Foreword by the Saker:

The recent shooting down of the Russian SU-24 by the Turkish Air Force, possibly also involving the use of a surface-to-air missile fired from Turkey, bring the topic of Crimea right back into the center of gravity of the current conflict between the AngloZionist Empire and Turkey on one hand and Russia on the other.  Though this was seldom noted, Turkey did play a central role in the attempt by the Ukronazis to take control of Crimea, just as Turkey played a key role in supporting the Wahabi terrorists in Chechnia.   It is thus a good time to reflect again on what exactly happened in Crimea and for that purpose, we are lucky to have the combo of an introduction by Auslander, who lives in Crimea and who knows first hand what really took place there, and the subtitled move “Crimea – The Way Back Home” (though I don’t know that for a fact, I heard recently on Russian TV that the movie was banned in France).  Good stuff for sure!

Selection_097And while we are on the topic of Auslander, I want to urge you all to read his novel “Never the Last One: A Novel of Spetznaz” which you can get as a Kindle Book on Amazon by clicking here:  The book is written by somebody who personally met many Spetsnaz officers and who became their friend, it will take you to an exotic and little known world.

For those of you who have not read Auslander’s most interesting SITREPs on the blog, use the “search” function and go through them.  You will not regret it!

I know leave you with Auslander and “Crimea.  The Way Back Home”.


The Saker

Crimea. The Way Back Home.  An introduction by Auslander

The events of January through March of 2014 were cataclysmic for Ukraine, a wholesale and virtually overnight change of an entire country and political climate. I will not go in to the political effects nor will I expound on the outside influences before, during and after the coup d’etat, it is common knowledge.

The events of December, January and February in Kiev were watched in Krimea with rapt attention. Make absolutely no mistake, President Yanukovich was not loved or admired in Krimea or for that matter in Ukraine. However, he had been elected to replace President Yushenko in an election that even US and EU grudgingly admitted was fair and aboveboard, therefore he was the internationally recognized legal president of Ukraine. While my wife and I personally are not aware of all the events that took place in Krimea in those three months we are quite aware of many of them and we were aware of certain events before and during their execution.

This video is amazing in the fact that President Putin took the time for the very extensive interviews involved in the composition and it is also obvious that various security apparatus of Russia were as open as OpSec would allow in the making and technical informations provided in this film.

There is enough real footage of the events in the dramatizations of certain events that you can see for yourselves that all the events shown in this video did take place and the events themselves are true and it is also true that a couple of the events were so taut with tension that one nervous finger on a trigger could have started a vicious action between armed groups that would have spread armed conflict with Ukrainian troops and the citizens throughout the peninsula.

In essence the tragedy of the events in Kiev and Ukraine and the triumph of Krimea and Sevastopol returning to Russian Federation or Russia proper by the will of the citizens of The Autonomous Republic of Krimea and the Federal City of Sevastopol are portrayed well.

Please note, the English subtitles are not an exact or perfect translation of the Russian dialog.

As an aside, several colleagues have asked if I will write a book of the events in Krimea and Sevastopol. I have indeed started writing and it will be a continuation in some ways of my book Never The Last One, the groundwork for that connection is in the Post Scriptum of my first novel. That Post Scriptum, by the way, was written in summer of 2013.


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