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Yes, we are talking about South Africa and the current and planned policy of land dispossession/confiscation without compensation, as it relates to suppression, oppression and annihilation of peoples in our world. Acknowledging the real and current danger that the 4.5 million white South Africans find themselves in, the situation is analogous to a canary in the coal mine where the canary has already expired. There is no cure or medicine for hatred that exposes itself in the shrill cry of racism but which, in the South African situation, now exposes itself in an underlying profit motive – just a dirty land grab. (See Section D as well as search for Nkandla, the town that previous president Zuma built for himself). No, it is not all a result of apartheid and it is not all corrective or remedial action for apartheid, but it it clearly an enrichment program made up of unrelenting self-interest. I will refer heavily to the AfriForum presentation to parliament translated in full at the end of this document. There is evidence that the White South Africans have reached the end of their tether and are in a fighting mood.

Before we look at the land dispossession without compensation issues and the misleading and quite frankly overstated, wrong statistic that 72% of land is still in white hands, we need to recognize that the land law in the land was only instituted in The Land Act of 1913. Before that time, in the 4 provinces (Cape Province, Natal, Free State and Transvaal), there were different methods to deal with land. The Land Act of 1913 that defined the division of land in South Africa along tribal lines, and subsequently implemented by moving tribes into their own lands, may be South Africa’s original sin. And this sin is what we see being repeated by the current ANC government, only with the hatred and cries of apartheid and killings dialed up to a much more intense and prevalent level.
Here it is, in detail. and
Yet, this distribution was not along the lines of race, but more along the lines of separate development and tribes. The Black Homelands (10) that were created were intended to be countries, in their own right, almost akin to a federation of states.

It is time to stop talking about whose Great Grandfather ate the Watermelon when the White Boere trekked into what was raw land, and take a look at what is happening now.

Section A) a closer look at the current situation and the statistics,
Section B) a reference to the results of the Trump Tweet Machine,
Section C) the 4 groups of White South Africans
Section D) the clear fact that historically, and everywhere, land dispossession as the canary in the coal mine is invariably accompanied by gross violations of human rights in order to enrich the already rich.
Section E) accompanying links

Section A) Current Situation

The current revisionist history from the Black perspective reads as follows:

“The Bantustans or homelands, established by the Apartheid Government, were areas to which the majority of the Black population was moved to prevent them from living in the urban areas of South Africa. The Bantustans were a major administrative mechanism for the removal of Black South Africans from the South African political system under the many laws and policies created by Apartheid. The idea was to separate Black South Africans from the White South Africans, and give Black South Africans the responsibility of running their own independent governments, thus denying them protection and any remaining rights a Black could have in South Africa. In other words, Bantustans were established for the permanent removal of the Black population in White South Africa. “

Sidebar:  Let me be ironic for a moment as it is high time that we look at the policy of separate development for what it was, and not the overwhelming racial facade that it is now being painted with. Take another look at the bolded sentence above. How terrible that the policy of separate development was intended to give the black tribes independent governance of their own. And the revisionist history states that this independence denied them rights in other areas of the country? That’s true, however, the White South Africans in South Africa had no rights in the independent homelands either. I could not buy land there. So, were my rights not also denied? Sometimes one has to look at both sides of the fence and it is high time that the policy of separate development gets a fair shake. It is a failed policy but was it necessarily an evil policy? One may well ask why did the tribes not start developing their own areas? We are talking about tribes with no written law and no history of property rights or ownership, (although oral tribal law existed) versus Europeans with a long history of written law and ownership rights. Are we looking at apartheid here, or are we looking at a method of co-existence that was intended to protect everyone within their own cultural circles and willing to put in some work. There was a major and non-integratable clashing of cultures and that is why the policy of separate development was instituted.

Let us take a quick look at apartheid or correctly called separate development. Apartheid started de jure in 1948. Even in the 1980’s the policy was being dismantled. So, we are talking about a short period of at the maximum 1948 to 1994 – 46 years give or take. This statement in no way attempts to excuse or justify the excesses of the de jure implementation or the previous de facto implementation of apartheid, but in comparison, one cannot take the land away from people that had been on the land upward of 400 years. In the big scheme of things, the period of apartheid was a relatively short timespan vs the 400 years of folks on the land that built a country. Yes, fair redistribution must be looked at, and the South African Government tried to do that, twice, and both efforts were complete and utter failures because there were too many hands in the pot. And there lies the tragedy of South Africa under the current government. One can only but read about Zuma’s enrichment of himself and an extrapolation that this exists right through the ranks will not be inaccurate.

