July 8th, 2017

by Scott Humor and Baaz


Family photo at G20

Germany tried to place Trump at the end of the line, but Macron jumped in and saved the moment.

Emmanuel Macron jostled his way to the front of a G20 photo to stand by Donald Trump

The Defense Minister of Poland, Antoni Macierewicz, issued a statement stating that:

“The enemy that we face is Russia, and the Patriot missiles are our response to the Iskander  missiles (Russian – ed.)”

Macierewicz also thanked the deputy minister of defense Bartoszowi Kownackiemu for negotiating with the United States.

It is apparent that the Defense Minister of Poland is illiterate and doesn’t know anything about the technical characteristics of said missiles. Iskanders targeting Poland from Kaliningrad cannot be stopped by Patriot missiles.

Wild fires can potentially devastate a small rural community. That’s why it is excellent news that the Emergency Ministry and Russian Orthodox Church signed a Cooperation Agreement to work together on disaster relief, with the Church managing local teams of volunteers and the MCHS training and providing them with firefighting equipment. They will be training volunteer firefighters and nurses. The ongoing coordination of the volunteers will be done by the priests, and I would assume the local church councils.

Maybe in the near future, robots will be actively participating in firefighting.

Promobot came up with another entertaining video in which their robot “saves” a child. This is same company that released last year a video of their robot “escaping” a lab and wondering the streets.


I don't know how good they are in robot building, but they are really good at producing viral videos that everyone talks about.

News about the Church being in the middle of the countrywide efforts to fight fires and other natural and manmade disasters has been met by the predictable hysteric of the liberal media screaming something about the church being separated from the state.

It’s true, but it’s not separated from the life of the country and communities. And, it’s not like the liberals and other critics have a better idea how to organize firefighting everywhere in the country. No, they just like to report on devastating fires and floods and people in remote areas being powerless to deal with them.

Now, when the neo-liberal systemic and non-systemic opposition had failed so spectacularly, there is an ongoing effort to stirrup three virtual teams, White, Red and Blue, or fake “Christian patriots,” fake “monarchists” and fake “communists.”  These are those who are going to try to destabilize the society this fall and next year spring for the presidential elections.

Some of the current and former priests like Vsevolod Chaplin, an agent provocateur, who was sacked from his position as the chairman of the Synodal Department for the Cooperation of Church and Society, makes the most outrages and bizarre statements using the name of the Church. What he says has nothing to do with Christianity and it throws some weak-minded individuals off their rockets. For example, he proposed to invite the ISIS, international anarchists, and other “freedom fighters”  to relocate to Russia, in order to build a “ideal society.”


Poklonskaya, former Prosecutor General of Crimea, has also been making bizarre pro-monarchy statements; for example she just said that people who would watch an insulting neoliberal creation about Nicolai II will be banned by the Church. The Church even issued a statement saying that Poklonskaya was spreading fake news.

There are many people concerned about the agenda Natalia Poklonskaya is pushing forward, and they are looking into her background to see what’s there and why she acts this way, instead of being a productive member of the government and to do the job she is paid to do, instead of trying to destroy the country.  So far, it looks like there are more questions than answers about this person, and how she came to be in Crimea from post-Maidan Kiev, and even her real identity.

Not to be outdone by Natalia Poklonskaya, whose close connections with a gang of fake Romanovs has become a true handicap of her working as an elected representative in the Duma, bishop Hilarion Alfeyev started making friendly noises towards the idea of restoration of monarchy.  He, too, has been noticed as being very closed to the self-proclaimed heirs to the Russian throne.

Make no mistake, the calls for restoration of monarchy in Russia or for a “White color revolution” is an attempt to change its constitutional order and to topple its republican government, which is a criminal offense.

What’s there to be said about this idiotism if not a treason?

  1. The Romanov’s relatives were known Hitler collaborators.
  2. The Romanovs weren’t Russians. They were German, and Dutch.
  3. Because they were foreigners who didn’t speak the Russian language and treated Russia as their personal colony, they were universally despised and hated by all people, including the old pre-Peter nobility. They led immoral lives and had enormous personal debts that they placed on the shoulders of the Russian people. They exchanged Russian territories like Alaska for their personal debt to the Rothschilds. They started an illegal war on Germany, in which 5.5 million Russian men perished. The list of their crimes goes on and on.
  4. A little known historical fact that during so-called “February revolution”,  the Church, whose head was the monarch, didn’t do anything to support him and his institution of power. Even more, the highest church hierarchs gathered together for a private meeting in March 1917 and decided “to fire” the ex-Emperor. They went so far as to taking out his chair from the Synod building and placing it into a museum.

