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My fellow colleague, the Kulak dropped me a link to a video allegedly recorded in Syria.

“Scott, thought you’d like the Red Banner style flag on the SAA GRAD launcher (looks like either a WW2 tribute to the Katyushas or maybe it’s a red Syrian regimental flag I haven’t seen before). I thought the Palmyra assault was the Desert Hawks brigade as the Tiger Forces are up north advancing east of Aleppo into Daesh territory to cut the road from Raqqa to Deir ezzor in a pincer move with the SDF Kurds.”

Communism symbols mean different things for different people.

After some consideration, I decided to translate the following Cat Motya’s post, because he writes exactly the way I feel about these issues.  He started his life in the USSR and having lived through the Soviet reality has the right to judge it in any way he wants and that while one can disagree with Cat Motya’s views, one cannot deny him the right to speak his mind.  According to the latest poll, only one-third of Russians believe that life in the USSR after the war was historically the best. One-third of the population believes that the current situation is the best, and one third of people think that life at the beginning of the 20th century was the best ever for Russia.  So, the majority of people in Russia share the anti communism  sentiments with Cat Motya. After you read the post, you will understand why the Soviet Communists have only themselves to blame for being so disliked by modern Russians.


The following is Cat Motya’s post on communists and socialism.


Go and get off me you lovers of communism, and you fans of pharaoh  Lenin and his pyramid, and you lovers of red pentagrams. You are all beyond hope, you are incurably ill, so go to hell and quit blocking sunshine. I am going to explain to you the very last time my position.

In 20th century, the communists organized pillaging and looting of our nation at an unimaginable scale. It wasn’t enough that Trotsky and company slaughtered millions in a gigantic bloodbath. It wasn’t enough that they humiliated and experimented on people, treated adults and children like lab animals, that they uprooted and relocated tens of millions, who forever lost their relatives and their own lives, because they got someone else lives. On top of it, those monsters had always looted. Starting with the Bronstein-Lenin gang that transferred to the USA tons of gold, precious paintings and other works of art, precious Christian items, and it ended with the gang of comrades Gorbachev-Gaidar-Yeltsin. Stalin was the only one who didn’t steal and pillaged, but this fact doesn’t improve a general picture. That’s why they hate him even now, because he jailed a group of Zionists, but far from everyone.

I wrote before about furniture and cars. Just answer one question for me, why the communists didn’t build more plants and manufactures? Why didn’t they built ten VAZ auto making plants and ten GAZ plants? Why didn’t communists build twenty furniture factories instead of one per town?

Seriously, think about this. The domestic market was gigantic. Why didn’t they build five meat processing plants per every large city instead of one? One they slapped together one clothe factory making horrible ugly clothes, when they could build ten that would make great clothes. Why didn’t they make good quality shoes? Why didn’t they sell construction materials to people? Why didn’t they  give free land to people to build their houses? Who owned the land in the USSR? Was it people who owned the land? Did communists own the land? Did they know that the land will become their? Was this the reason why they didn’t let people to build their houses on it?

So, why didn’t communists build? Don’t you think that they didn’t build because they didn’t want you to spend your money you worked for? You grandmothers, mothers and fathers, they all were saving money in a bank. Right? If people were allowed to buy cars and furniture, they would spend their money. Furniture gets old, cars get old, after awhile they lose their values. But money held value, and it was very easy to take all the savings from people. Hahaha…. They took all our money! That’s why they didn’t build more plants and manufactures. They had been stealing our money in cosmic proportion. Only because people were so brainwashed, they didn’t recognize the unprecedented scale of theft.

The communists were buying dollars with our hard earned rubles and were giving billions away as “loans” to many African and Latin American and Asian countries, to everyone. There were no plans to repay those money. The communists knew that. In some Congo or another, with our money they set up multiple foundations administrated by mice who  made themselves huge gesheft with our money for their children and also for their tribe. The main aim of this pillaging that started in the 80s was to dismantle the state of the USSR. It was the communists who destroyed the USSR, do you even understand it? According to the scenario, at some point the USSR had to run out of money, nation was to be brought to the point of a complete dependency on the West, that’s why they conducted this daily cosmic-size looting.

People never got to own land, right? Right. Because the entire mass of land was owned by communists. They were only ones, we didn’t have anyone else. That’s why you never got to own land. because they planned to take it from under you and to sell it. And you continue to worship communists!

It’s surrealism, there is no other word for this. You just have been robbed, humiliated, destroyed, they blew up our country, and you love those who did all these to you?

The USA has lasted that long because they robbed and pillaged you, and those who robbed you were COMMUNISTS. Right at this moment there is a group of the billionaires-murderers hiding in Israel, they stole from you, and it was the communists who helped them to come to power. They sold out OUR NATION AND OUR STATE, they all are criminals!


There is no justice and fairness without God.

Lenin stole from Jesus His teaching, and upended it. He said that communism means “from everyone by their ability and to everyone according to their labor. ”

Where do you see a social justice here?

It wasn’t a fair and just society, it’s was a society of maniacs. This is a FAKE justice.

Why? Because, if disabled people couldn’t work, they died in poverty. If a mother didn’t work, she was getting zilch. She had to go and work on an assembly line to assemble  those engines, or whatever. As for people’s abilities, communists evaluated those abilities at will, depending on how much a person chopped wood, or laid bricks. Only one small detail, I have never seen a well-to-do lumberjack or a construction worker. There were only two ways to live (comparatively) well, to work in Siberia or Arctic, or to become a party apparatchik.

