Note by the Saker:  I hesitated before posting this video.  Not only do I not share Dugin’s ideas,  I also hesitate to contribute to the absolutely false myth that he is some kind of “special advisor” or “personal friend” of Vladimir Putin.  This is all nonsense.  In reality, Putin has done more than any other person to deflate and marginalize the kind of National-Bolshevik nationalist ideology Dugin represents in modern Russia.  Putin did so because he fully understand how dangerous such an ideology is for Russia.  Putin is a patriot, but not a nationalist – the difference is huge.

What is true is that Dugin is a very smart man and, frankly, I largely agree with his analysis of the situation of the “normal” (non-elite) American people though I don’t believe that the USA is ripe for a revolution, not yet.  Still, I think that he makes many very good points and that a “Russian outlook” on this election is interesting.

Thanks to ‘S’ for drawing my attention to this video.

The Saker

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