Nikolai and his family were arrested by the Mensheviks, and it was the Interim government that took  the class on the Divine Law out of school programs. The country was rapidly becoming a failed state, and all they wanted to do was to prevent children from studying the Bible. And they were “the White team,”  before the Red team showed up.

On March 9th 1917, the Synod issued a statement, “To the faithful of the Russian Orthodox Church about experiencing current events.” The message starts with the following: “God’s will has been done. Russia has embarked on a new life and statehood. May God bless our great Homeland with happiness and glory on its new path.”


So, it’s disingenuous for the Church employees to come out and to say that what had happened to Nikolai was a crime committed by the Russian nation. I cannot be charged with a crime committed by someone else, even if this someone else claims that they committed this crime in my name. And so no one else can’t blamed for the crime committed by the well known historical figures. This is if the crime was even committed. No one proved that it was. Right now we are all waiting for the results of the new investigation into the murder of the last tsar and his family to be completed and revealed.

The Romanovs were canonized along with their servants as saints by the Church for how they died, not how they lived.

If you want to know my opinion, the Romanovs should be charged for the crimes committed against the Russian nation, at least a court process would help us to settle the score. Maybe then, those people claiming to be the real Romanovs should be charged in the war crimes committed by this family during the WWI and their collaboration with Hitler during the WWII and made paid retribution to the Russian people whose relatives perished in this WWI and the WWII.

Let’s see how fast these wannabe monarchs/ slave holders will vanish.

President Putin said: “Thank God we are not a monarchy. Thank God Russia is a republic,”



Another Russian programmer was kidnapped by the US on the territory of the third country and illegally transported to the US and being held for fictitious crimes.

The hunt for the Russian software engineers and abuse of those who already live in faraway lands has reached horrendous proportions.

I have wrote about programmer Sergey Aleynikov, who was nearly destroyed by his former employer Goldman Sachs, after he had designed for them the best high frequency trading algorithm.

Last year, Russia’s foreign ministry had issued a caveat emptor for all those young, talented engineers from Russia, to stay home until the dust from the falling US empire settles. But, being in a free country, they are not banned from traveling abroad. Some of them view themselves as liberals, and they don’t understand, until it’s too late, that it’s irrelevant what political views they hold, as long as they have the expertise that the US government needs. They travel to the NATO cesspools like the Baltic republics, where the laws has been effectively suspended, or they travel to CIA playgrounds like Singapore. The US kidnaps people of high value, just like Israel kidnaps Iranian physics, the Ukrainian SBU kidnaps rich individuals, and ISIS kidnaps journalists.

Yuri Martyshev has become the US latest victim. He is reportedly being held in a facility in Arlington, Virginia, where, by all accounts, other kidnapped programmers are being held.  Guccifer comes to mind, also known as Marcel Lazăr. A Romanian gardener, who discovered Hillary Clinton’s illegal server installed in the basement of her house in Chappaqua, NY.  He didn’t publish any of the found documents and emails. He just shared his discovery with his peers, and for that he has been jailed for years.

Knowing the modus operandus of CIA, it’s a fair game to assume that programmers snatched all over the world are being coerced and tortured into working for the US government in writing software programs. Judging by the former FBI director Comey complaining back in 2014 that they couldn’t find hackers to fire because they all smoke weed.

It’s no secret that the federal government is having a hard time hiring cybersecurity experts, largely because many hackers can find more lucrative deals that don’t involve working for the feds.”

Considering the US state and non-state actors just steal anything of value with impunity, and considering that the Russian programmers are the best in the world, they are the high value targets. I have a sneaking suspicion that if the US won’t be able to kidnap them, it will try to kill them. So, staying home and traveling only to Russia’s allies is the best strategy for now.

Kaspersky Lab‏’ NoRansom will help you to get your files back


By now everyone with at least half a brain knows that the US government and its affiliates use buzzwords like “fight for democracy and freedom” as a cover up of its illegal wars against the world nations in order to pillage them off their national wealth.

It’s remarkable how they don’t even try to hide their two-tier ideology, one tier for plebs and another for themselves.

For example, this week the US government owned and funded NPR radio announces as news that a war is taking place in Yemen “between the Yemen government and the Houthi rebels.”

This being said at the same time as ghoulish Robert D. Kaplan says that for the US Yemen is “a comfortable place to have a proxy war.”

A link to his lengthy A&Q is here.

He talks about an advantage that the US had when the infrastructure of the Soviet Union, Europa and China had been dissipated during the WWII. This helped America to become the global empire.

He also talks about utter economic devastation of America today.

Despite that, he says that “America is fated to lead the world” and that “America has moral responsibility to lead.”

