you are only allowed to place it in one city initially.

  21. Honestly, I would have been more impressed if no innocent people had gotten hurt. The psychological trauma will be considerable, even if the material casualties light for a new flu outbreak.

    Partnering with Rothschild France to set up a biohazzard lab smack in the middle of the Chinese Chicago, Wuhan, seems more than a little naive. The stakes in Asia for the heirs to David ‘Opium Wars’ Sassoon are quite high.

    More players than U.S.-dominated finance and business want in on the Chinese pie.

    People following the Ghosn-Nissan affair, have probably already noticed that fight appears at its core, a play by France to imperialize a Japanese car company. Japan is normally America’s exclusive Asian client.

    • An addition: As late as into 1984, there was still endemic black death (rat-born pestillience) sporadically breaking out now and then in and around central Húbêi province, — i.e. Wûhàn and its environs.
      Also, Wûhàn is where the Hàn flow (river — Hànshŭ, which gave the name to the Hàn Dynasty and the Hàn chinese ethnicity of China) empties itself into the Chángjiāng (The Long Stream — i.e, “Yangtzu-kiang”). Just as symblism-laden.
      And as alreatdu stated: THe mustering centre for their continental army and some of the rocket scientry commands.

  22. The article mentions lax responses by States in previous outbreaks. When SARS was identified, Canada took no action to stop incoming flights from the source country and 43 people died in Toronto alone. Apparently there is no learning curve – there is no interruption of flights from the source country in response to coronavirus – Toronto and Vancouver have 10 flights a day arriving, and no plans to stop them. Flights TO China have been stopped by several airlines, on their own initiative, but no flights outbound from China. Passengers arriving at the Canadian airports are simply asked if they have been in the infected areas, but not tested, though it doesn’t matter anyway because of the incubation time. One could reasonably assume at least some of the arrivals would be considered to be ‘escaping’ from the affected areas. China at least has taken steps to stop outbound traffic from some zones, and with the speed of the response mechanism in China it may be that soon no outbound traffic will be allowed.
    Meanwhile, the WHO declares an ’emergency’, but states that no travel bans should be imposed(!?).
    In 2003 in politically overcorrect Canada, it was deemed ‘racist’ to stop flights, in 2020 already in the news it’s the same story – it’s ‘racist’ to stop flights from a country that is the epicenter of a serious viral outbreak of unknown magnitude. In typical lackadaisical and smug manner, the federal government announced there will be no strong response to the current scare without even considering what the possible impact of it may be.

    • It is still only speculation, however the attitude of the Canadian government which you describe, would be consistent with possible knowledge at some level, that the Impact on non-Asians is minimal.

      • In the case of the Canadian airlines (not the government), flights were stopped IN to China due to NO PASSENGERS, not OUT, unless the Chinese government had taken proactive measures to disallow outgoing flights from certain zones. Events were moving so fast, so perhaps all areas disallow outgoing travel by now. It was just announced that the UK was not allowing students to visit home in China because they could return with the virus; a sensible decision.
        Also, note that the Phillipines just turned a plane around and sent it back in the very early stages of the outbreak without anyone allowed to disembark ; there may be more refusals now. They didn’t want to speculate on who is vulnerable, whether they are displaying symptoms or or not, or if it just affects Asian males, etc etc. As usual, they did not worry if someone’s feelings may be hurt for a little while. If nothing is certain, you don’t take chances.
        If this outbreak fades in a couple of weeks, largely due to the exemplary actions by the Chinese government, that’s good news. If it doesn’t fade, the rest of the world will also be glad they took these actions.
        Centralised command government does have certain advantages in certain situations.

  23. “In our baseline scenario, we estimated that the basic reproductive number for 2019-nCoV was 2·68 (95% CrI 2·47–2·86) and that 75 815 individuals (95% CrI 37 304–130 330) have been infected in Wuhan as of Jan 25, 2020. The epidemic doubling time was 6·4 days (95% CrI 5·8–7·1). We estimated that in the baseline scenario, Chongqing, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen had imported 461 (95% CrI 227–805), 113 (57–193), 98 (49–168), 111 (56–191), and 80 (40–139) infections from Wuhan, respectively. If the transmissibility of 2019-nCoV were similar everywhere domestically and over time, we inferred that epidemics are already growing exponentially in multiple major cities of China with a lag time behind the Wuhan outbreak of about 1–2 weeks.”

  24. In my view, there is no logic in biological weapons use.First of all because there is no perfect such weapon which 100% accuracy to kill only the targeted ones and the scientists know this. Secondly, the story in this case, according to which only Chinese or asian males are exposed (being the victims of a premeditated target) is another nail in the coffin of logic. Just think about how many Us citizens, Canadian citizens with Chinese or Asian roots (origin) are living there, integrated in all structures of the society. The same is actually the case with the EU or other countries. It’s like a bomb dropped on enemy territory which explodes and makes casualties at home too. Just think that only in the last hundred of years how many people of Asian descent have emigrated and mixed and integrated in their new country.
    Therefore, I think that if such weapon is being used, the main scope would be that of population reduction allover the planet. The fact that Asians are the target firstly may not be a coincidence, just look at the number of people of that origin. This doesn’t mean that Only They are the Target…which leads to the entire globe as a future prospect…if they are following their plans of reducing the global population. What I wrote here, is a subjective interpretation, I may be wrong.

    • You assume that the purpose would be to kill, whereas for me the purpose would be to inflict costs on a competitor, not necessarily served by killing.

      As far as Asians in western countries are concerned, sure, there would be ‘collateral damage’. That is part of the calculation in any military operation. However, Asians in countries such as Australia or Canada live surrounded by non-Asians. It would therefore be difficult for a self-sustaining epidemic to get going.

      All this is of course only speculation. We have to wait for the further biological analysis.

      We also have to wait for those evacuated westerners to leave quarantine. The Lancet estimates 75000 were infected in Wuhan by January 25th. That is roughly 0.75% of the population. If 5000 westerners are ecacuated, then on a pro rata basis, we should be looking for 30 to 40 infections amongst them.

  25. In a previous Quick Q & A about the Coronavirus I made a comment on BitChute the Duran channel, outlining where we stood and what the virus might be.
    In light of breaking news reported by ZeroHedge I have written an addendum I add here:

    OK, in the comment when assessing whether the virus might have been genetically engineered, I stated

    To start with, there are many Coronaviruses. It could only be one that has been manipulated in order to change it’s protein coat such that the human immune system cannot recognise it. The only way to do this is via genetic manipulation – and this is traceable often. So, until some lab has grown the viruses and sequenced it’s genomic strand [in this case a single positive strand RNA] to determine which foreign genetic information it contains that is different to that of the majority of corona viruses this possibility can be held in reserve.”

    From ZeroHedge we have a new piece of information, that from the sequencing I stated had to have happened, a new unique set of sequences HAS been discovered, and unhappily from a strange source – the HI virus [HIV which may cause AIDS].
    “In addition, other recent studies have linked the 2019-nCoV to SARS CoV. We therefore compared the spike glycoprotein sequences of the 2019-nCoV to that of the SARS CoV (NCBI Accession number: AY390556.1). On careful examination of the sequence alignment we found that the 2019- nCoV spike glycoprotein contains 4 insertions [Fig.2]. To further investigate if these inserts are present in any other corona virus, we performed a multiple sequence alignment of the spike glycoprotein amino acid sequences of all available coronaviruses (n=55) [refer Table S.File1] in NCBI refseq ( this includes one sequence of 2019-nCoV[Fig.S1]. We found that these 4 insertions [inserts 1, 2, 3 and 4] are unique to 2019-nCoV and are not present in other coronaviruses analysed. Another group from China had documented three insertions comparing fewer spike glycoprotein sequences of coronaviruses . Another group from China had documented three insertions comparing fewer spike glycoprotein sequences of coronaviruses (Zhou et al., 2020).

    We then translated the aligned genome and found that these inserts are present in all Wuhan 2019-nCoV viruses except the 2019-nCoV virus of Bat as a host [Fig.S4]. Intrigued by the 4 highly conserved inserts unique to 2019-nCoV we wanted to understand their origin. For this purpose, we used the 2019-nCoV local alignment with each insert as query against all virus genomes and considered hits with 100% sequence coverage. Surprisingly, each of the four inserts aligned with short segments of the Human immunodeficiency Virus-1 (HIV-1) proteins. The amino acid positions of the inserts in 2019-nCoV and the corresponding residues in HIV-1 gp120 and HIV-1 Gag are shown in Table 1.”

    The comparison against other Coronaviruses I stated would have to be made has shown that these sequences are unique to the strain causative of the current epidemic. While both viruses are single strand RNA virus, the HI virus is a retrovirus, which means it can back-engineer its RNA into DNA and then insert it into a DNA host. Like humans!!!
    This means it does look to have been genetically engineered – although for what purpose is not clear, nor by whom. However, coming as it does hard on the heels of the current war Oceania [American Empire] is waging on China in all spheres, this presents very worrying news.

    It bears noting that the DAY AFTER ZeroHedge published the above, the site was taken down on “twitter”. No rational reason was offered. If the virus was constructed, and in China, what interest would the Empire have in blocking the news. However, if it was constructed in US or vassals and introduced into china, then they may want the information blocked from reaching the wider population!!