We should also then look at the Afrikaners as one of the first to fight an anti-colonial struggle and fought 2 wars against the British overlord colonials, one of which they won decisively. (Boer War I). The second one (Boer War II) the British overlords attacked women and children and even Black South Africans went into concentration camps, and the Boers caved in. Where do you hear in the black rhetoric today that the Boers decisively fought colonialism? Or is that fact forgotten? Let us remember that it was the white Boers that fought colonialism and that the black countrymen in certain stages sat in the very same concentration camps that the White Boer Women and Children were dumped in. But mostly, the tribes sat this one out and left the White South Africans to fight colonialism. The Boers did not want to be slaves of the British Empire Let’s get real about who fought, and who did not fight colonialism.

In the current situation, there is much discussion on whether what is happening in South Africa to the White South Africans can be classified ‘genocide’, or ‘ethnic cleansing’. Depending on how the legal definition is applied, it is one or the other.

One such discussion offers up President Ramaphosa’s stance and ideology to deal with the approximately 4.5 Million White South Africans:

“Ramaphosa’s comment that Malema’s ‘home’ is in the ANC, regardless of his (Malema’s) blatant racism towards Boers and white farmers in particular, can be read within the context of Ramaphosa’s comment regarding how the ANC intends to deal with white people. In his memoirs, political veteran Mario Oriani-Ambrosini wrote what Ramaphosa confided to him in a private conversation in the early 1990s, during the negotiations for a new South African Constitution:

“In his brutal honesty, Ramaphosa told me of the ANC’s 25- year strategy to deal with the White South Africans: it would be like boiling a frog alive, which is done by raising the temperature very slowly. Being cold-blooded, the frog does not notice the slow temperature increase, but if the temperature is raised suddenly, the frog will jump out of the water. He meant that the black majority would pass laws transferring wealth, land, and economic power from white to black slowly and incrementally, until the White South Africans lost all they had gained in South Africa, but without taking too much from them at any given time to cause them to rebel or fight.”

AfriForum wrote an open letter to Ramaphosa to explain his statement, but Ramaphosa did not respond, nor deny making such a statement. It should also be noted that there is no international treaty that specifies a specific crime of ethnic cleansing. Ethnic cleansing in the broad sense of the word can, however, be characterized as a crime against humanity under the statutes of the International Criminal Court (ICC) and the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY).

What this tells us yet again, is that there is an existing strategy to do away with the White South Africans, whether we call it genocide or ethnic cleansing and land dispossession is another tool in the toolbox, another tried and tested method.  This method however is not one that you will ordinarily find in the ordinary toolbox of the affairs of a state – it is a specialized method as discussed in Section D.

People generally think that apartheid was this mad killing spree. At no time in South Africa, even with the excesses of apartheid, did serious mass killings or planned mass killings of Black South Africans ever happen. Yes, I hear the calls: “What about Sharpeville?” No, I didn’t forget Sharpeville but those making those calls must also remember what the focus of Sharpeville was. This was not a planned and pre-meditated killing. Read it yourself and then refer to other massacres of White South Africans detailed in the translation of the AfriForum presentation to the Government on 6th September (in full at the end). The presenter said in no uncertain terms that these massacres of White South Africans are not even present in the black historical record today. These remain forgotten but Sharpeville remains sharply remembered. How convenient. Let’s get real.

Yes, Sharpeville turned into a massacre and in any of the purported records where the numbers of people dead is stated, the numbers are still questionable to today. This should never have happened. But a planned and thought through policy of state sponsored genocide or ethnic cleansing it certainly was not. What we see today is a deliberate state sanctioned and sponsored policy of killing White South Africans.

The Truth and Reconciliation Committee found that between the years 1948 and 1994,  21,000 died in political violence
– approximately 100 were killed by white right wingers
600 were killed by government forces.
19,000 were killed during the ANC’s Peoples War against their black opponents – black on black violence.

Perhaps those numbers tell the story.

According to Ilana Mercer (links at the end) by the end of the 1980s, the influx control laws had been scrapped, public facilities desegregated, and racial sex laws repealed. “Black South Africans were allowed full freehold rights to property” and admission to historically white universities. Apartheid was now a policy in transition. So, given that I said that apartheid lasted 46 years, we can now say it lasted 38 years as it stopped being implemented at this early stage. In January 1985, State President P. W. Botha declared that Black South Africans in South Africa proper would no longer be deprived of South African citizenship in favor of Bantustan citizenship and that black citizens within the independent Bantustans could reapply for South African citizenship; F. W. de Klerk stated on behalf of the National Party during the 1987 general election that “every effort to turn the tide [of black workers] streaming into the urban areas failed. It does not help to bluff ourselves about this. The economy demands the permanent presence of the majority of Black South Africans in urban areas … They cannot stay in South Africa year after year without political representation.” In March 1990 de Klerk, who succeeded Botha in 1989, announced that his government would not grant independence to any more Bantustans or homelands. Separate development effectively had failed, and was dead. Apartheid was a discriminatory policy and the Whites were privileged in white areas. In black areas however, the Whites had no rights.

