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Translated by “OL”

Military instructors from the USA, Denmark, Poland, Germany and other countries arrive to the Ukraine to help Kiev.

The Ukrainian hackers-activists have published the list of western instructors’ names. These people are reported to plan provocations in the south-eastern the Ukraine.

We, the CyberBerkut, warn the people of Donbass and inform the people of the Ukraine: in the nearest future the criminal government of the Ukraine is planning to take up some set of provocations at the boundary with Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics. Moreover, Kiev Junta is planning to extent and expand the escalation of military conflict in the south-east of the Ukraine. This is what our agents report from Kiev: from 12th April till 6th May a group of western military instructors arrive in the Ukraine and start their anti-national activity” – this report is cited by RIA Novosti.

As you can see from the scans of documents the coup regime in Kiev is supported by military experts from different countries: the USA, Poland, Estonia, Finland, Turkey, Norway, Latvia, France, Denmark, Austria, Spain, Albania, Portugal, Croatia, Iceland and Slovakia. The majority of experts come from the USA.

Translation of the scanned document

From: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

To: Administration of border guards of the Ukraine

Ministry of Internal Affairs

Security Service of the Ukraine

Leaders of regions

12th April – 6th May multinational inspection group of military experts led by the USA arrive in the Ukraine in order to conduct observatory missions according to regulations of Vidensko Agreement concerning trust and safety.

The purpose of this mission is to observe and control the development in our country and working out the recommendations for peaceful settlement of crisis situation.

So we ask the General Stuff Control Department of the Ukrainian Armed Forces to provide the observation mission with convoy including the protected vehicles from the Ministry of Armed Forces. We also ask to provide the group with the right of access to the frontier guards’ departments and military units of interior troops in the areas under inspection.

In case of addressing the group and the member of observatory mission to the Ministry of Interior Affairs, SBU, Frontier Guards Administration representatives in the regions and areas we ask to coordinate it with the chief of convoy and discuss the possibilities of briefings concerning prospects on development in these areas.

While holding the meetings with foreign representatives we ask to proceed from the fact that according to regulations of Vidensko Agreement all foreign observers obtain diplomatic status and to take into account the requirements of Article 6 Protocol 10 concerning the reaction to Crimea and Sevastopol events signed by the SNBO Secretary Parubyi (N429 from 04.04.2014)

In case of revelation the unusual activity near the boundaries of the Ukraine as well as any activity aimed to violate state order we ask to inform immediately the chief of convoy lieutenant colonel Ponomarev Vladislav Sergeevich (mobile 097 469 9474) or orderly officer in General Stuff Control Department of the Ukrainian Armed Forces (phone/fax +44 483 0724).


Department of international Security V. Y. Nedopas

NN Name/ surname m/f passport country Date/time flight
1 Thomas Miller m DP25002157 Sweden 13.40 PS819
2 Ian Almgerd m DP27002223 Sweden 13.40 PS819
3 Von Rozenzveig m C4J6NCTWN Germany 13.40 7175
4 Matias Kraimer m C4J6C7GNF Germany 13.40 7175
5 Raimondas Ivanauscas m DP00002623 Lituania 14.00 L0767
6 Zulonas Zbignevas m Lituania 14.00 L0767
7 Kari Ahrnberg m PX7061330 Finland 14.00 L0767
8 Kari Marti m PJ6001465 Finland 14.00 L0767
9 Timathy Brown m 505009090 Great Britain 14.00 L0767
10 Richard Moris m 728112125 Great Britain 14.00 L0767
11 Ach Gabor m AA0280295 Hungary 14.00 L0767
12 Tamosh Vegvery m AB0065055 Hungary 14.00 L0767
13 Brendon Presly m 910174096 USA 14.00
14 Jozef Przhevalskiy m 910168796 USA 14.00
15 Patrick Jozef McDaniel m DT0016120 Ireland 14.00
16 Korhan Karakoe m P00017328 Turkey 16.00 TK8818
17 Ruslan Getman m K4053532 Estonia 20.30 PS055
18 Raizo Saremat m KB0703280 Estonia 20.30 PS055
19 Tomashic Erchi m AS6031453 Poland 20.30 PS055
20 Martin Chervinsky m DD8010889 Poland 20.30 PS055
21 Tore C. Bade m UK00108679 Norway 20.30 PS055
22 Hamo Dalevic m 00105634 Norway 20.30 PS055
23 Ivars Ercums m LS3001193 Latvia 20.30 PS88
24 Marita Brid-Alex f LS3001201 Latvia 20.30 PS88
25 James Mackines m DZ008822 Canada 20.30
26 Pobert Martin m DZ 003733 Canada 20.30
27 Kolman Richard m 13CD12730 France 20.30 PS055
28 Pinzhon Du Sel Erac m 13RF57069 France 20.30 PS055
29 Bruni Walter m D016776 Italy 20.30 PS055
30 Santarnia Isidoro m SA0037678 Italy 20.30 PS055
31 Ivan Bela m DI5563744 Slovakia auto
32 Martin Joskak m DI0580974 Slovakia auto
33 Jozef Hvoltz m Austria auto
34 Kim Guldbeh m 450015024 Denmark 9.10 TK465
35 Henrick Hansen m 206627628 Denmark 9.10 TK465
36 Bel Ian Williams m DP01DKK31 Netherlands 9.10 TK465
37 Molen van der Guisebertus m DBND9JD89 Netherlands 9.10 TK465
38 Ishir Anton m S1008739 Austria 9.10 TK465
39 Niculasson Acsel m D5102246 Iceland 9.10 TK465
40 Garcia Arribas m XFA009475 Spain 9.10 TK465
41 Valliet Doka m BC8170548 Albania 20.40 TK457
42 Berdify Leonard m BC5301281 Albania 20.40 TK457
43 Robert Ierubino m 221732260 USA 9.20
44 Horhe Zilhao m U112894 Portugal 15.00
45 Rui Firmosinho m U112013 Portugal 15.00
46 Drago Bitench m PB0479412 Slovenia 15.00
47 Ales Chenta m PB0668738 Slovenia 15.00
48 Igor Predovchec m 147004304 Croatia 20.10
49 Vlasta Brcliachich f 086473714 Croatia 20.10
50 Ucsel Basaran m 010285 Turkey 9.20
51 Hans Georg Luber m W119045 Switzerland 11.25
52 Flavien Shaller m F1595834 Switzerland 11.25
53 Fedotov Igor m
54 Ponomarev Vladislav m
55 Homenko Alexei m
56 Pliushev Alexei m
57 Dumler Constantin m
58 Gorovetsky Alexandr m

(Note: these names have been translated from Ukrainian into English so the spelling might be incorrect)

We warn – the Western world never thinks about peace and ceasefire in the Ukraine. The West is looking only for continuation of war, escalation, massacre of Slavic people both speaking Russian and other Slavic languages.

We are CyberBerkut! We won’t forget! We won’t forgive!

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