    • my only problem with all the scenario’s is that the U.S. has a far greater enemy perturbing it than the Chinese, and why go to all the trouble of trying to infect a society so far away when all they really needed to do is infect their greatest competition and coast home from there.

      • But Pompeo stated this past day, after the Coronavirus outbreak, that the main menace to the US was the Chinese Communist Party…

        No wonder that China really does not imply any danger to the US people, apart from the farily stablished economic competition ( according to WTO rules…) but enough for this administration of crazy people, who does not stop at rules, to consider it…

        • I think you are seeing a reactionary comment from an administration that cant control another administration in the form of China. The goal was to better control the population of china through a financial mechanism and that the china authorities rejected this out right.

          The denying of American sanctions by buying Iranian oil and slowly dedollarizing trade w/different country’s, accusations started being thrown around about copyright infringements and just about anything that could be conceived was tossed into the salad almost like the democrats and impeachment.

          People should start taking political statements with a lump of salt before they get all consumed with nothing and lose track of their senses while flipping out about it.

          • I would say, Alabama, that the very fact that it is predicted that Chinese economy will take a huge tumble from this, and that it may take a couple of years to recover from, is sufficient to indicate why the Empire might have wanted to introduce it. Moreover, it feeds a perception being fostered, of China as a dangerous, savage place, where they eat dogs roasted alive, wild bats, and practise many other noxious food habits which go to demonstrate [a] how “unlike” we “exceptional, civilised Americans” they are and that, therefor [b] how threatening and dangerous they are to us, and thank God our government wages war on them to protect to us.

            It’s a fairly standard piece of perception manipulation that Oceania has been using to maintain “war by other means” against what it – and other brainwashed peoples – are now calling “Eurasia”. They took “1984” to be an instruction manual, you see.

            Ask yourself “cui bono”? Who is going to benefit most from this “outbreak” and where did the hysteria begin?? Influenza epidemics occur somewhere in the world Every Year,;; “influenza spreads around the world in yearly outbreaks, resulting in about three to five million cases of severe illness and about 290,000 to 650,000 deaths.[4][1] About 20% of unvaccinated children and 10% of unvaccinated adults are infected each year.[”
            Where is the equivalent hysteria about this, given that there are 3 known Pandemics which are estimated to have killed millions.
            Here we are talking a drop in the bucket — and who is benefiting from this manufactured terror. Always remember, frightened people, people in shock, are rendered highly susceptible to accepting bad ideas, bad social behaviours. Its been shown – objectively, using lab measurements – that to be in fear generates a whole heap of unwanted biochemical and neurological reactions leading to mental and physical illness to themselves.
            For those who did this – IF it was deliberately done by Oceania – then the wins are huge.
            This alone makes them at least highly suspect, plus their past behaviours to any nation which refuses their dictate.

            • I dont get that concerned about it, mostly b/c I wont be affected by it plus there are plenty of troubles the human race has going against it so my energy’s are directed toward that endevor.

  26. It wouldn’t be the first time the Americans used germ warfare on a mass scale.
    They used measles to wipe out the native Americans.
    Now they are trying to use the coronavirus to disrupt China.

    Very evil people

  27. @ Jacques Cuse on January 31, 2020 · at 4:21 pm EST/EDT
    I found this other post by Jon Rappoport from 2 years ago.

    I find the revelations about the 2009 H1N1 swine flu very telling. Astonishing. But sadly few people remember these things. I copy here a brief excerpt from your post:

    At the time, star CBS investigative reporter, Sharyl Attkisson, was working on the Swine Flu story. She discovered that the CDC had secretly stopped counting cases of the illness—while, of course, continuing to warn Americans about its unchecked spread.

    Understand that the CDC’s main job is counting cases and reporting the numbers.

    What was the Agency up to?

    Here is an excerpt from my 2014 interview with Sharyl Attkisson:

    Rappoport: In 2009, you spearheaded coverage of the so-called Swine Flu pandemic. You discovered that, in the summer of 2009, the Centers for Disease Control, ignoring their federal mandate, [secretly] stopped counting Swine Flu cases in America. Yet they continued to stir up fear about the “pandemic,” without having any real measure of its impact. Wasn’t that another investigation of yours that was shut down? Wasn’t there more to find out?

    Attkisson: The implications of the story were even worse than that. We discovered through our FOI efforts that before the CDC mysteriously stopped counting Swine Flu cases, they had learned that almost none of the cases they had counted as Swine Flu was, in fact, Swine Flu or any sort of flu at all! The interest in the story from one [CBS] executive was very enthusiastic. He said it was “the most original story” he’d seen on the whole Swine Flu epidemic. But others pushed to stop it [after it was published on the CBS News website] and, in the end, no [CBS television news] broadcast wanted to touch it. We aired numerous stories pumping up the idea of an epidemic, but not the one that would shed original, new light on all the hype. It was fair, accurate, legally approved and a heck of a story. With the CDC keeping the true Swine Flu stats secret, it meant that many in the public took and gave their children an experimental vaccine that may not have been necessary. […]

  28. I do not have an opinion on all (or any) of the aspects of this virus as I am not qualified to comment; however, I have no doubt that this tragedy will be exploited to the absolute maximum extreme by sinophobists, the media terrorists, the politicians,e.g. zionist Cotton et al in the West. For that, we can only stand back in stunned but not surprising shame and embarrassment.

    I post this link from Moon, which has been my main source for “relatively” (emphasis on relatively) informed analysis and comments (it has kept me from nailing one foot to the floor and trying to run out to buy a hazenat suit (sarc)).

    I was a tad reltuctant initially because it does have a graph from NYT but it appears harmless and may actually be a tad informative:

    • Another thing that troubles me is the absurd reporting by so called journalists and more worryingly that from health officials. we keep hearing that the death rate is less than SARS and less than flu even.

      My problem with this bland reporting is firstly the Chinese response which does NOT suggest such a benign course.

      Secondly in a guardian piece i just read the imbecilic journalist in the same story wrote that the death rate is low but goes on the say that breathing difficulties start 10 days after symptoms start.

      In other words we have not got a bloody clue about the death rates because we can ONLY realistically look at people say 10-14 days from diagnosis. Now if we did THIS and looked at the 259 deaths compared with those reported say in the 22nd January we have a horrendous 47% death rate. the reported recovery rate is more telling say 52%. Indeed it may be just coincidence but it would seem that based on a 10 day lag we can explain 99% of cases diagnosed 10 days ago ie 47% dead and 525 recovered.

      I think I am starting to scare myself!!!!!!!!!

  29. I have never commented before but wish to say that whatever happened in Wuhan the version we are being told is false.

    Whatever way we look at it this virus is of RECENT origin and CANNOT in its current form have been around since December.

    The virus is spreading in a totally predicable exponential fashion. Using the published data (John Hopkins for ease) the virus in Mainland china is spreading at a rate of y=e (power 0.37x) or y=x (power 1.62) with extraordinary R2 of 0.982. Now at this infectivity rate, ground zero was on or about January 5th not back in December as we have been told (this includes the story China is telling its citizens).

    Now you can argue that China was under-reporting numbers affected and that there were people sick before then BUT the infection rate for people who have left China and are being reported elsewhere is following a very similar trajectory y=x(power 1.49). Now I guess it is possible that China initially did not count or find those with only mild infections whereas in the rest of the world with screening all infections are being found but the remarkable consistency of the exponential curve really does NOT support that idea. Time will tell of course especially in the numbers of seriously sick people outside China.

    It is however my contention that SOMETHING happened on or about January 5th. There are quite a lot of possibilities. The ones I can think of are:

    1. The virus mutated naturally to become much more infectious and to allow for human to human infection rather than just animal to human as had been assumed for the “wet market” cases. This is possible – viruses can do this. It could explain why the Wuhan authorities were initially fairly lax ie through December.

    2. The precautions taken with the December cases broke down in some way and the infectious virus got out for the first time in to the community so started its exponential spread

    3. Someone in Wuhan was trying to develop a vaccine for the December cases and it went horribly wrong

    4. The virus was an experimental one (either as a vaccine or bioweapon) with some sort of delay trigger was accidentally released from China

    5. A hostile power used the opportunity of a known animal transmitted form of Corona virus (in the SARS model) to release a bioweapon aimed at maximum economic destruction.

    Each of the above is possible in my opinion, but whatever else something happened around 5 January that was not the same as the December pattern.

    • Good catch.

      Although China developing a bioweapon that works only on Chinese seems a bit odd, unless they were aware that such a weapon existed and were trying to re-create it. Or, China captured a sample and it got loose.

      Or the actual creators decided to release it before the Chinese could develop a fix.

      A hostile element luring the Chinese into capturing a sample, then releasing it from a lab where they had a mole, would use the Chinese defense system to bypass itself and cleverly symbolic of the way pathogens can work.

      The pandemic also creates and odd January Surprise pattern of a Eurasian nation own-goaling itself; China fumbles a pandemic, Iran shoots down a civilian air liner.

      That n-CoV struck during Chinese New Year is amazing timing for a natural mutation. The largest mass migration of humans in the world has been well-documented for years. A predictable pattern of behavior.