Let me remind you in April of 2009, former South African President Jacob Zuma stated: “Of all the white groups that are in South Africa, it is only the Afrikaners that are truly South Africans in the true sense of the word. Up to this day, they [the Afrikaners] don’t carry two passports, they carry one. They are here to stay.”

Let’s look at the misleading and grossly wrong statistic that 72% of land is still in white hands. The Government Statistics were proven to be garbage.

There is no 72% of land in white hands, but more like 22% (See link below). Given the fact that white hands grow the biggest proportion of the food, 22% is quite a miracle in South African circumstances where about half of the country is desolate, short of water with cyclical drought and can only support certain types of agriculture. Sheep and Red Bush Tea (Rooibos) are good examples. If you overgraze those conditions, you create desert. The white farmers found methods to make even this marginal land, with very little water, profitable and productive food generating land. Almost half of South Africa is dry and desolate land, in danger of desertification and that is why these farms are so big.

Refer Water Stories of the Drylands

Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics they say. Following is a more accurate overview of land ownership in South Africa which shows around 22% is in the hands of White South Africans.  Apparently the Government forgot to count some vast areas of land. They forgot to count land already in black hands and the previous black homelands. They also forgot the land that changed hands under the program of willing buyer/willing seller. They also neglected the land where tribes made claims for land that they thought belonged to them, and simply wanted to be paid out with no intention of owning the land. They also forgot to take into account the massive areas of game reserves belonging to the Government. Who knows what else they forgot to count as their 72% calculation did not take into account all the land in question. Simply, the numbers do not compute. We find that the current ANC government in South Africa has a hard time with counting.

Lets look at the number of farms and the shrinkage over years and this will illustrate the food crisis staring South Africa in the face:
1980 – 120,000 commercial farms
1997 – 58,000
2025 Est – < 15,000 * This estimate was in 2011 long before the recent moves by the government, so that’s likely to be an unrealistically high number.  Currently, there are approximately 20,000 farms advertised for sale – this would be just about every farm in South Africa.
The current government failed miserably to carry out their own land restitution programs and to support fledgling black farmers. Read the AfriForum presentation to the Government on 6th September included at the end.

Statistics show farm prices in South Africa have plunged by a third since December 2017. Agricultural output shrank 29 percent in the second quarter of this year compared with the previous quarter, the largest negative change among all industries. The agricultural sector employs 843,000 people, almost double the number of jobs in mining. It is time for summer crop planting in South Africa. Will the farmers plant food during the threat of the expropriation of their land or will we see a slow farming strike?

Who is in favor of land dispossession without compensation?
– The UK has declared that they endorse land dispossession without compensation as long as it is done legally (even if the law of the land must be changed to make theft legal, but that is the UK for you).
– The IMF declared that they also endorse land dispossession (right, can we all see the IMF loans being negotiated?)
– Xi Jinping – General Secretary of the Communist Party of China supports land dispossession (but the reason for this is a little different).

The South African government tried to dispossess 2 very large wild game and hunting farms in the North, by offering the owners only a scant 10% of the value, only to find themselves stymied and thrown into court. The general commentary is that these farms are just too big. However, the issue is that to have a big game hunting farm with big game animals requires space for the animals and they also bring in external tourist dollars. What may explain the Xi stance, is that there is coal and necessary raw material for steel production underneath the game farms and during the court case it was exposed that a Chinese consortium was promised this land as part of a special economic zone and that the Chinese consortium would mine the coal for various purposes and would build a steel manufacturing plant. Of course it is close to the Zimbabwe border and China has significant interests in Zimbabwe. (One can of course see that Trump’s 25% tariffs on steel may be having unintended consequences here).
There has to be a decision, a mature and well reasoned developmental policy decision by the South African government, whether good food producing land for food security, should be used for industrial development, or not. There is no perceivable policy here excepting the self-enriching policy of taking the Chinese money. This land in this area is cattle producing land.

Spontaneous land expropriations are happening now. One example, a cattle farmer, 70 years old woke up to a group of black folks measuring out plots of the farmer’s land, saying that they have the full right to take his land. What is more shocking, is that they burnt down grazing for cattle that takes years to establish. The farmer left his farm and up to now is in hiding. There are a number of these ‘spontaneous expropriations’ throughout the country.

The banks’ position is that if any farm is expropriated and there still is a loan on the farm (or property), the loan will of course still have to be paid but not by the expropriators but by the original owners regardless of the fact that the loans were collateralized by the land.

Section B) The Donald’s Tweet Machine … did it do any good?

Twitter: “I have asked Secretary of State @SecPompeo to closely study the South African land and farm seizures and expropriations and the large scale killing of farmers.”

