61.31% of the Greek people rejected almost the same package of austerity measures which then Alexis Tsipras suddenly accepted.  And now an overwhelming majority of Greek MPs voted in favor of the reform package, with 229 voting ‘Yes,’ 64 voting ‘No’ and 6 abstaining.  Since the 6 abstaining did not abide by the will of the people which clearly rejected these measures, I submit that 235 MPs voted ‘Yes’ and 64 voted ‘No’ (for a total of 299 MPs).

If my, admittedly rusty, math is correct, 235 is 78.59% of 299.

In other words – 61.31% of the Greek people voted ‘No’ and 78.59% of “their” “representatives” voted yes.

So much for the “democracy” myth.

The Saker

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