      Had the outbreak occurred a week earlier, things might be far more serious. The symptom-free incubation period would have happened during the in-migration of New Years family visits. The outbreak would then be timed with the out-migration of Chinese back to work and school, across China and around the world.

      Still, neither China nor the other four permanent UN Security Council Members are raising biowarfare concerns.

      • All good points Brockland

        As you say for the Chinese to have a bioweapon targettting Asian males seems improbable and since clearly an Indian guy found the issue in an afternoon it would have been predictable i guess. The possibility of a vaccine gone horribly wrong is more likely.

        So yes I think no 4 is the least likely on my list. I think escape of bioweapons is not likely because the scientists themselves tend to stay in control. Hospitals etc are a more likely source of an accident because there are so many people around.

        • Having read a bit more and come across a fantastic article written by people in Wuhan using real data, I think i was sort of wrong and also a little bit right.

          There seem to have been TWO epidemics or at least a wider epidemic masked by the wet market. The good doctors of Wuhan focussed on the wetmarket, believing the consensus that it was all because of recombination as per SARS. Now that was all fine and dandy and by the look of the data the public health officials were pretty good at closing down that outbreak and tracing contacts so that with 30 days no new transmissions from the wet market. Just over 40 people were affected.

          BUT perhaps because they were SO convinced of the wet market idea they did not notice that the FIRST case was 5 days earlier and not related to the wet market. This wider epidemic flew under the radar (i suspect because they were younger and stronger than i assume the many old timers in the wet market..) Anyway this wider epidemic bubbled away through December and it was not until the 4th January that the numbers started to rapidly increase.

          it was a positive pleasure to read and understand – so clear and well presented. Full marks.
          Here is the link.

          So yes something did happen around January but it was more that what had seemed like a contained infection went from 21 cases to 84 cases in 6 days. The lag period seems to be about 6-7 days so something went extra infections around 23 December. Maybe there was a Xmas party.

          • Fascinating. Thanks for the link.

            I’m not sure what China’s cold/flu casualty rate is, but its probably worse than the U.S. per capita, which seems on average to be around 200,000 hospitalizations and 49,000 deaths per year, depending on the source.

            With everyone flooding the hospitals with the slightest case of any cold or flu, its not improbable that many non-n-CoV casualites are being reported as n-CoV infections or deaths.

    • RE: SOMETHING happened on or about January 5th.

      To me it seems… if it looks and quacks like bio-war… that all whitewashing theory (“it could well have been just…”) will not turn this event into a genuine, usual, harmless outbreak of a random deadly epidemy under “those well-known deplorable circumstances”. In my life I remarked – only in hindsight – that over a span of 20 or more years someone had seen to it that the things I had built up to make a living crumbled again and again, and this in equal intervals. One such period inbetween disasters stretched from the beginning of 1983 to the end of 1988: after the advertising agency I had worked for had been kept busy for months with promises of a great contract by the city government which in the ended with nil, ruined the agency and sent her employees out into “freedom”, I was introduced to meet my saviour, the local plant of an American three letter company beginning with I and ending with M. At my first appearance there I was not asked any one question about myself, my former work or my professional capabilities and perhaps showpieces (and much less was I vetted with a lie detector), but only whether I would be able and willing to work for them on a PR project they had in mind. Yes I said, and was in business. This project and this company became my major source of income for the next years, with one reason being that they disposed of my time as if I was one of theirs (which I was, a situation later labelled as “scheinselbständig”, a mock freelancer), so that other contacts suffered and faded away. I was “completely” trusted, was “free” to do whatever I wanted on the compound (but preferred not to), and was even handed out the user code for the copy/faxmachine which then decades old collaborators had to ask from me, the “completely trusted” outsider, if they wanted to copy a page or two. The contract was renewed every year in summer without ado – until at one occasion the term was stretched and stretched, unlikely excuses were made (but still not one single question posed about whatever an American 3lettercompany might find interesting or objectionable), until in the first days of January 1988 no, not a Chinese bat flu struck on January 5th, and neither was I killed by an American rocket on January 8th, but on January 3rd I was, from one minute to the next, urged to return my ID card etc. at once, and goodbye! From early 1988 to the end of 1993 a similar sequence “happened” to me.

      Much later I wondered about these ups and downs and remarked that someone had modeled my life in 5 years intervals, starting and ending always in a -3 or -5 year, mostly in an orderly manner, i.e. around year’s end/start, in early January. I labelled this kind of behaviour “data fetishism”, but could not make much of the number 5 which I neither like nor prefer using. But others definitely did and still do. The German Democratic Republic (GDR) unnerved us in our cozy little frontstadt with their propaganda about their wonderful 5-years-plans…, and yes, I found out that still others like the #5 so much that they love 5 times 5 even more and produce “world wars or comparable events” every 25 years – and make them last ca 5 years: 1914-1918/9, 1939-1944/45, 1964+ the start of the Vietnam war with the bogus Tonking event, 1989 starting the war against the East with the breaking up of the GDR by our nasty little frontstadt, and this, by a divine wonder, namely on “our national doomsday”, which, by another divine wonder, is, im Gleichschritt with our American friends, also “9.11.”. This “wonder” (followed by others like the Meeting of Bush and Gorbee in Malta in Dec. 1989) was the precondition for “opening up a new era” starting January 1990. I was now without work and had much time for looking for more of such “fetishist” timespans. They are celebrated to tell us that some unseen and unknown One has the power to do whatever (s?)he wants, even the most cruel, mind- and world shaking events, just as if we are only fleas on a carpet who fear the screaming monster that tries to suck them n every 24 hours.

      It was in 2008, I think, that enough things had accumulated that I found I should report them to the person responsible for the system that produces them, our shtazeemouse Angela Shitler. This became a lengthy letter, and part of it was my introducing her into the Holy Duty which would soon fall upon her, namely, to start the next world war in Summer of 2014 (because 1914+(4*25)), and preferably in Ukraine so that her troops would be spared a too long march on Moscow. Such things are always the fruit of international cooperation, so in this case, as in WW II, the Hollandish were very helpful (and in the event had an “Elitetruppe” of mindboggling 2000 fighters prepared for taking Moscow in one surprising movement), and the trigger was, of course, the MH17 event, placed on the BUndesKanzlerin’s birthday, and therefore rightly advertised as “BUK”-triggered. In this case the taking of Moscow by 2000 dutchmen did not come to pass, but the 25years’ summer event for starting the next due world war was splendidly served, and its consequences are with us until today. It started already in early 2014 in Kiev, so the whole thing was long planned and slow in starting, and this roughly in January. This world war is still due, some souls must by now be very anxious not to miss it…

      In all such cases those who do the doing, in our period the Americans, make their acting “unsuspicious”, “others” are doing it, and guilty for a painful event are always their victims: the “dirty” Chinese with their “dirty” eating habits “have only themselves to blame”. This blame is published before any investigation (to prevent one), it is never backed up by evidence but just pronounced – “that must suffice”, and does for burghers whose brains have shrunk by lack of use. I don’t know about your countries, but, according to evening TV news, in Good Old AdolfUndAngelaLand people looking asiatic are already singled out as the new Jews, everyone a threat to German health and wealth – to be avoided!

      Since big bangs are best served on unsuspected victims, their preparation and even their final start have to be camouflaged… and this is the moment where tealeaves’ studying experts have to exercise their holy duty to study the tea leaves. What do they say?

      They say that Americans (like everybody else), and especially 3letter agencies, have fixed manners that they find normal, universal, unsuspicious, thus not necessarily to hide from an enemy, a future victim. One of them is that new enterprises meant to introduce a new era should be started at the beginning of a new era, thus in early January (as IxM taught me in 1988), and if it’s something big, then in January of a year ending with a 0. January 2020 fulfills these conditions (as did, a bit differently, the American plaything Adolf Hitler who could not form a gov’t after the elections in the summer of 1932, but in January with the grueling masonic number 33 it was suddenly possible) – and what did Trumperica do with that occasion? On Jan 3th Trump murdered Soleimani hoping to bring a new era to US-Iran relations (Iran decapitated and defenseless without any capable officer…). On Jan 5th in China: “SOMETHING happened on or about January 5th…” (Watcher). On Jan 8th, by some tricks, a plane full of specialists for Iran’s defense was shot down and the experts all executed, another installment of Iran’s decapitation. On Jan 28th, Trump and his best friend presented to the world their roadmap for decapitating those people to whom belongs Palestine, the Palestinians, and for rewarding the thieves who stole their land. Inbetween Trump’s machine crushed the US “democrats” in their deplorable impeachery and thus secured the next four years of trumpery. Yes, Trump is a salesman, and sales depend on reklama, PR, advertising, and these are invented and organized as “campaigns”, started at “special occasions”, using them as ornaments, arguments or whatever else helps selling.

      So, Trump, in a New Year’s campaign (or crusade) crushed “all” his few enemies already in January 2020, from it’s earliest days (I certainly overlooked other events of the same character, say in South America) – we don’t know what was planned for another arch enemy, Russia, because Putin suddenly changed the rules and the government, as if, let’s say, preventing an approaching disaster, and only China remained as necessary target for some murder exercise, uh, “special treatment”. Only if *nothing* had happened also to this other rival/”enemy”, should we have been curious or suspicious and confused, murmuring “what happened?” to stop Trump doing his job. He HAD to do something, and he DID:

      “SOMETHING happened on or about January 5th”, hurrah! As if Trump had given the order “Grab them by the lungs!”, another, new, much more deadly virus (if I understand Watcher correctly) appeared at that date, which it should indeed at or around that date if it was or still is in fact another American weapon of mass destruction of “main enemies” targeted by Trump.