AfriForum, (An organization to encourage the re-engagement of the Afrikaners and other minorities in the public sphere with a vision that Afrikaners – who have no other home – are able to lead a meaningful and sustainable existence, in peace with other communities, here on the southernmost tip of Africa), visited the United States and after consultations, Trump’s Tweet appeared.

Do you really think that the Black South Africans in South Africa will sit back and listen to Uncle Trump who, in reality, is everything that they despise? A very rich white man telling generally poor Africans what to do? After that Tweet the response of White South Africans was to strengthen their neighborhood watch patrols as they were expecting more black/white violence because of this tweet. Two things happened as a result of that tweet:
White South Africans increased their protection mechanisms but still 3 Farm Attacks happened in 8 hours after that tweet.

If there was any hope left in the White South African community that the US will ‘come to their rescue’ cowboy or movie style, this hope is based on nothing and there are signs that White South Africans are educating themselves on current conditions and attitudes in the US and despite a large group still holding out hope that Trump will help them, this hope is slowly eroding. Yet, hope springs eternal and people will grab onto anything if it gives a little hope.

Ramaphosa is generally accepted to be a US supporter and it is to be debated whether he even blinked about Trump’s tweet or internal pressure in the country. “Let’s share the land”, he now says and he withdrew the land expropriation bill for more discussion. There are many presentations happening now, and the most explicit presentation so far came from AfriForum on 6th September. A full translation of this appears below and it needs to be considered as I see a clear unwillingness of the white farming community and the white community as a whole, to continue being the whipping boy for the black majority dictatorial government. This is why I say that the Boere are in a fighting mood.

Section C) the 4 groups of White South Africans left in SA

People that cannot leave
These folks are made up of people just too poor to leave where circumstances have already thrown them into squatter camps and the harsh life has robbed them of any self-respect. Without a clear refugee status, and financial support, these folks are not in a position to leave. Think about people in aged facilities, those that have family that cannot leave for one reason or another, or people that perhaps don’t have the smarts. This is a large grouping. There are also people that simply cannot get passports because they cannot get a police clearance, or have debt of some kind or another that prohibits them from getting the necessary paperwork. Bear in mind that White South Africans are essentially excluded from the workplace.
“A very small percentage of White South Africans in South Africa are farmers. We are in many different occupations. Most of us can’t leave South Africa, because we are either too poor or too old.” As the country deteriorates in terms of services like passports and paperwork, it is more difficult. One now cannot renew a South African passport, but have to apply for a new passport and this takes 4 to 6 months if one can find original documentation. Some of us will have read about ‘papieren bitte’.

People that can leave but do not want to
There are basically 2 groups here. The one group believes that there still is hope, as the Afrikaner spokespeople like AfriForum are doing a good job and all out genocide and murder can be avoided.
The other group are those that suffer from cognitive dissonance and think that Chinese investment will save the day, or create a bloodbath. There is no clear understanding that China will not involve themselves with interference in the internal policies of a country. We have to remember that South Africans were for many years under sanctions. Only a very small number could visit other countries. In a manner of speaking we are still a generally naive and law abiding group with a biting sense of humor seeking simple pleasures and are real feet on the ground folks. One comment here: “Fleeing SA is not easy. I have a US passport, and it still took my family 3 years to legally emigrate. Most of the emigration routes require an SA police clearance which takes 6 months or longer. As the government crumbles, the ability to get that piece of paper becomes more and more difficult. If you’re just thinking about leaving now, you may be out of time, so prepare for the worst.

People that are willing to make a fight of it
These are the Suidlanders and other groups, usually portrayed as white supremacists. In reality, they are simply people who want to live with their own culture and are getting ready to fight for what they built.
This group is estimated to be 200,000 men, woman and children. I believe there are many more. They are well prepared for emergency evacuation from cities and towns, civil war and extensive siege situations.
Lauren Southern interviewed a few Suidlanders in her documentary Farmlands (link at the end). I would recommend this documentary. Of course much criticism can be leveled, but overall she did a good job and captured the zeitgeist.

People that have resources, perhaps more than one passport and can leave any time
The reports in the press on 15,000 farmers moving to Russia sound very upbeat. There are very few South Africans that have the financial ability to do this. If their properties and lands are dispossessed, the chance that they can leave with a savings to start anew, is very small.

A Heartening Trend:  In general, a small but very heartening trend is that White South Africans are beginning to protect themselves. Black farmers (yes, there are a few commercial black farms) are speaking up. To illustrate, three specific examples come to mind:

Sasol, the South African petrol company created new employee regulations where they were dispossessing the White South Africans of their employee share scheme. This newly created share scheme is only for Blacks and not for Whites.  The slogan is White South Africans are Worthy. This is huge and may be the start of the end of the government policy, rules and laws, of excluding White South Africans in the workplace. This however is a strike with a difference. White South Africans do not necessarily strike – they will rather negotiate and White strikes are a very new phenomenon. There are no violent picketing lines, there is no shouting of slogans, the strikers are simply having barbecues, music and picnics and marches. Meanwhile it has been reported that the strike has put the company two days behind in production. Solidarity has 6,300 members working at Sasol and they’re all said to be taking part in the strike action. There are different reports on how many Black South Africans are taking part. The general feeling about this from the White South Africans, and I quote: “Ek is so trots op die manne! Kyk, geen geweld nie, maar hulle maak hulle stemme dik!
“I am so proud of my people. Look, no violence, yet they are making their voices heard.”

