Translation and subtitles by Scott Humor


After the US Ambassador to Estonia James D. Melville Jr. resigned due to disagreement with the policies of Donald Trump, Tallinn rushed to curtsy. However, not before the US President, but before the Ambassador himself, who was appointed to this post under Barack Obama.

The honor of showing Estonian servility to the American diplomat went to the Minister of Internal Affairs Andrés Anvelt. He signed an order to award Melville Jr. Here is what the official report on the website of the Ministry says: “The US Ambassador to Estonia, who is leaving the office in a week, has made a great contribution to the cooperation of the two countries in the field of defence and internal security. He is awarded with the Gold medal of Distinction of the Interior Ministry.”

The reason for the resignation of Melville Jr. became Donald Trump’s statements about the European Union. This is what the Ambassador wrote on Facebook page. The post was locked, but its contents became known to journalists of the Foreign Policy. “For the President to say the EU was ‘set up to take advantage of the United States, to attack our piggy bank,’ or that ‘NATO is as bad as NAFTA’ is not only factually wrong, but proves to me that it’s time to go,”

NAFTA, for those who forgot, is the North American free trade agreement, which Trump considers unfair and causing economic damage to the United States. In the context of Ambassador Melville Jr.’s resignation, what interesting is not so much a desire of Estonians to lick American boots, which has already become commonplace, but who is wearing those boots.

Let’s look at what is said on the Embassy’s website in Estonia about the diplomat leaving his post. “James D. Melville Jr., a career member of the Senior Foreign Service, class of Minister-Counselor was nominated by President Obama as the next U.S. Ambassador to Estonia on May 7, 2015 and confirmed by the Senate on August 5, 2015.  He presented his credentials to President Ilves on December 8, 2015.”

Here it is. Please note, the Ambassador has been sitting in Tallinn since the time of the democrats. But Trump didn’t remove Melville Jr. from his post. Apparently, because there are not so many sensible diplomats in the US. Now the Ambassador removes himself.

This situation shows that in Washington foreign policy the democrats, who are removed from the Oval Office, still rule. Especially in the European Union, which did not bend under Trump’s changeable nature and has not given in in the trade war. And these democrats are ideological. If you search media, we will find out that Melville Jr. took part in Estonian gay parades, and so on. In other words, he did everything that is required from the American liberal to emphasize his personal commitment “to universal values”.

I wonder whether the U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Jovanovic, who recently also walked at the gathering of homosexuals, will resign in Kiev?

By the way, finally, another interesting touch about the greatness of the young Estonian democracy: in early June, the Estonian Ambassador to the United States Lauri Lepik also filed an application to resign for personal reasons. He has been in office for less than a year. Evil tongues say that a hot Estonian guy in Washington just turned into an alcoholic. Apparently, he could not say “no” to his American masters when they served alcohol to their Baltic lackeys.


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