      Still for lack of scientific and mathematical understanding, I do not exactly understand what you, Watcher, have found out apart from the fact that something new, different appeared: is this new virus “much more deadly, and we shall see” or is it “much more deadly, but was still stopped”, which some people find astonishing and only explicable by insinuating that “the Chinese did it all themselves, otherwise they could not have reacted so fast” (the following comms may make this clear, but I stopped here to write down my take before feeling silenced by people understanding more then me).

      My explanation so far is that the 3letteragency product Trump has fired the military bio-aggression against China “on Jan 5th”, because it was part of their/his package of selling suppression_or_death by America to the world/the old enemies at this special occasion of the start of “a new era” defined by “special” numbers in the calendar, and not by winter and Chinese eating habits. For testing this plausibility one should check two “normality” parameters. The first is: while it is normal for Chinese to eat what they eat, is it also normal to have a deadly epidemy because of that? If it was, it should happen every year – if it doesn’t, a special factor like outside interference must have triggered it this year. Especially if Trump had – as we remarked as witnesses – just launched a murder campaign for getting rid of ALL his old enemies, which could not possibly leave China untouched. Then we should secondly check the other way round: Trump is just another new boy for the 3letteragencies who do their special business for decades, always in the same pedantic and bureaucratic way (as even I remarked, a nameless and useless nobody, who they took the pain to push around for aligning his life experience in their typical and every time similar 5-years-blocks). Then bigger enemies should be treated in a similar way, but on a bigger scale. The second question thus is, whether China did experience already in the past interference and disaster at *regular* intervals, preferably as if as part of another chain-of-events (“campaign”), probably connected to some “jubilee” date, like the start of a new decade or at a world shaking event like Angela Shitlers 60th birthday that was the reason to place the start of the new era of war against Russia namely on that special day and not on any other. Mishaps on jubilees of events of Chinese history or of personal dates of Chinese leaders would be candidates, and, if such occasions (of unwarranted interference from the outside) are found, then – like “harmonic waves” in music – “jubilee waves” should also be found (an aggression at the 60th birthday, aha, yes, especially if one now checks whether such special treatment also happened at the 50th birthday etc. etc.)

      As for the suspicious readiness of the Chinese health apparatus to fend off the aggression “as if they launched the epidemy themselves”, and the obvious counter-argument that these Chinese, perhaps, were not only quick and well prepared but even very quick and very well prepared… one should also not exclude the possibility that information was arrived at by thought (“What will they do if they do what they always do?”), or by the classical possibility that – for whatever reason and with whatever means – someone heard the enemy say what they planned to do and how, and found a way to inform the intended victims in time.


  30. Looking at comments at various places on the Web today – including alternative media – re. what is happening in China with this situation.

    I am overwhelmed by the sheer volume of hatred, racism, bigotry, ignorance, and bile being spewed. The word ‘sinophobia’ doesn’t do it justice.

    I think many westerners – especially in the Anglo countries – realize that their day in the sun is over, that they canot lord it over the ‘lesser breeds’ any more, that China has eaten their lunch and dinner as they see it.

    I think especially in the social miasma and endemic social despair of American flyover land, that many people wolud be quite ok with the destuction of China.

    • Agree unfortunately with your comment pertaining to sheer volume from just what I have briefly seen.

      Zerohedge and its commenters have completely lost it and I have hung up the phone on that trash site for now. Have not gone to other sites and see no need to reflect on the hysteria or on the exploiters.

    • “I am overwhelmed by the sheer volume of hatred, racism, bigotry, ignorance, and bile being spewed. The word ‘sinophobia’ doesn’t do it justice.”

      It’s part of the zionazi full spectrum dominance strategy with regard to media. They spew the govno non stop in their zionazi-gay media and use their webtroll networks to do even worse over the web. The things can’t totally control the web, like they do in the media, but they can sure spam to hell if allowed.

  31. The zionazis strike again:

    Clucking hell! New outbreak of BIRD FLU sees thousands of chickens culled in coronavirus-stricken China

    “The outbreak took place at a farm near Shaoyang city, in China’s central Hunan province, the country’s Ministry of Agriculture announced on Saturday. 4,500 of the farm’s 7,850 chickens have died from the illness, and local authorities have culled nearly 20,000 birds to contain its spread.

    H5N1 is an avian flu virus that causes severe respiratory disease in birds, and is contagious to humans. No human victims have yet been reported, but the World Health Organization (WHO) states that more than 350 people have died from the virus since it first spread to humans in Hong Kong in the late 1990s.

    H5N1 is a far deadlier virus to those who contract it. Nearly 60 percent of H5N1 patients die after contracting the sickness, compared to two percent of Wuhan coronavirus (2019 nCoV) patients thus far.

    Hunan province is bordered to the north by Hubei province, whose capital city, Wuhan, is the epicenter of the current coronavirus epidemic.”

  32. In terms of numbers, the updates from yesterday state:

    10:40 pm Feb 1

    There will be a significant increase in confirmed novel coronavirus infection cases tomorrow and the day after tomorrow in the city: Huanggang mayor. Some 600-700k people returned from Wuhan to Huanggang before Wuhan lockdown.

    9:40 pm Feb 1

    Huanggang, a city neighboring Wuhan, which records the second-largest number of novel coronavirus infections, punished 337 officials for slacking off from their duty in combating the coronavirus. Six of them were dismissed from their positon.

    9:30 pm Feb 1

    The local government of Hubei Province on Sat announced the extension of the Spring Festival holiday till Feb 13 as part of efforts at curbing the spread of novel coronavirus.

    Today …

    08:35 am Feb 2

    As of 24:00 Saturday, deaths caused by coronavirus have risen to 304,
    328 people have been cured and discharged from hospital.
    The number of suspected cases stands at 19,544.


    09:47 am Feb 2

    The #nCoV2019 is transmittable via vomit and feces: Chinese researchers.

    Further on today’s updates (Chinese time – there are rules for funerals, burials, going out to shop for food for the population under quarantine and so on.

  33. dear friends, I still refuse to pin any party down for this bio-engineered weapon (yet)
    though the usual suspect is lighting up like xmas tree…

    Below is a good discussion by Jeff Brown and a expert INSIDE china…
    2 things that affirm my ‘worry’ from the beginning
    1) No gov will lock down the ENTIRE country for a flu
    2) To date, the gov has not label anyone to be responsible – my 2nd worry is, what happens when they do?

    Pls listen with an open mind and make due preparation for your self and your family accordingly in time to come.

    If china outright names ‘The Devil’, they will get a WAR (which they failed with iran)
    When the entire Chinese population get the true news they were attack by a foreign country, especially those who’s family members died, they will demand blood payback!
    There may already be a change of wind in the standing committee how to respond.

    Pls be calm and think deeper. By no means all the info is absolutely correct as the whole issue is very complicated and involves many many hidden hands and operators.

    Is Wuhan virus a hit job? A whodunit not to miss. Uriah Heep, our Sherlock Holmes solves the case!

    Again, pls be calm and think deeper! This have “involved” alot of countries and our collective future.
    Pls do be safe, you and your family.

    • Thanks ?. That video was excellent for me – one that I can write an essay about, pulling some of my previous and old career skills together around our friend Uriah Heep. I actually believe every word he is saying, not because he says it, but because he works so very hard at keeping quiet on what he is not allowed to say and what would get him in trouble. I would guess that there may be something like stressors remaining from his previous career and my heart went out to him. This is not something that happens often with yet another youtube video.

      The things that struck me from the content
      .. the Chinese virus outbreaks keeping pace with the trade war. I noticed this so clearly as I followed the trade war closely.
      .. the biolab – of course it is so. No government in the world would plunk that kind of facility in the middle of a huge city, so, that facility is not where the real work gets done.
      .. China is running this process as if it is a bioweapon let loose.

      Somehow and just intuitively .. even after this virus has run its course, I don’t think this event will quickly leave the consciousness in other words, it is not over when the virus dies out. Check out a quote from the Chinese media .. if it gets into this media, it is already formal for the Chinese. So, if they lie, it is goverment lies – one does not have to figure out from which faction it comes..

      “In the past two days, speculations have run high that the WHO declaration of PHEIC equals declaring China an “endemic country,” and that the decision will make the Chinese economy go backward 20 years. Such speculations obviously exaggerated the situation.”

      Who do we know that would love the Chinese economy to go backward 20 years or so?

      • amarynth I completely agree with you re residual stressors in the retirement life of UH and commend you for raising the issue to public awareness.

        I thought the same watching this excellent interview- I so loved the fact that the interviewer allowed the guest to speak without interruption- rare indeed!

        I retired prematurely due to extreme stress and burn-out. Like Uriah, I wrote and wrote and wrote like a daimon possessed, for about six years.