The idea here is of course that if White South Africans are going to be excluded from the workplace, then, they will withdraw their labor, as well as their expertise.

This black farmer is thanking his white neighbors for helping with a fire on his farm:
Lentswe Mokgatle is the former mayor of Mogale City – His farm caught fire recently – He shared on Facebook how his Afrikaans neighbours rushed to help put out the fire:

I have heard of another black farmer that is beseeching the ANC government not to continue with the land grab. He says that he has had tremendous support from his white farmer neighbors to allow him to actually farm, and even now he is dependent on education and support from his neighbors. Farming depends on strong support structures and when South Africa was a food producer juggernaut, farming was supported by the government as a critical industry.

Before we leave this section to take a look at the wider context of Land Confiscation and Dispossession, let us hear from some black conservative voices and only on a basis of complete anonymity are these published. These testimonies are completely rewritten, so that these people cannot be traced:

Not all Black South Africans (conservative middle class minority) agree with the land grab. They know food security will fall apart. The real issue is that the ANC government is losing support because of their promises to the majority Black South Africans. The ANC promises of a better life, better house, jobs, money and land has not and cannot be fulfilled. The majority of Black South Africans think they can sit back and wait for the ANC to deliver on these promises and the ANC is now losing support because they cannot deliver on their overstated promises. The EFF has a radical approach which sounds like a good replacement of the ANC promises. Kill the Boer sounds sweet if it means that the promises of a better life, better house, jobs, money and land (all for free) can again be promised by the EFF where the ANC has failed. The new President wants to win the 2019 election by legalizing the land grab without compensation. Conservative black voices understand that the idea of the White South Africans having stolen land from the Black South Africans is propaganda by both the ANC and EFF. The real idea of this thinking is that the elimination of the South African White population according to the EFF and ANC is a small price to pay to win the 2019 election. As tension builds up toward the 2019 election the excited majority Black South Africans have started to victimize and kill White South Africans. Tensions run high and the killing will only escalate into 2019.

In this piece, note the suffering of the Black conservatives under ANC rule.

SA culture is very conservative, deeply so. There were many other Black Conservatives whose voices were silenced in order for the ANC to be promoted. It’s a long story and black conservatives got burnt alive but survived with nobody helping defend them the world over – our parents had to fight for themselves to survive being burnt alive in all the horrors from 1984 – 1995, in what was called Black on Black violence. We watched as the World and the ANC formed “Mandela the Iconic Figure”, despite South Africa having had great non-ANC black politicians who even died in the hands of apartheid, like Steve Biko.”

With these voices, there still is hope for South Africa although time is getting short. I am still of the opinion that separate spaces for the White South Africans should be created. I am quite convinced if the previous black homelands are now given to the White South Africans, they will make a go of it. Not in an erstwhile apartheid format, but until these groups can integrate by their own decisions and not be killed slowly by ANC Rule, this is about the only solution.

Section D) The Wider Context delivers a clear fact. Historically, and everywhere, land dispossession as the canary in the coal mine is invariably accompanied by gross violations of human rights in order to enrich the already rich.

If you remember the previous piece that I wrote, it is the old question of musical chairs in terms of self enrichment.  You may remember the phrase that the new President used: ’Reconciliation is now Over.’ It is now another group’s opportunity to enrich themselves. Zuma and his entourage with their blatant robbing of the country are gone; it is the new group’s opportunity now at hand for some blatant robbing. They will rob the farms and the property of the Whites (or anyone else), and sell it to the Chinese for a massive profit. China is buying, so the ANC government will sell what is theirs, and also what is not theirs.

In the bigger context land dispossession is not new. It is a basic technique and one of the first ‘canary in the coal mine’ indicators of genocidal or ethnic cleansing abuses or serious federal or state abuses.

Here are a few examples and there are many more:
The Bundy Ranchers where serious government overreach was uncovered.
The Ukraine where a knowledgeable analyst told me this: “The Maidan was about taking the richest arable lands in Europe from state ownership and transferring ownership to the globalists. The state ownership was the only barrier protecting the population that lived off and on the land. With this protection gone, they will be forced to sell their parcels. They will get worthless cash.”
And we see conflict being sparked here as well with supposed ‘border corrections’:
El Salvador, where in excess of half a million indigenous El Salvadorians just disappeared.
Take a look at the list of similar land grabs –
Finally, the The Palestinian Right of Return that is being weakened as a concept in front of our eyes.

