Ladies and gents,

I am taking a month or so off to complete my first book on the War in Ukraine, political processes that are taking place in Russia and the shaping of a new independent world. It will include essays on the motley crew of bizarre characters of neo-cons and neo-liberals that populate the global political scene. It also will have rumors, conspiracy theories,  insider looks behind political scenes, investigations and research.

This edition will be published in electronic form only on the Amazon platform. It will contain images and illustrations, and links to valuable sources.

This book will be the first out of several installments of my articles that couldn’t be published on due to a variety of reasons.

For those who want to volunteer as our research assistants, you can write to me and I will be sure to respond to all the emails.


Thanks you, guys and ladies, for being such great people and an endless source  of inspiration.

Keep on fighting the Hegemony, but don’t forget your bullet proof vests.



The philosophy behind Russian folk dance: it’s a short theatrical performance that tells a story and serves as an illustration for a song.

The most important,  not to repeat the same move twice.




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