        Until I had nothing left to expunge💕and my heart felt free once more

        I recognised myself in UH albeit from a different professional position

        It takes one to know one

        That is how the human chain of relationships strengthens

        Thank You

  34. Is this really an “epidemic?” Or yet another fear porn panic psyop to test out State top down instant controls on citizens, setting aside all civil rights due to “necessity” of protecting the “herd?”
    Is this yet another eugenicist’s wet dream Tavistock herd control experiment?

    Don’t you guys read Jon Rappoport at Time and time again the CDC who are the front man hirelings for Big Pharma and the protected-from-any-lawsuit Vaccine Industry, have promoted Swine Flu, Bird Flu, Ebola, H1N1, SARS… like the next Black Plague. and yet… Sheryl Atkinsson investigative reporter exposed that CDC early on stopped keeping stats, yet later claimed 22 MILLION Americans got such “flu.” No lab test, no cultures. And really, hardly anyone percent wise died.

    WHY does anyone trust vaccines?
    Further, is this a manufactured bio-weapon?

    I’m surprised at how many are politically astute and untrusting of Official News, yet believe the white-coated medical priests who are trapped inside a system that dictates what they can and cannot do, controlled by Big Money, and who are generally ignorant of all the peer-evaluated info on PubMed that contraindicates the usual routines they go along with.

    • Pat,

      I appreciate your – and Rappoport’s – point of view. It is a view that I would normally tend to myself.

      What gives me pause for thought in this instance is the massive economic costs imposed by the ‘breathtaking’ Chinese government reaction. These costs will include, as time goes on, the breaking of supply chains not only within China, but with the wider world. China being now the fulcrum of the world economy. We are talking here of millions of workers not receiving wages, companies not making sales etc. All of this obviously creates the potential for social unrest.

      So, for me this ‘breathtaking’ response almost implies that the cause must be breathtaking too – pun not intended in the context of a respiratory illness.

      I can think of only one other possible reason that could justify this, but first I would like to hear your answer to my argument, if you care to give it.

      Thanks in advance.

      • clickkid, you are too pessimistic — perhaps you should not read certain western MSM…

        The Chinese government is tackling this epidemic with a gigantic efficiency. They have built a hospital in Wuhan, with capacity of 1,000 beds and a staff of 1,400, in ten days. Soon a vaccine will be available. The whole world will benefit from this vaccine!

        This efficiency comes from Central Planning and Disaster Planning — something unknown in the greedy west, where people would be left to die if the epidemic was here.

        The Central Government care about the people — people’s government is not the same as elite’s government. There is a CLASS DISTINCTION, here. If they did not do what they are doing, they would deserve to be criticised by the people. The Chinese people recognise the effort; but, they may criticise the Local Government, at the end…

        See the link below and be more optimistic:

        • Thenks for the link.

          Please don’t misunderstand me,

          I absoilutely agree with what you say about the ‘Chinese System’

          I was merely taking issue with the ‘it’s all fake’ Rappoport line.

          My point is that if all these resources are being thrown at the problem,. then the ‘it’s all fake’ line doesn’t wash any more. Those pictures underline my point.

          I admit I read western MSM – one does have to keep abreast of the propaganda.

        • That is good to hear. However, governments have many of these bio labs, correct? (I heard there are 42 or 44 schedule 4 labs around the world?) So they have quite a library of nasties in any of those labs, right? It is just if it hadn’t been released (if it is man made, escaped from a lab, or purposefully did so, or other malevolent like it was planted from a foreign agent) we would have no need for a vaccine (I haven’t had any vaccines in over 15 years myself and I’ve had the flu all of once during that time, something else hit me pretty good, so maybe twice in that time span, guess its a game of chance then? I’m not anti or pro vax myself.) Praying for the best!

  35. Interestingly enough, the 1957-58 Asian Flu pandemic occurred just prior to China’s Great Leap Forward (1958-62). A researcher named Barbara Sands cited this as a possible alternative explanation for, or major contributing factor to, the disastrous failure of that project.

    The Asian Flu was identified as a possible pandemic in February of 1957. Then as now, the virus strain (variant of H2N2) was quickly identified. By May 1957, a vaccine was being prepared. By August of 1958 the vaccine was available. By around 1968, H2N2 dropped out of circulation.

    China’s Belt an Road Project was announced in 2013, but alarm over China’s rise was becoming apparent just over a decade before that.

    The new flu scares seems to have begun around 2003 starting with the SARS panic, and renewed sinophobia, although this was a minor movement eclipsed by the 9-11 Wars.

    However, the interregnum when China was more an ally of the West seems to have been relatively scare-free.

    • Yes, Belt and Road was announced in 2013

      Also net Chinese purchases of US T.Bonds ceased in 2013

      China’s economy has been larger than that of the US on a Purchasing Power Parity basis since 2014.

      China is now well ahead of the US in very many fields.

      The core problem for the US government is its financing. China was a massive buyer of US debt from its entry into the WTO in 2001 until 2013. Not any more

      Savings in the US to finance the Budget deficit are negligible.

      The troubles in the repo market since September show that all is not well below the surface. Higher interest rates would crush Americans. They are not feasable.

      Steve Bannon said a couple of years ago that he thinks the US has until 2025 to stop China’s rise.

      I don’t think it’s got that long.

      What is a poor superpower to do?

      Will China call time on the US Dollar?

      • I kind of suspect China needs the U.S. dollar as much as the U.S. does.

        Sure, U.S. dollar hegemony gives the U.S. a default piece of everyone’s economic pie, but as a result, everyone else’s currency playing along is ‘worth’ more as well.

        Its hardly in China’s interest for their U.S. dollar holdings to be reduced to TP.

        Russia can convert its U.S. dollar holding to gold and other assets; they have no choice anyway and their economy is smaller.

        China, on the other hand, is kind of trapped even if the Belt and Road were truly up and running.

  36. I regret to say that I don’t get colds or flu, I never had any vaccinations and never let the kids be subject to them.

    Regret to say this because of the lack of resisting an outbreak of highly contagious fear.

    Fear is the great amplifier of disease of all kinds and besieges the mind.

    Nature has resilience and the immune system operates in tandem with, the mind, or soul, and the human spirit.

    The main hazard of generations of adults, children and infants taking prescribed drugs for medical, or preventative medical procedure or intervention, are the long term effects of disease suppression and weakening of the immune system function.

    As the body becomes less responsive or resistant to a particular drug, new drug types are developed by the pharmacists to combat disease and effect so called cures.

    The immune system’s own, natural inbuilt combative role cannot be subjugated as long as there is life however, and new types of virus and disease will manifest as a “natural” outcome, and immune to known cures.

    How this plays in with government, big pharma, virus manipulation, manufacture and used as warfare are technical questions, but that the outbreak of coronavirus is used as highly effective agent of fear is clear.

    • “weakening of the immune system function.”

      I have noticed that so far, when I have done online searches for “treatment of coronavirus,” I have seen no mention whatsoever of taking steps to boost one’s own immune system. Even very conventional sources of medical advice (that is, without going into the whole topic of supplements etc.) list some basics:
      “Healthy ways to strengthen your immune system

      Your first line of defense is to choose a healthy lifestyle. Following general good-health guidelines is the single best step you can take toward naturally keeping your immune system strong and healthy. Every part of your body, including your immune system, functions better when protected from environmental assaults and bolstered by healthy-living strategies such as these:

      Don’t smoke.

      Eat a diet high in fruits and vegetables.

      Exercise regularly.

      Maintain a healthy weight.

      If you drink alcohol, drink only in moderation.

      Get adequate sleep.

      Take steps to avoid infection, such as washing your hands frequently and cooking meats thoroughly.

      Try to minimize stress.”

      Of course the “health” industry has totally confused the populace as to what constitutes healthy food.
      I won’t here go into the steps readers can take to cut through the “health industry” disinformation.
      My basic point is that the IMO most obvious way to protect oneself against the coronavirus is not only to avoid contact with the virus but also to fortify oneself against any and all infections and illnesses by staying healthy: via, basically, good nutrition (eat liver and other organ meats at least once/week), exercise, adequate sleep, and avoidance of toxic substances such as smoke and, quite probably, overexposure to computer screens and other such devices.

    • “I regret to say that I don’t get colds or flu,”

      I’m sorry to hear about that, but I understand that the Pentagon can tailor a virus to your genotype. Why don’t you send them some of your DNA? (sarc.)

    • The paper has been withdrawn.

      Yes, it’s a pre-print but it has some issues highlighted in the comments section. One even took issue with the authors’ use of adjectives
      — “uncanny” or its synonyms are seldom used by authors of scientific/technical articles to describe their findings. Whether the findings are uncanny, mysterious or supernatural, is usually left to the reader.

      The lead author has written in to biorxiv to explain the withdrawal:

      It was not our intention to feed into the conspiracy theories and no such claims are made here. While we appreciate the criticisms and comments provided by scientific colleagues at BioRxiv forum and elsewhere, the story has been differently interpreted and shared by social media and news platforms. We have positively received all criticisms and comments. To avoid further misinterpretation and confusions world-over, we have decided to withdraw the current version of the preprint and will get back with a revised version after reanalysis, addressing the comments and concerns. Thank you to all who contributed in this open-review process.