And here is a specific document where he phases of hostile take-over land grabs by states were studied:

The process is:

First, a coercive coalition is formed between the security agencies of the state and a paramilitary unit intent on deploying punitive actions against civilians. (With the farm murders and general murder rate against the White South Africans, does it not seem to you like a ‘paramilitary unit’ in various groups is active? Especially in the light of the continual remarks made by the leader of the EFF?)

Then, an accumulating coalition is created between state authorities and national entrepreneurs, whose businesses are based on export products with high demand in the global economy. (Now refer to the issue of the 2 hunting and game farms in process of being grabbed and the noise that they are being grabbed for China. Does this not seem to you like an accumulating coalition?). If you take a look at this land grab unemotionally and purely on the basis of action do you see that different state agencies are enabling the land accumulation by means of alliances and public policies: coercion, land markets, and incentives while hiding behind corrective action for apartheid?

Given those research statistics on land grabs, does it not seem to you that the issue of demonizing the Whites is simply a pretext for a Government Land Grab. Really, it has little to do with the White South Africans and the history of apartheid, excepting that the White South Africans are vulnerable as a minority and the state can use them as a pretext neatly rolled into the popular and divisive racial issues of the day?

Why should you support the White South Africans, the Indian South Africans, the Zulus and the other minorities that are in fear of their lives, but beginning to fight?

In South Africa, why land dispossession is de rigueur and why everyone (including Donald Trump and his tweet machine) is now paying attention, is that this method of dispossession illustrates more than any other the format of either genocidal or ethnic cleansing abuses. This illustrates the real issue in technicolor and not simply in black and white (irony intended). Behind this is a racist ideology, hatred driven and very public, but in private, it is just a dirty state land grab, economically motivated and enriching state and private coffers. The fact that these 4.5 million people are white fits the narrative of today, where the racist epithet and label is used to demonize everyone and everybody.

If you support the Palestinians, you may be honor bound to support the White South Africans as this is happening in South Africa now, and the Palestinian problem has been with us for a long time. We did not support them very well and we did not stop the problem in its tracks. In South Africa, we still have a little time to prevent more bloodshed. You must insist on hearing the Black Moderate Voices and understand that each minority in this country is in the same pot being boiled.

If you support Lugansk and Donetsk that are under threat simply because they are Russian, and will not obey a Nazi state, you are honor bound to support the White South Africans. Because neither will they obey a dictatorial state intent on killing anyone and dispossessing their possessions.

Why is it that people can see the validity of the case for the Donbas Republics, and for the Palestinian Right of Return, but cannot see the validity of the White South African case? It is because the black white issues of racism and previous excesses are being deliberately put forward to confuse and grab the heartstrings of anyone that does not make a good study of this. The white supremacist movement is helping in terms of awareness, but also not helping as it frames what is happening in South Africa as a racial or black and white issue.

In South Africa, the issue is clear: “White Man You Must Die! And, we will dispossess you on the pretext of color and “You have no Rights in Africa.”.

In other words, we are done with the coercive coalition and deeply into the accumulating coalition. That we are talking about people that have been there upwards of 400 years where anyone else was migratory and nobody else farmed, nobody else built cities and nobody else developed a country, is obscured by using the excesses of apartheid. These are people that tamed a wild land. We’re talking about 400 years where white farmers employed labor from black populations and black populations lived on these farms, before the hatred was ignited. We’re talking about lands where swathes were given (rightly or wrongly) to the tribes and where they could live and do what they wanted; land where self-government was encouraged.

The White South Africans in South Africa are losing their land rights and their lives now. It is now the time to speak up. Personally my belief is that these Black homelands were not the right to way to go. But it happened, and it is noteworthy that these homelands did not develop in any way whatsoever. If we talk about 400 or even 100 years ago, the White farmers started with nothing more and nothing less than bare land, similar to the Black homelands as well as a competent state that developed the country and supported food sovereignty.

Closing Notes
Why are these Black South Africans wanting to kill me and my kin? What’s up with that? We’ve all experienced the excesses that the policy of separate development, better known today as apartheid brought in its wake. What is the reason to continue and amp up extreme hatred; now Black on White or on Anyone that Disagrees with the ANC?

Most thinking South Africans were cautiously optimistic on the 1994 elections and were willing to welcome a new dispensation, a new Rainbow Nation. Let us say this more clearly – Many White South Africans swallowed the story hook, line and sinker with a lot of hope for a unified country.

The iconic Rugby World Cup in 1994 – Captain Franscois Pienaar and Nelson Mandela who wore a Rugby Jersey with the Captain’s Number on it. This was the first World Cup to take place in South African following the end of apartheid. Nelson Mandela became Pienaar’s children’s godfather.

