Lisa Flanders is one of the quiet members and supporters of our community and is a tenacious ‘distributor’ of articles and analysis from She is joining us here in the Saker Cooperative. We are glad to have her for two reasons, her jewelry is art and her skill in blending art and craft is clear to see. The second reason is that exactly as we were hoping, the beauty of our community is beginning to shine through. Welcome Lisa.

Lisa is a silversmith with just on 30 years experience in crafting her art. She says:  ” I am a “jewelry artist” and create textural handwrought sterling silver, bronze and copper artisan jewelry that incorporates colorful gemstones, primitive tribal beads, and rustic vintage and found objects. I live a simple life in a tiny cabin in rural New England and support myself with my art.”

You can find Lisa directly at her Etsy Store where there are 80 items to browse. Lisa makes most of her jewelry on order, so remember there will be slight variations in the pictures and in the item that you receive.

I was thrilled to see albums of Lisa at her local farmer’s market on her Facebook Store working directly with her customers, no middle men, just an artist and her art.

“While in Florida, I had the privilege of being a juried member of the Gainesville Artisans’ Guild, the second-oldest artists’ cooperative in the country, and here in New England, I am a juried member of the venerable League of New Hampshire Craftsmen. I design and create my handmade artisan jewelry in my sunny home studio, using traditional metalsmithing fabrication techniques to texture, form, forge, solder, set stones and finish my work.”

Lisa chooses these as the best examples of her craft and her art:

Lisa’s work is bold, creative, colorful and texturized. When I first started browsing through her work, I though this is not for me, as my taste is simple and classical. Big was my surprise when I found these, just perfect for my very simple taste.

Altered Vintage Brass Hoops with Peruvian Opal, Amethyst & Sunstone Dangles

Thick copper bangle bracelet with a deeply textural pattern of raised dots. Metal has been blackened and steel brushed to a lovely rich sheen. Hip, stylish urban metalsmith bracelet has a modern, contemporary ever-so-slightly industrial vibe.

Bracelet is around 3/8″ wide, circumference is approximatley 8 1/8″, and diameter is approximately 2 5/8″.

*The beautiful sheen on the raised dots can be easily maintained by rubbing gently with steel wool and a piece will be included with your purchase.

This bangle will be made to order so please allow for slight variations. Convo me if you need larger or smaller size.





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