  37. Apparently AFP is reporting that 20 of 200 French evacuees exhibit the virus.

    This is 10%. If this is representative and true, then one million people in Wuhan likely have the Virus.

    Of course it may not be representative, or it may be a fabrication of western media.

    It also doesn’t mean that they will develop any symptoms.

    Make your mind up.

    I think we could be in for a turbulent week. Especially on the financial markets.

  38. Institut Pasteur sequences the whole genome of the Wuhan coronavirus, 2019-nCoV:
    On January 24, 2020, the French Ministry of Health confirmed the first three cases of patients affected by the Wuhan coronavirus. On January 29, 2020, the Institut Pasteur, which is responsible for monitoring respiratory viruses in France, sequenced the whole genome of the coronavirus known as “2019-nCoV”, becoming the first institution in Europe to sequence the virus since the start of the outbreak. The virus was sequenced at the Institut Pasteur’s Mutualized Platform for Microbiology (P2M), which performs genome sequencing on bacterial, viral, fungal and parasite strains received by National Reference Centers and World Health Organization Collaborating Centers for the purpose of infectious disease surveillance.

    In December 2019, an outbreak of apparently viral pneumonia of unknown etiology emerged in the city of Wuhan, in the Chinese province of Hubei.

    On January 9, 2020, the Chinese health authorities and the World Health Organization (WHO) announced the discovery of a novel coronavirus, known as 2019-nCoV, which was confirmed as the agent responsible for the pneumonia cases (see the Institut Pasteur’s fact sheet on the “Wuhan coronavirus” – page in French).

    Over the weekend of January 11-12, the Chinese authorities shared the full sequence of the coronavirus genome, as detected in samples taken from the first patients. “Sequencing the genome of pathogens is crucial for the development of specific diagnostic tests and the identification of potential treatment options,” explains Sylvie van der Werf, Director of the National Reference Center (CNR) for Respiratory Viruses at the Institut Pasteur.

    Friday January 24, 2020. Detection of the virus confirmed in France

    On Friday January 24, late in the morning, the Institut Pasteur received samples of three suspected cases (two patients in Paris and one in Bordeaux). “Using the samples taken from these patients, we detected the novel coronavirus,” says Sylvie Behillil, Deputy Director of the CNR at the Institut Pasteur.

    From Friday January 24, 2020. Viral genome sequenced at the Institut Pasteur

    That same Friday evening, scientists launched the process of sequencing the viral genome based on the samples. The CNR prepared the material for sequencing, ready for P2M to begin work immediately the following Monday. The sequencing run was completed by early evening on the Tuesday, and the scientists used data analysis to obtain the sequence of the whole genome in two of the first three confirmed cases in France. “This proves the efficacy of the CNR’s process of analysis based on viral sequencing,” continues Vincent Enouf.

    Thursday January 30, 2020. The Institut Pasteur obtains and shares the whole sequence of the virus

    The P2M platform (see inset below) currently performs at an extremely high level; the average time taken to produce sequences ranges from three days (for emergencies) to a maximum of ten days. In this case, it took just three days for the whole sequence to be determined: “We performed data analysis during the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, then corroborated the results on Wednesday with counter analysis,” explains Vincent Enouf. “The whole sequence was confirmed in just three days.”

    Coronavirus – Wuhan – 2019-nCoV – Institut Pasteur
    Whole genome sequence of the 2019-nCoV coronavirus, in one of the first French cases, made at the Institut Pasteur (Paris), using a unique Platform (P2M), open to all French National Reference Centers. Copyright: Institut Pasteur / CNR of respiratory infection viruses.

    Coronavirus – Wuhan – 2019-nCoV – Institut Pasteur
    A close up on the 2019-nCoV sequence, performed at the Institut Pasteur (Paris). We see the bases in viral RNA. Copyright: Institut Pasteur / CNR of respiratory infection viruses.

    What can we learn from it? “The sequences were identical in all our samples. One member of the couple must have contaminated the other, as the virus is the same.” The two full sequences of the virus isolated in two of the first French cases were submitted to the Global Initiative on Sharing All Influenza Data (GISAID) platform,1 which was initially developed to share sequences and monitor the genetic evolution of influenza viruses, a process that is vital to determine the composition of the influenza vaccine. A special “coronavirus” tab has been created so that the scientific community can work together and advance at a quicker pace.

    “Around twenty other sequences of the novel coronavirus genome have been obtained worldwide, and if we compare them with ours, we can see that they are all very close; there is not much diversity in the viruses analyzed, which suggests that coronavirus 2019-nCoV did not need to mutate in order to adapt and spread,” continues Vincent Enouf.

    The National Reference Center (CNR) for Respiratory Viruses at the Institut Pasteur in Paris is one of WHO’s reference laboratories for coronavirus 2019-nCoV.

    A total of eight people from the CNR and two from the P2M sequencing platform have been working on the virus this week and will continue to monitor the outbreak in France.

    1. Euro Surveill. 2017 Mar 30;22(13). pii: 30494. doi: 10.2807/1560-7917.ES.2017.22.13.30494. GISAID: Global initiative on sharing all influenza data – from vision to reality. Shu Y, McCauley J.

    P2M, a state-of-the-art mutualized platform for microbiology also open to external CNRs


    hope the above website works ok, which is directly from Institut Pasteur from which is the above excerpt.

    • monnalisa on February 02, 2020 · at 5:37 pm EST/ED

      “Institut Pasteur sequences the whole genome of the Wuhan coronavirus, 2019-nCoV:
      Quote: …
      In December 2019, an outbreak of apparently viral pneumonia of unknown etiology emerged in the city of Wuhan, in the Chinese province of Hubei.”

      What crap, reiterating official sources. First victim occured 8th December, not related to any fish market. The latest news is people are hit so sudden they collapse on the street. … then they go into coma while body is trembling.
      The victims don’t have to pay gold before receiving treatment

  39. I’m seeing less than 1 in 100 deaths outside of China ( I live near China ), country’s outside all have infections, but the number of deaths is small.

    I see lots of lies coming out of western press, too many to mention.

    Biggest problem I see in China is the hospital system requires ‘cash’ or ‘gold’ upon entry, otherwise you end up on the cold concrete floor and wait, maybe day’s, this leads to pneumonia. It’s been forever in China, that South of Yangtz(river) there is no central-heat, people wear jackets in their homes, and drink hot-water all day long. I concur that most deaths in China are pneumonia, and I really think most deaths are brought on by pneumonia, by the hysteria of people jamming the hospitals packed of people. All hospitals of China are packed, even remote Yunan/Dali hospitals are spilling over from everybody with a runny nose going to the hospital, which causes an infection vector. I would say, stay home; If your strong you will get well.

    Baba fullfillment ground to a halt mid January, they have extended ‘chinese new year’ until Feb 15, which means everything has shutdown. I have seen an alibaba order for weeks, I quit ordering Baba ( alibaba, aliexpress, lazada, alipay, bitmain ) about 3 weeks ago, they take orders from HK/Shenzhen, but fulfillment/manufacturing is done in Wuhan, which is why stuff ground to a halt. I see massive problem, how do you know the package posted was not handled by virus carrier?? How do you fumigate millions of packages??

    Long term? I don’t think much of this, I think it was a MEDIA over-reaction. IMHO we know the virus is related to HIV, we know it was man-made virus. It either got release by accident or dumped by purpose, given that the USA just recently destroyed HK, my opinion is that the Wuhan Virus is/was an attempt to bring the “Chicago of China” ground to a halt. Payback is a bitch, and if the Chinese can prove the vector back to Western lab’s, then expect retribution.

    • Morticia

      I want to believe you and i think what you say was true of SARS and most flu epidemics but this one is different.

      Firstly I have read that people do not usually have breathing problems until 10 days after they first have signs of illness. If this is the case then we need to assume that the death rate is very high indeed because the relevant number of deaths is NOT the number of cases on the books today but those 10 days ago.

  40. Can someone please explain that if this was a biological attack on China then why hasn’t the Chinese government publicly announced this. Surely they would know by now. Also if Russia knows the truth they have moral duty to say what’s really happened.

      • Thanks for the tip about the video – when I realized that the interviewer was our Saker China correspondent, Jeff J. Brown, I watched all 53:30 minutes of it, and I recommend it to anyone here – the basic premise is that whatever you may think, the Chinese are treating this event as if it is a biological warfare attack on the nation of China, most likely by the United States as a continuation of the Trump/China trade war by other means..

    • China won’t respond directly. My favorite Chinese saying-
      “Be so subtle that you are invisible. Be so mysterious that you are intangible. Then you will control your rival’s fate.” They won’t say a word, just wait.

      Also Coronavirus is the new ISIS it gives the US an excuse to put more people in Kazakhstan. This for Kazakhstan is like inviting cancer in to cure the flu.

      While they have not been invited into China, CDC officials are in neighboring Kazakhstan to help guard against spread of the virus, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Sunday during a visit there.

      “You’ve got a long border with China which is where this disease has emanated from,” Pompeo said in an interview with a Kazakh journalist. “And we’ve got our people from the Center for Disease Control right here on the ground, helping Kazakhstan deal with this so that you don’t have an enormous outbreak.”