The behavior of the current rulers is changing the original openness for change and enfranchisement of all in the South African sphere into hatred as a result of the brutal racist policies that are openly supported and encouraged by the ANC and the young dogs of war of the regime. Who is the damn racist now?

“The white man has been too comfortable for too long,” Malema told a crowd of supporters (…)

and Racist Malema, no longer a joke.

Separate Development as a Policy was created to allow for significant cultural differences and for different people living together in peace, until it was brutally implemented to keep the Whites and the other tribes apart. We have to also acknowledge that the tribes were warlike, and wars were continually played out and planned.  This policy was not envisioned as evil. It was envisioned as the only way that people could live within their own cultural norms. These cultural norms between the European descendants and the tribes clashed. (See Ilana Mercer links at the end). A recreation of this by the ANC and a more brutal implementation are not in the interests of anyone. Boere are South Africans that happen to be white. They have no ties to the lands where they came from. They have no right of return. The French escaped France on the basis of freedom of religion and only wanted to grow their grapes and make wine. The Dutch just wanted to come and do business and cock a snoot at the Brits.   The Brits just wanted to come and exercise control over the Cape Victualing Station that was important to get their tea and silk and cocaine from the East to and fro to Britain (until diamonds and gold was discovered).

Whiteness is not the enemy despite the idiocy of enforced multiculturalism in the common language of the day. Brutality, hatred, racism, greed and willingly killing your own countrymen are the enemies. Poverty, lack of education and lack of a relatively reasonable way of life are the enemies. Unwillingness to lend a hand to your neighbor, whatever color, is the enemy.

Whereas the homelands as a policy of apartheid was a failure, one has to ask yourself why? And one should recognize that there was land for the black tribes. And one should also recognize that historically, as far as I know, there were no commercial functioning farms within these black homelands. Black farming was subsistence only. In the black culture, the number of livestock (cows and goats primarily) was a sign of riches. Their own land became overgrazed. There are a few farms now but commercial farming is hard and without a supportive governmental policy and an educational base, it is not an easy career to simply choose.  Farmers in South Africa have degrees in Agriculture.  It is not like anyone becomes a farmer overnight.

Because I am talking mostly about White South Africans, it does not mean that I am clueless or unaware of the plight of the other minorities in South Africa. The Indians, the Zulus and other minorities are finding life equally hard but we will let them speak for themselves. The level of crime in the country is unbelievable with full food trucks now being hijacked and all the food stolen as a matter of course. There are few deliveries of any nature (normal service) as these deliveries get hijacked and it is too dangerous for anyone to handle this simple service. The country is falling apart while the Blacks bellow that they are into corrective action for apartheid and roving gangs of black criminals slaughter the Whites.

Land issues are complex. The situation in South Africa is complex. A simplistic comment that you blame this one, or that one, will be, by definition, shortsighted. Locally, the Boere are getting to be in a real fighting mood. See translation below. It is as if not one of those members of the South African parliament understood one word of the AfriForum presentation because in reality, they don’t want to. As you will see, they are drunk … drunk on ideology – an ideology not based on historical facts, rather on the desire to advance racial hatred under the pretext of reparations for apartheid, in fact, only to enrich themselves. The country is in a technical recession, prices for food and commodities like petrol are rising dangerously, the South African power utility Eskom said on Monday that it had less than 20 days of coal supplies at 10 of its 15 coal-fired power stations, posing a threat to national power supplies. Already there are rolling energy blackouts. The University students want to throw out science, because science does not explain Black Magic, they say, so it is not African. The students do not understand the difference between science and esoteric matters. Public schooling is generally stated to be in a worse condition than the Black schools during the height of apartheid. There is no more time for the ANC government to indulge and gorge themselves in blood thirsty visions to ‘Kill the Boer’. This government should seriously buckle down and get on with running a country, before it crumbles in their hands and they turn into El Salvador where a half a million people were disappeared, or into a civil war.

The situation is dire and the Racist is not who you think the Racist is.  We are very accustomed to think that the racist is white.

The ex-EFF member and co-founder of the party says he’s always warned that Julius Malema’s hatred of white people is “potentially genocidal”.
“This is part of why I left the EFF. Malema used to make it clear how much he hates white people. He used to say the plan was to use white people and their resources to build the EFF until it could take power. Then when we are in power, we take everything from them.” (Now, compare this with Eugene Terreblance, who was an aberration from a previous age prancing around on his horse, but not a genocidal aberration).

Section E) Accompanying Links

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Translation referred to in this article:

Harsh words come with AfriForum submission on land reform
September 6, 2018
Reported by JanJan Joubert

The worst and most aggressive statements so far about land reform followed this afternoon during and after the civil rights organization AfriForum’s submission to parliament’s ad hoc committee that has to decide whether the Constitution should be amended to facilitate expropriation without compensation.