“America has experience in nation building that’s why it has the moral responsibility to lead.”

Based on Somalia and Bosnia

“If you declare and indentify human tights catastrophe somewhere to the American people… The American people, even trump’s people, they will feel compassionate, they will feel concern, they are not bad people,  or heartless people, and that may gets the troops there to help the human rights problem. But the minute you start taking casualties, you better be able to articulate the naked national interest in a fifteen second soundbyte, or else the public will desert you in a second.”

“That’s the balance that you have to maintain. Humanitarian interests, which are the bla-blabs to get for you troops there in place, but it  won’t keep them there without naked national interests.”

“Even if you don’t have an argument for robust intervention, you staffed out problems in advance. You have an assistant secretary, deputy assistant secretaries, undersecretary, who have an articulated policy response to things that could have been predicted in the first place. Even if cannot intervene in a robust satisfying way, there is always  other things that you can do with your allies.”

About the Pentagon taking control over Trump’s policy at 18:00:

“This has been going on for the last twenty-five years. It’s been a gradual process of the pentagon overtaking the state department. It’s actually because in so many situation, actually carrying out  policy, involved some military action or another, even if it’s non violent.

“It may not be healthy to have the military so front and center, but they is all we have got.”

The most notable expressions from the video:

At 21:00

“America lacks the ability to set complex Islamic societies to rights in the correct direction.”

“Policy elite, which doesn’t seem to learn and wanted to go into Syria in a big way. They toppled the dictator in Libya, who has given up his WMDs, who is cooperating with American and other Western intelligence services. As bad and oppressive as he was has kept the country that was never really a country together.”

About the cost associated with the foreign policy establishment has become too large, the globe has become too flabby and America being overly adventures, and America being perceived as too weak and not as effective

At 23:00 The American foreign policy establishment has become bigger and bigger because of the economic prosperity, and it had the emergence of the policy class, who all grew up  wealthy, and in nice suburbs, many of them never served in the military, they didn’t have an experience of witnessing the war or cover war, And their entire careers and they economic self-interest was tied up with America projective power in a big way. And Trump has essentially saying that these people have failed us.”

About Jaksonian impulse (after Andrew Jackson)

At 24:00 “What is Jalsonian impulse dumbed down… We are not in a business of promoting democracy around the world. That’s not what we do. We are not going to set up little Americas around the world… We are not going to tell you how to live your life, but don’t tell us how to live our life. And if you humiliate us, or hurt us, we will hunt you down and kill you.”

About the North Korea at 25:00

“The North Korean hatred directed against Japan, not South Korea.”

“North Korea as a weaker economy and military will be taken over by the South Korea.”

In reality is the opposite, The North Korea has huge mineral resources, estimated to be at $10 trillion. North Korea has booming economy, while South Korea has a weak economy that is failing.

“President Obama sent very unhelpful signal when he toppled Kaddafi. because Kaddafi had given up his WMD, and we toppled him any way. That sent a signal to North Korea, don’t give up your WMDs. because that’s the only thing that is protecting this regime.”

By bombing Syria and dropping bombs in Afghanistan, we sent a signal that we relish the projection of power in a way that Obama administration did not.”

At 30:00 about having a proxy war with Iran in Yemen.

“Yemen is a safe place to have a proxy war.”

The US is concern that Iran will gain a control over the strategic chock point of the Red Sea. Especially considering that the is a Chinese military base in Djibouti on t the other side of the Red Sea very nearby.

“Yemen is impossible to rule country. It’s has never been cohesive”.

It’s monologue of a cannibal discussing other countries like a meat market.

Kaplan’s monologue is a manifestation of evil in its most horrifying, simple, completely devote of compassion to humanity, psychopathic form.


Exclusive: Seymour Hersh Dishes on New Exposé Upending the Official Story

About Trump and Syrian Chemical Attacks (Interview)

“Relying on a high-level adviser to the CIA and the Defense Intelligence Agency as his source, Hersh punched holes in the official narrative of the chemical attack, reporting that the Syrian bombing had actually targeted a high-level jihadi meeting with conventional munitions and warned the U.S. government of the strike beforehand, using a deconfliction channel.”

AJC Global Forum June 2017

Bernard-Henri Lévy about the strength of the Jewish community : “Jews have been for so long weak, shy, as we say in French “hugging the walls,” being in the shadow. And, one of the peculiarity of our times, for Jews all over the world, Europe, Israel and America, is that this behavior is finished. The strength, which we are committed to,  is a political strength. is when it’s needed a military strength, but above all, it’s a spiritual, intellectual strength.”.