      • I’m sorry to say but this idea of the Chinese strategy of defeating the enemy based on Sun Tzu’s strategies in the Art of War just doesn’t stick with me anymore. Today is a different time with a very different enemy. If this virus is a biological attack on China wouldn’t China achieve a great victory if it just announced that it was indeed the result of a biological attack. That way the people of the enemy who initiated this attack would rise up against their ruling masters who have for so long lied to them and deceived them. It’s time to expose to the people of the world what their governments are capable of and will go to any length to subdue those against them. If this virus is man made and purposely spread then it’s time for China and Russia to expose their criminal adversaries and show the world who we are dealing with.

        • The German citizens under Nazi Germany didn’t wake up or rise up against Hitler. They played dumb all the way to the end when the Russians were in Berlin. Only after the war, did they pretend to be sorry. The Americans will not be different. Their people won’t wake up or rise up. I have no doubt this was them. Too many coincidences. The main benefactor is USA. These people have no souls.

  41. “Stealth Viruses: The basic concept of this potential bioweapon is to “produce a tightly regulated, cryptic viral infection that can enter and spread in human cells using vectors” (similar to the gene therapy) and then stay dormant for a period of time until triggered by an internal or external signal. The signal then could stimulate the virus to cause severe damage to the system. Stealth viruses could also be tailored to secretly infect a targeted population for an extended period using the threat of activation to blackmail the target.”

  42. dear friends, a few more points of Deep Thinking here:

    1) if it is true that the virus can target asian male, which country on earth to date has the larges foot soldier, predominantly male?

    2) The last time The Ppl of china was treated as animals, being torture, experimented, and genocide in WWII by the Jap imperial force, you can deduce what happen after.

    3) If we go back and re-examine the iran retaliation after the iran general was assassinated, if the images is unaltered and UN-photoshoped, the craters, appear to me, way to circular and way to uniform. It suggest to me, it may not be a explosion technology, but a implosion technology. Thus could explain possibly why iran kindly gave advance warning, so nobody on the ground can even get a visual of its secret new toy. And If Tom Luongo is right about the ‘borrowed’ russian system, that means the enemy is COMPLETELY blind. How much more do you think China will ‘return to sender’? To be proportionate, it would be coast to coast of the enemy country, and EVERY one of their ppl, will know, feel it, and suffer for it, as they did to China. To be disproportionate, it will be THE END! Tomorrow! For those who know who/how the 2008 crisis was triggered and initiated, should know the force behind the curtain(s), their shadows looms larger than the general public imagination.

    4) Its one thing to attack the food-chain industry of a country for money and power. Okie, we pretend it is bird flu or swine flu or whatever else. But when ‘they’ outright and blatantly bio-engineered a virus, to attack targeted human groups, narrow down to race of a country, what narrative we should take it as this time? This is the Mandate of Heaven China will not allow, granted they called themselves, PLA.

    5) As CAF as mentioned in one of the recent interview, BIS had a meeting with all the CBs. Everyone got the invite EXCEPT The Fed.

    I am lost again, as to what exactly to evaluate OrangeJesus. Is he bind or is he dumb or is he evil? Not that he can do much, really, other than some domestic feeding-tube Reality-TV show. So are we, the rest of the world, to deal with their handlers DIRECTLY?

    Side note, China still has the top 3 Quantum computers on earth, and the 4th still lag by quite a margin behind. If the recent interview, of ‘entity’ coming out of the western D-quantum-wave is true, and I dont doubt it, it is screaming, first, The Ppl is not even good enough to be counted, which mean The Ppl is already being push to the front line to be a ‘living sacrificial’, and they would so love a bloody ritual in public display, which the east has been extremely restrained and turn away, time and again, as they respect and follow the Mandate of Heaven – human life is precious.

    What now, The PPL? The World?

  43. I would like to add here that I just completed a search of scientific papers to determine what evidence has been produced which shows that “Asian” men – whoever they are, Americans use it to describe the entire Northern Continental Land Mass bar the Euro-Atlantic peninsula these days – carry more ACE than do men of other races.
    This would indicate that – left untreated – Oriental males have far higher rates of Hypertension than others.
    I have not heard that this is the case either.
    If anyone has a good scientific paper link to demonstrate these as facts, I’d be grateful to receive it here.
    Many thanks.

      • The first link is worthless – it does not give a single publication source or researcher name. Most the “data” are unlinked to an abstract, or Materials and Methods or Results. There is no aim to discern difference between Caucasian and Oriental genotype of AC enzyme polymorphisms.
        I would like to find a validated research paper from an acceptable publication, i.e. Nature, Molecular and General General Genetics [which published my own papers], stating that the aim of the paper is to discern inter-racial polymorphisms in the cell which produce ACE; the structure of the ACE and it’s variability at each end of the protein, specifically the S end where other alterations have been detected, and the fact that, if Oriental males have a higher production of ACE, does it lead to a higher rate of hypertension.
        And “twitter” is not an acceptable reference source, anymore than is Wikipedia. I have to re-iterate, I have seen NO valid evidence to suggest that there is a difference in Oriental Male ACE and all other human AC enzymes such that it is more susceptible to attachment by this virus.
        Consequently, I think it’s a furphy.

        • Thank you for your well stated, thought out commentary. I also request further look into claims, such as something this important. Is akin to this jerk I was arguing with on this website which deals with a medicinal herb I use (Kratom) who was talking trash about Tulsi Gabbard. Anyone who offered contrary views to him was considered “far right” or conspiracy theorist. He said he heard this or heard that, so it must be true, right? And was quoting various MSM articles to support his argument. We must use utmost caution and prejudice when sifting through info (naturally to discern between disinfo present). Not fast to lock on to whatever article or “evidence” which just so happens to fit your narrative. Is there any contrary articles, research to challenge these findings?

        • Pamela

          I cannot comment on the quality of the first link – obviously just an extract from somewhere but on face value the differences in frequencies as published which significant are not sufficient to justify developing a targettted bioweapon – except perhaps if you are a Japanese hating Lebanese.

  44. Extremely comprehensive text on coronavirus outbreak

    Laurie Garrett on How Trump Has Sabotaged America’s Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic FEBRUARY 03, 2020

    Laurie Garrett
    a former senior fellow for global health at the Council on Foreign Relations and a Pulitzer Prize-winning science writer. She is the author of several books, including Ebola: Story of an Outbreak, The Coming Plague: Newly Emerging Diseases in a World Out of Balance and Betrayal of Trust: The Collapse of Global Public Health.


    LAURIE GARRETT: There is no vaccine. We don’t have a vaccine for any of the coronaviruses. And there is a lot of evidence that as people are infected for a while, they make antibodies against the virus. They do manage to eventually clear it in most cases, but the antibodies are not lasting, so they don’t remain immune over time, which bodes ill for developing an effective vaccine.

    And then, on top of it all, Pompeo, the secretary of state, seems to be — to have carte blanche to do whatever he wants. He’s not consulting other agencies before acting. And so he has basically banned, not only a travel ban on people coming from China to the United States, but he’s conflated our immigration policy with a travel issue, so that if you’re a Chinese citizen now, you can’t come to the United States. Most Americans don’t realize they’ve essentially used this epidemic to stop all travel and movement. And one of the outcomes of that, which is just incredibly nuts, is that almost all of the active pharmaceutical ingredients used in the formulation of medicines in America — frankly, for the whole world — come from China. And so, we will soon run out of drugs for everything. Has nothing to do with the epidemic. We’re going to run out of diabetes drugs and heart disease drugs and cancer drugs and all of that, many of which were already in short supply, because the ingredients our pharmaceutical industry uses all come from China.

  45. There is one curiosity which occurs to me, in this storm of conspiracies, governments, etc etc.
    It is to note, that some of the most advanced biological labs are owned and run by Big Pharma; that BP can easily create a spliced genome virus, and that in the question of “cui bono”? who has more to gain than those who would manufacture a vaccine, under a conditions of generated terror guaranteed to sell billions of $$ worth??

    Perhaps it’s not governmental and geopolitics after all.

  46. Quite agree, a recent article in Global Times states –
    ‘The novel coronavirus has 96% concordance with a bat-borne coronavirus’ : officials from Hubei. Moreover, ‘The coronavirus can survive for five days maximum on smooth surfaces under suitable circumstances’ : experts from China’s Health Commission.

    The question arises as to what constitutes the rest of the 4% of the RNA ? There have been some studies, which were later refuted and withdrawn under extreme pressure. The questions which arise are :-
    1. Is it a Chimeric binary virus ?
    2. Does it predominantly affect ACE-ll genotypes?
    3. Does it have spike HIV-1 protein?
    4. Does it have amino acid identity with pangolin metagenomic dataset ?

    I would add this following link for your perusal-

  47. This is my hypothesis…

    Perhaps the Falun Gong cult/5th culumn wants to imitate the Japanese Aum cult that wanted to take over Japan by carrying out a Sarin terror attack on the Tokyo subway in 1995? Perhaps a Foreign State Actor is providing them all the resources (virus) they need to take down China?

    This reminds me of the movie “12 Monkeys” and the Japanese Aum cult that wanted to take over Japan through terror attacks.

    “Former practitioners of Falun Gong told NBC News that believers think the world is headed toward a judgment day, where those labeled “communists” will be sent to a kind of hell, and those sympathetic to the spiritual community will be spared. Trump is viewed as a key ally in the anti-communist fight, former Epoch Times employees said.”