AfriForum’s deputy chief executive Ernst Roets handled the organization’s presentation. He started with examples in which the government’s land policy failed for both black and white farmers.

After that, Roets argued that what he called the ANC / EFF alliance was rooted in Marxism and Leninism and the centralization of state power and the quest to make South Africa a communist state.

He believes the aim is now to apply policies applied in the Soviet Union, China, Cuba, Cambodia, Zimbabwe and Venezuela to South Africa and to showcase the world’s most successful economic policy as racist and oppressive.

According to Roets, this is why so many black pioneer farmers complain about government, and why 23% of South Africans are currently living on state-owned land, and why only 6% of land transferred for restitution is currently owned by black private owners.

According to Roets it is a lie that white people stole ground. According to him white people found land in three ways – they settled on uninhabited land, they obtained land through agreements or purchases and they received some land through conquest.

Roets admits that legislation such as the Native Land Act of 1913 and the Group Areas Act were unjustifiable, but argued that anyone who believes white people cannot own land in Africa is similar to European fascists who believe that Blacks may not own land in Europe. He argued that those that believe black people should be able to own land in Europe, but say that white people may not own land in Africa, are hypocritical racists.

According to Roets, the government has already spent 50 billion rand on land reform and transferred only 5% of land to black ownership in the process. He argued that if this whole amount was used for land purchases, half of the country’s farms could have been purchased.

However, according to Roets, to make this land reform a success, was not really the goal of the democratic revolution in South Africa. He quoted the Motlanthe commission that maladministration and corruption is in actuality the root of all evil in land reform.

Roets further stated that unauthorized expropriation is bad for investor confidence and pointed out that since 2015 South Africans invested more money abroad then inland – this is a first in the history. He thinks that to apply expropriation with compensation is as good for the economy as considering that Kentucky Fried Chicken acts in the interests of Chickens.

He stated that proponents of expropriation without compensation follows the same steps as Einstein’s definition of madness, repeating the same thing and expecting another outcome.

He believes the ANC and EFF demonstrates joy in hurting the middle class and the ANC and EFF policy will lead to economic collapse and starvation which would hit the poorest. The more prosperous South Africans will leave, which will destroy the tax base.

Roets said that there is no land hunger in the country because 59% of land claims and 84% of land occupations are in urban areas. Black South Africans urbanized quickly and 93% of those offered a choice between land and money, chose money.

Roets said that the land issue should not become or be represented as an issue of race. The ANC and the EFF already represents it as such. It is equally unacceptable to blame all white people for the whims of other white people, as to blame all black people as killers because some black people are murderers.

He asked if black people would now pay for the murders at Bloukrans and Weenen, or the murder of the Van Rensburg trek. He is convinced that those that are now insisting land expropriation without compensation as reparations for apartheid do not even know what these historical events were.

He accused members of parliament of being drunk on ideology – and ideology not based on historical facts, but on the desire to advance racial hatred and hopeless socialism under the pretext of reparations.

Roets concluded by accusing members of parliament of being drunk with the ideology of the failing national so-called democratic revolution. He said they were drunk, because every decision is aimed at increasing their own power. He claims they are drunk with hatred and condescension, not only for white people, but also for the poor who suffer most from the hatred and division.

The reaction of the Members of parliament was equally aggressive and vicious. ANC members of parliament said it is not true that large parts of the country were uninhabited when the Voortrekkers (Boere) moved inland and that their grandfathers fought against the taking of their land. They asked him what he would do in their position.

The ANC accused Roets of hating black people, and hating the ANC and EFF dominated the thinking. It has been argued by the ANC that the country has no food security as long as the poor are hungry as it has been for centuries. The ANC members told Roets that they tried to listen to him sympathetically but they found him arrogant because he singled them out. They accused AfriForum of being as bad as Black First Land First and that his submission will count against AfriForum in future.

The UDM followed by saying that the only positive thing about the submission was that it was so explicit. Ten borders wars were fought in the Eastern Cape, resulting in 3 million hectares in the province now in the hands of white people and only 250,000 hectares in the hands of black people. The UDM stated that they have no use in talking to AfriForum and that they are considering support for a change of the constitution.

The IFP moved against AfriForum’s proposal and accused AfriForum of wanting to anger everyone, instead of presenting historical facts.

Cope asked whether AfriForum would propose any solutions and distanced themselves of the AfriForum submission.

There was more talk and the EFF said that if AfriForum wants war, they will get it and AfriForum is the personification of racism from Pretoria. EFF stated that the AfriForum conduct during their recent visit to the US was false and treacherous and that the land should simply be taken.

This process is continuing.

Anon – Look at that incredible beauty.  They are under tremendous threat now.

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