Bill Kristol, Editor-at-Large, The Weekly Standard, joined French author Bernard-Henri Lévy and MK Tzipi Livni for the “A Jewish Lens on Global Trends” panel at the AJC AJC Global Forum 2017, exploring the geopolitical developments shaping our world and what they mean for the Jewish community.

Power, Politics, and Putin Russia’s Role in Today’s World Order Video

During the 2016 presidential election, a new term entered the lexicon of political pundits—kompromat, incriminating material on a public figure compiled for purposes of blackmail. And that was just the beginning. From Russia’s role in Syria and Ukraine to its support for far-right nationalist parties in Europe and its alleged hack of the DNC email system, it is no wonder Russian President Vladimir Putin was dubbed “the world’s most powerful man” by Fareed Zakaria. To help us understand what Russia wants and what strategies it will employ to get it, during this AJC Global Forum 2017 session hear from three experts: Stephen Cohen, Professor Emeritus, NYU and Princeton; Julia Ioffe, Staff Writer, The Atlantic; and Andrew Weiss, Vice President for Studies, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Moderater Jason Isaacson, AJC Associate Executive Director for Policy. Introduction by Steven Zelkowitz, AJC Executive Council.

Stephen Cohen at the AJC 2017 Forum, about Russia and Terrorism (Video)

“Remember The Jackson–Vanik (1975) sanction that were placed on the Soviet Union, according to them the SU couldn’t trade with the US on favorable conditions? Those sanctions were placed until the Soviet Union would let the Jews to go.”

“Years later, more Jews are coming to Russia, then they are leaving, but those sanctions are still in place.”

[ Remarkably, the AJC: Global Jewish Advocacy forum has been mostly about Russia. Should we take the words of Bernard-Henri Lévy as a threat? Scott]

The True Cost of Jackson-Vanik

This article is from 2012, but is still relevant.

“Thirty-eight years later, the Soviet Union no longer exists, there is visa-free travel between Russia and Israel, and daily flights connect Moscow and Tel Aviv. Many formerly Soviet Jewish émigrés have returned to Russia to work, albeit in most cases without Russian citizenship. While Jackson-Vanik remains on the books, Russia has been certified as being in compliance with that law by successive U.S. administrations every year since 1994. Thus, for almost two decades Jackson-Vanik has persisted as a relic of the Cold War era, surviving statutorily mostly due to inertia. Aside from occasional remonstrations from Moscow—which still bridles at the perceived stigmatization—Jackson-Vanik has had little material impact on the course of post–Cold War U.S.-Russia relations and, therefore, there has been no compelling reason to remove Russia from the scope of that law.”


5 Reasons America Should Not Fight Iran, Russia and Assad in Syria

Pursuing an ambitious mission against all three adversaries in Syria is dangerous, imprudent and unnecessary.

The United States Can’t Eradicate ISIS in Syria

There’s No Foreseeable Stable End State for Syria

We Don’t Want a War with Iran

The United States Can’t Sideline Russia

U.S. Interests in Syria Aren’t as Vital as Those of Its Adversaries



News In Brief

by the Saker’s research assistant Baaz


Article by Vladimir Putin published in the German business newspaper Handelsblatt



Where Lies the Power of Russian Weapons


Jul 7, 2017

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Russian weapons in Syria demonstrate reliability and great possibilities, so it’s important to carefully analyze and use Syrian combat experience when creating new weapons. Vladimir Putin set this task at a meeting of the Commission for Military-Technical Cooperation. The President expressed his special gratitude to the developers of the Kh-101 cruise missile.


Russia: Coalition ‘provocations’ lead to expansion of terrorist activities in

Syria – Shoigu Eng subs

Putin Launches Manufacturing of Turbine Engines for Ships in Russia instead of those manufactured in Ukraine

Russia Is Prepared To Respond to US Preemptive Nuclear Strike, Eng subtitles


Russian Terminator 2 Combat vehicle got new guns



Russia tests terminator-2 in Syria


The BMPT-72 fighting vehicle is undergoing tests in Syria. It will most likely go into mass production and join the Russian Armed Forces in the near future.
On June 27, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad visited the Khmeimim Russian base, where he was shown the newest Russian BMPT-72 (aka Terminator-2) armored fighting vehicle.
The vehicle was invented to protect tanks from rocket attacks in an urban environment.
The Russian Ministry of Defense recently sent a single combat BMPT-72 to Syria to test the vehicle and decide its future.
Details of the Terminator-2’s mission in Syria are unclear. It may participate both in guarding Khmeimim, and in battles in Syrian towns and cities…


Russian Spetsnaz”Alpha” & ”Vympel” Vs. international terrorists





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