Only now, I repeat that only now, you have to hear me that only right NOW, no one else but PUTIN first time in the history of Russia, I am not afraid to say this, he has done as our Savior taught us – the mothers receive “maternal capital” per their needs! They don’t work, because they are mothers! Never, never, never had we had anything like that!

Do you even realize that our state is becoming more fair and just than the Soviet?

The family with many children receive land for free, and not in temporary use to plant potatoes, like during the communists’ rule. First time ever, disabled people get a decent amount of compensation, chance for rehabilitation and work, physical therapy, a chance for self-realization, Olympic training and other arts.

When did you see this in the Soviet Union? People were getting pennies for bread and kefir, to stay barely alive.

You’re screaming that you want back to the Soviet Union. If a village gets burned down by wildfire, the state rebuilds for free houses of people without insurance.  Where else do you see this? If you don’t have a house insurance, you’re directed to go and  sleep under a bridge.

Here, we watched how the long haul truck drivers demonstrated against road tolls on heavy trucks. In the soviet time, they would take any payments and keep quiet, knowing that if they try to protest, they would be jailed. Now, we see these long haul drivers with red flags on their trucks, and the communists declared the “solidarity” with them.

Those morons truck drivers had never seen so much reimbursement in the Soviet time, and here they are with red pentagram on a red rag screaming their heads off for “social justice.” Had you ever seen the social justice in the USSR?

Go to….

The social justice can only come from God, and it’s called “live by the truth, and truth always wins.”

We will take back everything they have stolen from us. We will return what’s ours, they will pay us back.


As you have probably understood, there was nothing good, with one exception… You, PEOPLE WERE VERY GOOD and believed in the best.  Believed! And they defecated on us, those communists. You were very good! Communists used your quest for LIGHT. They destroyed everything you believed in. When will you finally get this?


Today, many people think that there are only two economic systems, socialism and capitalism. This is far from truth. It’s possible to create a socially just system combined with the regulated capitalism. It’s possible, and it’s not even that difficult. We need some laws, mostly international laws, regulating large capital, and the rest is domestic issues. We are testing Belorussia and Kazakhstan, and others, we will take the best they developed and will make those pieces into a whole system, because we need to put back together our huge country in the borders of the USSR, but without the Baltic territories. It means that we must pay attention, in case new Gaidars want to appear and to destroy everything again.

Cat Motya




In conclusion


You might remember that in 2013 the last stage of the rip-off of a millennium took place.  I am talking about the Gore-Chernomyrdin Deal.

The communists were giving the country away to the USA, as a “victor.”  It didn’t matter that Russia had never participated in the Cold war with the West, it was the USSR. It didn’t matter that Russians never had a chance to fight the Cold war, due to complete void of any mechanisms in society that would allow people to make the difference.

Russian nation was declared “defeated” and made to pay a “reparation.” The 500 tons of uranium for virtually free was a part of reparation. Estimated in the terms of GDP, Russia had paid 20 years of its GDP in 18 years. Compare this to Germany, that was made to pay 2 years of its GDP in 70 years.

The first shipment of the low enriched uranium (LEU) as part of the Megatons to Megawatts project took place in 1995. The last shipment of the uranium was in 2013. Right before the US initiated the color revolution and invasion of Ukraine.

500 metric tons of the low enriched uranium would be enough to provide eclectic power to the entire population the USSR for seven years. It was enough to provide 50% of electricity consumed by the US starting with 2000.

Russia has received $13 billion for this “deal.” Market value of 500 tons of LEU over this time amounts to $8 trillion.

It took 40 years, starting with the Soviet time, and hundred thousands of people working in uranium mines, in laboratories and at enrichment plants to produce this amount of fuel.  They were poorly reimbursed, some of them got ill, became disabled or died.

All along, the USA had lied about the meaning of this con and its impact on the Russian economy and its population.

Video: How Megatons to Megawatts changed US-Russia relations

The Megatons to Megawatts program, also known as the Highly Enriched Uranium (HEU) Agreement, was one of the most successful examples of U.S.-Russia collaboration in the nuclear sphere. As its name implies, it has enabled the conversion of megatons of destructive nuclear power to megawatts of electricity. This was achieved by turning 500 tons of highly enriched uranium from Russian nuclear warheads dismantled as part of disarmament initiatives into fuel for U.S. nuclear power plants.

It was important for the United States,  because 50 percent of the electricity produced by the nuclear power plants in the U.S. used the uranium from the Russian Federation starting from 2000.

There is, however, something called the divine justice or karma. In eighteen years that Russia worked to supply 50% of all energy consumed in the USA, Russia took its nuclear science and production to an unprecedented level, with breakthrough technologies that the rest of the world has not even started to comprehend. The US meanwhile has lost whatever they manage to get from stolen in 1940s German’s technologies.


I have a hunch. Just like before to Putin signing an executive order to recognize the IDs issued by the Donbass republics, I had a hunch that Moscow would do what the West was pushing it to do and start fulfilling the Minsk Agreement, in the way that suits Russia.

I have this sort of nagging hunch about upcoming 100th year anniversary of the Bolsheviks revolt, that certain comrades are expecting with fervor.  The communists are walking around screaming about social injustice embodied by the privatization in the 90s.  They demand to right all wrongs. They don’t mean what they say, however, they are just using the Catastrophe of the 90s to cause a social unrest and the repetition of the 90s.

I have a feeling that Putin will meet their demands, literally, and they won’t like it at all, but we will.

Scott Humor

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