    “Devout practitioners of Falun Gong “believe that Trump was sent by heaven to destroy the Communist Party.””

    • Nobody was sent to destroy different country’s, if anything, it would be a country or a peoples ideology who more or less worked or even worried themselves into a state of a weakening health situation. Then a mechanism, in this case a virus, or in the past a physical collapse of body mechanics, shortens the life span or consumes the host. In my opinion, there is nothing to fear, except fear it self.

      • Alabama, please (Please do not insult other posters,MOD), USA has used biological weapons against North Korea, nuclear weapons against Japan, chemical weapons against Vietnam, not forgetting the European diseases USA “introduced” to native Americans. Not forgetting the Guatemala syphilis experiments and Tuskegee syphilis experiments on Central Americans and blacks without informed consents of the victims.

        • Are you insinuating that Trump is the usa, or that the usa was sent here to destroy different country’s?

          Yes, recently politics has been a destructive force that needs to be dealt with and possibly harshly, the crimes against humanity are well documented but also well denighed and long forgotten in the political sphere.

          And no country has endured a greater pain from politics than its own citizens, I was contradicting a statement, if you took it as an insult that was your point of view and i’m sorry for that, but not as sorry as the cards I have yet to deal to the western political atmosphere.

          • “And no country has endured a greater pain from politics than its own citizens,”

            The people of My Lai and Fallujah – amongst others – might beg to differ with you about that.

            • Well they might want to differ but The U.S. political formula for human perfection is much deeper and scrutinized beyond belief by its enforcers.

              And should a citizen try to harmlessly improved upon it, they become targets for political and economic destruction. There is a lot going on behind the scenes here that they dont know about in Lai and Fallujah.

          • To a large extent yes – Trump is the USA!

            The American People were asked in 2016 who they wished to play the role of President on TV.

            Their response was to vomit up Donald J Trump.

      • “Nobody was sent to destroy different country’s, if anything, it would be a country or a peoples ideology who more or less worked or even worried themselves into a state of a weakening health situation. Then a mechanism, in this case a virus, or in the past a physical collapse of body mechanics, shortens the life span or consumes the host. In my opinion, there is nothing to fear, except fear it self.”

        I see!

  48. dave

    You really should stop (Please do not insult fellow posters,MOD)

    Dr Francis Boyle suspects a weaponised nCoV in Wuhan. Further, he suspects that it escaped from the Wuhan lab, not something brought in from outside.


    Here’s an extract from a paper (published January 31, 2020) written by doctors who treated a patient with nCoV:

    “…Given the radiographic findings, the decision to administer oxygen supplementation, the patient’s ongoing fevers, the persistent positive 2019-nCoV RNA at multiple sites, and published reports of the development of severe pneumonia3,4 at a period consistent with the development of radiographic pneumonia in this patient, clinicians pursued compassionate use of an investigational antiviral therapy. Treatment with intravenous remdesivir (a novel nucleotide analogue prodrug in development10,11) was initiated on the evening of day 7, and no adverse events were observed in association with the infusion.”

    “On hospital day 8 (illness day 12), the patient’s clinical condition improved. Supplemental oxygen was discontinued, and his oxygen saturation values improved to 94 to 96% while he was breathing ambient air. ”

    Unlike some Indians who failed to explore possible weaknesses in their findings before publication, these doctors are true professionals — they’re circumspect and not quick to claim victory.

    “…Although a decision to administer remdesivir for compassionate use was based on the case patient’s worsening clinical status, randomized controlled trials are needed to determine the safety and efficacy of remdesivir and any other investigational agents for treatment of patients with 2019-nCoV infection.”

    What’s Remdesivir you ask?
    Answer: it’s the same drug Gilead, in conjunction with Beijing-based China-Japan Friendship Hospital is testing in Wuhan. But of course you already know that from reading Tyler Durden’s piece at ZH, don’t you?

    It’s not a miracle that they came up with Remdesivir — they developed it for Ebola. It’s already on the shelves. The only snag is it hasn’t yet been tested on humans with nCoV except for the case that I quoted above.

    And oh, before I forget, here’s the paper:

    “First Case of 2019 Novel Coronavirus in the United States”

      • But that damage – economic damage to China – is precisely what was intended by the attackers. The reaction to nCov, quarantine and so on, obviously causes damage, but is less than the damage which would be caused if one allowed it to spread.

    • @Stand Easy With regards to Remdesivir, i was being sarcastic about the miracle drug, yes i had read the article, they already had a drug for ebola which they wanted to test on Corona. You try to outsmart me with my sarcasm, you took my sarcasm way too serious, it makes you look..

      Francis Boyle is a professor of international Law not a biologist. he is just as clueless as anyone else.

    • There will always be people debunking a research as with the Indian research claiming that the nCov has HIV inserts,
      You do know that nCov disables the immune system before it infects the AT2 cells in your lungs? You do know HIV has similar mechanism? So it is not unlikely that somebody engineered the Corona virus to have HIV properties.

  49. In all the majority Caucasian countries – including Russia – we now have a grand total of 55 people infected, of whom at least 35, at an absolute minimum are Chinese.

    Outside China there will be no epidemic – which of course is what the Initiators intended.

    • In Belgium 1 infected with nCov, he is better now, Belgian authorities say nothing to worry about, it is like a mild flu season, it will be soon over before we know it. In the mean time 25% of the infected need “intensive care”.

      • In 2012 the German government released a paper outlining how a possible SARS-like epidemic would effect Germany. The whole thing is interesting and helpful, and strongly suggests that our current epidemic will go on for years.
        Here is an excerpt from around page 55:

        “How long does the event and/or its direct effects last? New infections are to be expected until a vaccine is available. The present scenario is based on an overall period of three years, assuming that after this period a vaccine is developed, released and available in sufficient quantities. Over the course of the three years, the pathogen changes through mutations in such a way that even people who have already experienced an infection become susceptible to it again. This results in a total of three waves of disease of varying intensity.

        During the first wave (days 1 to 411) a total of 29 million people in Germany fall ill, during the second wave (days 412 to 692) a total of 23 million and during the third wave (days 693 to 1052) a total of 26 million people in Germany. For the entire three-year period used as a basis, at least 7.5 million deaths are to be expected as a direct result of the infection. In addition, the mortality rate of both those suffering from Modi-SARS and other diseases and those in need of long-term care increases, as they are no longer able to receive adequate medical care or nursing due to the overburdening of the medical and nursing sector (cf. section 3. -here: health care).

        About 10% of the sick die. The pool of people who can be infected and thus potential carriers of the infection becomes smaller over time, as people who were infected and have since recovered are now initially immune to the pathogen, while others have died of their disease. After a peak, the rate of new cases also falls because the population ingeneral reacts to the massive incidence of disease with increased (self-) protective measures. As a result of these measures, the number of new cases decreases, which leads to a decline in individual protective measures.

        As a result of these measures, the number of new cases decreases, which leads to a decline in individual protective measures (due to a lower subjective risk perception), which in turn increases the number of new cases.
        These interactions contribute to the appearance of new virus variants contribute to a course with several highlights. New cases are expected until a vaccine is available (36 months).The enormous number of infected persons whose illness is so serious that they should be hospitalised or would require intensive medical care in hospital exceeds the existing capacities many times over (see section CRITIS, Health Sector, Medical Care). This requires comprehensive screening (triage) and decisions as to who can still be admitted to a clinic and treated there and who can no longer be treated there. As a consequence, many of the people who cannot be treated will die. 7

        English translation

        Original in German

        • Thanks for the reference.

          Of course we know that nCov binds to ACE2 receptors, which are nowhere near as frequent in Europeans as in East Asians, therefore the figures of sick and dead in the report can be disregarded.

          I keep seeing articles about ‘how to protect yourself against the corona virus’. The first thought which comes to my mind is “Well, make sure you have as few ACE2 receptors as possible in your lungs”.

          Yesterday in the Caucasian countries (Europe with Russia, North America, Australasia) we had a total of 55 infections. Today this has exploded to 57.

          I agee with WHO. This is too boring – fortunately – to be a pandemic.

          The number of infections outside China is so small that I now believe the figures the Chinese government are giving for infections within the country are about right.

          I think the instigators of this outbreak have been surprised with the thorough reaction of the Chinese government. You can tell this by the criticism the quarantines have received in the West.

          Still, I have to give the instigators some credit. This has been a pretty slick operation. The propaganda campaign has been nicely layered. The first explanation for the outbreak that was offered was the ‘bat soup’ thing. This had the advantage of playing to bigotry, ignorance and racism, and thus provided the majority of peole – at least in the West – with an adequate explanation. They had the YouTube videos ready – everything.

          However, they knew that in the Internet Age, there would be a minority of ‘conspiratorially-minded’, who would look a little deeper. For these people they had the ‘biowarfare institute’ story in Wuhan ready. This line has been pushed by Radio FreeAsia and the Washington Times.

          I imagine it will take a couple of months for China to get this thing completely under control. By then it will have completely fizzled out outside China. However, the economic and reputational damage to China will continue to reverberate, which of course was the Intention.

          So, it looks like China’s enemies will have to think of something else.