So far all established political parties in Germany have supported the influx of migrants to Germany during the ongoing migration crisis.

With the notable exception of the CSU which is a more or less independent branch of Merkel’s CDU. The deal between the two parties is that Bavaria is CSU territory, the rest of Germany is CDU territory and on a federal level they work together in one faction of the parliament.

The CSU has recently done something very provocative when they invited Hungary’s Orban to their annual autumn congress. [source]

This is in stark contrast to the condemnation and contempt that the rest of the German parties including the CDU have for Orban’s policies of trying to stop and regulate the movement of migrants across Hungary’s borders. Hungary and the rest of the EU deeply disagree on this issue. [source]

The EU is also very unhappy with Hungary for its stance on the Ukrainian issue. However, let’s face it, the EU has been chronically “unhappy” with Hungary since ever [source]

Despite the nonstop brain washing from the established political parties in concert with the mainstream media, there are a lot of people in Germany who have grave concerns about the uncontrolled mass migration.

But they are not represented in the established political system or the conventional mass media. In fact they are unusually viscously attacked.

Vice chancellor Gabriel insulted protesters as “Pack” (translates to something like “trash / plebs, it is a very disrespectful term) [source]

There has also been a crackdown on people who spread “hate speech” over the internet and some arrests have been prominently featured in the news.[source] and [source]

The guy from the second link allegedly posted as a response to the image of a dead child, which reportedly drowned trying to cross the Mediterranean:

Wir trauern nicht sondern wir feiern es! Nur ein Flüchtling, ein Flüchtling ist zu wenig: Das Meer hat schon mehr Flüchtlinge geschluckt!”

In English that reads: “We do not mourn, we celebrate this! Just one refugee, one refugee is not enough: The sea has swallowed many more!”

This is a totally disgusting reaction. Distasteful, stupid, revolting really. But I do not think it should be a criminal offence.

He does not threaten anyone with anything and does not seem to advocate violence.

Apparently the issue of free / hate speech on Facebook has also been brought up by Merkel in a conversation with Mark Zuckerberg in New York. [source]

The most important group of the current “extra-parliamentary opposition” in Germany is probably the PEGIDA movement. [source]

Despite a concerted propaganda campaigns against it, it has recently begun to grow in numbers again.

But I think that this and similar popular movements are very poorly lead and will have no real political influence in the near future.

The estimate of the total number of refugees that will arrive in Germany in 2015 has just been “corrected” from 800.000 to 1.500.000.

Here is Al Jazeera back when the 800.000 was still the official number: [source]

BILD, Germany’s most printed tabloid, has recently opened with the new figure two days in a row.

(see titles for Oct. 05 and Oct 06)

For comparison: Germany’s second most populous city Hamburg has a population of about 1.8 million.

Almost “One Hamburg” crossing the German borders this year is a lot of people.

The real number of refugees is also likely to grow substantially because as per German law refugees who have been granted asylum have the right to also relocate their family to Germany.

In the German media this is often compared to the situation at the end of the Second World War, when millions of German refugees were on the run from the Red Army.

The party line is: “We managed that. So we will also manage the current crisis.”

That there might be a fundamental difference between Germans fleeing to other regions of Germany and Germans confronted with an invasion of people from a totally different cultural background does not seem to register with German politicians.

That all of this is entirely illegal also does not seem to matter.

But Merkel begins to lose popularity even in the official polls and her CSU nemesis Seehofer (the Orban-buddy) profits: [source]

On Oct. 05, Minister of the Interior, Thomas de Maizière has been deeply embarrassed, and possibly set up as a scapegoat, when Merkel said that she will take matters into her own hands.

Merkel has now declared the “refugee issue” to be a “Chefsache” (Top-Executive Issue) [source] and [source]

But with the ongoing influx of illegals and the growing number of German protesters the politicians are slowly beginning to change their tune.

SPD vice chancellor Gabriel has said that Germany is about to reach its limits.[source]

There are also rumors about Daesh relocating fighter to Europe among the refugees.[source]

I think hardly anyone can say for sure whether or not this is actually taking place.

The German and generally the EU migration apparatus is so overwhelmed by the influx of migrants that it simply cannot keep track of them. People arrive with fake passports or no papers at all, a lot of people are transported to shelters to be registered later, but many of them just disappear. [source] and [source]

No one will be able to know for sure until some sort of concerted terror campaign is unleashed.

Common sense dictates that among the migrants some will have had connections to Islamist terror groups.

That does not necessarily mean they still have them or are sent here as “sleepers”.

But I also think it is fair to assume that with the right timing even a relatively small core of militants could possibly provoke a very dangerous conflict in which they could use the rest of the refugees as some sort of shield and make life very difficult in the EU.

This seems to be a general opinion in the EU, that seems to reach some sort of turning point. EU Commission head says relations with Russia ‘must be improved,’ US ‘can’t dictate’ [source]

October 9th – Europe must treat Russia with more decency, improve the relationship, and not let EU policies be dictated by Washington, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said in a surprise speech in Germany.

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